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Just Ask - Part 4

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Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: Sorry this took forever to post, I went home to my parents’ for the weekend and I’m in the process of moving so there’s just a lot going on and I’m just broken. I’ll have the next few parts queued up :)

@bovaria totally called it, damn!

Part 3

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New Power?

Danny has lately been feeling odd tensions in the air… What could they be??

Human emotions. Yes, Daniel James Fenton has gained a new power, the ability of an increased sense to what a human being feels; at school he would find it difficult to leave the building at the end of the day without a migraine. At home.. His parents are loud, (Mostly on Jack’s part.) so he always answers the door grumpy, just wanting the daily headaches to go away.. But what even puts Danny in a grumpier mood is when a certain lonely, fruit loop stands at the front door step…

Ding Dong

“Danny, could you get the door!?” His mother called out from the door to the lab; she was working on a new invention, one that will for surely mess with Phantom, their’s and the town’s #1 Enemy.

Danny laying on his front side on his navy blue bed, arms resting to his sides, and head dug into his pillow, groaning the teen lolled his head back, to what seemed like one of annoyance and fatigue.

“Okay.” The raven haired teen drawled out exhausted, words just loud enough for his parents to hear the tired voice from upstairs;

school’s a living hell, in other words: it’s his daily dose of Angst, and today he was not having it, considering he just came home from school.

Seconds later, trudging down the stairs he opened the door rather harshly, surprising the visitor. “Yes?” Danny said sharply, as clear annoyance dripped from his words.

“Daniel, you seemed to of had a good day.” That voice, was the last thing Danny needed right now. Slowly looking up he scanned over an expensive black suit toward the face of the unwanted guest, only to reveal… Vlad Masters.

He rather a G.I.W agent to have arrived.. But as implied, today it was just not his day.

“What do you want?” The teen rushed wanting Vlad to exit the premises as soon as possible, “Ah, Daniel, I just wanted to stop by. See how you and Jasmine have been holding up.. As well as your mother..” He mumbled the last part, though it didn’t go past Danny.

Anger and Amusement. The waves of emotion informed.

“Yeah, yeah.” The teen began to make a shooing motion towards the billionaire, only to receive a fake ‘hurt’ look.

Now just Amusement. The air read.

“Daniel.” The elder Halfa scolded, “That’s no way to treat a guest, and if you don’t mind me asking..” He continued with slight hesitation..

The rippling of emotions twisted into something strange..

The billionaire dusting off invisible dirt out of nervousness said awkwardly, “Are you okay-..? You have been acting odd.” That was it?

He was… Sincere? The aurora told Danny.

Raising a brow feeling the need to gawk, the boy mentally shook his head, “I’m fine..” his expression softened into that of a sad one as he averted his eyes, maybe Vlad wasn’t going to be an overbearing fruitloop today. He hoped.

“If I let you in..” Danny looked back up at the billionaire, “-you promise to not of been making any plans that involves you being here?” The teen said with vague suspicion as it then replaced the depressing look.

“I promise my boy.” Vlad said readjusting his slightly relaxed posture, though his hand fretted to straighten out his tie to show his hesitation and nervousness.

This time the aurora read..


Although, Danny felt it didn’t matter now. And let him inside.

A/N: Oh Danny, you can’t trust a Fruitloop!

Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part II)

Part II – “In slow motion the blast is beautiful”


I watched as people walked in the gardens outside the hospital, struggling to distance myself from the acute sound that seemed to be permanently whistling inside my ears. It was the sound of immediately before – the universe’s cry of warning that catastrophe was imminent. I found myself trapped in that moment, long after the physical pain was gone – after weeks in the intensive care unit, I was finally starting the skin grafts on my back –, paralyzed in a life-changing moment. Doomed to stand in the frontier of what I had been and what the blast had made me become.

A couple was strolling nearby, the woman holding the bundle of their newborn baby, the man enraptured, dutifully keeping watch over a couple of celebratory balloons, announcing a perfect boy in impeccable blue.

I had seen myself in that life, before. My hand entwined with a faceless woman – her eyes mysteriously the colour of strong whiskey, enough to inebriate me with its fumes -, mindlessly walking towards a shared house, a shared life. I couldn’t fathom such a thing now – the explosion, caused by a gas leak at my apartment building at the university, had tarnish skin and dreams alike.

The breeze kept everyone outside mercifully comfortable, under an otherwise hot sun. It was only the second time I had ventured to go outside, wearing the notorious grey pajamas from the hospital, which marked me as belonging somewhere else other than sitting on a bench under the leafy tree.

The sense of disconnection from everything around me was crushing – I felt like I was standing inside a glassed cage, looking at people with normal lives, unable to find an escape to join them. Jenny and Ian visited me daily, trying their best to cheer me up and to bring me back to myself – I had no heart to tell them that only dust and fragments had remained from that man. I was alive, thankfully – but had no notion of what to do with that surprising gift.

