aha bless

  • jungkook: are ur legs tired? because–
  • jimin: no? i feel fine..
  • jungkook: [sigh] –you've been running through my mind all day
  • [in the background]
  • tae: which attempt was this?
  • hoseok: number 275
  • tae: [snorts] sucks to suck
1D Hiatus: Day 508

* Niall’s second single ‘Slow Hands’ is released

* Louis enthusiastically reacts to ‘Slow Hands’ on Twitter, Niall replies to him

* Ryan Seacrest interviews Niall during his radio show

* Niall posts three pictures on Instagram

* Niall does a Twitter Q&A

* #SlowHands trends on Twitter

* Liam posts two pictures on Snapchat, the selfie also on Instagram

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

* Reebok tease hiring Louis as a model via Twitter

* Harry does an interview for The Kid Kraddick Show

* Liam gets papped and meets fans in London

* Niall shoots the music video for ‘Slow Hands’ in LA

* A video of Harry and Roman Kemp for Capital FM is released

* ROMANS post a picture on Instagram with Louis and others from their today’s writing session

It’s May 4th, 2017.

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I need to know: how exactly was Slick planning on killing LE like I’ve been thinking about this for the last two days like you can’t stab thru those muscles man yoU CAN’T STAB ROCKS, SLICK

✫Shance Headcannon✫

Shiro lives in a big house, though its big and expensive its always cold there and barely looks lived in because Shiro lives alone. Sometime’s he’ll just turn the tvs on to hear some noise in his house. When he gets together with Lance he’s super affectionate whenever he comes over because there’s another person there and it makes Shiro’s house feel more like a home, not that Lance usually complains because its the quiet childhood he never had.

Once Lance waited Shiro to come home from work; and because he’s used to a warm but loud home full of siblings and people talking he turns the temperature up, played some music on a low volume and started cooking with one of the aprons laying around. Shiro definitely appreciates coming home to a warm lively house and just smothers Lance in hugs and kisses and tells him how /precious/ he is.

Lance has never turned so many shades of red in his life.


//Tries to escape this art slump//

Attractive human beings for ka-zu-ya and zura-ja-nai-katsura-daaa. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Joonie and I have actually talked about moving in together! //////////

When we do, I wanted to maybe get a dog. I don’t think we’re ready for a kid just yet ahaha….seeing as we already have 3 on our hands…

Kookie has been screaming about how I should get a Shiba Inu because of ‘doge’? Whatever that is…..?

Tae also loves dogs so that’d work for him too I’m sure. He’d pet and feed all the stray animals in the neighborhood if he could honestly. Jiminnie likes cats more, but he just loves anything that is soft and cuddly.

Joonie loves dogs! He’s the one that immediately agreed to the idea when I brought it up and that’s what made me think about getting a dog. His parents have a dog that he grew up with that he goes home to see often! We’d bring him over with us, but sadly he’s getting too old to travel and it’d be difficult for him in a new environment/lifestyle.

anonymous asked:

Can you do what the Matsuno bros would act like if they heard their s/o sneeze and it was cute?

ok but have you hear their sneezes?? Or at least Ichimatsu & Karamatsu’s sneezes?? ? They are so adorable i can’t

Osomatsu would probably start laughing at how cute it is. “Ahahaha, was that a sneeze?? It’s so cute–do it again, do it again!”

Karamatsu would be taken aback by how much more adorable his precious s/o had gotten. Would likely stare a bit before smirking his bishie eyes at you and saying, “Heh, I would say ‘bless you,’ but it seems like an angel is already in our midst~ ”

Choromatsu would look at you in surprise with a faint blush rising to his cheeks at how cute you had just sounded. “D-did you just sneeze? B-Bless you!”

Ichimatsu would just stare, flushing in astonishment. They…they sounded just like a baby kitten just then… “Ah…bless you…” He’d shift his eyes away instantly. He’d never be able to look at them the same again.

Jyushimatu’s open smile would grow impossibly wider at the sound of his s/o’s adorable sneeze. “Aha, bless you!!” He’d probably stare at you grinning until you do it again.

Todomatsu would be so surprised his s/o had just gotten cuter from a sneeze–he’d probably want to catch it on video to show his friends how adorable you are. “Y/N, could you do that again for me please?”