ah...those eyes!

December mornings.

Pairing : Jungkook x Reader

Genre : Angst/Fluff

a/n : i don’t really know how to write angst , but i decided to give it a try ! enjoyy xx

I can’t do this anymore .”

His words hit you hard , and your muscles tensed as you tried to hold in your tears.

You lifted up your head , meeting eyes with him. His gaze was stony and heartless , almost making you feel like he was emotionless.

“ So .. that’s it ? “ You asked , your quivering voice filled the empty room.

“ Yeah. I’ve had enough of you , and I think this is for the best ,” he replied , as he adjusted the muffler around his neck.

“ I’ll see you around , (Y/N) ,” he said , before disappearing from your sight.

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So like, what if one day Jeremy and Michael are close to going to the next level, and Jeremy gets a little freaked out because of what the Squip made him do with Chloe??????

Ok so I had to write a fic about this?? This is my first fic for bmc so I’m sorry if it’s bad but,, here ya go! By the way it never gets to actual smut I promise it’s not bad at all they’re both really awkward but you can ask for this to be tagged!!

Here it is!!

It’s crazy how things can quickly turn tables. Michale and Jeremy had been hanging out and gaming as per usual, in the basement of an empty house. It was going pretty causal until Jeremy plopped down into his boyfriends lap, causing both of them to blush. Through the darkness of the room Michale looked down to Jeremy’s face, lit up by only the tv.

It was times like this that Michale didn’t get why the other was so bullied. His determined blue eyes shined against the tv shine, his many littered freckles and the way his hair looms over his eye. His cheek bones too, handsomely shaped, left him in awe as to how he even got this boy to date him. He didn’t realize he was staring until the tv flickered followed by the game over sound of Apocalypse of the Damned came on.

Jeremy huffed and turned to look at him with those eyes, “Ah man, dude we were so close, what the he-”

Next thing they knew their lips were connected. It was awkward, outside of movies and such neither of them had any experience whatsoever. Jeremy had…some, technically. But it wasn’t very good, to say least. Either way things began to heat up, Michale taking the lead of the kiss as Jeremy fixed himself so that he was sitting up and facing Michale.

For a brief moment Michale ran his hands through Jeremy’s hair, until his hands got stuck in a tangle. Jeremy pulled away with a little “ow.” Both of them sat there, the game over screen still flashing, and stared at each other. There was an awkward moment before the both of them where laughing, their faces flushed.

“That wasn’t…that wasn’t too bad” Jeremy tried.

“Yeah…not bad at all…can we uh..?”

“…yeah..yeah yeah of course”

Soon enough they were starting to get the hang of things. Going mostly off of movies, Michale started to kiss Jeremy’s neck. Jeremy breathed out, but it was more of an awkward laugh. In the heat of the moment Michale leaned against Jeremy, both hands on his waist.

Michale chuckled “dude…you watch so much of this crap, yet you suck”

“Hey I do- I do not! The only one here who sucks is you!”

Michale winked, to which Jeremy pushed his face away, “oh my god don’t even look at me Michale Mell”

To prove his point Jeremy gave a quick awkward kiss, then pulled away with a “ha take that” face.

Michale laughed lowly, his voice deep. He looked anywhere besides Jeremy, with uncertainty he said “ do you uh….wanna get..weird?”

Jeremy felt his heart flutter, but not with excitement. “Do you wanna get” reminded him of a certain night on Halloween. He looked at Michale. The boy was completely flushed, his eyes darting around the room. The longer he took to answer the more nervous Mike got. “Do you wanna get…” well..that was completely different. This is nothing like that night. The SQUIP is gone, Michale is clearly giving him the chance to back out. There’s no reason to be stupid about it. So Jeremy nodded his head.

Michale smiled, “cool! I mean uh-cool! That’s cool…very cool”

Jeremy rolled his eyes “get on with it already man”

Michaels hand found his way to Jeremy’s face, gently caressing him. He gave the boy a kiss and fumbled through his mind for what to do next. In the movies this is where things got intense, so Michale began to gently push Jeremy to the ground.

But then Jeremy flinched.

Michale instantly pulled away, wondering if he hurt Jeremy somehow. When he looked down at him Jeremy was staring forward with wide eyes, sweating a lot, and seemingly frozen. Those eyes he was admiring earlier were now struck with fear.


Jeremy took a sharp inhale, then exhale. But he didn’t stop. All he could think about was being unable to move, completely helpless to whatever was about to happen. He could only see Chloe pushing him down onto the bed aggressively after the SQUIP gave him a “you’re welcome”

“…remy? Shit Jeremy, you ok?!”

Michale was off of him and pushing him into a sitting position. When did that happen? Wasn’t Michale gonna keep going?

“Hey..hey man it’s ok…can I hug you?”

Jeremy shook his head, still frozen as he was.

“Ok…ok that’s fine buddy no worries. Do me a favor though, can you breath with me?? In 4, hold 7, out 8.”

Jeremy took another sharp inhale, trying to follow Michale’s instructions. He willed the little voice in the back of his head saying, “this is why you’re so pathetic” away.

Eventually Jeremy calmed down, his breaths even enough, his heart still pounding. He could finally move, looking to Michale through the blinking glow of the Tv.

“Are you alright..?”

“My face is kinda fuzzy…but yeah, I think so”

“Yeah that happens…can I hug you now..?”

When Jeremy nodded Michale wasted no time in wrapping the skinny boy in his arms protectively. His fingers running through his hair calmingly, this time avoiding any knots. He felt himself calm a bit when Jeremy melted into his arms, exhausted from his panic attack, still shaking.

“Damn that scared the fuck out of me…are you sure you’re alright?”

He nodded.

“What happened?”

He could hear his SQUIP telling him to lie, telling him to tell Michale he needed to step his game up. Jeremy knew better, “I’m sorry Michale that just…it just reminded me of some stuff that happened with the SQUIP.”

“Ah geez jere, you coulda told me man!”

“Yeah but you wanted to-”

“We don’t have to so fast, I promise. I want you to be comfortable too, you damn twink.”

Jeremy found himself chuckling, “thanks man…but I mean I kinda wanted to too”

“Another day ok??”

Jeremy leaned into the crook of Michale’s neck, nodding, “yeah that sounds good.”

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“My dad’s a cancer patient and you’re his nurse” AU jikook <_< >_>

Pairing: Jikook
Prompt: “My dad’s a cancer patient and you’re his nurse” AU 
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,541
A/N: Just one thing for this mini fic thing: I love Jimin’s dad in here ^~^

Jimin hurries through the sliding doors, flashing a small smile and a nod at the receptionist before brisk walking to the lifts. He waits impatiently for it, sneakered foot tapping an uneven rhythm on the off-white linoleum floor. 

It seems like forever before Jimin get to the fifth floor, stepping over to the room right by the lift. 05-01. He pushes the door open. It’s 8:40PM

“I’m here, dad,” Jimin calls. His father’s propped up in bed with two pillows behind him, book in hand. He glances up at Jimin’s voice. 