“May I sit down?” A woman asked me. I nodded, not bothering to look at her – instead I curled more into my robe, making myself invisible, biting my bottom lip to avoid moaning with pain from the stretching skin. Breathing, moving, walking – everything came with a renewed cost, as if to remind me that my survival still demanded sacrifice.

She sat on the other end of the bench. I saw her blue sneaker dangling spiritedly on the periphery of my vision, as my nostrils were filled with the smell of rosemary and lemon.

“Excuse me.” The voice next to me said, somewhat timidly. “I could swear I know you, but can’t really figure out from where…”

I tilted my head and looked straight into the sun.

Her eyes were the exact same shade as ten years before – I would recognize them anywhere, even if I couldn’t recognize her brown curls or her tentative smile. My jaw dropped an inch, as I stared flabbergasted at the girl from the graveyard.

“You!” I babbled, nervously fumbling with the catheter, skilfully taped to my forearm by a kind nurse. “Ah – yes!” I tried to recover seeing her confused look, silently kicking myself for blurting. “We have met once – many years ago.”

“You’re the boy from the cemetery.” She said slowly, her hawk eyes studying my face. She had an adorable wrinkle of concentration between her brows. “Ellen’s son!”

“Aye.” I smiled, shyly. “I dinna think ye’d remember that.”

“Of course I do.” She nodded, offering me a kind smile. “I always pay my respects to Ellen, whenever I visit my parents.”

I couldn’t answer – my throat suddenly thick with emotion, as words and feelings nestled like a snake around my vocal chords. That she remembered her act of kindness as vividly as I did – and that she had kept watch over my mother – deeply moved me. I gave her a – I hope – grateful nod and looked away, composing the emotions that ran wild, raw and untamed, after the accident.

“Are you a patient here?” She asked. I raised my eyes to look at her again and noticed she was wearing a white uniform, akin to the nurses I was used to see, with an identification card that read “C. Beauchamp. Trainee.

“Aye.” I swallowed hard, attempting at nonchalance. “I have the pleasure of being a guest of the Burn Unit.”

“Ah.” Her eyes softened – it marvelled me how they changed so significantly, reflecting her states of mind. I was prepared to see the pity that always followed such a statement – but it never came. Her face was a mirror of sympathy and concern – but she wasn’t about to treat me as an invalid. “Good thing you’re able to come outside, then. Such a splendid day, today! I had been dreaming all morning of eating my sandwich outside.”

“Do ye work here?” I questioned, watching as she unwrapped and bit her sandwich – egg and tomato on rye bread – with a satisfaction that made my own mouth water.

“Nurse in training.” She explained, closing her eyes in delight for the utter brilliance of her simple pan. “Actually it’s my last day here.”

“I wish I could say the same.” I gave her a lopsided smile and she laughed – a bit too loud and carefree, like a delighted child. For a moment I forgot where I was and why I sat so uptight – she made me forget things. She made me remember others too – transparent things, important things, that could carve the exit from my self-imposed prison.

“The food isn’t that bad.” She joked, offering me some salt and vinegar chips that she had started to munch. Her eyes searched the plastic bracelet on my arm, easily reading my name there. “Jamie.”

“Hmmm.” I smiled, conceding at the personal treatment. “I’m afraid I miss my morning parritch…” I looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to reveal her identity in return.

Claire.” She laughed, playfully saluting me with her joined fingers like a soldier. “Nice to meet you. Again.”

We stayed in amiable silence, as she completed her picnic-style lunch and I continued to study the world around me, through the eyes of a dead-man walking. But the trees where suddenly greener again and the distant voices seemed to speak to me, teasing me but finally within my reach.

“Thank ye,” I said slowly, tapping my fingers on my leg – much thinner than usual, muscles having been consumed in the furnace of my recovery. “For not asking - about what happened.”

Claire glanced at me – I saw again the same wise-beyond-her-years look, the soul that knew pain and how to heal it, which had held me together ten years before. “I didn’t think it mattered.”

I raised my brows, surprised. “It’s all everyone wants to talk about.”

“You can tell me, if you want to.” She licked her lips for crumbs and smiled, tilting her chin to expose her face to the sun. She resembled a lazy cat, stretching under the warmth, gathering enough energy to wreak havoc afterwards. “But I know you’re here and whole and that’s enough for me.”

“Is it?” I whispered, smiling beyond myself.

“Yes.” Claire threw me an evaluating glare, like she could read into my soul and was ready to challenge the defeatist thoughts that resided there. “Is it enough for you?”

“It hasn’t been…” I admitted, brushing my unusually short hair – another thing lost during the first days in hospital care. “But perhaps I’m beginning to see things differently.”

“I’m glad.” She smiled tenderly – and she seemed truly content. For the first time in weeks I noticed my heart galloping inside my chest, strong and lively, as able to be moved and broken as ever before.

