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Tsukiyama's Scary Story
Tsukiyama's Scary Story

The Tsukiyama audios I posted from this video were pretty popular, so I decided to translate the entire thing. I might do part 2 (Hlter Skelter) later, but we’ll see…

Please listen to the audio while you’re reading it, since Tsukiyama is such an excellent (and dramatic) storyteller, and the audio makes it 1000x better XD Also, anything in these [ ] brackets are add-ons from me, to explain some of the dialogue that’s ambiguous or confusing. And if there’s something I mistranslated, please let me know!!

Update (June 4, 2016): I fixed up the translation, since it’s been over a year and I realized just how awful my translation was then. It should be a lot better now…


Part 1: 6th ward, Kaneki’s Hideout

Kaneki: As she slowly lifted her head…
Kaneki: The pale woman laughed devilishly and said…
Kaneki: IT’S YOU!!
(Ahh!! Ahhhhh!)
Kaneki: The end.
Banjou: That was scary…you went too far!!
Jiro: Banjou-san, you think you’ll be able to go to the bathroom now, ha ha?!
Hinami: Onii-chan, you’re so mean!!
Kaneki: Ahaha, sorry about that…
Kaneki: Well then, next is…
(Someone knocks on the door.)
Hinami: Waa (startled)!
Tsukiyama: Monsieur and mademoiselle, may I ask what are you doing right now? [Yes, I know it should be “messieurs et and mesdemoiselles” but that’s how Tsukiyama is pronouncing it.]
Kaneki: Ah, Tsukiyama-san.
Hinami: We’re having a scary story competition.
Tsukiyama: Hmm? Horror show…if that’s the case, then may I tell a precious scary story of mine as well?
Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san, are you sure you can tell scary stories?
Tsukiyama: OF COURSE! Please, take a seat.
(Creepy music starts playing.)
Tsukiyama: This was when I was only “eleven” years old…
Tsukiyama: While I was sleeping, I felt a presence near my feet so I immediately opened my eyes. It was “ushi three time” on the dot…
Banjou: “Ushi three time”?
Kaneki: Don’t you mean “three in the morning”? [Kaneki says “ushimitsudoki” or 丑三つ時. “Mitsu” means “three”, and “doki” means “time”, so Tsukiyama is saying the kanji’s literal meaning in English.]
Tsukiyama: Getting out of bed, I gazed at the presence in the darkness, and just four metres away from the edge of the bed was…
Kaneki: Wait a second. Four metres away from the edge of the bed? Tsukiyama-san, where were you sleeping?
Tsukiyama: Uh…”where”? Where I usually sleep, of course…but…can I continue my story? [Tsukiyama’s room is gigantic, that bastard.]
Tsukiyama: In my line of sight, at the edge of the bed…an old lady with messy hair gave me a wide grin…my young self called for the servant immediately and told her that there was a degenerate.
Banjou: Servant?
Tsukiyama: Matsumae! Matsumaeeee!
(Door opens.)
Matsumae: What happened, Shuu-sama!?
Tsukiyama: But even though we looked everywhere, there was no sign of the old woman…but a few days after that “lunatic” night…
Tsukiyama: I felt the presence again. I opened my eyes in the middle of the night. Turning my gaze to the edge of the bed, this time there were two old ladies…!
Jiro: They multiplied.
Kaneki: They definitely did.
Tsukiyama: I was now feeling “crazy and psycho”, so that night I decided to try and calm myself by playing Chopin…
(Tsukiyama starts playing the piano.)
Matsumae: Shuu-sama!?
Tsukiyama: After that, the old lady didn’t visit for a while, but…a few months later, I felt a strange air around me, so I opened my eyes.
Tsukiyama: I’d never had a “so bad feeling” until now, “oily sweat” dripping down my forehead…
Kaneki: Do you mean "greasy” sweat? [Tsukiyama says “oily sweat” in English, while Kaneki says the same thing in Japanese.]
Tsukiyama: My mouth is “shake me”, slowly I “open my eyes”…at which point…
(Door crashes open.)
(Jiro: Eh!?)
(Banjou: What!?)
(Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san!?)
(Jiro: I’m so confused!)
Hinami: I don’t understand any of this!!
(Wind blowing.)
Tsukiyama: …there were a hundred old ladies, squirming around, crowded in my seventy square metre room!!
Tsukiyama: IT’S…IT’S…~~!!
Tsukiyama: The next day, I heard from my papa that there was a period of time in the Tsukiyama residence in which meat from old ladies were being moved. It seemed that those old ladies’ lost souls arrived in my room.
Tsukiyama: So how was it? Was it scary?

Kaneki: In the end, the scariest thing of all might be ghouls…

Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 7

I’d say sorry for teasing, but I’m not. As always, @diversemediums is a total gem and an amazing brainstorm partner. If you haven’t read any of her stuff or talked to her, you’re seriously missing out. Anyways. I’m still overwhelmed with how much fun this story is and how much you all are loving it. I hope I keep it up!

Read part 6 HERE

Murtagh read his morning paper, sipping his tea. Jamie came down and sat at the table beside him.

“I need to Look,” Jamie said quietly.

He’d been waiting for this realization. If they’d been found, Jamie needed to See the immediate future to know how much time they’d have. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“Aye, lad. Ye do. We need to ken if he’s found us.”

Jamie took a deep breath.

“No’ now! Ye wee idiot! Ye canna Look on an empty stomach and ye ken that well. Or have ye forgotten what happened the last time ye did it?”

Jamie’s eyes rolled.

“I’ve no’ forgotten.”

“Then eat up. And I’ll keep watch while ye Look. Dinna stay too long. Claire’s no’ here to heal ye.”

Nodding, his godson settled down and began eating his breakfast. It might be time to move again, even if they hadn’t been found. They’d been here too long, gotten a reputation.

“Alright,” Jamie said a few minutes later. “I’m going to See.”

“What is yer aim? To See him now? Or future?”

“I want to See as close to now as may be, to see if he kens where we are.”

Murtagh sat forward and faced his godson. Each time Jamie did this, it made him nervous. Now that they’d found the healer, maybe it wouldn’t worry him so much.


Jamie closed his eyes and focused on the name and the face. Calling on that something extra he’d had most of his life, the world around him swirled and faded away.

A door closed and he walked forward. He took a deep breath and turned to face the mirror. He ran a hand over his bald head before pulling out a cell phone and tapping away for a moment.

