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The villagers were all staring at him expressionlessly. Coldly. The village head threw the bright red fabric at his feet. Her cruel expression was shrouded in darkness.

“Leave!” she barked. “Leave and let the wolves be done with you.”


The gates of Hell are open night and day;

Smooth is the descent and easy is the way.

- The Aeneid, book VI

anonymous asked:

I already like the title "I am a poem"! Does it come from Neil Gaiman? I can't wait to read it. Though the best would still be to hear you read it!

…shit, does it? I have no idea, I thought I made it up! Aw man.

Aha. Well. Um. You’ll definitely get to read it at some point. I don’t know about hearing me read it, though. That’s. Mm. We’ll see. If the recording is any good, maybe, though that’s if I even have anyone who wants *to* record me. We’ll see. We’ll see.

Thanks for being so supportive, anon. It really makes me feel good!