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is more for you but all j want to say is xD they have to much fun shipping me with half tumblr xD

Ah I see. 

Well, if you want to talk to me that’s fine. Just ask “Junjo” a question and you’ll get me. ^v^ 

I hope all that shipping isn’t all on rough waters! XD

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how did you get your old blog back? just in case someday same thing happens to me ah

i emailed tumblr and told them they broke my heart tbh and some dude named drew felt bad and gave it right back


A place where having gay friends and gay ships makes you a homophobe.

A place where having trans friends makes you transphobic.

A place where having black friends makes you a racist.

A place where cultural exchange turns into cultural appropriation.

A place where unhealthy translates to healthy.

A place where language is inportant unless it comes to your nonsensical pronouns fucking up the already existing one.

A place where you’ll be judged by the colour of your skin, and yet you’ll be the racist one.

A place where you’ll be less worthy based on your sexuality and gender, and yet you are the one discriminating.

Tumblr, a place for everyone….


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AH TUMBLR PERSON I NEED YOUR HELP! I recently graduated from grad school (with a Masters of Science in Psychology hell yea!) and now I started doing artsy stuff to fill the void where homework once was. So I need to know the favorite colors of everyone in the main room and the support room. I wanna make some stuff to send to you guys since you've helped me stay sane throughout college. Much thanks!!!!!

Here you go! Sorry, Gav never answered. He wears rainbows a lot though so I hope that helps. 

Also, congrats on graduating! 


Ah Tumblr developers. Instead of fixing errors and giving you information on how to avoid or solve the error, they made it so you can tap on the error message and drag it around with physics and violently swing it around and fling it off screen. Very helpful. How about fixing the app before focusing on the flair?

Happy Birthday, Matsukawa Issei!

Happy Birthday
Matsukawa Issei
I’m so glad I met you.  
Let’s keep doing our best.  
I think March is off to a good start.  
So sweet dreams.
Good niiiight.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

In the second photo, Judai is with Hatakeyama Ryo, who played Matsukawa for the very first play.