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So like, what if one day Jeremy and Michael are close to going to the next level, and Jeremy gets a little freaked out because of what the Squip made him do with Chloe??????

Ok so I had to write a fic about this?? This is my first fic for bmc so I’m sorry if it’s bad but,, here ya go! By the way it never gets to actual smut I promise it’s not bad at all they’re both really awkward but you can ask for this to be tagged!!

Here it is!!

It’s crazy how things can quickly turn tables. Michale and Jeremy had been hanging out and gaming as per usual, in the basement of an empty house. It was going pretty causal until Jeremy plopped down into his boyfriends lap, causing both of them to blush. Through the darkness of the room Michale looked down to Jeremy’s face, lit up by only the tv.

It was times like this that Michale didn’t get why the other was so bullied. His determined blue eyes shined against the tv shine, his many littered freckles and the way his hair looms over his eye. His cheek bones too, handsomely shaped, left him in awe as to how he even got this boy to date him. He didn’t realize he was staring until the tv flickered followed by the game over sound of Apocalypse of the Damned came on.

Jeremy huffed and turned to look at him with those eyes, “Ah man, dude we were so close, what the he-”

Next thing they knew their lips were connected. It was awkward, outside of movies and such neither of them had any experience whatsoever. Jeremy had…some, technically. But it wasn’t very good, to say least. Either way things began to heat up, Michale taking the lead of the kiss as Jeremy fixed himself so that he was sitting up and facing Michale.

For a brief moment Michale ran his hands through Jeremy’s hair, until his hands got stuck in a tangle. Jeremy pulled away with a little “ow.” Both of them sat there, the game over screen still flashing, and stared at each other. There was an awkward moment before the both of them where laughing, their faces flushed.

“That wasn’t…that wasn’t too bad” Jeremy tried.

“Yeah…not bad at all…can we uh..?”

“…yeah..yeah yeah of course”

Soon enough they were starting to get the hang of things. Going mostly off of movies, Michale started to kiss Jeremy’s neck. Jeremy breathed out, but it was more of an awkward laugh. In the heat of the moment Michale leaned against Jeremy, both hands on his waist.

Michale chuckled “dude…you watch so much of this crap, yet you suck”

“Hey I do- I do not! The only one here who sucks is you!”

Michale winked, to which Jeremy pushed his face away, “oh my god don’t even look at me Michale Mell”

To prove his point Jeremy gave a quick awkward kiss, then pulled away with a “ha take that” face.

Michale laughed lowly, his voice deep. He looked anywhere besides Jeremy, with uncertainty he said “ do you uh….wanna get..weird?”

Jeremy felt his heart flutter, but not with excitement. “Do you wanna get” reminded him of a certain night on Halloween. He looked at Michale. The boy was completely flushed, his eyes darting around the room. The longer he took to answer the more nervous Mike got. “Do you wanna get…” well..that was completely different. This is nothing like that night. The SQUIP is gone, Michale is clearly giving him the chance to back out. There’s no reason to be stupid about it. So Jeremy nodded his head.

Michale smiled, “cool! I mean uh-cool! That’s cool…very cool”

Jeremy rolled his eyes “get on with it already man”

Michaels hand found his way to Jeremy’s face, gently caressing him. He gave the boy a kiss and fumbled through his mind for what to do next. In the movies this is where things got intense, so Michale began to gently push Jeremy to the ground.

But then Jeremy flinched.

Michale instantly pulled away, wondering if he hurt Jeremy somehow. When he looked down at him Jeremy was staring forward with wide eyes, sweating a lot, and seemingly frozen. Those eyes he was admiring earlier were now struck with fear.


Jeremy took a sharp inhale, then exhale. But he didn’t stop. All he could think about was being unable to move, completely helpless to whatever was about to happen. He could only see Chloe pushing him down onto the bed aggressively after the SQUIP gave him a “you’re welcome”

“…remy? Shit Jeremy, you ok?!”

Michale was off of him and pushing him into a sitting position. When did that happen? Wasn’t Michale gonna keep going?

“Hey..hey man it’s ok…can I hug you?”

Jeremy shook his head, still frozen as he was.

“Ok…ok that’s fine buddy no worries. Do me a favor though, can you breath with me?? In 4, hold 7, out 8.”

Jeremy took another sharp inhale, trying to follow Michale’s instructions. He willed the little voice in the back of his head saying, “this is why you’re so pathetic” away.

Eventually Jeremy calmed down, his breaths even enough, his heart still pounding. He could finally move, looking to Michale through the blinking glow of the Tv.

“Are you alright..?”