“Jimin-ah,” he smiles, eyes crinkling. He reaches out a hand and Jimin takes it, settling himself in a chair by the bed. 

“Has today been okay, dad?” Out of habit, Jimin scans the bedside table, checking that the water jug is filled and the cup clean. 

“Look at me,” his dad says. “Do I look anything less that great?” He puts on an offended expression to emphasize his point. 

Jimin laughs. “Yeah, yeah, you look amazing as always,” he teases lightly. His dad looks fine, really. Nothing like a patient going through chemotherapy, what with his full head of hair still intact. He looks great, but Jimin still worries. 

“Of course I do,” his dad huffs. His expression turns soft. “But Jimin-ah, don’t work yourself too hard, okay?“ 

“I’m not, dad, don’t worry about me.” His reply comes a little rushed, a tad mechanical. It’s not really his fault that his dad says it all the time, that Jimin’s answer is almost always the same. 

“Lying is bad, Jimin-ah. Look at those eye bags.” His dad reaches out a hand to trace his under eye. “And I know you came rushing over here just to visit, but if you’ve got important things to do, you don’t have to visit everyday. Go hang out with your friends sometimes.”

“I want to,” Jimin frowns. “I know I got here a bit late today but it’s just because Hoseok hyung came a little late for his shift, but still, I had to come because I want to see you.” It’s always been the two of them, and his dad has done so much for him, how can he just decide not to visit when he can make time for it? 

“So…” There’s a finality in that word that lets Jimin know his dad has dropped that discussion for now. It’ll be back again, his dad insisting that Jimin should live his life not having to, and he quotes, “worry about this old man in a hospital bed”. But Jimin can’t help it, and he supposes deep down his dad knows that too.  

“Jimin-ah.” Jimin glances back at his dad to find him grinning. Oh god please not again. “Any boy for me to meet?" 

Jimin really wants to flush himself down the toilet and out of sight right this moment. Okay maybe not, that’d be kind of gross. ”Dad,“ he hisses, "Not here please. Mrs Kim does not need to overhear this conversation.” It’s a four-bed ward after all, they aren’t alone, and Jimin really does not need the other middle age people judging him for being far from straight. 

His dad shrugs. “I might have accidentally let it on sometime yesterday and honestly, she’s pretty alright with it.” He gestures to Mrs Kim in the next bed with his chin. As if on cue, the middle aged lady turns in bed and smiles at them. 

Jimin stares at him horrified. “You, what?” Okay maybe now showing himself out of the fifth floor window sounds like a good idea. 

“You can’t be alone forever, Jimin,” his dad says. “When I’m gone, what are you going to do? You’ll be lonely." 

"Don’t say stuff like that, dad,” Jimin quips, frowning. “Besides I’m fine how I am now, I don’t need someone. I’ve got Tae and Hoseok hyung, and-”

“I know, I know,” his dad cuts him off. “I just want you to be happy.” Jimin opens his mouth to reply but his dad beats him to it. “Ah, there’s a new nurse for our ward. Maybe you’ll get to see him later because he’s taking the evening shift today." 

Dad,“ Jimin sighs. He gets it really, his dad has good intentions, but the last time he introduced Jimin to a friend’s son, the boy turned out to be already attached, to a girl no less. 

"He’s a really nice lad, Jimin. He says he’s here on a university attachment program so that means he’s around your age too. And he’s tall and good looking.” His dad waggles his eyebrows a little. “I think you’d like him.”

“I don’t need matchmaking, dad.” Jimin’s half indignant by now. Please, he’s perfectly capable of finding someone. 

His dad ignores him. “He’s single too!” Jimin whips around, narrowing his eyes at his dad. “If you’re going to ask me, yes I asked Jungkook if he has a girlfriend… or a boyfriend…" 

Jimin gives his dad a withering look, only to get a grin in return. Behind him, Jimin vaguely registers the sound of the door opening. He glances at his watch. 9:30PM - visiting hour is over. 

"Jungkook-ah!” Jimin turns in the direction his dad’s looking. He swallows, hard. Wow. Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have doubted his dad, but in his defense, his dad’s idea of good looking has never really matched his. But this boy walking towards them is something else. Jimin stares. 

Beside him, his dad nudges him hard. 

“Mr Park, I see you’ve got a visitor for the hour,” Jungkook starts, smiling widely. His eyes land on Jimin’s, briefly doing a once over before catching Jimin’s gaze. He holds it. Jimin ducks his head a little, breaking eye contact. 

“This is my son I’ve told you about.” There’s pride in his dad’s voice and Jimin’s really thankful, but he kind of just wants to run out now before the flush he can feel creeping up his neck gives him away. “Jungkook, Jimin. Jimin, Jungkook. And how many times have I told you that you don’t have to call me Mr Park? It’s so stiff." 

Jungkook laughs, nose scrunching as he does. He doesn’t answer Jimin’s dad, instead turning back to Jimin. "Nice to finally meet you, Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook says. 

Jimin licks his lips before meeting Jungkook’s gaze, hoping fervently that his smile isn’t as shaky as how he feels inside. “I’ve heard a lot about you." 

"Good things, I hope,” Jimin jokes weakly, standing from his seat by the bed. Jungkook’s a good 5cm taller than him, he thinks. He’s wearing a shapeless uniform for nurses that should look terribly unappealing, but the short-sleeved shirt reveals his toned arms. Dammit.

“The best,” Jungkook laughs. “Your dad’s your number one fan.” He takes a step closer and lowers his voice, loud enough only for Jimin. “So good that I might have already fallen a little for the Jimin I’ve heard so much about." 

Jimin tries really. He tries but fails to keep the flush from climbing up his neck, over his ears and tinting his cheeks. Jungkook straightens up and takes a step back, winking before turning to attend to the other patients. The audacity. 

There’s a nudge to his arm and Jimin whips around to face his dad. "What did he say?" 

Jimin busies himself with arranging his dad’s bedside table before moving to fluff his pillows. "Nothing,” he mumbles. His dad raises an eyebrow skeptically but lets it slide. 

“I’ll be back to visit tomorrow.” Jimin leans over to drop a kiss on his dad’s cheek. “Sleep well, dad." 

"Go out with your friends, Jimin-ah. You don’t have to always rush over, okay?” His dad pats his hand and Jimin nods in reply. They both know it’s an advice thrown to the wind but Jimin won’t have it any other way. 

Jimin steps out with a last wave and a soft goodbye called out to the other patients in the ward. He steps to the lift and waits. 

Just as the lift pings, Jungkook steps out and glances around. He spots Jimin and hurries over. “Jimin-ssi!" 

Jimin stops, letting the lift doors close without getting in. Did he forget something in the room? 

"Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook starts again, a small smile on his face. “My shift ends in about 15 minutes. Care to catch a late dinner or supper with me?" 

