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There’s still a little shadow on the inside of my lip
from that last time and I don’t think it’ll ever go away.
—  Letter From My Mouth To Yours, by S.M.

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Okay, yes, I really, really love KIJA, so it is interesting: if you have any headkanon's about it?

I really, really love Kija too.  (*≧ω≦*) 

And oh my gosh, headcanons! A long time ago I used to post more, but I-I-I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for headcanons before?? It’s like I’m branching out from the fanart world lately. XD Well, actually I have branched out before with a little fanfic here and there, most notably one about the Hakuryuu Village leading to Kija’s birth. When I started it I was inspired by @itsomgitsgreenblogging‘s backstory fic about Shin-ah and @mcgrillzdumpinc‘s backstory fic about Jaeha, and I thought, yeah, I could totally write one for Kija. Although I did have that one planned out, I wound up losing steam for it after a few chapters, so I only posted the prequel which fleshed out the village setting a bit more. So these are some Hakuryuu Village and Kija headcanons. 

1. Hakuryuu Village is a geneticist’s research paradise, because the efforts to preserve the Hakuryuu bloodline and the distinct preference for white hair in all the normal people led to a bit of an inbreeding problem. They started to realize this, so they kept close track of everyone lineage so as to enforce rules about how close of a relative you’re allowed to marry. There are two cultural side effects to this. First, everyone can proudly tell you their closest relation to a Hakuryuu and which generation Hakuryuu he was. Second, since having children out of wedlock due to uncertain parentage is a major taboo, there is a general attitude that if a man sleeps with a woman, he must take responsibility by marrying her. 

2. This means that there’s a very, very strong incentive for women to woo whichever man they want to be married to. And since most women would dream of the honor of being married to Hakuryuu, there’s a strong incentive for them to try to seduce him, or at least start rumors that they had relations with Hakuryuu. Hence, Kija has found himself targeted by many of the village’s more aggressive women. 

3. When Kija was a newborn, he probably had to put up a fight to survive. Aside from the back injury itself, it probably resulted in him losing a lot of weight due to the difficulty in feeding him as it healed. There was probably a lot of concern at first about whether or not he would even be able to walk. 

4. One of the biggest threats to Hakuryuu Village is disease. Aside from the merchants, most of the villagers have never been exposed to many illnesses, so they have low immunity. What’s more, if there is some kind of outbreak, their secluded location makes it difficult to seek medicine, especially in winter. Since we know Kija’s mother is dead and he does not seem to have any recollection of her (the only canon glimpse we’ve gotten was when he was an infant), I was going to write it into my fic that she falls ill during an epidemic that sweeps the village while Kija is 2 or 3 three years old. By then he’s already been instilled with the idea that he can use his claws to fight and protect people from harm, so when Granny tries to explain to him that his mother may die soon, he offers to fight off whatever is hurting her. She explains that he can’t help against small things, like the small thing inside of her that’s hurting her. 

5. And that is what leads to Kija’s fear of little creepy crawly things, even though he doesn’t actually remember being so freaked out about little things inside his mother that he is powerless against.

6. Granny originally developed love potions to help a previous Hakuryuu with impotence. Har har. She thought of other ways to make love potions long before Kija was even born, but development of the Love Scale only started recently. Kija of course had no idea. 

7. Granny originally developed beauty products because she wanted to maintain her own beauty (hence, for a centenarian she’s looking pretty good), and then those became one of the special products the merchants would sell to raise money for the village. The secret ingredient is water from the natural spring where Hakuryuu bathes. Again, Kija had no idea. 

8. Kija grew up training so that he would be ready if he ever needed to serve Hiryuu, so although he’s not as buff as Shin-ah or Jaeha (Jaeha, what the hell, how much time did you spend working out to get those abs? Is Gigan a personal trainer or something?), he’s still in very, very good shape. He needs decent core strength to make good use of his dragon arm, after all. 

9. The reason he faints so often with fevers when he first starts traveling with Yona is only partly due to overexertion. Like when his dragon hand got burning hot during his initiation, the Hakuryuu ghosts haunting him are burning with passion to serve their master. In other words, those fevers are the Hakuboos being over-excited. 

10. It’s not only that Kija is stubborn about always being ready to serve his master, but Kija flat-out forgets he’s injured sometimes. Yoon yelling at him to rest is usually a better reminder than the pain itself. 

11. Kija can appreciate beautiful people, and he’s extremely proud of being Hakuryuu, but he doesn’t have a drop of vanity about his own appearance. 

12. After all of Yoon’s threats to Zeno about forcing him to wear a grass skirt if he keeps ruining his clothes, Kija thinks this rule applies to everyone and is very afraid to tell Yoon that he’s running out of outfits (they get ripped and stained pretty easily…). Should the day come that he ruins his last one, he plans on deeply apologizing and accepting the grass skirt as punishment. 

13. He offered his clothes to Zeno, but Zeno refused, saying he was too short for them. Kija has offered them to Jaeha too on laundry day, but for whatever reason, Jaeha has refused too. Kija’s not sure why.

14. Kija didn’t even notice when Jaeha referred to himself as the big brother (in the most recent chapter while talking with Shin-ah), because Kija thinks they’ve all been using brotherly terms all along, even if not directly addressing each other that way.

