ah well u can see i do later

Bold Jungkook, Italic Jimin

Oh you picked up right away..

*chuckles* of course I would, it’s you.

U-um I just.. I wanted to apologize for last night.. I don’t usually get like that it’s just… I don’t know I was nervous being like next to you I guess.

Why? Did I do something to put you off? If so I’m s-

Oh gosh no, it’s just you.. uhh you have this aura and I guess I was worried you wouldn’t.. I don’t know.. it’s been a while since I’ve been out with friends and then meeting you was just on top of it and I panicked a little?

Oh.. Jimin I’m sorry I don’t ever want you to be nervous around me. I’m sorry I put you in that position, it was never my intention. I just.. I wanted to actually you know-

-have a chance to talk when there isn’t a line of people being you with coffee orders? I know I wanted to too. But then of course my anxiety just- I mean.. crap. You probably think I’m weird now right?

Because you have anxiety problems? Do you really think I’d be like that?

No! I mean.. No.. it’s just.. with my ex he never believed-

I’m not your ex Jimin. And I have no intention of being an ex anything to you.

*silence from Jimin*

Your ex is an asshole for not believing you, sorry to be frank like that. Look, I had a good time last night you everyone.. with you especially and anxiety or not, I want to get to know you better if that’s okay with you. I meant what I said in that text message.

Even my cat pictures?

Haha, yes even those. I knew you’d be a cat person.

Shut up no you didn’t~

Yeah your right I didn’t, but still she’s a cute cat. look, I don’t know much about your ex besides that he’s cause some insecurities in you and didn’t treat you right. But-

Hoseok hyung?

Yeah.. don’t be mad I asked him for some help talking to you because you sorta make me nervous too, and he just told me to not hurt you or push things. Which I hope you know I would never ever do that.

I believe you Jungkook, and I really appreciate you saying those things.. but why do I make you nervous..?

A-ah.. don’t laugh but im nervous cause I don’t want to mess up the chance to get to know you..

Aw, Jungkook, even if you do mess up it could never be so bad that I would stop talking to you

Really.? So would it be okay to ask to see you again..? Is it too soon?

U-um, well…

Nothing fancy I swear! Just- I’d say coffee but I’m sure your sick of it. Maybe a walk in the park than a picnic? we can go later in the evening so it’s cooler and less people around. Something simple? I know you like simple..

I… I do. That sounds perfect actually, I’d really like that yes..

Ah perfect, um.. go about this Saturday? I’d rather do it a day your off so your not too stressed. Is that okay?

Saturday is perfect, should I bring anything?

Just your smile

*shys away from camera* Shud up..

Ay is that blush I see..?

Yah I’m gonna- Oh crap, breaks over got to get back to the counter.

Already? Damn and I was having so much fun

Yeah sorry kookie, I’ll text you later though okay? Um, thanks.. for everything.. you’re really to nice

Don’t thank me, I’ll talk to you later okay?

Okay, Bye kook

Bye Jimin! Have a good day

Au where Jimin owns a cafe and Jungkook had a crush on him since he first saw him and desperately wants to talk to him! Will he get the chance now that Jimin moved next door? Pt.11

I know this update is a little different from the rest but i hope you enjoyed it nonetheless <3 Next update is Vhope

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