Jamie pulled himself out of the vision with a gasp. Murtagh was watching him carefully.

“Are ye alright lad?”

“Aye, I’m alright. Christ, Murtagh. He’s here.”

His godfather began to get to his feet but Jamie shook his head.

“No’ here. But in the city.”

“Before ye gi’ me a heart attack, tell me what ye just saw.”

Focusing on the memory of the vision, he recalled it to Murtagh.

“And ye recognize the mirror, ye say?”

“Aye. It was the same one when I saw wi’ Claire. If he’s no’ found us, he’s found her.”

“He couldna ken that she’s the healer ye need. We didna ken it until she healed ye.”

Jamie began drumming his fingers against his thigh. Whatever unknown feelings he’d begun to develop for Claire, he couldn’t let her get hurt because of him.

“Aye, aye. But what if he does ken what she is?”

“Then we tell her and bring her here. Move again, but bring her wi’ us.”

Jamie made a frustrated noise.

“No. We’ve talked about this already, Murtagh. I’m no’ telling her what she is. And I’ll no’ tear her from the life she’s built here.”

Murtagh held up his hands in surrender.

“Alright, I’ll no’ argue wi’ ye again. But ye might change yer mind when the migraines get worse.”

Jamie sighed as he got up from the table. On some level, he knew Murtagh was right, but what about Claire? Just the thought of leaving her made his chest tight. Not that she’d go willingly, the brave wee thing…

“Are ye alright lad?” Murtagh asked, watching Jamie closely. “Ye look a bit pained.”

Jamie swallowed but nodded.

“Aye, I’m fine. Perhaps… perhaps we should call Jenny. Let her know we may have to relocate again.”

His godfather gave him a narrow eye before pulling out his cell phone, leaving the room the make the call and start preparations. Jamie exhaled. He was pained, but it wasn’t his head that was hurting now.


Claire sat on the couch with a blanket around her shoulders as she sipped her wine. The volume on the movie she watched was up a little louder than usual, but Geillis had had a ‘friend’ over when she’d gotten home.

A knock at the door forced her to pause the movie and get up to answer it. Frank looked at her with a worried expression. She waved him inside and they sat down on the couch beside each other.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she said self consciously, pushing her hair back.

“I know, I was just worried. You haven’t seemed yourself lately and I wanted to check on you. Are you coming down with something?”

“I’m not coming down with anything. I’m alright, Frank. You didn’t need to come over.”

He reached forward and cupped her cheek in one hand. For a moment, he searched her eyes. Then a rhythmic ‘thump-thump-thump’ picked up from Geillis’ room again and Claire turned the movie back on.

Claire sighed and gave Frank a smile.

“I think I’m just going to go to bed. You don’t need to worry, Frank, I’m just tired. That’s all.”

“It’s no wonder,” he said, giving Geillis’ room a dirty look. “With all that racket. Does she ever spend a night alone?”

Claire snorted.

“Rarely. But that’s usually if she’s found a ‘friend’ at a bar beforehand.”

When she turned off the movie and got up, Frank joined her. They walked to her room and she closed the door. It was much quieter with the door shut.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” he asked quietly.

“You’ve got an early class in the morning. Go on home. I’ll call you later.”

With her sitting on the bed, he nodded and leaned down to kiss her sweetly. Then he left, closing her bedroom door behind him. After changing, Claire turned on her white noise machine and got into bed. But no matter what she did, she couldn’t get comfortable. Constantly tossing and turning, her lips burned in memory. The thing that was beginning to bother her, however, was that the memory wasn’t of Frank’s kiss. It was the kiss the lovers had shared in that strange shared vision. The passion and the heat between them was undeniable and something she’d never felt before.

She knew it was wrong to compare that kiss to Frank’s, but she couldn’t help herself. It wasn’t as though Frank was a bad kisser, just not the same intensity as the lovers had had. She recalled the night she’d had that vision, how her body had responded. Not one night with Frank had felt like that. Perhaps that passion they shared had grown from their deep love, and love like that was something Claire refused to share with anyone ever again. Everyone she’d ever loved had been torn away from her.

Her mind wandered to the last time she’d seen Jamie. That stray thought about kissing him, how she felt around him… It confused her. Before she could get herself tangled in her sheets, she got up to make herself a cup of tea. She needed to calm herself down so she could get some actual rest.

No more noise came from Geillis’ room. Maybe she’d finally passed out. No doubt she’d been quite drunk when she’d come home with her ‘friend’. As she got out her favorite tea, she heard a door open. Turning around, she thought it might be Geillis. Instead, it was someone she’d seen before.

“You must be Claire,” he said, his words tinged with a hint of an accent.”

“I am. I’m afraid I can’t recall where we’ve met before.”

“Here, actually,” he said with a kind smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

His shirt was partially buttoned and he wore jeans, but no shoes or socks.

“Right, you were here with Geillis before.”

“I was. She’s a very unique woman.”

Claire snorted and started to turn back to her tea preparations.

“That’s one way to put it.”

“But you,” his voice came closer.

Claire jumped when a hand rested on her shoulder. Stepping to one side, she turned and looked up at him, not liking the gleam in his eye.

“I’m afraid I’m with someone,” she paused, searching her memory for a name. “Dougal?”

“I find you a most singular woman, Claire. I’m here if you should find yourself wishing to sample…” he reached out to touch her face as Frank had. “Other pleasures.”

Pushing him away, Claire grabbed a coat and her keys before slipping into a pair of shoes near the door. Without looking back, she left the flat, eager to put distance between herself and Dougal.

Shortly after she’d left, she realized she was driving to Jamie’s home as if she was being pulled there. Had he had another vision? One that was giving him a migraine? She worried about those, with their increasing regularity and intensity. If they got too much worse, it could cause some serious damage.

When she knocked, she half expected Jamie to answer, smiling as if she’d arrived for an appointment. But it was Murtagh who opened the door.

“Miss Beauchamp,” he said, nodding his head. “What is it I can do for ye?”

“Is Jamie alright?”

“Aye. He’s up sleeping at the moment. Is something the matter?”

She hesitated.

“Ah… No. No I don’t think so. I just thought he’d… Never mind. I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

“Claire,” he said as she made to leave. “I think we should have a talk.”

The serious look on his face had her walking into the flat after him. She followed him back to the kitchen and sat in the chair he pulled out for her.

“What is it we need to talk about? Is Jamie alright?”