Jimin stares. Blinks once, twice. "Are you asking me out because my dad made you?" 

Jungkook shakes his head. "Aside from singing praises about you and telling me you’re not with anyone…” He trails off with an almost embarrassed expression on his face. “I think you’re really cute." 

Jimin really needs his pillow right here to squeal into but that’d have to wait. The thudding in his chest is so loud it’s ringing in his ears. Jungkook can’t hear it, can he? He can’t know how affected Jimin is by his presence. 

"You’re paying then,” Jimin manages to utter, voice more stable than he expects. 

Jungkook grins, nodding happily. “My treat!" 

(Later, Jimin ends up paying his day’s worth of salary to feed them in exchange for the "hyung” title, after learning that Jungkook is a freshman in college, two years younger than himself.)

Send me a prompt and a bangtan pairing, I’ll write you a short fic ♡

What's up buttercup?

A/N: I know this one is a little choppy and kind of just cuts off but I thought it was a good way to end it. This is probably one of my favorite things I’ve written so far just because I’m a sucker for this crap. Plus…omg 46 followers?! Last I checked I was at thirty something or another…Thanks you so much for all the follows and the notes. I love love love you guys💜 With that said, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading ❤️❤️



Three minutes…two minutes and fifty nine seconds…two minutes and fifty eight seconds…

You didn’t pay any attention to the stopwatch on your phone. You didn’t need to, you were counting down the three minutes in your head. Anxiety rushed through you, just thinking of all the ways this could turn out even though there were only two paths this could take in the long run:

Pregnant or not pregnant.

Two minutes and thirty seconds…two minutes and twenty nine seconds…

You first suspected you were pregnant when you had been rifling through your bathroom drawers looking for a bottle of nail polish remover and you saw it.

The unopened box of tampons you bought almost two months ago, having run out of them while you had your last period. Without having to ponder it, you knew there was a definite possibility you could be pregnant. Nail polish remover forgotten, you bolted out of the bathroom, grabbed your wallet, keys, shoes, and broke several traffic laws to get to the nearest convenience store as fast as possible.

You hadn’t bothered with picking out the ‘most effective’ test. You grabbed the one with the digital screen that you knew would be the easiest to read and slammed money next to the cash register, barely waiting for your receipt.

Now here you were, an hour later, sitting on a closed toilet lid, hands wringing in your lap.

One minute and forty seven seconds…one minute and forty six seconds…

The white stick kept a heavy presence on the bathroom counter. You stole quick glances at it, imagining it flashing “pregnant” at you once the timer was over. Just thinking about this kind of outcome scared you to no end.

What the hell were you going to do with a baby?

It’s not like you didn’t have a stable job or home. You were a responsible adult. Theoretically, you could take care of this baby. But you just weren’t ready. This wasn’t supposed to happen until maybe one or two years after you got married and currently your relationship status with your boyfriend was serious but not marriage serious.

'Oh my god, Wade. What am I going to tell Wade?!’ You screamed internally.

This whole new can of worms brought on a fresh wave of fear. Wade had never said anything about wanting kids, it hadn’t come up yet.

You snorted, “Well it’s definitely going to come up now.”

You hadn’t even known you said the words out loud until Wade’s voice came from the other side of the door,

“What’s going to come up now?” He semi shouted so you could hear him.

You froze in panic, 'What the fuck is Wade doing here? He wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow!’

“Suggums, is everything okay in there? Need some help with the shower?” He asked suggestively.

At that moment, you were speechless. It was like your brain had become a blank slate. You scrambled for something to say, something that wouldn’t make him any more worried than you were.

'Maybe if I don’t say anything at all, he’ll go away…

…Yeah because that’s not being rude at all to the father of your maybe baby,’ you scoffed at yourself and ran your hands through your hair. You looked back towards your phone timer to see how much longer until you’d find out if you were going to be a parent.

One minute and twenty three seconds…one minute and twenty two seconds…

Wade, still on the other side of the door, grew increasingly concerned as your silence went on,

“(Y/N), honey, seriously is everything okay?” You could hear the worry in his voice and knew if you didn’t answer him, he would definitely break down the door.

“Yeah Wade, everything’s okay,” your voice came out unexpectedly raspy from the emotion clogged in your throat. Tears were starting to sting your eyes, threatening to roll down your cheeks. Wade, of course, saw right through this and busted the lock then walked right into the bathroom. It was a rare day where he wasn’t dressed in his Deadpool suit, but jeans and a black sweater with a t shirt on underneath it that depicted a kitten swinging on a wrecking ball.

You furiously wiped at the tears in your eyes and tried to get in a deep breath so you could have some semblance of calm. Wade strode through the open door, like he hadn’t just broke in. He saw you sitting on the toilet lid with red puffy eyes, and looked around for anything that could explain your mood.

“What’s wrong sugar toosh, happy to see-”

His brown eyes found your phone and more importantly, the pregnancy test, lying on the granite bathroom counter. Wade seemed to know what it was right away, without having to ask. Never one to shut up, Wade’s eyes widened comically as he let out a quiet,


You simply nodded your head, keeping your face down towards your lap, even though you could feel his eyes burning through the top of your skull.

“Is this because of all the sex we’ve been having? You know, it’s perfectly normal to be horny all the time, you don’t have to be pregnant to have those kinds of hormones, you know what I’m saying?”

Wade tried to joke, hoping you’d look up at him. When you kept your head hung, he let out a sigh and crouched down in front of you.

“Hey, talk to me, ah…there’s those sexy eyes I dream about every night,” he charmed.

You chuckled, glad Wade wasn’t completely furious with the situation. Knowing you couldn’t shut him out forever you explained,

“I might be pregnant-”

“I deduced,” Wade interrupted with a smirk on his face. You smiled and ignored him, pushing on through your words,

“Obviously it would be yours-”

“Obviously,” Wade repeated, this time getting a laugh and a push to the shoulder. He laughed with you and raised a callous hand to cup your cheek. Wade tilted his head as if he was taking you in, trying to decipher every little curve and edge to your face.

“So what’s the big deal? Or are you overcome with such joy at the prospect of birthing my prodigy that you couldn’t hold in the happy tears?”

The way Wade boasted about himself was one of your favorite things about him. The first being how well he was taking this so far. No one in the history of ever would be this calm learning that they may have accidentally impregnated someone.

“I just-”

You were cut off by the shrill alarm of the timer on your phone going off. Before you could read the test, Wade’s hand shot out and hid it behind his back.

“Wade, what are you doing?!” You shouted, and made a grab for his arm, desperately needing to find out whether or not the purchase of a crib was in your future. But Wade only shushed you and held a finger up to your lips,

“Nah ah ah, just wait a minute. Let’s talk about this. Why are you so upset?” Wade questioned. He raised his nonexistent eyebrows and waited for you to speak.

