Toutes les saisons, DIM opte pour un thème. Celui d'Automne-Hiver 2011 se tourne vers le cinéma. Il y a beaucoup d'événements qui vont animer ce deuxième semestre, à commencer donc par le partenariat créateur avec Agnès b.

Agnès b, rencontrée pour la 1ère fois aujourd'hui-même (youpi!), toute sourire est venue accompagnée de Fabienne Mallat, directrice artistique de la marque DIM, nous présenter la collection née de cette collaboration.

Agnès b, photographe mais surtout fan de cinéma s'est dit s'être “beaucoup amusée” à travailler sur ces créations. Des étoiles, des rayures, des pois… et même le petit lézard ! Tous les motifs incontournables d'Agnès b seront à retrouver sur les parures, slips seuls et boxers pour hommes de DIM dans quelques mois.

Cela nous donne déjà un joli aperçu de ce qui nous attend en rayon et nous donnerait presque envie de voir l'été filer !

AH11 - Michael/Ryan/Burnie (part 3)

Burnie had him bitten by the back of his neck, the younger Alpha pressing himself hard against the bed to try and cover his hardness. His knot was already threatening to swell and he shamefully gave off a mewl to the Daddy Alpha. 

Fangs undug themselves from Ryan’s throat and the younger Alpha gave a low sputter. He allowed the older Alpha to fully drape himself over him with his legs now beginning to lift himself up by the knee, bones embedded against the bed. He gave a noise that sounded like a yip whenever Burnie gave a small bite again, but it was mostly full of loving licks.

“Come on, on the knees fully,” he instructed with a light smack on Ryan’s ass. The Alpha trembled, head falling down on his arms as he tried to adjust himself to please the Daddy. “Nice and firm,” he praised with a low sigh, hands scouring all over Ryan’s body, mostly aimed at his legs and arms. The blond Alpha had goosebumps along with chills to run down his spine.

“P-please, I don’t like to wait.”

“Impatient pup,” Burnie purred thrusting up to allow his cock to try and slide into Ryan’s cleft, but it only ended up with the younger Alpha crooning and moving away in bashfulness, legs trying to come together and hide himself. “Trying to run from my cock, silly little thing.” 

Ryan gasped when he felt strong fingers pulling him around, soon tossing him over on his back. He landed with a little grunt and wide, surprised eyes. Burnie was already hovering over him, the wet tip of his cock kissing against the younger Alpha’s.

“Only good boys get fucked on their knees,” Burnie whirred deep, sliding close to give Ryan a hypocritical, loving kiss. The younger Alpha had bucked up against Burnie, actually giving off a high whine that would have made any Omega look twice. When they split, Ryan was trying to take control of the movements, bolting his hands on Burnie’s arms before trying to move up to feel the slide of his thick, potential knot against his cock. 

“I-I’m good,” the blond simply stated. 

“Are you, really? Trying to have a lovely, lush Alpha all to yourself. That’s selfish, Ryan, not good.”

Please,” Ryan tried to give a persuading kiss to the Daddy Alpha, but it ended messily with lapping, desperate tongue. “I-I’ll be good. I didn’t mean it…D-Daddy.

Burnie gave a wicked smile and it only gave Ryan a big shuddering chill. 

“I’ll beg, but please don’t make me. Burnie, I’d look so good hanging around that fat knot. I’d milk it dry, spoil you so.” Ryan tried to spread his thighs a little more to get the Alpha even more interested in his words, but the was already that deep, hot smell of dark brownies that proved how much Burnie was enjoying the promising words. 

He already had hands coated in warm lube, trailing over to the younger Alpha’s hard cock and wrapping around with both hands, stroking smoothly. “Yeah?” he asked. “Is it true when I say that you’ll be a nice virgin cherry for me to pop with my knot?” 

Ryan turned his head with gritted teeth. A mad, red blush came over him like a wave, but he finally nodded, knees bending back for a better access for his Daddy. Burnie wasted no time in sliding his fingers around Ryan’s hole, threatening to poke in whenever he made a big enough whine.

“D-Daddy,” Ryan struggled to say as he tried to clench down on the finger. 

“Patience, baby. You’re such a good boy for wanting a punishment.” Fingers shoved in hard and Ryan made a gasp that made Burnie’s cock twitch just from how lovely and sweet it was. The young Alpha crooned, already beginning to bounce back obediently.

Burnie had his other hand tight around Ryan’s swelling cock, turning it red just from how neglected it was of the touches. It leaked with thick arousal that smelled nothing more than a wet, lush, fertile forest. 