“Aye, he is for now. But I think ye should ken just what it is that’s going on here.”

Claire relaxed into the chair, sensing this conversation would be a long one.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“I ken ye keep coming back here, that ye care about the lad. Ye agreed to keep his secret, but I think ye should ken exactly what that means. So what I’m about to tell ye is something I’ll trust ye no’ to share wi’ anyone. Ever. No’ yer man, or roommate.”

“I promise.”

Murtagh took a deep breath.

“The Fraser family has had a long and colorful history. Most men in the family have the Sight, like Jamie has, but no’ all. I’m a Fraser as well, but I dinna have the Gift. Jamie had an elder brother, William, and still has a sister, Jenny.”


Murtagh nodded, looking down at his clenched hands.

“Aye. Before I get to Willie, I need to tell ye about his mam and da, Ellen and Brian. They were a True match, meant to be. Anyone could see it when they were together. Brian was a Seer, like Jamie is, and his Gift got stronger. We kent he needed more help than hospital could offer. Ellen had her own Gift, something that only worked on Brian. It was she who kept his visions from killing him for many years.”

“What happened to her?”

It was a long time before he answered.

“Brian was out helping a family he kent wi’ something. The children were out somewhere, I’m no’ sure. Ye have to understand, Claire, the Fraser Gift is a strong thing, wanted by many people. Governments across the globe would love to have the power of a psychic to See what will come to pass. One such government found Ellen at home. She wouldna tell them where Brian was. They’d been prepared for something like this, kent it would come eventually. Ellen was… She was a brave lass, strong and fierce. Her family meant everything to her, and keeping Brian safe was her first priority. Willie and Jamie had started to show signs of having the Gift as well.”

Claire shifted in her seat, knowing she did not want to hear what happened to Ellen Fraser.

“Ellen fought them, determined to keep them from Brian and her sons. One foolish boy was afraid of her, having heard rumors she could stop a heart wi’ a look. It wasna true, her Gift only helped Brian, but he didna ken that. His weapon discharged and Ellen fell. I arrived at Lallybroch shortly after the military had fled. Having no Gift myself, I did all I could to keep the family safe. Maybe if I’d been there when…”

Lines of guilt crossed his face and he turned away from her then. Claire waited patiently, giving him the time he needed to compose himself.

“You found her?”

“Aye,” his voice cracked. “She had such life in her, Ellen did. Jamie got his hair from her, ye ken, and some of her face. But when I saw her… I kent she’d gone and wouldna come back. Brian came home before the children did, thank God. He wept over her body and I cleaned myself before going out to meet the children. They didna need their last sight of their mam to be her body on the floor in their sitting room. So we buried Ellen in the family plot and went about our lives. I stayed at the house then because I kent it was partly my fault Ellen had died. Brian started telling me about what would be happening for the boys in the coming years.”

Claire frowned.

“Why? If he had the Gift as well, why wouldn’t he teach them himself?”

“Weel, the visions get stronger, ye ken. They cause migraines which get worse as the power increases. He and I both kent his time was growing short, wi’out Ellen there to help him. So he prepared me and charged me wi’ their welfare, naming me their godfather. Brian died three months after Ellen. I say he lasted so long because he was a stubborn bastard.”

Wiping tears from her cheeks, she thought about how kind Jamie was. She’d lost her own parents at a young age in a car crash, but they hadn’t been stolen like Jamie’s had. Her heart ached for him.

“How old was he?”

“Ten. Willie was just sixteen, Jenny was thirteen. She’d just started to get her Gift - she can hear thoughts. Thirteen is when the Gift usually comes, but Jamie was only eleven when he got his. It was strong in a way nobody was prepared for. Willie kent Jamie would need someone to help him, like Ellen helped Brian. So he Looked as often as he could, trying to find whoever it might be.”

“Willie died too?”

Murtagh nodded slowly.

“Aye. Same as Brian, though much too soon. Jamie Saw it, his first true vision. He’d seen bits and pieces here and there, but nothing ever enough to be a real vision. But he Saw how and when Willie would die. Since then, he hasna looked too far into someone’s future. Willie did his best to find a way to protect Jamie, but… He couldna.”

“How old was Willie when he died?”

“Twenty-three. Jamie took it hard, as ye can imagine. He’d kent when Willie would die for some time, but he couldna do a thing to stop it. He carried that guilt for a long time. Still does, sometimes. Jamie is now the only Fraser Seer left, ye ken.”

Everything Murtagh had just told her weighed heavy on her heart. Jamie had lost so much in his life, grown up without his parents and carried the guilt of his brother’s death.

“Jenny’s still alive?”

Now Murtagh smiled.

“Aye. Verra much alive. Marriet to a fine young man who she canna read like the rest of us. He’s like a shield for her, which she needs. Helps her stay grounded. But we havena seen her in nearly two years. I keep in contact wi’ her when I can. Wi’ Jamie’s Gift, it isna safe for him to stay home, much as he’d like to. We have to keep moving to stay safe.”

Slowly, Claire shook her head back and forth.

“I can’t imagine how hard this is for him. His only family and he can’t see her. Growing up without his parents, losing his brother…”

“From time to time, he feels himself a coward for running, but he couldna stand the thought of something happening to Jenny like it did Ellen. So I stay wi’ him to keep him safe. I help him in what small ways I might, teaching him the things Brian told me.”

“So why are you telling me all this? I already promised I wouldn’t share anything with anyone. I’ve been lying to my roommate for weeks now.”

Murtagh nodded and rubbed a hand over his face.

“Aye, I ken ye are and I canna tell ye how much I appreciate it. Yer helping keep Jamie safe. But if ye intend to be his friend, ye need to ken the danger. It isna fair to ye to keep ye in the dark about all this.”

“Thank you for trusting me with this, Murtagh. It can’t have been easy to share all of that. How is he? How are his injuries?”

“Quite well. The injuries are healing up verra well. Ye do fine work.”

The floorboards above them creaked and Murtagh rolled his eyes.

“The wee fool is supposed to be sleeping.”

“I’ll go check on him. You should get some rest too. If you’re to be the one protecting him, you need your energy.”

“Actually, if ye wouldna mind staying here a bit? I need to get a few things to stock up on, but Jamie couldna leave earlier. If ye wouldna mind staying here until I got back?”