You let out a deep sigh and shrugged your shoulders,

“I don’t know. Just…”

You were at a loss for words until a sudden incredulousness took over you,

“Why are you so calm about this?! How?!” You shouted, throwing your hands up.

Wade merely laughed then patiently waited for you to calm down with him before he gave you insight. A couple minutes and a long silence filled with your heavy breathing later…he told you,

“It’s because I can’t stop thinking about a little kid running around this place, a little kid who I will love unconditionally and who will love me too. No matter how fucking disgusting my pizza for a face is. And I can’t stop thinking about how much I love you. I know you like to be prepared for things and this probably threw you for a loop, but everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

By the time he finished, Wade’s thumb was gently running across the top of your cheek. A new bucket of tears spilled over at Wade’s confession, making you feel more in love with him than you were five minutes ago.

“Plus a baby would give me an excuse to keep watching Teletubbies.”

A laugh bubbled up out of your throat and suddenly you weren’t so scared anymore. Suddenly, the prospect of a baby wasn’t so terrifying and something you were starting to want. And if there was anyone you would want it to be with, it was with Wade.

You cleared your throat and clasped your hand onto his,

“I love you too, you know,” You croaked out. Wade smiled and nodded his understanding. He then abruptly stood away from you and brought the test out from behind his back.

Wade blankly stared at the test in his hands, there was nothing in his expression to give away the result.

With each passing second, you grew more and more impatient. Finally, he looked up at you and met your expectant gaze with a frown. As you saw the corners of his lips tug down, your heart unexpectedly plummeted and you knew what the little screen read.

“It’s negative isn’t it?” You asked, defeated. Wade didn’t say anything, just kept looking at you with that same frown, giving you the time to ramble out random thoughts,

“You know what? It’s okay. We don’t need a baby right now, it’s fine. It’s not like we were trying or anything. This is not disappointing at all. It’s probably better this way.”

You stood and wiped the tears off your cheeks and headed out to your bedroom. Wade followed you, then stopped at the entrance to your room, leaning against the door jam. He quirked a hairless eyebrow and watched you through your vanity mirror.

“Do you really think that?” Wade asked seriously.

You halted your process of drying off your eyes and really thought about his question. You wanted to scream no and cry about the baby that never existed. You didn’t think that this was better than the alternative at all. But still, you shrugged a shoulder at Wade and stuck to your guns. Fake it till you make it, right?

“Yes, Wade.”

“Well suck it up buttercup because you’re pregnant.”

Wade’s words stunned you in place and caused you to whip around to face him,

“What?” You breathlessly asked.

Wade nodded as your feet ungrounded themselves and nearly ran over to Wade. You stole the test out of his hand and read the little screen that spelled out 'positive’ in little digital letters. A warmth of happiness you had never known before spread out all over your body and put the biggest smile on your face. Wade broke you out of your daze with his next words,

“Looks like we’re going to need to get Al down here to assemble a crib.”

Before he could prepare himself, you tackled him in a bear hug, dropping the pregnancy test to the floor. Wade let out a boisterous laugh and wrapped his arms around your waist,

“There we go, that’s more like it.”

His large hand rubbed circles on your back and he buried his face in your neck. You clutched onto his broad shoulders for dear life, never wanting to let go. Needing to show him how much you loved him, you pulled back and framed his face with your hands so you could bring your lips to his.

Wade responded strongly, cupping the back of your head and encircling your waist with his arm. When the need for air arose, the both of you broke apart. Wade pressed his forehead down onto yours and stared into your eyes with pure adoration.

Without warning, he dropped to his knees and slid a hand to caress your still flat belly,

“Hey there little one, it’s your daddy. You probably can’t hear me because you probably don’t have ears yet but you should get used to the sound of my voice now. They don’t call me the merc with a mouth for nothing. Well, your mommy calls me the merc with a mouth for a whole other reason, and that’s probably one of the things that led to you being alive. She cannot resist the talents of my tongue-”

You smirked when Wade let out a sharp “Ow!” after you smacked him on the back of his head.

Wade laughed and brought his other hand on top of your stomach and pushed your shirt up. He moved his head and hands around, looking and feeling for something.

“You’re gonna get so fat.”

The sudden statement caused you send another smack to Wade’s head but you still laughed and looked down at his face.

You took in the brightness shining from his eyes and the absolute glow his smile portrayed. Seeing that, you knew everything was going to be okay.

Wade Wilson: Timelines are so confusing!
Warnings: A lot of swearing, a bit a violence, innuendo? and confusing timelines.

Note: This is in Deadpool style so its a bit weird.

You were being dragged with Colossus and Ellie (as much as she hated being called that you still called her that, even if she threatened to blow you up a few times) to aid Wade fucking Wilson A.K.A Deadpool or asspool as you liked to call him.

You ended up on a motor way which was covered in blood and made Colossus grimace at the sight, Nega- Teenage Attitude Head (whatever) was staring at her phone as usual. You looked past an upturned van and found Wade talking to Ajax (you learnt his name as Wade never stopped rabbiting about what that ‘fucking asshat’ did to him) hung up by a sword through his shoulder. Deadpool saw you three after he finished talking to Ajax “What the fuck?” his voice raised at exclamation. “Why did you goody two shoe dickwads show up?” “Don’t you move!” he pointed a gun at Ajax as he walked towards you. “This is a shameful and reckless use of your powers. You will both be coming with us.” Colossus ran off as usual. Wade started ranting and exclaiming about something but you zoned out.

You zoned back in as he tried to punch Colossus in the head shattering his hand in the process he did the action again but with the other hand. “Dickhead” you muttered. He then said something about “All the dinosaurs feared the T-rex” then tried to kick him but fell to the floor like a fish. Colossus put a pair of hand cuffs on Wade and around his own wrist as he dragged him away “Let us go talk to the Professor” Wade looked up shouting “McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing!” You looked down at the deformed man “Wade. Shut the fuck up.”.

You were sitting in the back with Wade as the other two couldn’t stand him any longer. Wade leaned into you “So, is it McAvoy or Stewart?” you looked at him trying to hide a smile “Stewart. I wish it was McAvoy.” Wade crossed his legs “Mmm I agree … those dreamy eyes, that accent, the hair, his cheeky attitude.” “Exactly way better than you.” Wade clasped his hand around his mouth “Huuuuuuuuuuh?” you smirked, a shocked expression on his masked face “It won’t happen sweet cheeks he has that whole thing with Fassy. Ah those dreamy eyes and accents” You nodded in agreement “oh well. Guess I’m stuck with you” “Oh you poor thing and you have a type. Maybe I should have an accent, I already have dreamy eyes.”. you bumped against Wade “Well you’re half the man they are then.”. “Don’t worry sweetheart, not downstairs.”.

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13 for souharu

13 - “You have something in your hair, um… Do you want me to pull it out?”