“My face is kinda fuzzy…but yeah, I think so”

“Yeah that happens…can I hug you now..?”

When Jeremy nodded Michale wasted no time in wrapping the skinny boy in his arms protectively. His fingers running through his hair calmingly, this time avoiding any knots. He felt himself calm a bit when Jeremy melted into his arms, exhausted from his panic attack, still shaking.

“Damn that scared the fuck out of me…are you sure you’re alright?”

He nodded.

“What happened?”

He could hear his SQUIP telling him to lie, telling him to tell Michale he needed to step his game up. Jeremy knew better, “I’m sorry Michale that just…it just reminded me of some stuff that happened with the SQUIP.”

“Ah geez jere, you coulda told me man!”

“Yeah but you wanted to-”

“We don’t have to so fast, I promise. I want you to be comfortable too, you damn twink.”

Jeremy found himself chuckling, “thanks man…but I mean I kinda wanted to too”

“Another day ok??”

Jeremy leaned into the crook of Michale’s neck, nodding, “yeah that sounds good.”

Dean X Reader Soulmate AU

So, I’m gonna start writing this story and well, I decided, why not start on tumblr ?

Short description:

Set in supernatural universe. You wake up one day, with no memory or knowledge as to how you got in the middle of a forest. All you know is you’re a hunter and a good one. Almost getting killed, however, leads to you meeting the boys. Dean, instantly, feels different with you as you feel different with him. You fall in love, and knowing you have the name ‘Dean’ on your wrist calms you. But without being able to tell Dean your name, you panic. Little did you know, Dean already knows your name.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1920

Chapter One

Running and running, you were confused. You tried to even your breathing but that seemed impossible. ‘I have to hide,’ you thought. You kept running passing tree by tree, hoping to find a good place to settle and breathe. However, this monster wouldn’t let you just yet. You were far enough to lose the monster when suddenly, you tripped on a tree root. Rolling on to your face, you turned around so you were on you’re back and as quickly, you grabbed a knife to defend yourself. As the monster neared, you saw fangs. A vampire. A knife wouldn’t do much good, unless it could cut a head off. You looked at your knife for a second. “Im screwed.”

“Well hello beautiful.” He said, while looking at you with eyes that could only be describe as - hungry.

“Please, don’t kill me. I’ll spare you.” You pleaded.

“Well, that isn’t how it works. Is it, sweetheart ?” The vampire neared you, till it was a few feet away from you. Holding your breathe, you hoped this wasn’t how you’d die. You had so many questions, and so many things that needed explanation.  Why did you wake up in the middle of the forest? Who are you, exactly ? Why couldn’t you remember anything ? These questions had itched in your brain the moment you woke up. These thoughts, however, were interrupted when a rather, pecular object hit your chest. You looked to see what it was and it wasn’t a pleasant sight. You screamed with all your might and jumped up, making the head land with a thump on the grass floor. The vampire head had been cut clean off. You looked to see a tall man. He was breathing hard and staring at the dead vampire.

“Th-thank you.” Was all you could manage, still shocked that this stranger had gotten there to save you.

“Sammy !!!” In the distance, you could hear another man, calling with almost, anger in his voice. The man that had saved you, looked at you and it almost looked as if he was studying you.

“Ah, don’t mention it. Besides, we were hunting him so we were already close by.” The man, saw how scared and wide eyed you had gotten, and offered you help.

“Im sam, by the way, are you lost ?” He asked as he neared you.

“Y-yes, I don’t know where I am. Could you help me ?” You crossed your arms on your chest, implying you were a bit fragile at the moment.

“Yeah, come with me.”

Walking with this man, you couldn’t describe this feeling as other than safety. Sam made you safe, even though you just met him. Sneaking a few glances at him, you could say he was very tall, and quite the looker. He had long brown hair, not passing his shoulders, and as far as you could tell, beautiful hazel eyes. He saw you staring at him and he returned the favor. He smiled softly at you. His dimples making huge creases on face, making him rather adorable. Finally after walking in the silence for what seemed an eternity, you saw a car, and an angry man which made you even more nervous than you already had been. Impala was the first word to cross your mind. As you got closer to the car, you realized it wasn’t just an impala, it was a chevy impala from the 1960’s. However, knowing that bewildered you. You saw a man a bit smaller than Sam, pacing back and forth in front of the car. He was quite a beautiful sight. Even from afar, you could see he had beautiful, green eyes that made your heart almost skip a beat. He had beautiful dirty blond hair and was dressed in some jeans, combat boots and what seemed to be a leather jacket, and a blue plaid flannel. Inching closer, the man heard noises and immediately, turned and set his eyes on you.

