blackthunder-chan asked:

Your design for Performer Shun is so amazing, once I have more time I'd really like to draw him in that outfit, too. |D


I would absolutely love to see Shun in your style hahahha, I was planning to make some more doddles of that design to show how the back of the costume looks, one of my fanciests designs so far if you don’t count Shun’s other costume(The Proud King of Sky) and the one for the Empress of Night Veil that I will do in the future when I stop being a lazy ass XD.

Ah, and Yuu’s costume, his costume killed my fingers too.

Just giving a quick update, I’m coloring Sawatari’s costume for the Sleeping Beauty thing, I’m coloring his “Dashing Prince” outfit as well as his “Evil Overlord one” :)