fun latin word of the day

apicula, -ae, fem. (ah-pee-coo-lah) – little bee

i really just adore latin diminutives. for all of u who want to embrace ur inner vergil, here’s the cutest term of endearment ever because bees are the most adorable

apparently this is a picture of a bee sleeping which is the best thing so enjoy

Wake Up Calls

Ethan tried to move upon waking up, only to have a pair of strong arms pull him back down. At first the blue haired boy was confused, then he remembered he had fallen asleep with Tyler last night. For a few moments he just laid there in his embrace, but eventually began squirming again.

“Stoop.” Tyler groaned sleepily. Ethan stopped momentarily and huffed in frustration.

“Then let me gooo. I have to peee.” Ethan whined. A smile formed over Tyler’s face as he got a devious idea. He started tickling Ethan relentlessly.

“S-stop Tyler. AH I- I have to- pee.” He could barely talk in between his laughter.

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so?” With that Tyler let him go and fell back into the bed.

Signe was always the first one awake. She was lucky if she could get Sean up before 9. He always stayed up late with his fans, or doing other things for the channel. He was just so damn dedicated. Signe loved it though.

She sighed as she began playing with her boyfriend hair while he was fast asleep. Signe remembered when he first dyed it green, it was a shock. They both quickly grew to love it though. Groaning internally, realizing she wanted coffee, she tried to move. It was no use.

Changing tactics, Signe rolled her body out from underneath him, landing on her feet with a soft thud. She smiled to herself, proud. She began humming as she made her way into the kitchen to make coffee. Once it was done, she made a cup for Sean, just how he liked it and brought it in there to him. She sat it down on the nightstand, then moved to the end of the bed, clearing her throat.

“TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES. MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!” Signe screamed. Sean jerked awake, unintentionally launching himself out of the bed. He looked up at his girlfriend and gave her a goofy smile.

Normally Mark would wake up before Amy. He liked go for a run in the morning, then taking a shower, and then starting the day. But not this morning. When Amy woke up, he was still asleep. Knowing they had a busy day ahead of then she began trying to wake him.

“Markkk, wakey wakey.” Amy said in a hushed tone while brushing the hair out of his face. He didn’t even budge. She had to try harder. She pushed on his shoulder as hard as she could. In a louder voice saying, “It’s time to get up you big baby. You have things to dooo.”

“Mark finally stirred only to look at her a plop back down mumbling, "Call YouTube and tell them I quit.”

Amy rolled her eyes. He was so dramatic. “Oh but what would the world do with out you? O’ great Markiplier,” she began shaking him and said in a mocking tone, “THINK OF THE FANNNS MARK.”

“I am. They’ll understand. They love me. They told me I could sleep into today. Just ask them.”

Amy decided that this called for drastic measures. She left the bedroom and went to go find Ethan and Tyler, finding them on the kitchen. Amy told them what to do and then they all headed back upstairs. They quietly entered the bedroom and assumed their positions.

On Amy’s cue they jumped on the bed on top of Mark and started screaming at him to wake up. Needless to say, he did.

(I don’t actually know their ship name)

“Ooh Marzia,” Felix cooed. Marzia began giggling uncontrollably.

When her giggle fit was over, she decided to tell him, “Uh, Felix that isn’t me.” Which was followed by more cute little laughs. Felix groaned, opening his eyes.

“Edgar?!? Jävla, I thought I raised you better than that. BUY ME A DRINK FIRST.” Edgar was the one licking his mouth, not his girlfriend, Felix sighed in defeat.

“C'mon Pewds it’s time to get uppp.” Marzia said, nudging him.

“I don’t wanna.” Felix mumbled into his pillow.

“Fine then…I’ll go get Maya and tell her to attack you too.”

“Oohhhh nooo. Not Maya.” Felix said mockingly, but he still got up. He squinted his eyes and looked at Marzia, “You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said then kissed her forehead.

The endd

Tomorrow morning I’ll post crankiplier/jelix/apocalyptoplier/ and some other ones lol

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in one of the first pictures I ever saw of Glenn howerton, he was wearing one of those "you can pee next to me" shirts, but I didn't understand it was in support of trans people, so I was like "?? why would anyone want to pee next to him? does he have a pee kink??" and to this day, when I see him, my first thought is, "ah yes, pee kink man." he haunts me.

oh my god leave glenn Olone he’s just trying to be a good trans ally!!

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pre-game: baby Ryder sibs making new C-SEC recruit Garrus's life hell on the citadel.

“Give the case to Vakarian.”

“What? He’s the new kid.”

“Exactly why it should go to him. He can see a little of what it’s like in C-SEC.”

Garrus bit back the sigh. There was no room for sighing in C-SEC. He had a job to do, even if the mounds of paperwork and, frankly, boring ground work he was given might actually be the death of him before he got to see any real action. But this was a position and a job to be proud of.