“Jamie!” Jenny waved at me from the door, calling me to get back to my room – it was time for another dose of intravenous antibiotics and physical therapy. I raised my hand in response and slowly got up – whimpering and trembling a little, to my mortification. Claire’s hand quickly came to help stabilize me, holding my chest, as if she had guessed that my back was the source of all pain.

“Ye should be a doctor.” The words burst from my mouth, sounding strangely calm and confident. “Ye’ll be a wonderful nurse – but ye could be a brilliant doctor.”

She looked surprised – an image that suited her, for it was screamed from every trembling muscle, flutter of lashes and promise of smile in the corners of her mouth. Claire’s face spoke of truth as mine spoke of loss and of gratitude to her.

I waved in short goodbye and walked away slowly, holding my crutch for support.

When the physical therapist pressed me to give more, I gritted my teeth and did it, even if cursing every generation before him inside my head. When the nurses applauded the results of the healing grafts, I allowed myself to share the happiness, instead of focusing on everything still left to be done. When the quiet night came, I closed my eyes and dared to plan a life to come.

Claire Beauchamp. The woman who seemed to appear when my need was greatest. I wished I could talk to her and tell her that I had been scared – of living and failing to be enough – but she had healed me, like new and joyous blood cast into my veins. Unfortunately, I had only her name – no phone or address I could use to contact her.

The next time I saw her, she was wearing a black dress, in the middle of a night with no stars.

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Glad I could do somethin'. ☺️☺️ Hope you've been having a good day, and wanted to ask what your favorite headcanons regarding Washington and Mulligan were. (Either together or separately, your pick. And feel free to go as in depth as ya want 🙃) lots of emojis today, pretty odd. Ah well. 💙 SMORCH

:0 oh !! thank u ! and ye, here’s some of my favorite hcs for the best boys,,,,

hercules mulligan

  • he’s on the autism spectrum! you’ll often find him making the “brrah” noise under his breath,, he’s stimming
    • his special interest is color theory!! and he loves being asked and he’s more than delighted to tell !! he kind of likes being considered The Expert™
    • (john asks him about color theory often and this makes hercules really excited! john also takes notes while herc is explaining)
    • he has a lot of recipes for slime / floam !
  • he’s taller than laf by one (1) inch and he loves making jokes about it 
    • (”laf probably couldn’t reach this but i sure can”)
  • he likes being creative, be it knitting or doodling or sewing or cooking,, he just really enjoys making stuff with his hands! makes him happy !
  • he doesn’t remember much of his childhood, save for the fact that he immigrated over from ireland when he was really lil,, that’s practically his only memory before the age of eleven
  • herc’s a really positive person!!
    • if he thinks you’re feeling down, he has a knack for knowing just what to say to help you feel better!!
    • he has the most blessed laugh Ever
  • he likes to go to the gym!
  • often comes off as more boastful or cocky, but it’s honestly him being genuinely proud of something he’s done!! he just likes to share,, hercules has done lots of things that he’s got every right to be proud of, and he knows it !
  • he likes to take aesthetic pictures of himself !!

george washington

  • if you call him cute he might actually pass out (wosh.exe has stopped responding)
    • despite the amount of compliments he gets, he’s surprisingly self-conscious / insecure about,, practically everything involving him
      • (he never vocalizes this and you’d only know if you’re good at reading his body language)
      • (he internalizes a lot of stuff)
    • he doesn’t know quite how to react other than just kinda clearing his throat and saying thank you (but he appreciates this v much)
  • he actually smiles more than you’d think he would ! he tries to maintain a certain composure (especially during the war) but he sometimes can’t help himself!!
  • sticks out his tongue when concentrating (don’t comment on this he gets embarrassed and he never really realizes that he still does it,,,)
  • likes to give christmas gifts to everyone he works with!
  • due to his upbringing, he’s quite harsh with himself when he shows any emotions he may perceive as “weak”. he’s learning more every day, though, and while it’s likely there’s always going to be a little voice that chastises him if he ever cries, he’s getting better at telling it to stay quiet,,
  • he likes boxing!
  • sometimes he draws, and he’s honestly better than you’d expect!! he has a super cute drawing style,,
Drabble Game #1: Jealousy

Genre: Slight Angst & Explicit Smut xD 

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (Special Appearance by my GOT7 bias Yugyeom)

Word Count: 2000ish (A special drabble) 

Prompt: 73 + Jungkook

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To say that your day had been difficult would’ve been a serious understatement.

Not only had Jungkook literally ran out on both you and his kids, he wouldn’t be coming back for another couple of hours since the group was busy preparing for their comeback.

“Jeon Jungkook don’t you fucking walk out that door!” You yelled from the living room as you tried to get your dear daughter to eat.

