ah yes i should sleep now

Help I’ve been taken over by Katsuriko headcanons. So imagine the gang meeting at Katsuhira’s house, and then Katsuhira and Noriko go out to the balcony for a bit and Noriko goes:

“It seems Tenga-kun and Hisomu-kun are planning to stay here tonight.”
Katsuhira nods, looking at the starry sky. “My parents won’t be back for another week, so they won’t mind.”
Noriko glances at him. “Perhaps I should stay as well,” she suggests, deliberately slowly. “We could sleep together, like we used to when we were children.”
Katsuhira tilts his head to the side, takes a finger to his hair. “I think it would be a little… different, if we shared a bed now, Nori-chan.”
Noriko closes her eyes, fingers holding a little tighter onto the railing. “Yes, I think so as well. But since Katsuhira-kun’s self-control is outstanding, I’m certain we could—”
“Ah. I meant that since we are both bigger now, it may be a bit uncomfortable.”
The only sign of Noriko’s disappointment is the slight downward curve of her lips. Oblivious as always, is what she thinks and intends to say—but when she turns towards Katsuhira, she finds him looking at her from the corner of his eye, trying and failing to hold back a smile.
Noriko’s eyes widen ever so slightly, amusement and something else making her skin prickle.
“Yes,” she says knowingly, fingers entwining with his. “I’m sure you did.”

dinner talk
  • Sasuke: Do we really have to go?
  • Sakura: Yes, they are our friends. And Ino is celebrating the passing of the second trimester of her pregnancy.
  • Sasuke: It's just going to be so awkward...
  • --
  • Naruto: Yo! Sakura-chan and Sasuke-teme are finally here!
  • Sasuke: Please don't announce our presence.
  • Sakura: Hi Naruto. Hinata, you're looking well-rested now.
  • Hinata: Yes, Bolt is finally sleeping now at night so we had a few restful days of sleep.
  • Ino: Ah! Sakura, what took you two so long? Chouji was about to faint from hunger.
  • Chouji: I had to munch on the refills of lettuce while waiting.
  • Sai: Maybe you should consider going on a die---
  • Ino: *covers Sai's mouth* Don't say it.
  • Shikamaru: *sigh* Let's just hurry up and order so I can go home.
  • Temari: Here, why don't you change Shikadai's diapers while I get the waiter?
  • Lee: Sakura-san, you have a glow to your face!
  • Kiba: You smell different too... of course, I haven't seen you in three months.
  • Naruto: Sakura-chan, you're looking a bit...erm...
  • Sai: Fat. You look fatter.
  • Sakura: *chuckles* I guess it's about time you all know.
  • Sasuke: *mumbles* I rather they don't.
  • Sakura: I'm pregnant.
  • Tenten: Am I the only one not pregnant?
  • Naruto: WHAT?! WHEN? HOW? WHERE? WHO?!
  • Shino: Are you seriously asking who?
  • Lee: Well, Naruto-kun. For how, it is when the two youthful adults perform an act of---
  • Tenten: Stop it Lee! People want to eat without images in their heads!
  • Ino: Seriously, when? I thought Sasuke was on a mission the past three months.
  • Sakura: *smiles* I guess for the where... it was when our missions overlapped each other in the Land of Water.
  • Sai: *drops chopsticks* I was on that mission with you, Sakura.
  • Naruto: Wait, we were together on that mission 24/7.
  • Sai: They did it while we were sleeping.
  • Naruto: IN OUR TENT?!
  • Sai: Was that why she was always smiling and making breakfast for three days in a row?

1. Xiumin

“How can she be so cute?….Waiting for me for this long…”

2. Luhan

*she waited for me all night long….Oh my God….*

3. Kris

*she’s such a sweetheart…*

4. Suho

*Do I leave her to sleep here or do I help her get to the bed?*

5. Lay

*I’m such a bad boyfriend…I should have come back home earlier…*

6. Baekhyun

* wait a second….was she waiting for me?!*

7. Chen

* I feel so guilty now and I don’t like it…*

8. Chanyeol

“Hey….are you sleeping?…..”

9. D.O.

“What did I tell her about sleeping on the couch….it’s bad for her back…ah, that girl!”

10. Tao

“Look at that! She’s drooling! I need to film this!”

11. Kai

*I should think of a way to apologize to her tomorrow morning…but first, let’s carry her to bed…*

12. Sehun

“Yes! The bed’s all for me tonight!”