“Jesus, how long do you think they’re going to stay in there?” Minami huffs. He leans against the wall with his arms crossed and his shoulders high, like a kid throwing a fit. In the pool, Hazuki gives a whoop, smacking his arms down on the water and sending a cherry blossom-filled wave towards Ryuugazaki, who squawks in alarm. Rin and Tachibana’s laughter echoes through the natatorium. “It’s been three hours.”

“At this rate, we’re not going to have enough time to clean up before curfew,” Nakagawa agrees with a sigh. He picks a stray cherry blossom from his jacket and absently lets it fall. “Probably serves us right, though. We should know better than to volunteer for anything involving Captain Matsuoka’s Iwatobi friends by now. Do you remember last year, at the re–”

“They’ll be out soon,” Sousuke interrupts, admittedly a little harsher than necessary. Both of them flinch. Sousuke continues before he can start feeling guilty. “Relax. Swimming in a pool of cherry blossoms has been a dream of theirs since they were kids. They’re allowed to enjoy it.”

Minami and Nakagawa exchange an anxious look. “Well, sure, but. Cleaning up is going to take forever, and it’s already four…”

“Relax,” Sousuke says again, this time purposefully firm. “You don’t think we owe this to Rin?”

“I think I’d be happier about this if it was for our team, not our rivals’ team,” Minami replies. Sousuke’s not conscious of glaring, but he must be, because Minami immediately looks like he regrets saying anything and looks down.

“Tell you what, Minami. When you’ve been captain for a year, have made a name for your school time and time again, and have worked your ass off to make sure everyone on your team is the best they can be, I will personally see that you get a pool full of cherry blossoms too.”

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Day 1: protection

Hello everyone! Here I am, submitting this piece of work for the white rose week…the first of many in the future.

It’s the first time I’ll be writing White Rose so I hope you enjoy this and the other pieces created for this event.

Also, I’m sorry for the late post but I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t finish the pieces for the respective days and I still just plain suck at writing. I don’t know how but I’ll do my best to finish this!!!!!

Three weeks. It’s been three weeks since Weiss escaped the prison she once called home, set a foot on the Kingdom of Mistral and found her sister Winter, who while taken by surprise was glad to see that her younger sister arrived safe and sound, specially after learning of the circumstances that led to their reunion.

While she may have visited Mistral in the past, it was always for her father’s business. Only staying in places of the highest class and only sightseeing or visiting places that her father would allow her; so she took her time to get acquainted with the city as a whole this time, like a normal person instead of the heiress she once was.

And in one of those walks around town she saw her. Her partner, Ruby Rose. The partner she was forced to leave behind and had a varied sort of feelings towards, was in complete eyesight.

So, she couldn’t help herself when she just shouted “RUBY!” For all the people in the street to hear, including her partner, who after some seconds, just sprinted right to where she was, and engulfed her in a tight hug.

“Oh my gosh Weiss! It’s you! It’s really you!” Said the younger girl glad to finally see her partner after so long and her teammate returning it lightly for a while, just enjoying the moment until a question just popped out of her mind.

“Yes Ruby, it’s me…and while I’m glad to see you again, I need some explanation about why are you here in the kingdom of Mistral instead of being back at home…with Yang and I’m assuming, Blake”

At the mention of her sister and other teammate, the read headed girl’s smile dimmed considerably which didn’t go unnoticed by the older girl.


“Weiss, could we speak in private please, there’s so much I want to tell you and….and..” Ruby takes a deep breath before continuing and flashing a smile “there’s this nice bakery on the way to the hotel we’re staying and it has the best cookies I’ve tasted in a long time. We should grab a bite before going into the serious stuff please?”

Ah those puppy eyes that she secretly found cute and quite hard to resist.

“….Of course, just lead the way”

Once the purchase has been done, they went to Winter’s place where Weiss assured Ruby they could talk without problems and so, each partner let the other know about what they have done in the last months.

Weiss talked about the lost of her inheritance, how her father pretended to lock her in her own home and once again try to control her life and future.

“I decided I wouldn’t let things be like that, so I trained myself and waited for the right moment to escape…if it wasn’t for Klein, it might have been harder, impossible even” said Weiss with a hint of fondness in her voice at the mention of the loyal butler.

“But enough about me, I would like to know what have you been up to in the last months? All alone?” The former heiress inquired.

“But I’ve not been travelling alone, Jaune, Nora and Ren have been travelling with me all this time. From Patch to Mistral, we’ve been together…except for that part with that abandoned town and that rare Grimm and…”

“Ruby, please…start from the beginning”

“Oh right…when I woke up….”

Ruby told Weiss about waking up, talking with uncle Qrow about her eyes, the clue in Haven academy, Blake’s absence and the effect it had on Yang along with the loss of her arm, the decision to go to Haven in search for answers with the rest of JNR, doing some hunting jobs along the road. But that was nothing compared to the encounter with Tyrian, the revelation of the maidens, almost losing her uncle or the fight with the Nuckleavee….Ruby revealed every event that transpired in her life for the last six or eight months, which spoke volumes of the level of trust she had on her partner.

Weiss, well she felt flattered even if she found it unbelievable the fact that the maidens of fairy tales were real that there was this mysterious, evil being bent on destroying the world and now was targeting her partner but Ruby was never the type to lie about something like this, there was no question, besides she promised long ago that she would be the best teammate she could.

“So, what can I do to help? Should I try to gather as much information as I can? Maybe Winter can help a bit…as long as I don’t intrude her own investigation of course”

“Weiss, I’m glad you want to help but are you sure? We kinda have a target painted on our backs, you just got out of an ugly situation and your father might be looking for you… do you really think is a g-hmmpf”

Before even finishing that question, Weiss put a finger on Ruby’s lips, silencing the younger one and causing a bit of reddening in her cheeks.

“Ruby. That night on Beacon, I promised that I would be the best teammate I could ever be. Even if Beacon has fallen, that promise still stands and….why is your face red? Are you feeling alright?”

The red headed girl nodded slowly and it took a little while before Weiss realize where her right finger was, only to retrieve it swiftly and become as flushed as the younger girl and place her hands on top of the girl’s own.

“Well sorry about that but my point still stands, I will help you find those who responsible for the fall”

After hearing this, Ruby couldn’t help herself and hugged her partner once more.

“Thank you…you know I’m really glad to see you again. To work together once more you know?”

“I am glad as well Ruby, I am glad as well” the former heiress replied, basking in the warmth of a hug she found, was enjoying more than usual.

“If only this moment could last forever; wait, why am I having these kind of thoughts!?”

But the train of thoughts came to an abrupt end, just like the hug, because Ruby realized it was getting late and her uncle and friends would worry. So, after exchanging new contact information, the girls said their respective goodbyes and in a unexpected movement, Ruby kissed Weiss on her cheek and seeing herself out very quickly, leaving a trail of rose on her path and a very flustered Weiss at the door.

“What in the world motivated Ruby to kiss me!? And, and….why am I feeling strangely giddy about it!?”