The house was an absolute mess with food being spilled everywhere as your daughter was more excited to dance to her father’s DOPE rather than eat food that you spent three hours making. Your beautiful baby boy was crying in his crib as he desperately craved his mother’s touch upon awakening from his short nap.

“I’m so so so sorry baby but I really have to go. Namjoon hyung has been getting really pissed at me and I don’t want to hold the group back. I’ll try sending Yugyeom hyung over to help you out.” Jungkook said before grabbing his training bag and literally running out the door.

“Aish, I’m going to kill him when he comes back!” You exclaimed as you tried to get your daughter to finish the rest of her meal.

Once you had successfully fed your daughter you laid her in her small pink bed in the room that she now shared with her younger brother. Once she was asleep you tended to your baby boy, getting him cleaned up and then feeding him before laying him in his crib that was next to his sister’s bed.

Finally the storm had calmed down for a bit but now it was time to deal with its aftereffects. Thankfully you heard a knock on your door which meant that Yugyeom was finally here to help out. You almost tackled the poor man to the floor.

“You’re an extremely happy sight for my sore eyes” You exclaimed as you gave him a hug.

“Well, I am here to help out but I guess you managed that on your own!” He said sounding impressed with your work.

“But you can help with cleaning” You responded by handing him the vacuum cleaner.

“And don’t forget the dishes too!” You exclaimed as you walked into your bathroom to finally take a shower to rid you off all the filth your children had you covered in.

“Yes ma’am!” Yugyeom responded as he began working on the tasks you had assigned to him.

Once you were done with shower you found that you also needed to do your laundry since all you had left to wear were Jungkook’s white shirts and fortunately, a clean pair of your shorts. You hastily changed to go check how much Yugyeom was done and to help him out a bit.

“Aigoo, you finished everything!” You exclaimed and gave him another hug out of the happiness you felt.

“I had to, you always helped me out if I ever needed anything you pabo!” He replied as he rubbed your hair.

At that you heard a small sound come out of your children’s room and both of you gave each other a look and almost immediately you walked in because you definitely didn’t want one to wake the other up.

Thankfully it was just a yawn and both of them were still sleeping. You let out a small sigh of relief and Yugyeom placed a hand on your shoulder as you leaned against him, you were so exhausted and it was nice to see both of your kids sleep so peacefully. It was finally serene.

Until you heard a bag drop to the floor in the living room. Both of you turned around to be met with a Jungkook with a look on his face that you were all too familiar with.

“Oppa, listen to what I’m saying. When I start talking to Jungkook, I need you to walk out of here as fast as you can.” You whispered low enough for Yugyeom to hear and give a silent nod to you. You walked out of the room and closed it on your way out so that the kids remained undisturbed.

“Jungkook-ah, you’re finally home. How was practice?” You asked as you slowly approached him, Yugyeom behind you slowly making his way towards the door.

“It was fine but I probably wouldn’t have left if I knew this is what would be happening behind my back jagiya!” He spoke in a clearly annoyed and frustrated manner.

Thankfully this short amount of time was enough for Yugyeom to leave, he even shut the door on his way out which was when Jungkook noticed his absence. He cursed lowly under his breath and without wasting another second you began to yell everything that you had been holding back since he left you alone at home this morning.

“What do you mean by that Jungkook? What, are you jealous that the house is finally clean? That our kids are peacefully sleeping? That I finally had enough time to myself to take a fucking shower?” You began yelling at him.

“Both of you were standing in the children’s room and with the way his hands were on you and your head on his shoulder it looked like both of you were the parents and not you and me!” He exclaimed.

“Baby, I am running on 3 hours of sleep for the past 2 days, I was exhausted and Yugyeom merely gave me support. And is this how much you trust your hyung because if it is, I’m disappointed in you Jeon Jungkook!” You retorted.

Yugyeom had been nothing but helpful while Jungkook had left you alone to take care of both kids for reasons you understood but that didn’t necessarily mean that you were going to manage everything on your own. You needed help and if Jungkook wasn’t around how could it possibly hurt if his hyung came by once in a while to help you out. In fact, Jungkook was the one who had suggested it in the first place.

“It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just…” He replied meekly trying to search for the right words in his mind so that he doesn’t infuriate you further.

“It’s just what Jungkook?” You questioned, your patience was running thing so if he had something, he’d better say it now and say it fast.

“I haven’t been around much lately and as much as I miss both you and the kids I can’t help it. I just feel like I’m losing my position as a father and that my kids would like him more than me!” He said before burying his face in your shoulder.

“Jungkook-ah…. No one can replace you! You know, Shin hye won’t eat anything unless she listens to your music which gets her trying to replicate your satanic choreography. And remember when I was pregnant with Minho, he would only calm down when he listened to your voice. I know you’re busy but we’re your family Jungkook, don’t ever worry about losing us. We’re always going to be there to support and love you Jungkook-ah” You said as you wrapped him into a hug and rubbed his hair with one of your hands.

