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After receiving such kind words from @michicant123 I really wanted to write something, so please, have this as a thank you <3

Derek opened his eyes slowly, he could feel the small beam of sun light snaking its way through his window, warming his skin. He turned over, allowing it to wake him up properly. He felt peaceful, a concept that used to be very rare for him, but he wasn’t complaining.
He could hear someone downstairs and the thought didn’t immediately make him jump out of bed, he felt content knowing it was probably someone in the pack. He didn’t imagine he would ever get to this place, having a family again, people he trusted with his life, people who made his life feel complete in a way he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

He heard a laugh that made him smile. Of course Stiles was here; Derek would never admit it to him, but he missed Stiles when he stayed at home for a few days, realising how vast the space was in the loft. Derek enjoyed his own company, sure, but being surrounded by family, by his pack, was something that brought him a comfort he couldn’t explain.

“Hey, you’re up” Stiles said with a smile as Derek descended the stairs.

“’bout time, we were gonna eat without you” Erica laughed, putting a few extra slices of bacon on the plate before handing it to Derek, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“How long have you guys been here?” Derek queried, moving to the kitchen to grab a fork before sitting at the counter.

“About an hour” Stiles said muffled, scrambled eggs taking up the majority of the space in his mouth.

Derek just nodded in response as he tucked into his own breakfast, his eyes drifting to the guy sitting opposite him. Stiles is such a complicated character that Derek has taken years to know. He forgets sometimes how far apart they used to be, but when he thinks about it now, he’s glad they formed the friendship they did.

They have all suffered their fair share of bad experiences, leading them to be the people they are today. They won’t ever be fully healed, no one can come out of what they all experienced and remain unscathed, but that was their life. Supernatural beings don’t usually live a life full of harmony and rainbows, but this, this right here, was pretty damn close.

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Keith yawned widely and stre-e-e-e-etched his arms above his head as he sat up. His black hair was a wild mess, almost unruly as his boyfriend. He opened his eyes as his arms dropped back down, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. Speaking of the boyfriend, where was he?

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I realize they don’t have time to touch on everything but, y’know…All Might did just see his kid protege literally inches from death in front of him. (Also yeah I know Deku’s legs were kinda hecked up at this point but shhhhh)