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“You’re amazing, Deku. I keep seeing more and more amazing sides to you. I thought it would have been easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might have been trying to relying on you. Everyone’s facing the future and trying their hardest. That means we’re all rivals, right? That’s why, let’s meet in the finals!”


Mayor Magnolia got lost in the woods just to discover some startling secrets she probably shouldn’t have seen! Fairy mom needs to run back home now. 

DA of beautiful overgrow town of Cinder: 5D00-0044-3006.

I loooved @mayor-mayumi‘s town but especially the spooky witchy lab!

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Male!MC headcannons pleeeeaaaasse???

  • wow everyone is gay
  • Does Jumin Han is gay?
  • Absolutely. 
  • They all do.
  • Male MC still gets friend zoned by Jaehee. Don’t think you get lucky there.
  • Zen is less flirtatious, but Yoosung and Seven step. it. up.
    • dayumn
  • The boys are definitely all automatically closer to MC just because he’s a guy.
  • Jaehee isn’t as easily trusting with a male MC as she would be with a female MC, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t warm up to you.
  • Jumin and Zen are pretty closeted because of how it may affect their careers and the way they’re seen by the media, but they both come out with it eventually.
  • For some reason, a male MC is able to get Yoosung flustered super easily???
  • Seven doesn’t think twice about it. Like, “yeah guys, it’s a dude. He’s hot too.”
  • Look, Seven knows what he likes. Jumin is in the same boat. Yoosung has always been so hung up on getting a girlfriend that he’s never considered dating boys. He’s not against it though and it’s not some huge realization. It’s more of an “oh, everything makes a little more sense now.”
  • Zen is the only one that’s like “??????”
    • “Aha, he’s so cute” “wait” “WaIT JUST A SECOND”
    • “I never thought I’d feel like this… You’ve really changed me, babe.”
  • Jumin’s initial thing is like, “Okay, but the company,” but then it changes to “Okay, but MC.”
  • Literally nothing about Seven changes besides the fact that he’s suuuuuuper flirty in the beginning. At first it’s for the jokes, but then he accidentally ends up liking MC. oops.

The Zayn Malik Meme (mod can be found here)

↳ Favorite quotes [1/5]

I’ve always felt like I’ve had the best of both worlds from my parents. In terms of heritage, music, tastes, everything. I’m very close to my dad, he’s like my best friend… but I am pretty much a mummy’s boy. She does everything for me!

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omg i have a request if that's ok, could it be a connor x reader and they've been dating since like middle school and no one thought it would last but now they're here in senior year and still love each other a lot?i just thought that would be cute aha

this is so cute oh my god i need that kind of happy things in my life

“Don’t tell me Connor Murphy and Y/N are still dating?”, a girl whispered, loud enough for you to hear it, to her friend, as you two were walking down the hallway – hand in hand. You had to smile a bit. People were surprised that you two were still in love. Not that you went through a lot, it’s just been some years now. 5 years, specifically.

Connor and you started dating in 7th grade. Of course, it was one of these awkward first relationships, where you only hold hands and meet each other to play video games. You enjoyed these times with Connor. He’s always been your best friend, but then he was your boyfriend. And that was like a whole different level when you’re 13 years old and on the brink of growing up.

Today was your first day of senior year, but Connor and you decided to skip the last period and went straight away to his house. These were the kind of afternoons you adored. You and your boyfriend, lying in bed, listening to your favourite bands and either making out or talking about both of your lives and dreams. You rested your head on his chest, your hands entwined. You heard his heartbeat. His hand was stroking your back, going up and down.
“We’re almost dating for 5 years now, can you believe that?”
“5 years? That’s an incredibly long time. It almost feels like as if I had only asked you yesterday if you wanted to go on a date with me.”, he snorted.
You laughed quietly. “You would call going to McDonald’s on a Saturday afternoon a date?”
“Well, I bought you a milkshake. So…yeah.”
You rolled your eyes and kissed him, just as the many times you did before. His hands resting on your waist. There was no doubt that you two were in love. That you were still in love.

Looking back, you two went through a lot. Your awkward phase, where you would wear too much lipgloss and bright eyeshadow. Sometimes when you two were watching old photos from this time, you would always ask Connor, why he still found you attractive back then. And he always gave you the same answer: “I was 13 and had a major crush on you, since I was like 10. So, what do you think?” That response always made you smile a lot. Maybe you would even blush. You went through fights, deaths, tears and kisses. No person was as close to you as Connor.

Connor loved you. And this boy loved everything about you. The way you spoke, the way you laughed, the way you kissed him, the way you would comfort him when everything was too much. You always reminded him of the light in someone’s life. And he was sure, that you were his only light. Shining so brightly, that he would never stay in the dark again.
Connor was your first everything. Your first boyfriend, your first kiss, your first time sex. The first person you said “I love you” to, and really meant it. Suddenly, there was this tingly feeling in your whole body. You and Connor have been through so much – what if it ended someday? What if he broke up with you one day? You could never love another person more than you love Connor.
Then you thought back. When you two started dating, your parents would always say, that this is only a school relationship and it probably wouldn’t last longer than three months.
All your friends would say, that one day you’d be so annoyed of each other that you couldn’t go on like this anymore. Well, maybe. Maybe, one day you two are going to feel this way. But it was definitely not this day. And it won’t be tomorrow. You were sure about that. And Connor was sure about that.

“I love you so much”, he said under his breath.
“I love you so much”, you whispered back, kissing him again on his lips. You were no longer afraid of your future. As long as Connor was part of it - everything seemed right.

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I've been so busy with exams, so I haven't been able to check your blog often enough hehe. I hope your prom was amazing, relax and stay healthy and do not stress <3 - Aussie Anon

i hope your exams are going well ( feel so blessed i survived mine ) ! thank you for your encouraging words as always! i honestly love seeing your messages in my inbox!

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