“Aish, y/n-ah I don’t deserve you! You’re too good for me” He said before pressing a kiss on your lips.

“I know, I know but I love you, you pabo!” You replied before pressing a longer and sweeter kiss on his lips that you had missed so much.

“Ah but won’t you tell me exactly how much you missed me jagi, wait no, I’d rather you show me exactly how much you missed me” you whispered into his ear and before you knew it you were being carried over his shoulder as he made his way to your bed.

“Jagiya, I’m going to show you exactly how much I missed you” He said as he took off his clothes that were practically drenched in his sweat.

“I look forward to that but first” You said before getting up from the bed and pushing Jungkook onto it and pulling his boxers down to show his hard erection that was already slick with pre-cum.

“Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed Jungkook-ah?” You teased, being with him after so long all you wanted to hear from him was how desperately he craved you.

“Yes y/n-ah, I need you to fuck you right now or I swear I’m going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for days!” He exclaimed.

“But if I can’t walk, then Yugyeom oppa would have to come here each and every day Jungkook-ah” You smirked at him.

After having kids you almost forgot how good he fucked you after you made him jealous and today, you were going to use that to your advantage.

“That’s it” He yelled, finally snapping at the comment of yours.

He put you on the bed as he quite literally ripped your clothes off before placing his dick on your already dripping pussy.

“If I ever hear his name again during sex, I’ll be punishing you harder than this jagiya!” and with that he shoved his entire length in you had had you biting down on your lip hard enough to taste the metallic liquid.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard that the only name coming out of your mouth will be mine jagiya” he said before thrusting into you.

He didn’t even bother starting at a slow pace, with the way both of you had been you knew that neither of you would last long but that didn’t mean that Jungkook wasn’t going to make you moan his name for him to hear.

With each thrust you found him hitting each of your sweet spots that made you moan his name.

His name that was now falling from your lips without even the slightest hint of ever stopping.

You found yourself hitting new peaks of pleasure and it felt absolutely fucking great. You had missed him so much and you never realized how much you needed him. And with the look on his face, it was clear that he had missed you just as much. Without even wasting a second, you were on your back as Jungkook gripped your hips as he increased the pace of his thrusts that made your pleasure that much better.

“Ahh Jungkook, don’t stop” You barely got the sentence out of your mouth without crumbling into a moaning mess.

He moved his mouth down to your neck and back which he covered in kisses until he finally reached your lips which he kissed with absolute fervor. He moved his fingers to your clit which when he rubbed electrified your entire body. Both of you were close to your release which made Jungkook’s movements faster and your grasp on the bed so hard that your knuckles turned white.

As you came Jungkook made sure to ride out your high as both of your mouths engaged in a heated make out session.

You both were lying on the bed desperately trying to catch your breath after the intense session that you had.

“Our bed” Jungkook said abruptly.

“Our bed?” You asked in a puzzled tone, wondering what Jungkook could’ve possibly wondering to.

“When you asked why I was naked, you said ‘my’ bed. It’s not just yours, its mine too!” He remarked.

“Fine, fine, its ours Jungkook-ah” You said turning around to sleep as much as you could before your children woke you up.

He turned to hug you from behind, his hands entwining in yours as you felt his ring rub across your fingers as yours did his. He began playing with your ring and you with his.

It was a small, barely noticeable feeling but to both of you, it was an extremely important one that reminded you of the bond and oath that you shared. It made your feelings for each other that much stronger. You turned around to kiss him once again.

“I love you jagiya” You said as you turned around to face him. Placing your hands around him as he did the same to you such that your foreheads touched each other’s.

“And I love you y/n-ah. I always have and always will.” He said before placing a kiss on your forehead. With that the both of you drifted off into sleep for as much as you could before your children woke you up once again.

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 Written by: Admin Sangria

Storybook Romance

Requested by Anon

Summary: “A stranger comes to Camelot from a far away place, and Merlin falls head over heels for her. She’s pretty and silly and clumsy and awkward and loves books and never seems to stop smiling. She’s basically the Girl version of Merlin. Merlin can’t help but to smile like a fool whenever she delivers books to the physician’s quarters.”

Warnings: Fluffy fluff and suspicious parental unit Gaius

A/N: This is a super cute trope. Also, this isn’t exactly like the request that was sent in, but I combined some elements of this request in one of my upcoming fic requests. Thanks for requesting, Anon!

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Can you do an imagine where you are in class with new edition cast, and ur their friend and the teacher knows when u and the guys are in the same class, y'all cause problems and trouble


School Fun:

You made your way to drama class hoping one of the boys would be there waiting for you but when you got inside there was only handful other students in there waiting for class to start “Ah Ms. (Y/L/N). That’s you for welcoming us with your presence, I trust today will be a good day considering I do not see any partners in cr-” Professor Gladstone was cut off by the hand that was laid on your shoulder causing you to smirk because you knew it had to be one of the boys. “Yes Professor Gladstone, I would consider this to be a very good day.” You said sweetly smiling at him before taking your seat in the back with the boys, your partners in crime.

