aha uvu


this is very random, but i drew some clotheswap for you! hope you like it,, aha uvu

(england is rlly grossed out bc america’s jacket smells like hamburgers and poor life choices)

Oh my gosh… (〃゚艸゚) I LOOOVE IT!! It looks so good! .。o♡ ❤ 

You have a unique style, I really like it! Thank you sweetie~ ♡

Do you have an Art Blog??

happy happy birthday to the wonderful chartini~! you’re an inspiration to me and have been since before i joined tumblr… not to mention you’re the esteemed captain of the nedro ship ahaha

i hope you have a wonderful birthday miss char!! ;v; /

tchomestuck  asked:

Sorry to bug you but do you think you could post your pictures from your story An Invincible Summer a lot of the pictures won't load for me idk if it's just me or Ao3 but I just can't view them

oh my gosh I’ve come so far since the first illustration. Heck, I’ve come so far since the most recent one aha UvU  invincible summer is still near and dear to my heart even if I never have time to work on it anymore.

aaaand some extras I drew once, while I’m posting invincible summer things