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I was bored so I decided to ask the lovely @fatpandasims if she wanted a sim… so I made Artemis. Hope you like her! (ノ・ω・)ノ I’m probably just going to make another one for you because I am not entirely happy with her.

Artemis Hunt

Edit: I really love making Sims so, if you ever want me to make one for you, hmu.

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Ahhh, thank you for the frukus photographer prompt! 😊 It was so cute! ❤ || Do you think you'd be willing to write some RusAme? Maybe with Alfred being a witch that makes potions for a living that people buy from him? And/or maybe he sells charmed crystals? Maybe Ivan buys stuff from him and ends up coming back, buying something else just so he can shyly flirt with Al? Pretty please? ((That's a lot of question marks, sorry!))

Love Potions Don’t Work

“Now remember,” Alfred leans down to his knee to be eye level with the small girl that came in with her father. The father in question places a hand on his daughter’s head. She holds a small plant in her hands, gripping it to her chest. There’s a white cracked crystal sticking in the ground next to it.

“Every full moon, place it outside, and talk to it daily,” He reminds her. The girl nods her head as seriously as she can. Her dad smiles and shakes Alfred’s hand before they leave. Alfred waves cheerfully to them.

Plant magic, in his opinion, is one of the sweetest and easiest to pick up. It requires attention like all magic does and an exchange of energy, but it’s simple enough for the little girl to understand. Her father has bought some remedies from him before. They keep coming back so he must be doing something right.

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Help, I can’t go on. They’re just too precious.

"I love hot guys who are secretly dorks"

Did you mean: Michael Jones

The only difference is….it’s not a secret. 

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Blanania~senpai :3 I guess you hear that a lot but I love your art and I think it's amasing ^^ you're one of my favorite artists here on tumblr *~* so since your headcanon about council gajevy was right are you planning to draw more of them? :D

Ah thank you cutie! I’m just so glad our headcanon become true and I honestly want to draw more council!Gajevy T _ T B-but I’m really busy and a bit stressed at the moment so I don’t really know, but apart from that, I’m sure our fandom will confidently produce more council!Gajevy art since it has become canon now, you just have to wait patiently because we got so many awesome artists :D

Meanwhile, you can enjoy this little doodle I did for a break yesterday, nothing special actually, just some simple making out (lmfao)

am i that bad?

character: bambam

plot: Assuming that BamBam was your blind date, you sat with him and he just goes along with the flow until your friend calls you that the date was cancelled and BamBam has some explaining to do of why he didn’t stop you.

genre: au

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When I first got into Bangtan the fandom wasn’t as huge as it was now and it’s just so beautiful to see how far they’ve come and how more people are becoming part of army. Like look at their twitter; they have 2 million followers. They’ve come so far. In all their performances and music you could see how much hard work they put into everything they do. You could see how much work they put into making us happy. Ah thank you Bangtan for staying strong, staying up late making music, staying up late rehearsing, traveling a lot to meet international armies, and performing even when you’re super tired. Thank you for making funny videos for us to watch and amazing vlogs. Thank you so much. We appreciate all your hard work.