“Pretty strong Alpha boy, gonna be sitting on your first knot. Promise it’ll be so good,” Burnie had curled his fingers enough to make Ryan sing out a moan before he pulled both of his hands away, coating them more in lube. 

Ryan was shaking with anticipation, squealing out a shameful moan when he felt the fat tip of Burnie’s cock already kissing against his rim. It pressed in, only to stop to feel the tight clutch that was his pretty Alpha, Ryan. “My, our lovely Michael is little to no prep for you, is he?”

“T-This was just that one time – oh!” he curled his toes when he felt Burnie beginning to slide in with a slow and steady burn. 

Burnie was growling in a possessive and desiring manner with fingers fisted tight in Ryan’s blond hair. He tried to maintain his slow speed, but ultimately failed when he felt the wet clench of Ryan that egged him on to pin himself as deep into the young Alpha as he could. 

“G-God damn it,” Ryan gasped with a broken breath, arms coming up lazily as he allowed the Alpha to continue, an eager and fast pace ripping through them both. Burnie grabbed onto Ryan’s hips with bruising fingertips, purposely making Ryan feel the neglect of his touch against his cock.

“Lovely big boy,” Burnie chuckled with lusty eyes staring at Ryan’s leaking cock, knot already beginning to swell. “I love how you just give yourself for me. Tiny pup trying to knot the air.”

Ryan babbled before he blushed. He bucked up into the air, soon grabbing himself with his hand and beginning to stroke himself. 

“D-did I say you could touch yourself?” Burnie growled, ramming harshly into Ryan and freezing himself there. He was already so close to knotting, but he didn’t want to let his eager puppy know that. Any harder that Ryan would have clenched, Burnie would have lost it. The wet clutch was already having him intoxicated, especially with their scents combining.

“N-no, sir – Daddy, sir.”

Burnie purred, smacking away Ryan’s hand before continuing where he left off, head tilted back with an open smile. “God, it must be the bad puppies that feel the best.”

Ryan nodded, still trying to thrust up into the air, wanting just something to bury his cock into, with a fat swelling knot that was now beginning to inflate. He cursed, not helping himself to surround a hand to try and catch it.

“My, what a big, sweet boy you are,” the older Alpha had slowed his pace, contently allowing Ryan to mewl and ride out a hard, hot orgasm that left jets and spurts of cum all over his belly. Burnie was so tempted to lick, but he stopped himself, moaning deep when Ryan began to move back onto him. “Trying to please your Daddy with how cute you are.”

“Y-yes, Daddy,” Ryan mewed, whimpering light when he felt the slight stretch of Burnie’s knot threatening to stretch him out. He groaned when he felt Burnie’s hands clamping down on his hips again, ramming in as deep as he could for one last time before he felt the rush of his orgasm hitting him. He gritted his teeth when he felt his knot swell, being squeezed tight by the younger Alpha. 

Ryan was speechless, eyes rolling back and his body drawing limp when he felt the wave of heat shooting through him. It felt like a drug, completely taking over him and leaving him breathless just from how amazing it was. For a second, he even thought himself of being Omega from how badly he felt the need to bare Burnie’s pups, to be a good boy for him. 

Both of them were tied there with heavy pants. Burnie had leaned down for a messy and lifeless kiss before Ryan cooed, “Never had a knot in me before, Daddy.”

Burnie smiled, already knowing that Ryan wasn’t lying, especially from the way that Ryan’s walls hugged his knot, trying to clench to keep it in when he finally pulled out. “My good boy,” he lovingly whispered, flicking his tongue out against Ryan’s lips. “You deserve a nice fat knot in you whenever you please.”

silverfox9947  asked:

What about Omega nights? Dan comes home and Gavin kicks Geoff out of the house so the Omegas can have it for themselves. They watch an Omega-centric movie and groom each other and cuddle without anyone worrying about knots getting in the way and gossip about their mates and just take care of each other.

Yesss! They would have all of those nights surrounded in beer, monster, and popcorn. All the Alphas would probably be kicked out to go to a bar or a movie while the Omegas just have time for themselves. It would always lead to some romantic scenting during a bad movie as well as leisure kissing whenever one of them (Gavin) gets a little touchy~

Joel would be the one to always try and make sure that the boys aren’t getting bored. He’d tickle them until they would give him attention while the others are just chatting about their heats that are about to come up and whatnot~ 

Gavin would be the one to try and play as much drinking games as he could before Dan would just tackle him and force him on the couch so they can watch something. Ray would feel a little lost, not being drunk and all and Joel would lazily pull him to the side, nosing at his hair.

“You sure you don’t want just one?”