Something to make his father proud. 

“What case?” Anything right now was better than the paperwork. And if they were just going to talk about handing it over to him, he might as well. 

Jeffers, one of his coworkers with a particular streak of giving him what the office called “bathroom duty”, smirked as he handed over the datapad. “Ryder twins. They can’t seem to get enough of us. The feeling isn’t mutual.”

“Ryder twins?”

“Kids of a scientist and an N7.”

Ryder. Ryder. Garrus knew that name. Friend of his dad’s, if you could call anyone friends of his dad, that was. 

“Bad seeds?”

Maybe this would be the action he was waiting for.

“Troublemakers. You’ll see for yourself. All the information you need is right there.”

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Hiya!!! Can you do one where Bruce gets turned into an absolutely adorable puppy by some witch while he's on a mission & the reader (his wife) just cuddles and spoils him until the spell wears off? That'd be cute!!!

omg. Okay so i didn’t do a full imagine but i did do a small scenario that i thought would be fitting. This is how i imagine it would go down 


“Who’s a little puppy?!” You say.

“Oh jeez…” Dick says as he walks into the room..

“Who’s a little puppy!!?” You continue.

“Oh my God.” Dick holds in a chuckle.

“You are! Yes you are!” You tease.

“Oh my- is that….Bruce?” Damian asks as he joins the two of you. You nod, as you knelt down to pat the black fluffy puppy.

Jason walked in with a bowl of water,

“He stuffed up the last mission, accidentally caught a spell. So it looks like Bruce is going to be a puppy for around an hour.”

The puppy…or Bruce, huffed, sitting down watching Damian, Dick, Jason and you talk.

“Well then, what do we do for an hour?” Damian asked.

You smile sinisterly, causing Bruce to slowly back away in his puppy form.

“Wow.” Dick said, crossing his arms.

“Isn’t he just adorable!” You squealed.

Damian just laughed, holding his stomach and marvelling at the puppy in front of him.

As Alfred was passing the room, he caught a glimpse of the puppy himself. So with a smirk, he lifted up his phone, and snapped a photo, of Bruce the puppy, dressed in a Batsuit.

“Charming, Master wayne.” Alfred muttered to himself. Bruce, in a sudden spree, then peed on the floor, causing a loud groan and some high pitched screams (not coming from you) to erupt. Alfred chuckled taking another photo,

“Todays a good day Alfred,” he chuckled to himself, watching the group of you try to catch Bruce and clean up the pee, “Ah, what a good day.“

Mamamoo’s Reaction to: a girlfriend with separation anxiety/panic attacks

Solar: Always makes time to skype you, usually while getting ready for the concert. She sometimes has to hand you off to one of the girls while she gets changed but other than that, she sits her laptop on the vanity while getting her makeup done or carts you around, having casual conversation. The staff joke it’s as if you’re really there.

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Moonbyul: The pain of watching tears trickle down your face as you wave her goodbye inspired her to write a song about it. It became the couple song of the year, even being played at weddings or in nightclubs, where drunken couples embrace each other and sway to the beat.

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Wheein: rings you whenever she can, sometimes once a day, sometimes eleven times a day. She tells you little things; what she ate, how the tour is going, that she saw a girl in the crowd that reminded her of you. Then she’ll ask you the most mundane questions, “Ah, did the neighbour’s dog pee in our garden again?” or “what kind of hairstyle are you wearing today?” She wants to be there in person for you but phone calls are the next best thing.

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Hwasa: to make it seem as if she’s always there, she fills the house with pictures of herself; pulling a face, smiling, posing. They’re hidden in random places, so that even when she’s gone, you get to see her when you open the fridge or pull out your sock drawer.

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NaruSasu: Lazy Day

NaruSasu: Lazy Day (August 18)

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeep.

“G'mornin’, Sas'ke,” Naruto mumbled, nuzzling his boyfriend’s warm, pale cheek.

“M'tired, go back t'sleep,” Sasuke replied, burrowing further into the sheets. “S'our day off, anyway.”

“Oh. Right…”


“So, we gonna stay in bed all day?”


“Is that a yes?”


“I’m sorry, I don’t speak ‘sleepy Uchiha’.”

“Fuck you.”

“Now THAT I understood. And maybe later, when you’re more awake.”

Sasuke groaned, angrily burying his face in his pillow. Naruto’s teasing frustrated him even while he was awake, not to mention when he’d only just woken up. He knew the blond only meant it lovingly, but it was one of the things about their relationship he didn’t like. He didn’t mind the gentle good morning kisses and sleepy good night snuggles – those he could live with – and he couldn’t complain when it came to the sex, but the teasing was what got to him. The teasing and the flirting.

