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Pentagon when you shyly ask for a hug

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“Why are you so shy all of a sudden?” He’d ask, laughing a little bit as he pulled you in for a hug.

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Of course you’re his first priority, so he puts down his work and comes to hug you. “Anytime,” he tells you. He keeps an arm around you as he keeps working, and doesn’t let you forget for a second that you are loved.

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Thinking something like “Ah, really… She’s so cute… What am I going to do with her?” Proceeds to shower you in affection until you have to ask him to stop.

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Is a little hesitant at first, since he was busy when you asked, but pulls you against him despite the warning in his head that he’s about to get sooo off-task and gradually slips into domestic, affectionate mode.

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Chuckles and teases you a little bit, but he’ll hug you and not let go of you for a while.

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Yeo One

“Of course!” He’d say, smiling and letting you walk into his arms. Internally he’s really excited by how cute that was, but also a little worried about if he seems so intimidating that it made you shy to ask.

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“Yah! You’re so cute!” He exclaims, running toward you and spinning you around like a child as he hugs you.

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Absolutely melts because oh gosh you’re so cute. He can’t really speak so he just hugs you.

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I think this boy really loves to hug, so you don’t really need to ask, but since you did it so shyly, he gets absolutely flustered and of course wants to wrap you up in a hug right away.

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Thinks to himself about how cute that was and just envelops you with those long limbs of his.

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••• Ari

(I just about melted making these. So cute! I would love to hug any of them!)

dear-galileo  asked:

hey could you write a Drabble on "stay awake"? For a Connor x Evan? I don't remember what number it was (maybe 89?) ah sorry if I am doing this wrong, but i really like your blog!

Thank you so much for liking my blog! And there are no right ways to do these things is there? Haha but I hope you enjoy this!


“I wish you would stay awake,” Connor sighed as he glanced at Evan. Said boy was slowly drifting off beside him and Connor was having none of it. It was movie night after all and it was Evan’s choice of movie! And yet here the boy was still drifting off. “I’m tired,” Evan mumbled as he turned into Connor’s side.

Connor just rolled his eyes as he wrapped an arm around Evan. “I know you’re tired but it’s only eleven, so please stay awake for me?” Connor asked. Evan opened a single eye and just gave Connor a look that probably meant he wasn’t going to listen. “Evan come on I didn’t put on this tree documentary for you to fall asleep on me,” Connor whined. Connor wasn’t a whiner but he really didn’t want Evan to fall asleep on him, he just wanted to enjoy this stupid nature documentary with his boyfriend.

“You-you loveee the learning about trees,” Evan yawned; Connor in fact did not love learning about trees, he just loved watching Evan’s face light up whenever he talked about tree. “I don’t think I’ll be able to staay awake,” Evan admitted as his eyes closed once again and felt heavy.

Connor sighed and pulled Evan closer to him. “It’s alright, but next time if you don’t stay awake, I’m throwing away your tree fact book,” Connor stated seriously, a smile on his face.

Evan bolted right up from his position. “You wouldn’t” Evan gaped as he saw Connor’s foolish smile. “Now that got you to wake up didn’t it?” Connor laughed.


Hope you enjoyed it! It’s not great but it’s all my brain could muster up right now  :)

I often forget how much my family has suffered and lost

Color Blind

The classic “when you meet your soulmate you see color” au, but with a twist. Because what if meeting them isn’t enough - what if you need to realise that they’re your soulmate for it to take effect?

Stiles is in third grade when he falls in love with Lydia Martin. And he knows it’s love, he really does, because when she briefly meets his eye across the playground one innocuous Tuesday the world around him blossoms into color.

He sees the shade of her hair for the first time, not quite orange, not quite red (strawberry blonde, he would settle on later, after encountering both colors separately) and the green of her eyes, as bright as the grass beneath her blue shoes. Stiles looks at Lydia and sees color, and it is beautiful.

Scott frowns when he tells him, like he doesn’t understand. “What do you mean you see color? Aren’t we too young for that?”

Stiles waves off his concerns and goes back to rifling through the classroom crayon supply, which suddenly holds a whole new world of possibilities. Some of them are still in black and white, and some are just sort of shades of grey, but some are vibrant colors and Stiles knows that’s more than most of the other kids can see so he’s happy.