15. At this point in the manga, Kija has matured enough to recognize that he feels a bit jealous of Hak for how special he is to Yona, but he probably still sees this as his desire as her dragon to be close to her instead of reading into his feelings romantically. In his rational mind, he knows that being her dragon does not entitle him to any special privilege, and he has no reason to feel negative about it, especially since Hak is someone he cares about a lot too. If and when Hak and Yona ever openly become a couple, he’s going to be exceedingly and honestly happy for them–tears streaming down his face in congratulations and everything–but he’ll be troubled about why it hurts so much too. 

Finally able to watch the end of Flare arc!

Had work again since Connie’s off tomorrow:

Just gonna be a fave parts thing due to how late this is. ^_^;

Gyarados went down a lot sooner than expected, taking four attacks in quick succession.

Then Ash goes and tries to save Lysandre when he thinks the guy’s about to commit suicide, (Not-kidding–that’s pretty goddamn dark for Pokemon.) But Greninja’s too late–he falls off Prism Tower.

(Ash’s face summing up mine in this scene, btw.)

Well, ah, that ain’t good:

Powered by a forsaken Chespin:

Out of curiosity, are Mable and Celosia fucking dead? We last saw them like this:

But when it’s collapsing they’re not among the fleeing grunts and employees fleeing the base as Megalith Zygarde takes shape, so I’m assuming they’re dead.

Aw, Bonnie:

I’m gonna miss this little lemon sibling when she has to stay behind in Kalos. 


Badass crew–of note, Mairin’s reaction to seeing Alain:


THIS LINEUP! *claps* Couldn’t do it in Unova, but here, you don’t fuck with Kalos! 


How much of this is Viola just trying to steer Vivillion and just plain praying she doesn’t accidentally fry someone with Vivillion’s beam?


Team Rocket, getting their own heroes moment, that’s right!

Only to get knocked outta the air and saved by Gardevior

Love this back-to-back moment between Champions:

And the breakthru into where Chespie is being held. (And also of note, Ash calling on Alain’s Charizard too.)

Mairin and co almost bought it–a giant vine about to strike them.

But then it stops, and the reason why?


When these two smile, so precious:

Also, oh this guy….(They group-attack the Megalith-Zygarde only to have it spring back to life again, only to reveal Lysandre standing atop it.) STOP RUINING THE HAPPY!

(I really love how intense a villain Ly is tho/)


Lysandre and Megagarde advance–and our heroes rally, ready to face the challenge, but Lysandre isn’t fucking around, hitting them with a direct shot.

All while Squishy is apparently trying to convince Z2 to help in this fight–and it finally agrees; it’s time to go Complete:

Lysandre, this ain’t Yugioh, what’s with that expression? XD


And then since he doesn’t just give up and remains clingling to Megagarde after this, the next shot comes from Completed Squishy, and yea, he’s dead…very very dead. That shit explodes.


And a moment that I haven’t been looking forward too–farewell, Puni-chan…

And thus, the best arc Pokemon’s had in years is drawing to a close–next few’s the wrap up, so we’ll have to say goodbye to this beautiful series. Hopes are high for Alola on my end tho, despite the shake-up in plot. :D

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Ah I miss you andy so much !! I hope you're doing well. Well jimin probably didn't say "bc of him?" but it's okay. That cheek thing what jk does when something bothers him or bc of "jealous" idk, its real. And everytime it's a situation where tae is included or near him. a little bit obvious lately.

i miss you guys too !!! thank youuu. 

lmao jungkook has little habits with is tongue. he does the tongue-cheek poke when he’s annoyed/jealous, he clicks his tongue when he’s bored or trying to get someone’s attention and he licks his lips a lot when he’s nervous. 

lol don’t ask how i know this..

“The thing about Joey is, if you need him, he’ll be there.”
“Well, Chandler will be there for you too. I mean, well, he might be a little late, but-but, he’ll be there!”


yay, I finally colored it ♥ I needed to take a break (ah) and (try to) draw something for myself…and so, here we are :D I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S ♥♥♥ I’d like to draw the rest of the cast too…we’ll see! shut up cibia

What Is Stealth?

Story Series: How to Tame Your Volga

Disclaimer: Still don’t own Hyrule Warriors.


Rating: All Ages


Drabble Title: What Is Stealth?


Link put away the rest of his weapons—they were far too showy and would weigh him unnecessarily down. He would bring a sword and shield to defend himself but if everything went well and according to Zelda’s plan, they would see very little combat tonight. He changed out of his green tunic and put on the black tunic and boots Impa had issued him for this mission. Though he knew that black would shroud him in the desert night better than green, he looked far too much like one of Cia’s Dark clones for his liking. He paused as he wrapped his scarf around his shoulders and wondered if his scarf would be too visible even late into the night. It was quite a brilliant blue…

“Ah, you are preparing for battle,” Volga said, slipping past the tent flap and stepping into the soldiers’ quarters. “I shall prepare for battle too.”

Facing away from the dragon knight, Link’s eyes widened in shock and panic. He put on a twitchy, forced smile and turned around. Lightly shaking his head no, he raised his hands and waved them in a no-need-to-do-that manner.

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