“Ah, shit. I gotta pee, be right back,” Naruto whispered, kissing his boyfriend’s hair before wiggling out from under the blankets and hurrying across the hall.

“Hmph,” Sasuke muttered, rolling onto his back with a sigh. He yawned and stretched, cracking his neck and knuckles as he always did. He sat up, but a few moments later, he didn’t see the point in it. He flopped back down.

“Ahh, much better,” Naruto said as he came back in, plopping down next to him in a heap. “So, whaddya wanna do today?”

“Meh,” Sasuke replied, still too sleepy to care.

“That’s not an answer, teme.”


“Whoa, multiple syllables!”

“Shut up, dobe.”

“Make me,” Naruto teased.


He had smacked him in the face with a pillow.

“Sas'ke, that’s mean,” Naruto whined, frowning.

Sasuke ignored him.


Still ignored him.



“Well, if you wanted to stay in bed and cuddle with me all day, all you had to do was say so,” Naruto began, but Sasuke cut him off.

“Then shut up and cuddle, usaratonkachi.”

“Yessir,” Naruto declared, saluting mockingly before scooting closer and wrapping his arms around Sasuke, who hummed in gratitude.

Except for a few bathroom breaks and snack runs, neither Uzumaki nor Uchiha bothered to get out of bed that day. Most of the time was spent snoozing, debating, snuggling, and chatting, but a few passionate kisses did lead to, well, other activities.

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KBTBB Ota Jealousy/Love headcanon/oneshot?

After settling the triples to bed, you feel so exhausted. They are only at 6 months old and been taking away all your attention. Even though you have nanny to help, but you still feel so tired at the end of every day. Ota is already waiting for you in bed when you make your way back to the bedroom. You suddenly feel his hand slips inside your pyjamas when you are about to doze off.

“No, Ota. I am really very tired.” You push his hand away.

“But it has been a while since we last do it. In fact I can’t even when was the last time we do it since the triplets are born. You have been giving all your attention to the kids.” Ota complains.

“What? You are jealous of your own kids? Taking care of the kids really exhausted me.” You explained.

“Yes, I am jealous. How difficult can it be when taking care of the babies? I can handle it by myself” Ota pouted.

In the end, he decides to let you have a break tomorrow and take care the babies alone by him. You are worried but decide to oblige to his request. So the next day you left the house for a body massage which you badly needed one. After that, you still worry about how Ota coping at home and decide to give him a call. However, you can hear him screaming and the babies crying before Ota can reply you.

“Stop crying, Akio. You must wait for your turn to change your diaper. Choko, do not turns over to other side. You will fall. Ah…Eiji, why did you pee onto me? “ Ota scream in panicked.

You are really panicking and immediate rush home. The moment you reach home, the babies are gone. Ota mentioned that his parents have brought the babies over to their place to stay over.

“I now understand that taking care of the babies is not easy. Sorry that I am jealous over them and not being understanding” Ota apologized.

You smiles at him and give him a big hug. He then suddenly carries you in his arm and walks to the bedroom.

“I believe you have recharge after the massage. There are no kids to disturb us today. You can grant me what I want, right?” Ota smirks.

He strips both of you naked after placing you on the bed. He gets on top of you and kisses you passionately. He moves his hand downward and caresses your naked skin before moving down to your clitoris. After ensuring you are wet, he thrust his hard member into you. He starts moving his member back and forth inside you, causing you to keep moaning his name. You can see him roll his eyes as if he already in his ecstasy world and you arch your back as he hit all your sensitive spot. It had been a while and both of you are crazy for each other.

“You are so wet and hot inside… Mmm.. and you seem to tighten my member with each thrust I push in.” Ota panted and increase his pace. You soon feel his hot liquid shot deep into your womb and he flop down on top of you. Both of you are panting for air as both you cling over each other.

“Next time, we should send the kids out to my parents place. We can have our own private time.” Ota smiles and starts kissing you all over again.

While I was at the grocery, I saw this big, muscular man covered in tattoos and a lot of people were avoiding him or giving him weird looks. His daughter, who was maybe 3 or 4, was holding his hand, and reading every sign as well as she could. It was the cutest fucking thing like he looked so happy and when she said, “ah pee pee le.” Instead of apple, he replied, “close! But it’s apple.” And he kept cheering her on!!! Like!!! Ah!!!! It was so fricken cute

I sketched two cats as stand ins for familiars a little while back. Neither had been named yet. Alex chirped Piapo (pee-ah-poh) earlier tonight and it just felt like a fit.

Piapo was a witch’s familiar before coming to the Cat’s Way. The glasses were given to her by her former companion. They do nothing for her sight, Instead they give her the ability to fly.

But they don’t look too aerodynamic, so I imagine her ‘flying’ is more like buoyant bouncing.