“Took you all long enough.” You said pouting leaning in the back of your seat looking at the boys “At least we’re here, that has to count for something right?” Algee said leaning over from his desk next to you, you shrugged not sure what to exactly say. “Class has now begun students, so any conversation you are having need to wait till after my class.” Gladstone said looking in your direction which caused you to wink at him making him stiffen and turn towards the board beginning his long and boring lecture.

“What’s on the agenda today Gang?” Woody said turning in his chair looking at everyone’s curious and devilish eyes “Someone got his number?” You said looking at the boys who all nodded yes “Good, one person call him blocked and if he doesn’t answer keep calling.” You said and the boys didn’t question you, Algee was the first one to call Professor Gladstone the old man scoffed and silenced the phone once the ringing had stopped it was Keith’s turn the same thing happened then it was Woody’s turn and this time Luke had said something.

“Hey! Doesn’t your mistress know you’re a professor. Damn. Interpreting the education I pay for with your booty calls man!” He shouted causing the class to erupt in laughter. Gladstone looked at the phone seeing it still ringing snatched the phone and walked outside “Quick hide his shit!” You yelled running to the front of the class with the boys hiding Gladstone’s stuff throughout the class and once that was done and taken care of you and the boys ran back to your seats pretending as though nothing happened while you all high-fived each other.

As Gladstone walked back in looking unraveled that’s when it dawned upon Elijah “Wait when we ran no one was on their phone… so who was Gladstone actually talking to?” He said softly turning in his chair to face us and then we all held a confused look.

“I think I know what our next mission is after class, find Gladstone’s booty call.” Bryshere said trying to hold in laughter. You sent a wink in his direction “Yes, boys the ball is set in the trap.” You said smiling looking at the time waiting for the class to be over so you could expose Gladstone and hold so type of blackmail over him not that you needed it but it never hurt to have it, never know when you will need it one right?


I should have done this a long time ago I know but well. life’s a mess and things are meh, but today is definitely a good day, so yeah. anyway here’s a bunch of silly selfies of me ft. the spn love shirt I got through this giveaway.

my huuuge thanks to @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you  and all the awesome amazing human beans who decided to make this giveaway happen, and particularly to @kaeostennyo who has sent me my shirt - I love it, it’s perfect, thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

RFA+V+SAERAN: If they’re a doodler or a writer

Spoilers: Maybe slight NSFW-ish mention? Again (and most likely always), name reveal! Also, some after story spoilers!

A/N: Omg I left for the night and came back to people actually following our blog, I dunno where y'all came from but i loVE YOU ALL, THANK ~Admin 404



           -IT’S EVERYWHERE

           -His homework? DOODLES! School book? DOODLES! Letter that MC is making him write to his mother? DOODLES!

           -He’ll doodle his LOLOL character, him and MC, or just some random cute animal faces!

           -You know, every single piece of paper he’s ever come across has a star on it somewhere

           -His signature has a star incorporated into it!

           -Takes this habit with him when he graduates and gets a job as a vet

           -“Yoosung, you can’t keep drawing dogs on the patients charts.” “Why not! I work with animals all day!! It works out!” “This chart’s for a bird, not a dog”



           -He works with stories all the time as an actor! It’s only natural to want to make a few of his own!

           -Despite dropping out of school and all, he isn’t half bad

           - Never finished writing an actual story in his life

           -He’s the type to start a story, but lose interest in it fairly quickly

           -You’ll find all the stories and vague ideas written nicely in a notebook or two

           -“ONCE UPON A TIME-” “Zen, please, that line’s so overused.” “But princess :(”

           -Even tries to write his own play a few different times!

           - No, Zen, you can’t play every character


           -As much as she loves Zen’s plays and good literature…

           -DOODLER! (bitch you thoUGHT)

           -She’s always having to rewrite reports for Jumin because she mindlessly doodles all over them when she’s trying to think

           -Another boring presentation done by Jumin, another dozen reports have doodles on them

           -She’ll doodle simple things, like coffee cups, flowers, that water bottle in front of her…

           -She’d rather be dead than doodle little kitties though (Damn Elizabeth)

           -Never keeps the doodles though, so if you see one, you’re very lucky

           -It’s probably when you decide to help her with her ridiculous work load every now and then and organize her papers for her



           -He reads enough romance novels, might as well write his own, too

           -“He trapped her against the wall, carefully tying the silk tie around her wrists as his tongue paid careful attention to her-” “JUMIN PLEASE CAN YOU NOT READ WHAT YOU WRITE OUT LOUD?!”

