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Arielle Scarcella's Trans Miseducation

This is a transcript of my youtube video!

Hey guys! It’s september 3rd and this is my vlog for the day! This is going to be an opinion blog! Not all of my daily vlogs will be life updates just so you know! Lets get into it.

So there’s this youtuber named Arielle Scarcella who’s part of a collab called GirlfriendsTV! The past few weeks they’ve focused on trans people and while I appreciate the fact that there’s been some inclusion of trans people in these video projects, a lot of these videos have been problematic and offensive to the trans community.

One of her videos during trans guy week encourages trans guys to have “vagina power” and to simply disregard their gender dysphoria and just get over it. And if that weren’t bad enough her recent video asks viewers if they can tell the difference between a butch lesbian and a trans guy…


Now to be fair, I think the general point of this video was that you can’t tell from someone’s appearance that they’re transgender. This is true and needs to be said, but this is obviously triggering to many trans guys. I mean she litereally says in the video that trans men usually present as women choosing masculine gender expression…

Many trans guys were offended by this video and took to social media to call her out on her problematic language. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this situation is how she responded.

Now I wish that I had taken screenshots of what was said in the comment section of her video because there were several instances where trans men commented with a critique of her position and her response was to simply dismiss them. She has of course, at this point went through and deleted these comments.

Buuuut, of course she decided to take to facebook and rant about it and I’ve certiainly got screen shots of that! 

I think this sums of Arielle’s position on trans guys pretty well and it also exposes how much of an ally she actually is. Mistake number 1 of being an ally to the trans community is telling trans people how to feel about their gender.

There’s something distinctly sick about telling a trans guy that they should take misgendering as a compliment. And there’s something even sicker about someone who claims themselves as a trans ally willfully misgendering trans men.

This entire post is very much predicated on the idea that trans people should appreciate any speck of meat that’s tossed to them. I mean at least you were misgendered for something masculine. Seriously?

This video by the way featured a grand total of zero voices of trans men in a video about trans men.

As a woman I know what it’s like to have a group of men discuss my concerns without my voice and this is the same exact thing. She has shown in the past that she has access to trans men, but she decided to use a trans woman’s voice instead and that’s problematic.

So, I wanted to amplify the voice of one trans guy on this issue:

“i think what hurt most is your stupid “BUTCH LEZ OR TRANS GUY” video. half of my morning is spent worrying how others will see me, whether the barista will say “sir” or “miss”, how big my chest appears, how wide my hips look, if someone will laugh and try to pick me apart from afar. you have done nothing but confirm my fears, that yes, going out as a trans person in public WILL make people pick me apart! “is that a butch lesbian or a trans guy?” ah yes, thank you, you trans activist you! making videos equating trans men to masculine women, THATS making me feel better!”

When making a video about trans guys it’s probably a good idea to listen to the opinions of trans guys and not ridicule them for correcting you on your terminology. If you cared about them you’d listen because that’s what an ally does.

Now i want to make this clear. I know that not all trans guys are offended by her comments and if someone said to me that I looked like Miss J from top model or RuPaul, I would chortle and dismiss what they’re saying because I know what I look like and I know it’s not that. However, that doesn’t mean what they said wasn’t completely douchey and shouldn’t be called out.

There’s an incredible amount of self importance that someone has to have to feel like they need to verbalize that a trans guy looks like a butch lesbian. I’m making this video because I expect more out of an ally and when allies mess up they should know that they did so that they can become better allies. I don’t hate Arielle, I just expected more from her.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of something that most of our parents told us when we were very young: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

anonymous asked:

(That anon who was really transphobic to a trans guy) Ah,yes thank you for answering,and yes you are right,that was really transphobic of me and my friend,and yes it is shitty that they fond that out because of fetishistic media,and I am honestly very sorry,I would gladly apologize to him because of my own stupidity,and again thank you for telling me this,I will unfollow because as you said,this blog isn't for me,thank you again for answering and telling me this.

I really appreciate this apology, it seems like you’ve really understood your issues. You don’t have to unfollow if you don’t want to lol, I mostly said “fuck off” bc generally people won’t listen to what we’re saying at all and just argue with us— but part of why we made this blog is so people can learn and change, which it seems like you’re super willing to do :)