A lot of thoughts were coursing through the former heiress mind; past and present experiences with the scythe wielder had been varied. It all started with hostility and disdain, but it morphed into respect, loyalty, friendship and perhaps even more?

She never voiced any of these feelings to anyone, not even Winter in all the time they had been living together but Weiss might have started to develop a slight crush on her partner a bit after the time Blake accidentally revealed herself as a faunus and a former member of the white fang. Normally, she dismissed this thoughts at first and focused her attention on a certain blue haired boy from Haven. That didn’t progress too much and she certainly didn’t put any of those kind of thoughts about her partner with all the tournament excitement and the horrible events that destroyed the place she once thought of as home.

“Maybe, I’m just very happy to see her. It’s been long after all; yeah, that must be it” this was the conclusion Weiss Schnee got after a very silent dinner and for the sake of having a peaceful sleep at night.

And so, the days passed and true to her word, Weiss spend any time she could helping Ruby find clues about Cinder and the others, fighting Grimm along the way to keep themselves sharp, have something to do in the meantime and earn a bit of income; which is why Winter had no problem with her little sister’s recent endeavors as long as she exercised herself with caution.

Still, those funny feelings for her partner kept growing and much to the white haired one frustration, couldn’t actually figure them out, not at all. But maybe, just maybe, fate would do something about it.

One of many afternoons before, the two huntresses in training spent it exterminating a small group of Ursa in the outskirts of the city and now they were on the way to return to the city. Weiss encouraged her partner on a speedy return because, while the job was easy and carried on without difficulties, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was following them. It could be anybody at this point and she just didn’t want to risk herself or Ruby.

While getting near the entrance of Mistral, the pair of teenagers found their path blocked by three guys that certainly didn’t look like they had any good intentions.

“Excuse me, could please move aside? We’re in a bit of a hurry and we don’t want any trouble-”

Ruby’s petition was suddenly interrupted when one the men just tried to hit her with a sledgehammer, which the little red dodged easily and made both girls draw their weapons and be on guard.

“Look red, we’re only here in business. The girl next to you have been very naughty, worrying her father lots and lots. So, he has paid a pretty penny for us to bring his rebellious daughter home.”

Of course, her father. He couldn’t let go of any self perceived slight against his person, could he? But there’s no way she would go back to that piece of hell is she had a say on the matter but before she had the opportunity to reply, another hoodlum decided to address her teammate.

“Just step aside red, this got nothing to do with you so if you let us take “princess” here, no harm will come for ya kay?”

“If you think I’m going to let take Weiss away to that horrible place, you’ve got another thing coming”

While Ruby tried to look imposing, it didn’t phase the criminals nor their approaching allies.

“Suit yourself. We ain’t going anywhere without that white haired bitch and well, sorry not sorry, but you’ll lay in a puddle of blood for trying to play hero!”

And so, the fight started. Ruby’s speed gave them some advantage and Weiss, thanks to her glyphs could emulate her to some extent, making a quick work of some of them but these men were quite experienced and it showed when one of them tried to take Weiss out with a dart filled with a tranquilizer and it would have worked, had Ruby not pushed the former heiress out of the way and taken the hit, much to the girl’s horror.

“RUBY NO!” Weiss couldn’t help herself to shout  her partner’s name and rush to her side, only to be restrained by one of them.

“Such a waste of tranquilizer but it’ll do just fine for such a pest” the apparent leader of the group mumbled before giving the downed girl a kick to the ribs and turning to address Weiss.

“And you. You’re nothing more than daddy’s little girl, no matter how hard you try to act tough; I mean, it’s basically your fault little red here has gotten hurt so why don’t you do yourself a favor and come with us, quietly? Don’t wanna damage such a pretty face without reason….”

But Weiss was paying no heed to his taunting words, in her mind, listing all the things that Jacques Schnee had taken away from her: her childhood, her family in a manner of speaking, her dream of making things right on her grandfather’s company.

But this, this was one of the things he wouldn’t take away again unless it was over her dead body: her freedom and with that, the right to stay with her loved ones, like Ruby for example…..

“Not this time Jacques….” The white haired mumbled taking the attention of her captors and making them oblivious of the glyph that appeared on the floor.

“What did you say missy? Not this time?” The gang just starts laughing “are you pulling me my leg? Cause where I see it, you’re pretty fu-”

Without any warning, the brute was swatted to a side like an insignificant fly, colliding with a nearby tree and losing consciousness in the process.

All the astounded viewers looked behind and saw, much to their horror, a spectral figure standing tall and imposing, with a big sword on one hand.

“I said, you inconsiderate brutes, NOT! THIS! TIME!” Weiss Schnee shouted with all the strength she could muster and for all her current tormentors to hear.

As if it was given an order, the knightly summon started the attack once again, starting with the ones that kept its master restrained not giving a single thought to the attacks of the terrified criminals only to make a quick work of them.

Once she was free, Weiss got near the remaining conscious man and said this: “Tell your contractor this: “if you dare to go after me or my beloved ones once again, I’ll make sure you regret it!”

Not saying anything else, she just knocked the poor bastard out, switching from annoyance, to concern over her unconscious partner.

Once its job was done, the knight just kneeled before fading away, while the preoccupied Weiss folded Crescent Rose to its portable, thanking Ruby for actually teaching her how, calling Winter to request help at the city’s entrance and finally, she grabbed Ruby and mustering all her remaining strength, carried her on her arms and resumed the walk home.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you but rest assured, I’ll do whatever it is in my power to protect you the same way you’ve protected me because….”

She looks at her teammate, dedicating a smile to Ruby before giving a soft kiss to their cheek.

“Because I might be falling in love you know? And I really wish to do things properly so hang in there Ruby, please?”

And so, Weiss didn’t say anything else for the rest of the way while ignorant of the fact that Ruby let a little smile come out.


Well that’s the first of the seven prompts of the event! Let’s do this!


Rating: Moon made me do it. No moogle necessary.

Walking into school one Monday morning, Adrien was surprised to discover everyone was a buzz with gossip. His brain was mostly taken up by his physics homework and he still needed to get to the library before class to fact check his biology homework so a lot of the gossip didn’t register.

“Did you hear? Jagged Stone wrote a song about her!”

“I heard he invited her on stage.”

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Won Over

Pairing: uminico
Characters: Nico Yazawa, Nozomi Toujou, Rin Hoshizora, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda
Word count: ~3500
Summary: Giving a gift shouldn’t really be this hard. Except it is, but that’s mostly Nozomi’s fault.


my gift for @llsifsecretsanta to @nicoumii

I hope you enjoy and happy holidays :)

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آه وقتی که توچشمانت
آن جام لبالب از جاندارو را
سوی این تشنه جان سوخته می گردانی
موج موسیقی عشق
از دلم می گذرد

Ah, when your eyes
those majestic, brimming with wine cups
peer into this parched soul
A melodious wave of love
passes through my heart
—  Fereydon Moshiri
SIX SAME FACES ~今夜は最高!!!!!! (Osomatsu-san ED 1) Ichimatsu ver. Translated English Lyrics

Hi guys!! I got really into Osomatsu-san recently and wanted an English version of the “Six Same Faces” lyrics. I got excited when I found tumblr user kaleidion’s translated lyrics in video form for every Matsuno, but unfortunately, the videos wouldn’t work for me no matter what I did! I decided to translate my favorite Matsu’s lyrics myself. (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know much about Japanese so my translation is likely not 100% accurate. Please feel free to correct me if you notice something off.)