He picks out the ones that look closest to Lydia’s colors and sketches a rough drawing of her. He’s not the best artist, but just seeing the colors on the page makes his heart race.

He catches her just before the end of the day. “Lydia!” he calls as she neatly tucks her pencils into their case. He can see that she’s got a red one and a blue one, and another color he can’t think of the name of, and he wonders if she sees them too.

She blinks up at him as he skids to a stop in front of her desk. “Yes?”

“I drew this for you.”

She takes the drawing and he waits with baited breath for her response. She glances over it before rolling her green eyes back to Stiles’ face. “What is it?”

“It’s… uh…” Now that he’s here in front of her, admitting that he’d drawn her seems like a creepy thing to do. He can see Scott wincing sympathetically across the room. Stiles finally settles on, “It’s in color. Don’t you see?”

Lydia scowls. “No, I don’t see.”

His heart drops, because this is not how the stories go. In the stories, when you meet your soulmate your whole world suddenly changes, and you start to see color. Because they’re your soulmate, they see color too. You look at each other, and you see color, and it’s beautiful. That’s what happened with Stiles’ parents, that’s what happens in all the stories of true love Stiles has ever heard.

But Stiles sees color, and Lydia doesn’t.

This doesn’t make sense.

Stiles is very lost when he asks, “You don’t?”

“No, I don’t.” Lydia eyes him warily, glancing from the drawing to his face and back again. “Why, do you?”

“Uh… I… um…”

When he doesn’t give her a straight answer, she pins him under a very scrutinising stare. For a second Stiles swears that she’s seeing it too, that she knows exactly what he’s talking about, but then she silently pushes the paper back towards him.

Stiles feels like he might cry. “Keep it,” he says quietly. “I drew it for you.”

He turns to head back to Scott before she can reply, and his friend offers him a consolatory pat on the back.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

Stiles shrugs. “Eh. At least I can see color now.”

Scott nods. “And at least she kept the drawing.”

Stiles spins so fast he almost falls over. He turns just in time to see Lydia tucking the paper into her bag behind her pencil case. Both are pink.

Stiles grins. It might take a little bit longer, but he knows that one day Lydia is going to look at him and see something more than grey.

kagehina in the future: 
• they are both on different teams, they always knew it will happen, well they basically craved for it
• to be finally able to compete at volleyball in different teams 
• and sudenly they are facing each other on the other sides of the net
• kageyama is about to serve and hinata wants to cheer up on him like he always did ‘go killer serve’ but he can’t, they are not teammates anymore, the sudden realization hits him 
• hinata is about to spike and kageyama sees all the potential his setter is wasting, he is not able to make the best toss for him 
• hinata’s eyes are not as sparkly as they were with kageyama tossing
• kageyama is making a toss to his teammate and hinata can’t even move just watching his perfect form, forgetting how to move, just the desire to jump and spike his toss but he can’t - it’s on the other side of the net
• kageyama almost shouts at him ‘dumbass hinata! don’t you know how to use legs?’ but he is silent, realization they are not teammates anymore hits him too, hard enough he forgets how to breathe 
• and they are standing there, staring at each other with exactly the same thought in their minds
let’s never try to do this again 

count olaf has some fucking legendary lines

-the plural of bed is..bed.

-WHeN aRE we GoiNG TO EaT?!?!

- If i were standing closer to you, i would slap you. in the throat.


-I don’t think a boy your age ought to be using the word “titular”.

-A word of advice, Klaus. If you keep on using fancy-pants words first thing in the morning, you’re going to end up a very lonely man.

-I’m Cookie. Shirley? (gets elbowed in the side) I mean I’m Shirley. Cookie?

-Who am I? What am I doing?

-ah, yes, your mother. lovely woman. flammable.

-the stove is a bit like a servant. you have to whack it sometimes to get it to work. 

-Your cruelty is as sweet as this coffee I’m dumping this sugar into. Georgina, I missed this. You, me, an evil scheme, a little death.

-So, you don’t trust me because I’m handsome?