“Dude,” he’d giggle and shrug but allow Joel to sniff at his neck before he’d lick it. He would be just fine with Gavin and Dan also crawling close to them both and it would all just end with cuddles and kisses.

The Alphas then coming home to find all of them passed out (Dan, Gavin, and Joel from being drunk, Ray just getting tired of playing GTA all by himself) and they would chuckle, loving the cute sight of sleepy Omegas in front of them~

They would try and pick them up as best as they can without waking them, but it would end with Michael being all noisy and telling them to get the fuck up so they can go to bed.

Ah11 - Burnie/Dan: Long Distance Pics

Burnie was talking to Matt whenever he got the text message. At first, he ignored it, not really paying attention to who texted him in the first place. He figured it was probably Geoff reminding him about going grocery shopping with Michael and Gavin or maybe even Ryan wondering who was going to cook dinner that night. 

When Matt finally let him go and Burnie was able to slide in his car with Joel soon following behind, he checked his message.

To his surprise, it was from Dan.

#DantheMan: Long day…Same with you?


Joel came into the car with a huff, immediately leaning on the Alpha whenever he closed the door. “I’m starving, babe. What’s for dinner?”

Burnie licked his lips slightly before shrugging his shoulders, thumbs immediately answering back the Omega. It wasn’t often that he would receive a text from Dan just leisurely like this. Any message he would be would say “coming home from base, be at the hotel at 6” or “coming home. Hope I don’t miss my flight again.”

Daddy: Yeah…pretty long. It should be night time where you are, why aren’t you in bed?


“Burnie?” Joel raised an eyebrow, poking his finger to get the Alpha’s attention. Burnie snapped back into reality and huffed back a little concerned mutter.

“Yeah, I think Ryan will make something. Sorry, was wondering about Dan.”

“What about Dan?” Joel asked with curiosity. “He’s okay, right?”

“I guess so,” Burnie answered, him turning the keys in the ignition.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Burnie has a soft spot for any of his alphas or/and omegas?

Emono and I both agree a million times yes! Burnie is the Daddy of the group -wink- and he always has that soft spots whenever the Omegas are in heats or are feeling down. Sometimes, he would just have to drop everything he’s doing in order to go check up on an Alpha or Omega when he smell something off in the air, sadness or mixed feelings. He’d always be possible the first to come check up on his boys, besides Geoff of course. 

And all of their little quirks get him to be a warm, happy, purring Daddy!Alpha whether it’s the way Gavin moans when he’s bouncing on his knot, or the way Dan just says that little “yes, right there,” whenever he licks him just right. He loves to hold his boys a certain way to their liking, especially the Alphas.

He loves how opened Michael is when the young Alpha would just get on his knees, ready to make him feel so good without even asking. He loves the fact that Michael is a proud Alpha, willing to hang off of his knot, call him Daddy. Same with Ryan, too, whenever Ryan just feels the need to silently submit, offer his neck for biting and scenting to Burnie.

Burnie has a soft spot for all of them, no matter how angry they can make him or annoy him whenever he has a headache and just wants to lay down. They’re just needy boys, and he loves it.

AH11 - Michael/Ryan/Burnie (part 2)

Burnie makes sure that Michael doesn’t get up from presenting position. He lays his face low to the covers, hands working between his thighs to try and get him ready for the older Alpha. 

Burnie and Ryan had bitten each other’s lips until they were a raw red, lips tracing over each other’s until Burnie let loose of the other Alpha. They both take a look at Michael who is squirming on his knees, fingers faltering from jitteriness just from how hard he was getting. 

“Look at him, he’s excited for us,” Burnie hums with a little lick on Ryan’s nose.

“D-Daddy,” the youngest Alpha whimpers, daring to drive his hardness into the mattress like a teenage pup, just to have relief. 

“If you were Omega, I’m sure you would have had these covers soaked by now,” Burnie grins, splitting from Ryan. He grabs at Michael’s hips with greedy fingers, making the Alpha give a high whine. “My, you sound like Gavin when his heat hits him.”

Ryan bites his bottom lip harsh, watching close as Michael props himself strong on his knees. His thighs spread wide to give the older Alpha more access. “Daddy,” he coos again, face resting down on his arms whenever he lays them down.

Burnie finds a small bottle handy on the bed, possibly for Ryan from earlier, and squirts a nice amount on his hand, working it into Michael with steady, precisioned fingers. 

Michael gasps sharply, cock visibly twitching under him until it began to drool thick with precum. He rocks back slightly, making both older Alphas groan in appreciation at the sight. 