Me? I’m the Matsuno family’s fourth son, Ichimatsu Matsuno.
You felt the ‘Ichimatsu uneasiness’ just now, didn’t you.
You weren’t mistaken.
And there’s six of us.
There’s six of this same face…
Are you gonna be alright?

Ah, we met again
You’re gonna pretend you don’t know me… right.
You don’t remember me, the one who looks like trash.
You’ll see me six times here.
My brothers all came with me.
I’m all of them, and we’re me.
That’s right, we’re sextuplets.
You guys are sextuplets too… haha.

“Do you have any cats, by any chance?”


I’m Ichimatsu,
the one with the eyes of a dead fish.
Because I’m the fourth son, you must think I’m bad news or something.*
That’s right. I don’t have the will to live.
I just have 6 sets of the same clothing.
I don’t care anymore.

Please enjoy,
although trash doesn’t move.
Bad things will inevitably happen
when sextuplet meets sextuplet.
We can’t even play Old Maid.**
We’re all the same.
It isn’t based on the number.
From the oldest to the youngest, we’re all trash.
But above all, the most incomparable piece of trash is–
Ah, I understand those eyes.

“Go ahead, look down on me even more.”

*T/N: In Japan and some other Asian countries like China and Korea, the number 4 is considered to be bad luck since the word for ‘death’ has the same pronunciation.

**T/N: The card game.

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 13

A/N: Trigger warning on the latter part of this chapter. If you find it uncomfortable, please stop reading.  I have tried very hard to make it as ambiguous but understandable as possible, but if you somehow feel bad about it, then please know that I didn’t mean to T_T


“707, I’ve got a visual,” Vanderwood’s voice spoke in the communicator.  “About nine hundred fifty meters northwest.  It’s beyond the next hill.  Keep to the trail; I’ll let you know when to turn west.”

“Copy that,” Saeyoung replies in a quiet tone.

They are close.  Vanderwood had set out to find a good vantage point, and assured Saeyoung that he will provide cover as discreetly as possible.  

“Unknown, how are connections?”

“All secured,” Saeran replies, his palms resting on either side of the laptop on the car hood, the program awaiting the last string of commands.  “We’re ready.”

Saeyoung stiffens and clenches his fist, and checks his gun in his holster.  “Keep tabs on my coordinates, Unknown.  Delta, keep your distance.  Do not initiate fire.  Wait for my word.”

“Roger that,” the Delta leader responds.

Saeyoung turns to the tracker.  “Thank you for your help.  You may go back with the rest now; I don’t want to further endanger you.”  He then crouches to give the dog a quick rub behind its ear.  “You too, buddy.  Thank you for helping us.”

The dog’s tail wagged, and licked his face.  Smiling, he gave one last pat on its head and stood up.

Saeyoung shook the man’s hand. “Dude, you’re so awesome.  I want you to teach me all those tracking techniques after this.”

“Sure,” the man smiled back. “Jung Ji-hoon.  You know where to—“

All of a sudden, the dog straightened; its ears in full attention, tail pointing forward.  The tracker squinted a bit, and turned to Saeyoung. “Someone’s coming,” the tracker said, placing a hand on the dog’s neck to stop it from barking and revealing their location.  

“Run back,” Saeyoung urges the man.  “I’ll take care of it.”

With a curt nod the tracker went back down the trail, leaving Saeyoung alone in the wilderness. He raises his hand to speak to his communicator.  “Vanderwood, our tracker noticed something approaching.  Do you have visual?”

After a few seconds, Vanderwood spoke.  “Yes. Male, wearing a beige coat. Approaching you in five hundred meters northwest.  I think he came from the facility.  I’ll cover you, Seven.”

“Thank you,” Saeyoung then glanced left and right, looking for a way to approach the man without being seen.  With all the leaves scattered on the ground, it was hard to be stealthy, so he decided to just wait it out from behind a tree.

“Three hundred meters,” Vanderwood warned Saeyoung.  This prompted him to peek from his hiding place, and he curses himself for not having glasses again.  However, the man looked awfully familiar, like someone whom he has met before.

But once the man got near enough, Saeyoung’s eyebrows furrowed.  Mr. Park?  

“Saaaaeeeyounggg~” you pranced towards Saeyoung.  You found him sitting on his computer chair.  He looks up at you and smiles.  You give him a big grin, and sit yourself on his lap.

“M~~C~~,” he mimics the tone you used to call him. He leans in to kiss your neck, which made you giggle playfully.  You then pulled away and took out two tickets from your bag, showing it to him.  

“Let’s watch a movie! My boss said I did a really good job today, and the company gave me these!”

Saeyoung grins.  “A date! A date!  I want to watch Onthestellar!”

All the puzzle pieces fell into place.  Saeyoung felt his rage bubble in his chest, instinctively taking his gun out of its holster.  He blames himself partially because he should have taken time to research about who his wife is working with, but he respected her wishes to not pry into people’s information for personal reasons.

Mr. Park continued on the trail, not knowing what lay in wait for him. Saeyoung stilled his breathing, putting his infiltration training to use.  He follows the man with his eyes, but remained completely still under the cover of foliage.

Once Mr. Park passed by his hiding spot, he steps out and places his gun behind the man’s head.  He unlocks the safety switch with an audible click, which made the man stop dead in his tracks.

“Hello, Mr. Park,” Saeyoung’s voice was laced with venom.

“Mr. Choi.” The man spoke, raising his hands in the air.  “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I have no time for pleasantries,” he spoke, digging the muzzle of the gun on his head.  “You will tell me everything you know.”



“It can’t be..!”

It can’t be.  He was a dream. A nightmare.  A childhood nightmare that haunted you for years, but here he was, standing in front of you.  You stare at him in horror; the memories of your dream coming in flashes right before your eyes, as if pieces of your broken self were attaching themselves together, like shattering glass played backwards.

“Oh, you poor little darling…” he crooned, making your heart skip in unadulterated fear.  “It seems that you have forgotten something very important.  Here, let me remind you.”

His hand reaches down and grabs you by your head.

You almost felt bile rise up in your throat in fear.  As more and more parts of your shattered self comes back to place, you suddenly remember everything in painful detail.