Murtaugh gave her a final nod and disappeared into a back room. Carefully, she climbed the stairs to Jamie’s room and found the door slightly open. There was a large lump on the bed, beneath a beautiful tartan quilt, that she assumed to be Jamie. He looked heartbreakingly young as he slept, ruddy hair curling over his forehead and lips slightly parted. She could see the young boy he had once been. Compelled by tenderness, she reached out and brushed his hair back. The sweetest smile curled his lips up for a brief moment before his eyes shot open.


She jumped back from him, startled as his wide eyes rolled around the room, unseeing. He thrashed, limbs tangling with his blanket.


"Claire… God no…”

"Jamie,” she said loudly, heart breaking at his tone of voice. “Jamie, I’m right here. Are you alright?”

He eyes snapped to hers, finally seeing her, and his mouth began moving, but no sound came out. She moved back to his side, worried. He must have had another vision. Damn Murtagh for leaving!

“Claire! No, ye canna- AAHH!”

His eyes lost focus again and he grabbed at his hair, blood beginning to run freely from his nose.

"Jesus H. Christ!” she gasped, reaching for the discarded bath towel in the hamper and pressing it to his nose as best she could.

He thrashed again, groaning and whimpering. Claire stood for a moment, afraid of the choice before her. She had no training to deal with whatever was happening to Jamie, but taking him to the hospital would be dangerous. Given everything Murtagh had just told her, she thought it might be a bad idea. Then, his eyes rolled back and he fell back onto his bed.

“Jamie,” she said urgently, shaking his shoulders. “Jamie wake up!”

Jamie didn’t move. Blood still poured from his nose, staining his sheets crimson.

“Don’t you dare, James Fraser!” she demanded, frantically grabbing her phone and calling for an ambulance.

She gave as much information as she could, realizing how little she still knew about him. With Murtagh gone, Claire climbed into the ambulance, trying not to bark orders at the EMT’s. She touched Jamie’s shoulder, needing to feel close to him, and sudden disjointed images flashed through her mind. Herself. And blood. So much blood. Fear gripped her, and she had to focus on controlling her ragged breathing.

“Oh Jamie,” she said in a quiet whisper.

His nose had stopped bleeding, thankfully, but his entire face was red with pain. Impulsively, she reached out and put a hand against his face. After a moment, he seemed to relax a little. His heart rate dropped to a more normal rhythm and he seemed to breathe easier.

After Jamie was checked in and settled in his own bed, Claire felt her eyes drooping. Her hands wrung together as Jamie slept. She kept wiping the tears from her face, worrying over the man before her. Had she done the right thing?

When his eyes opened, she sat up.

“Jamie,” she said, trying to grab his attention. “Jamie it’s alright.”

“Wh-where am I?”

“You’re in hospital. I didn’t know what else to do. I-”


He began to thrash in the bed until she grabbed his face, forcing him to look at her.

“I’m not going to leave you alone,” she said quietly. “Relax, Jamie. Breathe in slowly, that’s it.”

Their eyes met and he began to calm until his breathing matched hers.

“I shouldna- shouldn’t be here.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do. You were bleeding and you passed out.”

He started to speak again, but stopped and exhaled instead. Claire was glad to see his eyes were clear, though his skin was still pale.

"Do… do you want me to go?” she asked timidly. “I can go back and find Murt-”

“No!” he exclaimed suddenly, grabbing weakly for her hand. “No,” he said again, softly.

Claire interlaced her fingers with his, shocked to feel the warmth of him. His hands were strong and slightly callused. She had no problem imagining him working on his family estate.

“You look tired, Claire.”

She looked up from their clasped hands and saw him worriedly watching her. She sniffed out a laugh.

“If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is,” she said dryly.

He gave a light chuckle.

“Please,” he said, suddenly sober. “Don’t go.”

An unfamiliar desire urged her onto the bed beside him. He shifted, making a little more room, and she kept hold of his hand.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jamie.”

He nodded slowly, eyes drifting closed again. When his mouth fell a little open, she knew he was truly asleep. She wasn’t far behind him.


A man stood in the corridor, just out of sight of the pair on the bed. Putting the cell phone to his ear, he waited for the call connect.

“Well?” came the voice on the other end.

“I found him.”

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The Faithful of the Underground

This fanfiction is set within the Caretaker of the Ruins AU.

Chapter 2: Blind Patience Act 2

Chara slowly moved closer to the child, eyeing their neck.

‘Don’t worry...I’ll take good care of you...’

A hand fell on their shoulder and a deep, hollow voice said, ‘I’ll relieve you of that duty.’

Chara turned around, and their face came face to face with a terrifying skull with sharp teeth. They fell back on the child’s bed, screaming. The poor child on the bed quickly pulled their sheet up, panicking and sputtering, ‘Wh-who-what is it?!’

Chara looked back at the figure that had taken him by surprise….and on squinting their eyes in the dark, realized who it was.

‘Doctor Gaster?’ they asked, flabbergasted. ‘What are you doing here?’

The creature, or Dr. Gaster, said hurriedly, ‘My apologies for scaring you like that. I always forget how scary I look without the glow in my eyes.’

A moment later, two small lights lit within the hollow eyes of Dr. Gaster. He, somehow, looked less threatening this way. He then explained his appearance, ‘The monitor was set to inform me in case something happened to their heart rate. I expected it to stop…instead it spiked…’

The child, still confused, scared, and blind, said, ‘A doctor? Is there a doctor in here?’

Dr. Gaster looked at the child, and said, ‘Yes, I am a doctor. But while I am a doctor, I do not have a medical degree. That one goes to Doctor Kadt.’

Chara quickly butted in, ‘But doctor…what are you doing here?’

He looked back at Chara, and replied, ‘Why, I am here for the child, of course.’ 

The child, now even more confused, started to pout, ‘What is happening? Where am I? Why can’t I see? Where is my mama?! Has anyone seen her?’

Dr. Gaster moved closer to the child, and placed a bony hand on her shoulder. The child looked in the direction of the hand.

‘Do not worry, child…’ Dr. Gaster said comfortingly, ‘we will tell you everything in good time, but not now.’ 

The child kept looking in the hand’s direction, and said, ‘Why does your hand feel so strange?’

Dr. Gaster was momentarily silent, and then said, ‘I am a skeleton.’ The child was motionless. She asked, ‘Who’s a skeleton?’

What, that is…Chara mentally corrected them. Dr. Gaster gave a slight chuckle, and said, ‘That young, are you? Like I said, we will tell you in due time. You must rest first.’ He placed a gentle hand on the child’s chest, and the child slowly lay down on her bed again. She turned her head in Gaster’s direction and asked, ‘But Mr. Doctor, why can’t I see?’