           -He puts work before his writing though, so he makes sure everything is done before switching gears to write

           -Sometimes he’s in his home office for hours, and you assume he’s just working very hard for an upcoming project

           -You make him some tea, and come in to find he’s typing away on his laptop like no tomorrow

           -“Oh wow, you’re working really hard! What is the project on this ti- Jumin, that’s not work” “Ah, yes, MC, I’m very aware. Would you like to proofread it? Or perhaps reenact the scene?”



           -He’s writing code all day long, why would he want to write MORE?

           -Therefore, DOODLER!

           -You can find pages and post-it notes all around the house with doodles on them

           -Doodles stars, space ships, and kitties!

           -You found a dickbutt on the milk carton once and threatened to throw it at him and all he did was snicker in response

           -“Saeyoung, care to explain why I walked around today with a sticky note with a diCK DRAWN ON IT STUCK TO MY JACKET?” “I was letting people know that your jacket was riDICKulous!” “Get away from me”

           -One time, you gathered all of his doodles of stars and spaceships, and spent the day sticking them all over the ceiling of your shared bedroom

           -He didn’t notice until he came in way after you had fallen asleep waiting for him

           -You know this lil tomato shed a few happy tears once he saw that you had spelt “I love you” in the stars



           -Hello, “a picture is worth a thousand words”????

           -He likes to write little stories for each one of his photographs

           -Usually, he makes a story out of the events that happened on that day

           -Rreeaallllyy good at description words, and can paint a picture in your mind of how everything looked, felt, sounded, he had it ALL

           -If you request it, he’ll take a favourite photograph of yours and make up a story for it on the spot

           -“V, can you add dinosaurs into the story?” “If that’s what you want, sure sweetheart” (help me this is my sunshine)

           -If you’re having a bad day, he’ll pull out some of the stories and help you relive a happy moment with him

           -Sometimes he makes it into a game- He’ll read the description and you have to guess what the picture is of!


           -Okay, this little baby has to be a doodler

           -He’s not very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he finds that doodling helps him to get it out

           -Like Saeyoung, you’ll find doodles in random places, but you’ll realize that from time to time, it’s a game of hide and seek

           -He’ll leave these doodles as clues to where he is, or what he wants

           -Sometimes he’ll just stick a post-it note on your forehead with a face on it to show how he’s feeling

           -Most of the time he just likes to stick the post-it notes on your face to watch you pout at him afterwards

           -A lot of doodles of ice cream cones

           -*Dumps a purse-full of post-it’s with ice creams drawn on them onto the floor* “Saeran?” “Hm?” “Do you….do you want to go get ice cream?” “Well since you’re offering, yes, yes I do.”

Love Tranquilizer ~キミだけが知っている~ Pt.1 松澤 佐 (Love Tranquilizer ~Only you know~ Pt.1 Matsuzawa Sasaki)

2015 is coming!!! Everyone, Happy New Year in advance first! :D

THIS! was a long translation which took me 2 times longer to finish up compared to the others i have done before. I thought Otona no Renai was horrible but this was much worse… D:

i was fighting mentally on whether i should continue this since it was LONG and the speed of talking was D: not the usual pace that i was used to…. So anyway…. off to the drama cd!

Warning: This consist of R-18 scenes (you know the drill~ :D)

Also, this is not 100% translation. If there’s any mistake, please point it out to me. :) Enjoy!

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Slam the Door

remember that 1am timkon au think i mentioned? this went from brief HC burble to first chapter real damn fast. 

leaving this rough for now, if i pick it up and continue i’ll pretty it up but have as-is.


Tim Drake has no heroes.

Tim Drake never became Robin. Instead, he was abducted with his parents in Haiti, and the only survivor – struggling years later with the trauma to both his mind and body. And he really, really doesn’t want to even think about university.

He gets a letter of interest from LexCorp to join their pilot employee training program. He goes for it, gets in, and it’s the best thing to happen to him–

–until the universe, of course, comes crashing down on him again when he stumbles across Project Kr.