“P-please”, a middle-aged woman pleaded, clutching a six-year-old girl in her arms. “Just let me take her home…”

A taller, younger man loomed over both, sneering.  “Why do I have to care for a runt?  Well, it can watch while I—destroy—you,” he grabs the woman by the hair and pulls her head back, making her yelp in pain.  The girl notices her distress, and watches her worriedly.  

“I beg of you,” the woman kept pleading, “she’s got nothing to do with this…please…”

The man then hoists the woman upwards by the hair, which made her cry out, and the girl was thrown off balance and landed on all fours near the dumpster in the alley.  She saw how the man’s knife grazed on the woman’s arm as she tried to fight him back, drawing blood.  The knife flew and landed at the girl’s feet.


The knife glinted bright red, and reflected her eyes.  The woman started screaming in pain as the man beat her, throwing punches at her face, once, twice, thrice…her nose is bleeding…her legs started to give way…the girl has lost count on how many times the man hit her teacher, and she knows, that being hit so hard like that must hurt.


She picks up the knife.  The man kept on punching her, but her teacher wasn’t moving anymore.  Her teacher’s body lay flat on the ground, while the man was straddling her, his knees on either sides of her hips.  He kept punching, his fists landing everywhere in her body, but she lays limp.


Without thinking, she drove the knife at the man’s neck.  

The man froze, his mouth open, but no voice came out.

The man fell sideways with a wet thud, and the girl followed him with her gaze.  As she looked down, she noticed dark liquid flowed in rivulets along her arms and legs. She curiously stared as the ground bloomed red, staining her white shoes.

She then heard a steady pace coming from the other side of the alley, and in the dark she saw his long coat, and the lighted cigar.

“Help,” the girl said, “my teacher needs help.”

The man stopped in his tracks, his face contorted in rage.

He reaches out to grab the girl and everything went black.

You hear your own screams in your ears, your eyes wide but not really seeing.  Memories of that fateful night came down on you like a deluge, and you can’t seem to get out for air.  You feel yourself suffocating, your heart torturing you with its deafening drumbeat.

The Silence boss laughed out loud, hunching over you, then pulls your hair to yank your head back as he examines you.

“Ah yes.  It’s those eyes, I remember.  You were crying this much back then.”

He then pushes you face down, the side of your face hitting the cold floor.  You kept sobbing, your mind hanging by a thread at the precipice of sanity.  He lets you go, but you stayed with your face on the floor, unable to do anything but sob at the sudden realization.

I killed somebody.

“I am so glad you remembered,” the man spoke again, his voice thick with anger.  “I am glad that you remembered the night you killed my son.

He then grabs you by the hair again, pulling you up, and you yelp in pain.  He brings his face close to yours, scrutinizing you.  He runs his finger along your cheek, down your neck, and grabs you by it, and you shuddered in fear as he tightens his grip.  You found yourself gasping for air.

“Although I am very curious,” he murmured, his breath stinks of cigar. “I know I killed you.  Why, why are you alive?!

The man tosses you to the floor, and you yelp in pain as you hit your shoulder against the wall.  As much as you willed yourself to remember anything that happened after, nothing came but darkness.  This scared you; even more so than the man standing in front of you.  You couldn’t control your sobbing; both from fear and from the pain.

“All these years,” the man spoke once again, pacing around the room.  He lifts a hand and it meets your left cheek, eliciting a scream from you. You feel your world spinning, and you taste blood in your mouth.  

“All these years, you were alive, and my son stayed dead!” The pain on your right cheek came all of a sudden before you can even recover, and you feel blood trickling down the side of your mouth.  All that came out of your mouth were your uncontrolled sobs, but your mind cried, and cried loud; stop, please stop, I didn’t know what I was doing oh God please stop IT HURTS–

The man crouches in front of you and roughly cups your chin in his hand, pulling your face mere inches from his.

“It’s a shame,” the old man spoke, “you look so cute.”

Your mind screamed in disgust as he forced a kiss on your lips, roughly kneading your arms with his hands.  His breath stank with cigar, and tried to fight him, kicking, screaming into his mouth. He was so much stronger than you.

You bit his lip.  He yelped in pain, pushed you away and looked at you with boiling rage, wiping blood off his cut lip.  You spat his blood on the ground, and tried to squirm farther away from him.

“You fucking bitch!” a loud smack met the side of your head, and your vision starts to blur.  Your ears rang, and you are slowly losing your sense of balance.  You unconsciously keep on using your legs to squirm farther away, even if you know it’s futile.  The wound on your calf had reopened, leaving stains of blood on the concrete floor.

Your body grows weaker every second.  You notice that your movements are starting to become slow, sluggish.  The man makes three steps towards you.  You look up at him as he lifts his hand, holding a gun, pointed right at you.

You felt yourself fall into hopelessness.  You close your eyes, and tears fell down your cheeks.

Saeyoung, your mind called out, even though you know he will never hear.  

I am so sorry, Saeyoung…

I…I don’t know who I am.  

I don’t know what I am.

I will not be able to survive this.

I am so, so sorry I can’t go to the space station with you.

Please make sure to eat on time, and throw out your trash every day.

I tried, Saeyoung; I really, really tried…

When you find me…please don’t cry…



Your eyes squeezed shut. You know that sound all too well.

I love you.


A/N:  Oh goodness, this was so hard to write.  Again, I apologize if this may have caused some discomfort for some…I wanted to make it as realistic as possible…I had to edit out the original composition because it was just too dark T_T

Oh goodness I need a lot of fluff fanfics after this T_T you guys have any recommendations?

Part 12 here!

Part 14 is up!

SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol 7: Kanade English Translation

Has this been done yet?


  • My English might be confusing since it’s not my first language. As I am still learning 
  • May contain grammatical errors 
  • May contain some translation errors
  •  & Don’t mind the Chinese sentences because I also, translated in Chinese for a good friend of mine x3
  • A big thank you to this person for the translation of the song:[X]

~Enjoy Reading!~

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Would you like to sample a tiny taste of love? It tastes different for each person, you know. It could taste like roses and chocolates, or it could be spiced as if it were your favorite food, made by your caring mother, or exactly like that marvelous bottle of wine from that little French bistro you went to that one time…you never could find that bistro again. It was as if it never existed at all, but was only the sweetest of dreams…ah, but those eyes! They weren’t a dream. Nor were those kisses.

joo byung hee ☩ sufbb verse ☩ 18+ content ☩ rpers only

“Hello there, lovely stranger. I have a favor to ask of you. My friends and I are in a band, you see– Eye Candy, I’m sure you’ve heard of us. You’ll see our name in lights on a marquee one day. Here’s your chance to become a fan before our popularity explodes. So would you pass this flyer around, please? Thank you, my dear. Your kindness won’t be forgotten.”

As he staggers away, a barely audible whisper into his friend’s ear is heard– “Did you see? Those eyes… Ah, I think I’m in love…”

He is promptly punched.

kwon ji hyukseo kyung jonglee hyun soo☩kim ha jin☩jang do il