Dr. Gaster asked, surprised, ‘You can’t see?’ He took a careful look in the child’s eyes. His hand went to his split jaw. ‘It seems that your fall knocked you blind…we’ll have to look at it better tomorrow….it’s too late now.’

He turned to Chara and said, ‘As for you, young child…I must say, I am impressed.’

Chara was confused. ‘Huh?’

‘You say that you have no life-saving experiences, and yet, you woke up this unconscious child, and possibly saving them from death! You should be proud!’

Chara was momentarily baffled. He actually thinks I saved them?!

Chara said, ‘Well….I guess I got lucky.’ Dr. Gaster chuckled, ‘Ah yes…Lady Luck can really smile on people at the most unexpected of times.’ He turned to the child. She was still awake.

‘Sleep now, child. I will watch over you for now.’

Chara quickly butted in, ‘Um….why don’t I-’

But Dr. Gaster cut them off. ‘Child, you have done your part, but it is late. I will send for someone else to keep watch. Besides, I believe the King and the Queen would be worried now that they found only Asriel having returned. You should return now.’

Chara was quiet, and then accepted defeat. ‘Understood, doctor.’

Chara turned around, and mumbled ‘Good night.’ Dr. Gaster returned the response with a bow of his head.

As Chara walked out of the ward room, he turned to the hallway, they thought to themself..

Not the way I expected….I need a new plan. 

To be continued

Previous chapter: https://arstudios2000.tumblr.com/post/163204695222/the-faithful-of-the-underground-this-fanfiction-is

And if you’re wondering why Chara won’t just give up, remember they tried to strangle an unconscious kid minutes ago, and in Undertale, they did not let go of their hate of humanity, even after getting a new chance and life and went as far as setting up a complex plan for the destruction of their village. 

Caretaker of the Ruins belongs to @caretaker-au

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Translation from Psycho-pass 下 Kougami and Akane's last scene


I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was a big big surprise to me. Why haven’t I heard someone talking about this scene before?????   


Kougami pointed the dominator at the refrigerating van but it didn’t change its shape into decomposer. It was stuck in paralizer mode, it couldn’t be helped.  He dodged by a hair the refrigerator van that was running against them, stepping aside from it with all his might.

The van sped up and ran away breaking through the fence dividing the factory from the wheat fields. Rolled to the ground, Kougami jumped up to his feet and — Akane’s figure, who was supposed to be behind him, was not there.

Kougami ran after the escaping van. Akane was clinging to the vehicle side.


Without realizing, he screamed her name. He started running with a desperate look on his face.


The refrigerator van was running fast on the farm road between the wheat fields. Akane was hanging to the side of it with her left hand. She was about to dislocate her shoulder but, come this far, she couldn’t whine about it. She desperately focused all her strength not to be thrusted out as well as not to let go of the revolver in her right hand.

From that unstable position, Akane aimed at the tire of the refrigerating van with the revolver. 

She pulled the trigger.

At the recoil of the magnum bullet, she remembered the tactile sensation of the time she had shot with Toyohisa’s shotgun*. 

The tire of the refrigerator van blew out. The van lost control and started weaving. Akane was thrown off and the refrigerator van fell sidelong and plunged into the wheat field.

“… ! …”

Akane, who had hit the ground, lost consciousness.


— that moment, was it  shortly before the murder case of the avatars thief started?

When Akane had entered the large office at the Criminal Investigation Department, Kougami was dozing at his desk. 

Maybe he was hot after the training or something and he had taken off the suit jacket.


Without any particular reason, Akane stared at Kougami’s face. He was resting with his chin on his hands swaying his chest slowly like he was rowing a boat.  That defenseless sleeping face was really unexpected and Akane felt her heart beat so fast.

—  broad shoulders, a thick chest. Probably the type who looked thinner in his clothes than he really was. She also watched his arms carefully and they were quite thick. A muscular, masculine body. Just looking at him, for some reason she hadn’t enough of it. An incredibly well-shaped nose. The thin mouth was attractive but the lips were a bit chapped…

The sound of a ventilating fan not fitting for a contemporary building. There was no one else apart from the two of them in the large room.

I wonder why.

Suddenly Akane got antsy. This man Kougami Shinya someday, he will surely go somewhere far. She had such a feeling.

Kougami woke up.

“…mm?” he looked around with a confused face. “Inspector…Tsunemori?”


“I…was I sleeping?”


— Akane awakened too.


At the same time she regained consciousness, she had an attack of severe pain.

that’s right, I’ve been thrown off the refrigerator van.

When Akane tried to stand up, she was kicked hard at her side.


Akane screamed, writhing in pain. She let go of the revolver.

Makishima was standing right beside her.

“Now that I think about it…Inspector Tsunemori…I should have killed you in the first place” he stated coldly. “My biggest mistake. As a result of my information gathering, I thought ‘you were the weak point of the Public Safety Bureau CID’s Division 1’. At least, that had been a correct perception until Funahara Yuki was killed…”* 

Enduring the pain, Akane crawled on the ground and extended her hand toward the revolver. Makishima raised his foot stepping on the back of her head — . 


Kougami caught up with them with the dominator at a ready.

Makishima laughed scornfully at Akane and ran away towards the field.

“…tsk” clicking his tongue, Kougami rushed over Akane.

Akane was still trying to pick up the revolver desperately.

Instead of her, it was Kougami the one who grasped the revolver. Holding the dominator in his right hand and the revolver in the left one, Kougami was comparing the two guns with a blank expression.

“…don’t…don’t do it…” sensing that Kougami was thinking about something, Akane grimaced in sadness. “Kougami-san! There’s still room for negotiating with the Sibyl System. As long as we catch Makishima alive…”

Kougami threw away the dominator. Gritting her teeth in frustration*, Akane shed regretful tears.

“That…is your choice, Kougami-san”

“Somehow, we are like the destiny that makes a different choice at each fork road. I think we’ve not been a bad pair but… we would gradually part ways, like travelers who carry a wrong map”

“I don’t want it. At this rate, going on with your escape someone will kill you…” 

“If someone asked me how precious my own life is or so, I would be unsure but…being killed by the Sibyl System wouldn’t be too pleasant for sure. So, I’ll try to put up resistance until the end. That’s really a goodbye. Tsunemori Akane” Kougami gave her a kind glance. “…this is a matter between me and him only”

With the revolver in his hand, Kougami rushed towards the middle of the wheat field where Makishima had escaped.


