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Ah yes, the distraction that just won’t quit! Usually a great method for coping with seasonal blues, though, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Found some rotala wallichi at the lfs for the first time, usually they don’t have much for plant stock, so I picked some up since it was under $5. I was thinking it might die on me, but I think I see some new growth in the third picture.

I am also being bad and am setting the spare 10 gallon up as a fourth tank. Thinking of either keeping a single pea puffer, or a school of celestial pearl danios with some shrimps? I ordered sponge filter parts because the HOB filter is way too much. Finally, an actual low tech tank.

Bonus shot of the Marsilea quadrifolia emersed tank that I nearly killed with a draft. I think it’s doing alright.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Maniac Prologue)

(…..Things haven’t changed here. Well of course they haven’t we weren’t gone for that long but)

(There doesn’t look like there’s any rumors of wolves around…)

Shuu: Oi. Walk properly

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Something you do find when you look at fairy lore as a whole, is that it’s regional. It varies very strongly from one part to another of the British isles. And, crudely, there are three zones of fairy belief. The first are the polite, middle class fairies of Southern and Eastern England: the stockbroker fairies. Southern and Eastern England with their prosperous nucleated villages. Their fairies were mischievous, but morally and well-behaved; little equivalents of human beings. They’re entertaining, rather than a problem. And around cities they vanish altogether. The second zone is the North country, the far Southwest (Devon and Cornwall), Lowland Scotland and Wales. These are lands of harsher conditions and scattered farms, and their fairies have to be reasoned with. If treated well, however, they are usually benevolent. Ah, yes. And now we come here. The third zone is made of the Scottish Highlands, and islands, Ireland, and the Isle of Mann. There subsistence farming was the rule, and their fairies were seriously feared. They’re larger here, than elsewhere. They constantly steal from, blighted and raided human beings. Fairy tales of the third zone, of which we are a part, were to teach survival skills, rather than entertain.
—  Dr. Ronald Hutton, Traditional Fairy Beliefs for Manx Heritage.
unforth-ninawaters replied to your post: I still wonder what Naomi saw in Cas. What was it…

I tend to think it’s cause Cas was just so damn *capable*. Like, when he was brainwashed he was so biddable, and did such incredibly good work and *wanted* to do a good job for “God” and follow orders. So even if she only got a decade or two each time she reset him, she got a decade or two of an awesome servant.

She wasn’t counting on Dean, though.

Ah, yes that’s very true! Maybe usually it took much longer for him to start questionning orders again, depending on how fiercely she brainwashed him. With Dean in the picture however it was a pretty hopeless endeavor and maybe there just has never been someone as Dean around before. I think she realized how important Dean was to get Castiel to stay in line and tried to both win him over but also take him out of the picture. In the end she wasn’t successful with either. She probably would have been though eventually (as she seems to have reconsidered what she was doing and could have been a wonderful sort of ally) but then that terrible douchebag Metatron got in the way. Ugh ugh ugh.

so i just finished reading uprooted by naomi novik in six hours straight and i’m pretty sure my eyes are bleeding or something but it’s. JUST. SO. GOOD.

  • you have a stubborn heroine who doesn’t take shit from anyone and does stuff instead of waiting around. i love agnieszka. she’s like a human-shaped ball of determination and compassion stomping around the plot and please give me more heroines like her.
  • possibly immortal wizard who’s like the personification of a century-old grumpy cat. like at the first part, you think ‘ah yes, the usual immortal antisocial unimpressed asshole’ but he tries so hard to pretend that he’s grumpy and so not impressed by agnieszka and then that he doesn’t care that much about her that it’s hilarious. like honey, stop being a total tsundere. even agnieszka can see through you.
  • and i’m so glad that agnieszka calls him out on his shit and he does realize that he’s been kind of an antisocial asshole for the past century or so.
  • female supporting character who’s the protag’s childhood best friend and i’m so glad she’s not killed off for cheap drama??? (lol my standards for literature have fallen so low) my baby kasia is so brave. she knows her whole life that she’s been raised a certain way because her mom believes she’ll be taken from her one day, and when it turns out to be agnieszka instead - let’s just say that it brings up a few issues on their relationship that gets addressed later, but their friendship becomes all the more stronger for it.
  • @ some authors: that’s how you do female friendships!!!
  • (tbh though i was half expecting that the pairing was gonna be agnieszka/kasia until THAT scene happened)
  • MAGIC. straight-laced by-the-book magic. wild magic. it’s worth reading for the descriptions on magic alone.
  • (this book gives off a darker howl’s moving castle kind of aesthetic)
  • also two people mingling their magic leads to A LOT of sexual tension at a few points.
  • and the prose. guys, THE PROSEEEEE. it gives the proper weight and mystery and atmosphere to  witches and wizards in a setting with villages, towers, and castles, and dark mysterious malevolent woods. 
  • the novel is completely standalone!! it’s like a whole trilogy already crammed into one book, but the pacing isn’t rushed at all. you get a good sense of closure and a satisfying ending 
  • but lbr, there aren’t enough post-ending fics about agnieszka, the dragon, and kasia to sustain me (i checked already)
  • YOI fandom right after the finale: Blessthis anime!! Bless the author!!! Best thing of 2016!!!!
  • YOI fandom now: The finale was shit, the couple unrealistic, the whole thing was useless and I can't believe anyone likes this trash
  • Me: Ah yes... there it is... the usual
Nohrian Festival: Beruka and Camilla Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