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Lena: “You’re too good and accomodating, Kara. You should say ‘no’ sometimes.”
Kara: “What?? I’m not good!”
Lena: “You aren’t?”
Kara: “Well… I mean, yes I am, but not that good, and I can definitely say no if I want to!”
Lena: “Ah-ha, sure.”
Kara: “Lena, I can do that!”
Lena: “Then prove it: I dare you to say no to everything for a whole day.”
Kara: “Wha-… That’s just silly!”
Lena: “Is that your way to admit your inability to say no?”
Kara: “No! See?? I mean, heard?? I’m perfectly capable of saying ‘no’ whenever I want!”
Lena: “Sweet, then that’s gonna be the only answer you’ll give today.”
Kara: “But-”
Lena: “No objections allowed.”
Kara: “Uff… Fine! Then if I w-… No, when I win, you’ll cancel all your appointments for tomorrow and you’ll be at my disposal all day!”
Lena: “That doesn’t sound like losing to me, but I still can’t do that: I have some important meetings tomorrow.”
Kara: “Oh, it’s okay to shy away, Ms. Luthor. I understand.”
Lena: “Ooh, no way I’m gonna do that. Plus, you’re never gonna win, so I’m not even worried.”
Kara: “Pfft, I could nail this if I wanted!”
Lena: “I doubt that. So! Let’s see what I’d like as winning prize…”
Kara: “Tsk, don’t waste your time daydreaming.”
Lena: “Uhh, I know what! I want you to tell Alex about us. Today.”
Kara: “WHA-… T-that’s… That’s not a fair thing, w-w-we’ve discussed about-”
Lena: “About not being openly together yet, but Alex is your sister and she’s the most important person in your life, your best friend, and I think you should tell this at least to her.”
Kara: “But we never talked about… like… me also liking girls! She doesn’t know! H-how could I ever be able to-”
Lena: “Hey, what’s the problem? You just said you’re gonna nail this.”
Kara: “I-I could if-”
Lena: “Then you have zero reasons to panic now, right?”
Kara: “… Right.”
Lena: “Then it’s a deal!”
Kara: “… It’s… It’s a deal.”
Lena: “Good.”
Kara: “… Good.”
Lena: “Okay. Now, can you pass me my coat, please?”
Kara: “Sure, here it comes!”
Lena: “Aaand you lasted five seconds.”
Lena: “Can’t wait to know Alex’s reaction. Actually, is that your phone?”
Kara: “I-… Yes, why are you as- OH NONONONO!”
Lena: “Awww, you have me as one of your fave contacts! How cute is that? Oh, here’s Alex’s number.”
Kara: “Y-You are not gonna do that for re-”
Lena: “I think it’s ringing.”

Tsukiuta. [Harukaze To Hibari] Satsuki Aoi & Nagatsuki Yoru Mini Drama Translation.

Finally done!!! Sorry for taking so much time until I got it done. School was giving me work to do at home. There was also some personal feelings that was getting in the way and I was unable to focus while translating ;;__;; Since I know that October will be hell for me when to comes to translating so I ended up think that it’s a bad idea to let this drama CD wait any longer. So here it is! Please enjoy ^^

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The Signs Sleep-Deprived

Aries: "I swear to God if one more person has the nerve to look at me one more time… ONE MORE TIME… shit is about to go DOWN!“

Taurus: "Ah yes, how I love to suffer.”

Gemini: Never sleeps anyways so what’s the point?

Cancer: "Today is a good day to eject myself into the sun!“

Leo: Hisses at people that make eye contact with them.

Virgo: Runs on 2.7382 hours of sleep a night anyways and has developed immunity to sleepiness.

Libra: Doesn’t care when it is, where they are, or who they’re with, they will pass out on the spot and not even the force of God could wake them up.

Scorpio: "Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck her, fuck him, fuck them, and fuck it! Fuck EVERYTHING!”

Sagittarius: Throws shit and pushes people that manage to get in their “way” and wreaks havoc upon those who cross them.

Capricorn: "I’ll pay you big money if you murder me here, right now. Immediately.“

Aquarius: Sleep is but a Concept™ for the Weak™.

Pisces: They’re really only ever half-awake anyways so what’s the point?

I am in a very panicky mode right now. My exams are so close. Finals. Semesters. Life and death situation here. 18 days left only. I need to rant my situation out to give peace to my mind, a bit.

I am not a good student. An above average student, maybe yes, if I try hard enough. But this is medicine I’m talking about. Fourth year of med school. I should be studying A LOT. My classmates are.

Ah my classmates. They say your batch becomes your family. I’m yet to experience this feeling.

What did I study today?

Well, I did almost the whole chapter of Face and Mouth Trauma from Bailey. Which I didn’t understand one bit. The thing is it’s all theory for me. I haven’t had my orthopedics rotation yet. I haven’t been to its OPDs and OTs. I know nothing. This is all superficial knowledge for me that is not going to last even till exams I guess, but I don’t hope. I hope and pray I absorb it real good and I have an amazing exam, ameen.

I also studied the first two chapters of Gynecology from my beloved book Irfan Masood. But…

I have sooooo much more to cover.

What else is in my today’s goals?


Drugs for Gout



Other two chapters of Gynae

I need to revise Gout path and med

I need to cover at least two Community Med lectures

I need to solve the past papers of ortho

And I need to do something else which I can’t recall right now

MashaAllah @ my goals


Prompt: ”The reader is Asexual and they sit down and explain it to everyone. Kirk and Spock are confused. Uhura, Bones and Chekov understand. And Sulu is just happy to have someone else there who’s LGBT+” - Anon

Word Count: 859

Author’s Note: I did my research for this piece on asexuality.org. I don’t personally know anyone who is asexual (that I know of), so I am not familiar with it myself. If there is anything I have addressed that is wrong, please let me know. I hope you enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 18,682/50,000

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