Akane’s cry was heartrending but it faded away without reaching no one’s ear.




*Akane: very personal note…I’d like to underline that this is the unique, only moment when Kougami calls Akane by her first name. There won’t be any other moment in all the seasons +movie where he does it. Three syllables, just a single kanji, but it means the whole world for me.

*Toyohisa’s shotgun: here the author is referring to the moment when Akane tried to shoot Makishima with the rifle he had given her (that was Toyohisa Senguchi’s one) the day Yuki died.

*until Funehara Yuki was killed: I know that this sentence may sound strange. I mean…Makishima who simply says Yuki was killed, like he has no other information about it. I translated the passive form literally for a precise reason. Japanese often uses passive form, in particular when the action and the person who undergoes it is more important that the subject doing it. I found particularly disgusting that Makishima said “Funehara Yuki was killed” and not “I killed Funehara Yuki”, especially in front of Akane and I wanted to let all the readers know a bit about the original text.

*gritting her teeth in frustration: the expression in the original text is 奥歯を噛む. It’s used to indicate the internal struggle in making a hard choice or a hard surrender or something you’re forced to do but you don’t want to. In this case, it’s regret and frustration for not convincing Kougami to let go of his objective.

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hey~ what's about the roommate? did you guys decides to change the arrangement? (PS: good thing you sleep alone jin! don't forget to lock the door though, since someone might sleepwalk into your room)

Jin: Ah yes yes! We did change the arrangement! I used to be roomates with Yoongi! But then Jungkook wanted to change the arrangements for some reason.. Ah yea I should lock my door but I always forget.. Kookie always likes to run in my room–

Jin: Oh yea they love their new roomates

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (maniac 2)  ~traducción~

Maniac 1 x

This translation was made by @rkyt1965

Place: Room in Eden

Ayato: Zzz… Zzz…
Yui: (Ayato-Kun is sleeping so deeply… I should sleep too)
Yui: (I’ll be hoping for… His injury to heal soon)
Yui: (But even like that, the way in that moment when his hand hurted wasn´t normal)
Yui: (I’m worried…)

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i swear this just started out as some anatomy doodles! rival gym au? what is this? marinette or “ladybug” is the poster girl for ladybug sport, the eternal rival of butterfly dance (creative names) whom adrien is the poster boy for. adrien falls in love with ladybug and goes undercover as chat noir to train with her in the afternoon. on the flip side, marinette gets a huge crush on adrien after her friend introduces them, and goes to his dance classes every morning. they’re both horrible at each other’s game. marinette being clumsy and adrien being pretty delicate. hilarity and drama ensues. 

  • Kanan: Yeah, it's sprained
  • Ruby: Uuuuh~
  • Kanan: I'm sorry, that's the risk when you walk around at night. Here, hold still
  • Kanan: *princess carries*
  • Ruby: !!!!
  • Kanan: Is this fine?
  • Ruby: Y-yeah!
  • Ruby: ...Um, if I tell Dia it was my own fault, I'm sure she won't get mad at you
  • Kanan: I don't really care, as long as you are okay
  • Ruby: ////
  • Ruby: B-but she might not let me watch the stars with you anymore!
  • Kanan: Ah! Yeah, I wouldn't want that. You really love the stars, don't you? Watching them with you is really nice
  • Ruby:
  • Ruby: Y-yes, I love the stars...
  • Kanan: And we're back. Looks like Dia is asleep. Should I take you to your room?
  • Ruby: !!!
  • Ruby: N-n-no, that's fine, thank you!! Um, have a safe trip home!
  • Kanan: Okay, then
  • Kanan: *kisses Ruby's cheek*
  • Kanan: Let's do this again. Have a good night, Ruby
  • Ruby:
  • Ruby:
  • The night before, gets early to bed.
  • *Wakes up, still tired as fuck*
  • Me: "Ah shit. I'll just drink more coffee than usual, that should wake me up"
  • *Is not tired anymore, but can't concentrate either*
  • Me: "Dangit, I'll just keep doing what I'm supposed to until I get it done right"
  • *Is finally concentrated and is able to get shit done*
  • Me: "Yes!"
  • *It's 4am*
  • Me: "Fuck!"
Diabolik lovers Dark Fate Reiji Sakamaki (dark 1) ~translation~

Dark prólogo (by @reading-drawinglaughing667) -dark 1-

This translation(spanish-english) was made by @floppymukami

Yui: (Ayato-kun, when are you going to wake up?)

Yui: (Although he is a vampire has state a long time like that …)

Yui: (I don’t want to think about wounds but …)

Yui: … Haa …

Yui: (I’m a little tired, huh. I should sleep today)

* Yui goes to his room *

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Did I just read the final chapter of that fic I’ve been going gaga about at 4am? Yes. Am I emotionally compromised because I never handle finishing fics well, especially good ones? YES. Am I gonna be able to get any sleep now? You better your goddamn glorious glutes NOT.



Into the Groove

Originally posted by jared-and-jensen-winchester

Pairing: husband!samxwife!reader, husband!deanxwife!soulmate!reader, crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 12,240
Warnings: Smut, swearing
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

The four of you stayed in Cancun one more day after that, then you all went back to the bunker. Charlie had announced she had planned to stay until further notice. You had been excited, as that meant you weren’t the only female there. She’d stay back on cases, doing research and having some time to herself.

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Yeah, so, hmm, throwing this out here, it’s the beginning of an Andreil AU where Neil made the call to his uncle after his mom’s death, which means he never went to PSU. It means gangsters and all that, a bit of a dark take on the boys and all.


“And there’s all these cafés and bars just a few blocks down the street, you can get on the subway as well or take a train, it’s a great location,” Nicky chattered to a jet-lagged Andrew. “Erik and I fell in love with the place!” He motioned to the tiny room after he threw open the door. “Well, here it is, your new home!”

Andrew looked at the twin bed, the only thing which would fit into a space that one really should be calling a closet and not a guest room, then set down his suitcase. “Great, now get out.”

Nicky’s grin slipped. “All right, so it’s not much, but we were lucky to find the place, really.” He sighed when Andrew just continued to stare at him. “You know where the bathroom is, towel’s on the bed, we’ll try not to disturb you in the morning and help yourself to anything in the fridge.” He made as if to approach Andrew then thought better of it. “I’m… I’m glad you’re here, really.” He offered Andrew a nervous smile. “Things will work out, you’ll see.” Then he finally got the damn hint and left.