“So cute, our little kitten,” Burnie praises, slipping out his fingers before pressing in his cock. He slides in with ease, making Michael give a girlish moan. Burnie purrs as he finds a good place to lay his hands, pressing until he felt the kitten Alpha squeeze around tight and content. “God, no wonder Ryan pulls you aside for himself.”

Ryan gives a guilty whine, trying to move close subtly. If only to himself, he had to admit that his kitten looked amazing around a nice Alpha cock, even if it wasn’t his. The way Michael sang his moans and whimpers with each thrust that Burnie gavin him, along with just looking damn lovely with his legs opened and allowing himself to be taken like this.

Burnie slides his hand under the younger Alpha, purring contely when he feels Michael’s kitten knot already trying to fill his hand. “Lovely boy with a cute cock like this. This is what you were going to knot your daddy with?”

Michael juts into Burnies hands as he gives a right squeeze around his knot. He let out a loud, low moan when he feels the hot shock of his climax roll over him with spurts of cum striping the covers. 

Ryan shuddered, eyes screwing shut as he palms at his own cock, hard and leaking. Seeing his kitten like that, it makes him moan for Burnie. 

The oldest Alpha rocks his thrusts to a stop, hand bracing on Michael’s shoulders as he pins him deep, growling low when he feel the clench of Michael around his growing knot. The Lad mews, hands tight around the covers as he feels the burning, large stretch of Burnie’s knot.


Burnie grins. “Our little kitten. You feel so nice hanging on my knot like this.”

Michael nods, lips still giving off slight whimpers, toes curling when he feels the rush of warmth filling him.

“Jesus Christ,” Ryan groans, hands covering himself as he finally comes close enough to the two. “B-Burnie, I…”

“Apology accepted,” Burnie sneared. “Just know that he doesn’t belong to only you. You aren’t the only Alpha that can please him.”

After a minute or two, Michael finally is able to slide off from Burnie, body still jittering from the rush of adrenaline and excitement. Before he goes to the shower, Burnie and Ryan both give him a quick kiss.

“T-that was really,” Ryan clears his throat, soon nodding his head. “That was actually very satisfying to see.” He begins to slide off the bed to go fix himself when he suddenly feels Burnie snagging on his hair.

“Wait a second, dear,” Burnie sneers. “Your punishment isn’t through yet.”

anonymous asked:

potential for angst if anyone from ah11 lost the ability to smell/scent?

I literally just gave this to Emono. We both agree that that would be one of the saddest things to ever happen to the boys, especially with Dan. Dan being away at England, thinking he’s caught something like the cold and that’s why he can’t smell his mates as soon as he comes home. They all wear neutralizer deodorant and scent strips over there - he wouldn’t be able to tell his hormones and senses were out of whack No warm, welcoming scent of Jack, no lovely fragrance of Joel, and when he leans in to try and scent or lick at Ray’s rosey throat, there is nothing. 

Oh, God and with Ryan too…His Alpha leaning in to sniff his throat and the disappointed grunt would shatter his heart. It would take so much more to get Dan wet without scents and he feels like a chore.  He’d start to feign headaches and quietly leave rooms when others started to get heated. He doesn’t want to be hard work when the other omegas just gush.

He’d see Ryan breeding up Ray and he’d remember their wonderful mixed scent and then he’d get sick, knowing his own would only dampen theirs. Mark loving on Dan and it’s just nice making out and kisses and their touching all over and Mark is making him feel so good he forgets he can’t smell him - but it takes him a while to get wet outside of heats now without scent and when Mark reaches down the back of his short and feels a dry hole the Alpha let’s out a little oh and Dan’s heart shatters. He would roll away, tear up, just grab his clothes and bolt.

And at night when they sleep, Dan would try and snuggle close only to have his mates turn away. They don’t mean to, especially in a deep sleep just instinctually looking for the scent of their mate. The others start their nights curled around Dan but one by one turning away and Dan waking up alone. Tearing up to see Geoff draped over Gavin, Ryan snuggling Michael and Ray both instead.  

Dan scooting over to try and tuck under Burnie arm, “D-Daddy…?”

Go back to England, watch his parents house while they go on vacation, take any excuse to leave. Ignore texts and Skype and calls and just mourn the loss of the best thing he’d ever had - just unkempt and refusing to shower just in case his scent comes back. He’d hardly eat, only dreaming about his mates.

He would wake up curled around his pillows. He would’ve packed a shit or a hoodie from all the boys, cries when he realizes he has nothing of marks or Kovics and laying around in nothing but Ryan’s hoody and crying quietly over the babes he’ll never have now - rubbing his belly and thinking of names, imagining what his mates would say about each one.

And then it would all end in cuddles and love and a big orgy of how they never want him to leave ever again. They love him no matter what and will adore him always.

