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ciutae  asked:


1) outfits :/

2) their posture

as u can see here, they’re definitely slouching the entire time, a distinct stylistic choice (instead of, say, when namjoon isn’t using his entire body during his ver of this combo) which makes the dance feel more sexy (?)

it’s like they’re so in control of everything, there’s no need to be tense about it. it’s clearly a choreographical decision tho, or an interpretive one, bc they still have the moments executed thru their whole body the entire time.

3) the choreography

the choreo itself is very smart. it plays a lot with levels (standing —> floor, etc) and works with the beat. musicality is a little hard to do right, but there’s a lot of space for them to fool around, and both jimin + jungkook give 👏every 👏 count 👏 justice 👏

it engages the audience by using a fast/slow technique. for example, the choreo takes things slow (they’re able to upper body movement while lower body is chilling) before it hits a really fast eight count that is All footwork at 0:53

every step is on the beat, the boys work isolations so hard i feel it in my fuckn SOUL, baby (serve me those chest n legs 👅👅👅 yayayaya), and the way they add their own flair to the in betweens got a bitch reeling

4) their individual style

i’ve talked about how jimin dances before, but the difference between the two of them are very clear in this dance. jimin tends to milk every step and uses tons of resistance, while jungkook prefers to move easily and sharply (?) which happens to be 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 for me

do pay attention for their added flairs as well. i would say to watch out for the parts where their hair bounces; that’s the easiest mark of where there’s doing extra head/shoulders/neck/etc movement.

my favorite thing is watching this like 80000 times while focusing on only one person with every replay. they interpret the choreography soo differently, and it’s a treat to see them deliver, but using different methods of shipping (think UPS v FedEx) during this combo

5) the Extras

they are constantly moving in this dance. there is never a moment where they’re standing completely still 😍😍😍 whether it be chest or head or hands or legs 😍😍 my boys have really strong musicality when it comes to this combo and im 😍😍😍

even when they’re holding a position, both of them bounce a little on their feet or roll their heads back a little to keep the choreo from going stale. 

do take notice of their hands as well; it’s a very important part of dance. are they relaxed by their sides? are they in a fist? are they curling & uncurling during each step? how are they moving? how are they being utilized?

many people don’t realize this, but hands can completely set the mood of a piece, and the laid-back —> intensely sexual atmosphere of this combo is also due to that~~~😏😏 (+ pay attention to 0:21 and 0:57 when they’re also motioning 2 the fingers using their hands hgnsldakghasg SO HOT WTF 😩😩😩)

watch where they balance their weight as well. how does it transfer between steps? i know jimin likes to roll through his feet, but jungkook spreads his weight out evenly between his whole foot. for example, at 1:19, jimin’s up on his toes while jk is still on his heels

personal favorites

0:25 - the way they snap into those levels??? godt they have so much control and precision over their bodies even when their hair is flying everywhere i’m SOLD 😪😪😪

0:38 - the movement that travels up through both their bodies (jimin’s is a little more defined at the beginning though) and all the much drag they utilize galskdhg kidna made me cry

0:56 / 0:58 - the L O C K 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 the S N A P 😖😖😖😖 the fact that they hit all the beats Just Right,, how the movement is subtle, but you can still tell that they still put energy into it (check their hair) at the same time 🙏🙌🙌

1:25 - that arm shit they do??? when they close it off with hands that are Just loose enough?? the isolation between upper and lower bodies?? bihccchh PLEASE i was sold from view #1 when they did that part of the combo. plus that turn at the end………………….SO SOLID. my boys really stuck that landing gjhdgglg

anyway i’m pretty sure this combo made me stan bts :/ i watch it once every day to keep in good health ghgdh

**note: asking me to discuss/explain a dance is a very broad topic, so if you want me to talk more in detail about a certain aspect or if you have a question about something specific, don’t hesitate to send me a message!!! i loove talking about dance~~ 😍😍


12 Days Of SNK

Day Seven: Favorite Minor Character


Nanaba was my favorite character from the moment I noticed them. Even though we don’t see too much of Nanaba I see myself in them. In the way they feel defeated, when the wall is seemingly breached and in the way Nanaba needs Mike to tell them that hope isn’t lost to see the light again. I hope the second season will give us some little scenes that give Nanaba some more characterization.