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Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 08

A dream of Rei-chan.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Rei: Well then, shall we start our assigned Winter homework, Nagisa-kun.
Nagisa: Yeees…
Rei: What is this bored reply for, exactly?
Nagisa: That’s because, you know… Rather than exercises that were assigned, you know… Don’t you think it would be more fun if we could do independent research, Rei-chan?
Rei: Independent research, you say… But that is what you do when you are in elementary school, isn’t it.
Nagisa: That’s true but… Isn’t it better to try to make everything fun?
Rei: Well, that’s true… If I could, I would just spend my winter break researching the most beautiful forms.
Nagisa: Right!
Rei: No “Right!”! Right now, we must take care of our Winter break homework! Once this is done, we’ll be free to do whatever we want to–
Nagisa: Then, then, before we start homework, let’s decide what research we want to do!
Rei: That won’t do.
Nagisa: Eeh, come on Rei-chan, just a bit!
Rei: No!
Nagisa: It’ll be over in a minute! (rubs his head on him)
Rei: Aaah! Geez, okay! But we have to decide quick, and get on the homework right after!
Nagisa: Yay!
Rei: (sighs) What would you like to do, Nagisa-kun?
Nagisa: I guess I’d like to see how many Iwatobig surprise breads I can eat.
Rei: You can hardly call that independent research.
Nagisa: Eeh… Then, I’ll count how many times a day Rei-chan gets angry.
Rei: What is that supposed to mean? I don’t get angry that much.
Nagisa: Then, how many Iwatobig surprise breads Rei-chan can eat?
Rei: One is quite enough.
Nagisa: Then, how many manga volumes I can read in one day!
Rei: (sigh)

Nagisa: (snores)
Rei: Nagisa-kun? Nagisa-kun…
Nagisa: (snores)
Rei: We promised we’d start working once we had decided what to do for independent research, didn’t we?
Nagisa: (snores)
Rei: So why… Are you… Sleeping?!
Nagisa: Hm…
Rei: Wake up, Nagisa-kun!
Nagisa: Rei-chan…
Rei: Nagisa-kun? Are you up?
Nagisa: So many, Rei-chan…
Rei: What, you’re sleep-talking… (sigh) Hm? Nagisa-kun, what are there so many of? …In any case, hurry and wake up, Nagisa-kun!
Nagisa: Hmm…
Rei: Oh, I recall now… If you answer to the sleep-talking said by someone in REM sleep, the brain stays awake, making the sleep shallow and preventing a proper rest… I’ll stop replying to his sleep-talking. …Wait, why should I let him rest properly?! Wake up, Nagisa-kun! (shakes him)
Nagisa: Eheheh… Angry…
Rei: Are you talking about me?
Nagisa: ‘cause, you know…
Rei: Just what have you been dreaming ABOUT?!
Nagisa: Hmm… (wakes) Ah, Rei-chan! Was I asleep?
Rei: Yes, you were. And deeply.
Nagisa: Ah, sorry, I couldn’t help it…
Rei: And so? What were you dreaming about?
Nagisa: I dreamed about Rei-chan-sheeps.
Rei: Rei-chan-sheeps?
Nagisa: You had become a sheep,  and so I counted the Rei-chans leaping in the pool, but then it got filled with Rei-chans!
Rei: What kind of dream is that?
Nagisa: And you were kinda angry too, but since you were a sheep, it didn’t feel like you were angry at all…
Rei: (sighs)
Nagisa: You were all soft and fluffy, after all! And so I ended up leaning in your fluffiness and falling asleep, and it felt so nice…
Rei: Well, that’s how sheep are… Wait. Did you fall asleep in your dream too?
Nagisa: I was in a nice sleeping position, after all…
Rei: Geez, Nagisa-kun. You had just enough sleep now, so let’s start the homework.
Nagisa: Hey, for the occasion, once we’re done, let’s make plushes! Plushes that when they’re angry, make your sleeping uncomfortable, but when they become nice, they turn soft and fluffy!
Rei: This makes no sense.
Nagisa: Eeh? Even though I finally felt like working hard on this homework…
Rei: Felt like working hard, you say… Aah, geez, fine! When the homework is done, we will make then.
Nagisa: Ah! Really?!
Rei: But in exchange, you must promise me you’ll finish it all, and that those plushes will be beautiful!
Nagisa: Yes! Yay! I love you, Rei-chan!
Rei: N-Nagisa-kun!

Funny how the first time Nagisa actually says “I love you” to Rei-chan is during the winter of their first year, even though he never says it in material set in season 2. 

This will be Great

(For Zevran’s appreciation week.  Thank you, nayazeph for the prompt.  It was hard, but I kept it fluffy just for you. ^.^)

(Prompt: Zevran meets Mahariel’s clan for the first time.)

“This is going to be great. They are going to love you.”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself,” Zevran asked on a laugh and reached out to draw Lyna to a stop, his hand warm as it squeezed lightly into her skin.  “It is going to be fine, cariño.  People love me.  I am charming, yes?”

She couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out at that.  He was smiling at her, his expression easy and his bright hair coming loose of its braids from the wind that was working its way across the mountain, and she felt her chest tighten for a moment before she pushed herself to her toes so she could brush her lips over his jaw.  “You are charming, when you want to be.  That’s not my concern.”

“Ah, you are afraid that the other members of your clan will fall in love with me and lure me to their beds. I will not lie to you, my dear Warden, I will let them try but I probably won’t actually end up sleeping with them.”

She kissed him again before lowered back to the flat of her feet, a smile on her face.  “Probably?”

“Well, as long as your bed is free I should have no need of them, yes?”  He winked as he slid his arm around her shoulders and turned her so that they could continue up the mountain path.  “Come now, mi amor” he started as they fell into step together.  “We both know what you are going to say, so you might as well say it before you drive yourself crazy from overthinking.”

She sighed and leaned into him a moment as the path curved and tilted more up.  She hadn’t ever lied to him, what was the point of starting now? “It helps that you’re an elf, but you’re not Dalish, and you are, to put it simply, a criminal for hire, and you’re not-“


Her words stuttered to a stop at him saying her old clan mate’s name, but she kept her feet moving. “Yes.”

She could see him smile out of the corner of her eye as his arm tightened.  “Ah well, they will simply have to get used to it.”