- all by the words of Emono

AH11: Survivor AU - Profile # 2

Name: Joel Pearce Heyman

Age: 29

Status: Omega
Occupation: Accountant

Skills: Cooking, housing maintenance, organization, caring/first aid

Hobbies: Writing, spending time with loved ones, cooking/making personal signature dishes, swimming

Strengths: Wits, critical thinking

Weaknesses: Dependency, overanalyzing, taking things personally, physical strength, diagnosed neurosis

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Pancake Kisses - AH11 (Jack/Ryan)

There wasn’t a single car out in the driveway and Ryan got concerned when he pulled into the house. There was some light coming from the inside, but it was only a couple of rooms. The Alpha shrugged his shoulders before pulling out his keys just to realize that the door was already unlocked. When he felt that, there was a little flash of panic that rolled through him; the house unlocked, but neither one of his mates cars were here? That dread of someone breaking into the house scared him so much that he growled before he opened the door all the way. It was just a protective reaction and it would have been even worse if he realized that one of his boys were possibly in danger.

“Boys? Geoff?” he called, the deltoids in his back tightening like the head of a drum. All flare was running through him, instincts alerting him to prepare for an attack, but when he heard a familiar, faint snore, he relaxed.

“Jack,” he sighed aloud, running a quick hand through his hair. It was just the Beta sleeping. Ryan tsked his tongue, muttering to himself of how someone, as he did, could have just walked on into the house and possibly hurt him. “Jack?” he called again with full intention of waking the mate.

The Beta snorted just a little bit before waking up and trying to look at Ryan with tired eyes. He took a look up at the Alpha and smiled, giving off the slightest purr that Ryan’s only rarely heard.

“Ryan,” Jack called back. “The boys still aren’t home?”

“No, where are they? They haven’t told me anything.” Ryan kicked off his shoes and placed them against the wall before continuing. “You left the door unlocked and you were sleeping alone, Jack. That really startled me.”

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AH11: Survivor AU - Profile # 3

Name: Gavin David Free

Age: 23

Status: Omega
Occupation: Adult performer

Skills: Filming, artistry, photography, painting, sculpting, modeling, dancing

Hobbies: Dancing, modeling, performing, painting, artworks, relaxing in their attic while painting murals with incense in the background.

Strengths: Sense of independence and confidence, strong within himself even if he is physically weak, looks out for his bois though

Weaknesses: Physical strength, emotion, irritability, argumentative

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anonymous asked:

What about like spiced oranges for Gav? Chocolate suits Mark really well.

I brought this up to Emono’s attention and we both agreed that Gavin does need a fruitful, citrus-y smell and we decided on a nice cranberry that’s slightly tart but it gets as sweet as honey when he’s aroused and excited <3

Thank you so much though!

AH11: Survivor AU - Profile # 7

Name: Michael Vincent Jones

Age: 23

Status: Alpha
Occupation: Part time electrician

Skills: Craftsmanship, carpentry, technical savvy, electrical work

Hobbies: Woodworking, building various items that would help with the house, playing video games with his boyfriends

Strengths: Loud, headstrong, defiant (allows for him to be one of the strongest, outgoing players and a team leader)

Weaknesses: Short temper, anger control, emotional outbursts, is not a follower, self consciousness (skin condition)

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anonymous asked:

In A/B/O AH11, I can imagine Dan and Mark would be on the top of the list when it comes to one-on-one-play roughhousing and can very easily get Gavin, Michael, and Adam into some tactile tussles! I love the idea of the younger guys in the pack just wearing each other out with some wrestling while the older men watch with a 'My back is happy I'm not a part of this one' from Geoff.

They most definitely would! All the rough-housing between the boys~ Gavin would love to get in on that, being the bubbly Omega he is. I’d say that Mark would probably be drug into a roughhousing thing with Dan as the Omega is all full of pent up energy. Then, it would just be like a snowball effect, adding more and more like Michael and Kovic getting into the mix and Gavin, too, to help his B -wink- 

I think it would mostly come from the fact that Mark and Dan are home only when they can be, Dan being in the British Army and Mark/Kovic being in LA and all. As soon as Dan would come home and find Mark sitting on the couch, he’d tackle him, nibble his ears, try and get him to scent. It would just stirr all the love and the touchy-feels for Michael, Kovic, and Gavin <3

Geoff just watching them all with tired eyes as he sips at his Irish Coffee, possibly sitting at the table with Jack or Burnie or Ryan. “Silly boys,” he’d chuckle, just some what glad that he has some time to think without them all over him~ (Not that he minds, he’s a wonderful pack-Alpha)