aha i love her


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs

concept: dan and phil growing old together but phil gets sick. in the hospital, phil’s last words to dan are, “i told you that if you’d live to be a hundred, i want to be a hundred minus one day so i never have to live without you”


┌(; ’ ▽ ’ )┘ Here we are!! I don’t want to make this post super long so the prizes are in the photos ;o; and yet i have to say a lot aha *deep breathe* :

How to enter

  • have to be following me!! this is for my followers so i’ll check if you’re in the family ;v; 
  • every reblog and every like counts!! But please don’t spam your own followers ;u; 
  • no giveaway blogs (and please, if you can no giveaway tag!)


  • Flower/borders/accessories are included for free ;v;
  • If you win i’ll send an ask/IM and you have 3 days to answer, so keep that askbox open please ;v;
  • style can be chose, you are the commissioner, you have great power in your hands aha ;u;
  • full body = 2 half bodies *winks at shippers*
  • ask away any questions ;vv;
  • want a commission regardless? x

Entries will end August 8th!


“I got so stressed because of the bass when I was a trainee, that I used to cry in Hyejeong’s room.”

asdkfj aah sorry for the long wait ! ; u ; finally found time to do this request ! yuugiri looks a bit young though aha ~ i love her hair though, blue hair is the best hairrr but pink hair is a close second lol ヽ(o♡o)/

going to be very busy lately because my sister is leaving this week and KANCOLLE EVENT (e-3 hard mode please stahp destroying shigure before yasen it is killing me inside) aaaah but I will try to get in as many requests as I can ! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞♥

Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Week – Day 1

The first character you fell in love with

My first RF game was Rune Factory 3. When I first met everyone in the game, Pia was definitely among my favourites! I loved her design a lot, and her eccentric personality was really fun~ I loved interacting with her! She was really cute, aha~