They made the rest of the trip in silence, until finally they could see the sails of the aravels in the distance.  Lyna’s steps slowed when she could pick out individuals among the camp, her throat suddenly making it impossible to swallow, though she wasn’t sure if it was from terror or excitement.  It had been over a year since she had last seen her clan.  A year could be a very long time, and she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  Ashalle… Ashalle had been easy, had been there while she was recovering after the Archdemon, and had been happy enough that Lyna was alive that it hadn’t mattered what new plans she had for her life.  But Ashalle was in southern Fereldan, helping to set up the new lands Alistair had given to her people, and so she and Zevran were alone and about to walk in on the family that she hadn’t seen since she had first gotten the Taint, hadn’t seen since Tamlen had first disappeared.

She took a deep breath and plastered her well used mask, at ease and excited, over her face.

There was a shout as they drew closer, followed by a figure appearing at the end of the path as it ran towards them.

It took her a moment to place the face, but realization that it was Fenarel flashed in her mind in time for her to step away from Zevran before she was caught up in a laughing hug.  She laughed with him, and didn’t have to pretend the delight that caused her arms to tighten around his shoulders as he swung her around in a circle before sitting her back on her feet.  He had been the third in their small group of friends as children, when she and Tamlen had allowed a third, and it seemed fitting that he would be the first to greet her.

By then more had joined them, and she was passed and hugged and pulled until she found herself standing before Marethari, a crowd of people clustered in around her and Zevran lost somewhere in the distance.

“Lyna Mahariel, you’ve returned.”  Marethari’s words were filled with warmth and she took a step forward to pull Lyna into her embrace.  The feel of the papery softness of the Keepers cheek, and the pleasant smell of elfroot that always seemed to cling to her had Lyna’s eyes blurring for a moment.

She had missed this. Missed them.  It had been so easy to ignore it before.

Lyna forced herself to pull back and away, a real smile tilting her lips.  “For a visit, Keeper.  I have missed you all and there is so much to tell you. And I wanted you to meet,”  She started then looked around until she found Zevran standing just outside of the others and her smile widened as she moved through them until she could grasp his hand.

He let her tug him back to the center of the circle, and she tightened her fingers on his as she gestured towards him with her free hand.  “I wanted you to meet Zevran.”

Zevran’s face lit with his customary grin, his brandy eyes warm as he drew his hand from hers and offered a deep bow to the Keeper.  “Zevran Arainai of Antiva.  I have the pleasure of being Lyna’s companion.”

A single brow arched over Marethari’s eyes as she studied him.  Lyna forced herself to not bite at her lip despite the fact that she suddenly felt like she was eight years old again and trying to impress the Keeper with something she had found.

“He helped me during the Blight, and during the final battle with the Archdemon, and-“  She stumbled to a stop when she felt Zevran’s hand squeeze lightly at her neck.

“What my dear Warden is trying to say is that I have been gifted with the incredible luck of having met her and gotten to know her.  She is a remarkable woman, yes?  And she has told me so much of you all and those you have lost.”  He paused for a moment, waiting for the implication of what he was saying to sink in before continuing.  “I am honored to meet you, Keeper Marethari, and my dearest hope is that I will be able to prove to you, all of you, how very happy I am to have this chance.”

Lyna blinked up at him, mind blank for a moment before she felt him squeeze her neck again.  He was good, very good, and while she had known he probably wouldn’t have made a complete ass of himself, the fact that he had spoken so eloquently was more than a little surprising.

Marethari seemed just as impressed and she sent him a single nod while replying.  “I hope that as well.  It is a pleasure to meet you Zevran.  You all must be exhausted from your travels, I will have some beds made up, and we can talk more after you rest.”

When she turned to issue orders Lyna took the chance to reach up and tug Zevran’s face down to hers so she could give him a quick kiss.  “I had no idea you had that in you.”

He pulled her in for another kiss and smiled against her lips a moment before replying.  “Crows are taught early on how to read their audience, cariño.”

“You are amazing.”

“Of course I am.  Now, about these beds, I don’t think I like the idea of more than one.”

She laughed and pulled away before linking her fingers with his again.  “I know you don’t like the idea.  I have every faith that you will live through it though.”

“Survival is not my concern,” he muttered, his expression turning into something very close to a pout.  “Actually it might be.”

Lyna laughed again and patted his cheek before turning to talk to someone else.


“Following Cecily’s Advice” 

Can Bess go through with the advice and council  Cecily gives her, after learning about possible affection the new King holds for Maud Herbert?

*Okay so a short little sweet fic about Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Also a little fuck you to certain authors who like to label Henry VII as a rapist with no evidence at all. 

November 1485

Bess had been fidgeting all afternoon, to the point where Cecily had noticed.

“Lady Stanley will think some is amiss if you continue like this.”

They were in Bess’s chambers getting ready to dine with the King. He had arrived early this morning, much to Bess’s surprise. While The King had visited Bess often since her arrival in his mother’s household he had not visit her for the past week or so.

“How can I not. What if what you told me was the real reason the King has not married me yet. What if it has nothing at all to do with the dispensation?” Bess exclaimed.

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Help I’ve been taken over by Katsuriko headcanons. So imagine the gang meeting at Katsuhira’s house, and then Katsuhira and Noriko go out to the balcony for a bit and Noriko goes:

“It seems Tenga-kun and Hisomu-kun are planning to stay here tonight.”
Katsuhira nods, looking at the starry sky. “My parents won’t be back for another week, so they won’t mind.”
Noriko glances at him. “Perhaps I should stay as well,” she suggests, deliberately slowly. “We could sleep together, like we used to when we were children.”
Katsuhira tilts his head to the side, takes a finger to his hair. “I think it would be a little… different, if we shared a bed now, Nori-chan.”
Noriko closes her eyes, fingers holding a little tighter onto the railing. “Yes, I think so as well. But since Katsuhira-kun’s self-control is outstanding, I’m certain we could—”
“Ah. I meant that since we are both bigger now, it may be a bit uncomfortable.”
The only sign of Noriko’s disappointment is the slight downward curve of her lips. Oblivious as always, is what she thinks and intends to say—but when she turns towards Katsuhira, she finds him looking at her from the corner of his eye, trying and failing to hold back a smile.
Noriko’s eyes widen ever so slightly, amusement and something else making her skin prickle.
“Yes,” she says knowingly, fingers entwining with his. “I’m sure you did.”