This conversation is kind of like Dwyer and Kamui’s married conversation in the Hoshidan Festival, because Camilla suggests that they change positions for the day, so that Camilla is the retainer and Beruka is her liege. It gets really romantic fluffy at the end, so it’s pretty cute to read~ 

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This Isn’t Fake [part 2]

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note: peter isn’t in this part as it’s giving a bit more background to the reader!! hope you enjoy; please let me know if you do!

                 miss any of the previous parts? check them out here.

“Good morning, darling.” Charles smiled as you entered his office. You gave him a small smile and took a seat at the couch in the corner. Another part of your morning routine was stopping by your father’s office. For whatever reason, Charles thought that sitting in silence with his child qualified as ‘family time.’ You would always take the first half hour before sitting in on Hank’s classes to sit in the couch in the corner of his office and read.

“Any plans for the day?” Charles made his way over to you. Ah, yes, the morning always included a poor attempt to connect with you. Usually he would ask what your plans were or if you and Jubilee were doing anything that day. You shook your head, gluing your eyes to the page of your book. Charles gave you a short nod and made his way back to his seat behind his desk.

“Your birthday is in a week. 23 is a big number. Are you excited?” Charles asked. 23 was a big number compared to everyone else in the mansion. True, you were younger thank Hank and most of the teachers, but you were older than every student at the school.

“How about a position on the X-Men?” You joked, sarcastically. You could practically hear Charles let out a large sigh. He made his way back over to you, placing his hand on your knee.

“Darling, your powers are strong. I know that. But I think you need more training. I haven’t told you this, but I presume now is a good time. You’re - you’re a class 5 mutant. Like me, like Jean. Yes, your main power is controlling plants, but you have abilities that haven’t been unlocked yet. Things like-”

“Wait,” you interrupted him, “I’m a class 5 mutant and you’ve never told me? How could you not tell me that? That’s a pretty big secret to keep from me!” You stood up, throwing your book on the table. Charles knew this was coming; he knew you would be angry he hadn’t told you sooner.

“You weren’t ready.” A dry laugh left your mouth as you crossed your arms. Weren’t ready? You had been in control of your mutation for years and now he was going to spring this on you? This was probably part of his plan to have you eternally training for a goal you would never reach.

“So what? What can I do? What makes me a class 5 mutant?” You demanded.

“You can… create and destroy life. Not just things like plants; animals, humans, mutants. It’s an incredible power, (Y/N), I wasn’t sure if you would be able to-” You held up your hand to shut him up. Quietly, you picked up your book and made your way out of the room. Charles called for you to stop, but had no luck. You slammed the door behind you and stalked down the hall to Hank’s classroom. The door was open, so you stepped inside and slammed it shut.

“(Y/N)? Can I help you?” Hank asked, looking up from his papers on his desk. You slammed your book down in front of him and glared at him.

“You knew, didn’t you? And you didn’t bother to tell me I was a class 5 mutant?” You questioned. Hank gulped, spotting each plant on his window sill withering.

“(Y/N), you need to calm down.” Hank warned.

“Why?! Why should I calm down?! I just found out something huge that you and my father have been keeping from me for years!” You yelled.

“If you don’t calm down, everyone in this school will have the same fate as those plants on the windowsill!!” Hank shouted. You turned to where he was pointing and watched as the last plant died.

“T-that’s how strong I can get?” You stuttered. Hank nodded, preparing to launch into an explanation.

“Charles and I just found out about a month ago. One morning, someone noticed every plant around your window was completely dead. So, Charles and I went into Cerebro where we found it you had an… untapped power. So far, it’s only appeared in times of stress. You had a nightmare that night, today you found out big news. It’s all logical. It seems like you have it mostly under control, which is a good thing, but I want to start training with it as soon as possible. I also want to see how good you are at bringing things to life. That’s an important part of the whole situation too.” Hank explained.

It took you a moment to let is all sink in. You were a fucking class 5 mutant who could kill things with their mind. The thought alone was terrifying. If you didn’t get this under control, you could kill the entire school. Your friends, your dad, everyone. Yes, you didn’t want to do what your dad wanted, but this time he was right. You needed to get this under control.

“What do I need to do?”

hope you all enjoyed part 2! there is a link at the beginning to both the preview and part 1!

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