“Sammy ! What have I told you about leaving on the hunt without me ?” You couldn’t help but stare at him. He was so beautiful up close. You almost started counting his freckles, when he glanced at you, making you quickly look down and blush.

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s just, I saw her being chased by a vampire and I’m sure she needed help.” Sam motioned to you and now those beautiful green eyes were staring down right at you.

“And who are you ?” You looked down in shame to realize, you didn’t know. You didnt know your own name ! You had to find out what was going on. The man was still staring at you, waiting an answer.

“I-i don’t know.” Was all that could escape your lips. The man looked at you in disbelief.

“What do you mean ‘I don’t know’ ? Everyone knows who they are.” It looked as if he almost took a step fowards to you. You panicked and as quickly, stepped behind Sam. He just looked at you with sympathy. Finally you spoke up, “Look, I don’t know who I am, or where I’m from or what I’m doing in a forest. All I remember was, I woke up in the floor with no memory of anything and that I was a hunter. And then this vampire started chasing me and well, I didn’t have much time to think of anything else.”

The man just stared at you, looking for the slight slip up or to see in your eyes if you were lying. His face softened just a tad bit. He looked at Sam and his faced looked as if he was worried, but only for a split second and he turned around and got in the car. Sam just looked at you, and softly put a hand on your shoulder.

“We’re taking you to our home and see if we can help you maybe finding out who you are.” You nodded and he opened the back door for you. Quietly, you sat down and just made yourself a bit small. You wondered if you should trust these men. They could be psycho killers, for all you know. That thought just burned itself off in your mind. Sam had given you a sense of security. Psychos don’t usually have that. You smirked for a second, and noticed the first man staring at you from the rear view mirror. Your smile quickly faded and you stared back, wide eyed. The car came to a halt and you saw the bunker in front. Slowly opening the door, you stepped out and stood there with Sam. He smiled reassuringly and you walked into their bunker. He placed his hand lightly on the small of your back as he led you to the dining room.

“Dean. Fix a bedroom. I think she might stay a bit.”

Dean. The name echoed in your head. It sounded so familiar and it just drove you crazy not being able to pinpoint why it seemed so important to you. Dean nodded slightly and left. You awkwardly stood there, taking in your surroundings. Sam had left and you were by yourself. You would’ve followed Sam but you didn’t want to come off as a lost puppy. Sam came back into the dining room and handed you some clothes.

“Uh, these fit me small and I thought you’d might like to clean up a bit.” Sam handed you what seemed to be warm ups, a pair of boxers, some black socks, and a Led zeppelin shirt. “The shirts, uh, Dean’s. He said it might fit a bit better than my gigantic shirts.” He chuckled lightly and you couldn’t help but smile. “Uh, if you’d like to, um, shower and give me your clothes, I’ll, uh, wash them for you.” It looked as if he was almost blushing a bit.

“Thank you Sam, that would be very nice.” You responded softly. Sam smiled a bit and he nodded, leading you to the bathroom. Once inside, you removed your clothing and folded them. You wrapped a towel around your body and opened the door. Sam was not there so you placed the clothing outside your door, and went back in and closed the door. You opened the curtain, looking at the shower. You couldn’t figure out how to turn it on and you didn’t exactly want to break the shower. Turning around, you walked to the door and opened it enough so you stick your head outside of it. Seeing no one, you gripped tight to the towel and walked out, hoping you could run into Sam. You walked into the living room and it was quiet. Slowly, you walked to the dining room and it was quiet as well. “Sam,” you whispered, “Saaaaaaaam.” You walked lightly back looking down and trying to rush to the restroom, not looking to see what was in front of you. You smacked into something. Looking up, you saw a pair of beautiful green eyes staring down at you. “Uh, I- uh.”

“You lost ?” Dean asked. He couldnt stop staring into your eyes.

“Um, I was, uh, l-looking for Sam.” Dean made you so nervous and you didn’t know why. He looked at you a bit more and sighed.

“Well, I think it’s a bit way to early to start with these actions. I know he saved you and all, but way to fast.” You blushed a deep red.

“N-no, no, I, uh, n-no, that wasn’t what I w-was doing!” You whispered shyly. Dean just laughed at your sudden embarrassmsnt.

“I was kidding. Unless that was what-”

“No it’s not !” You cut him off. “I just, didn’t know how to turn the shower and I was going to ask Sam.” Dean just looked at you and smirked. He turned around and walked to the bathroom. Following pursuit, you walked into the bathroom, right after Dean. He leaned and turned on the shower. “Cold, warm, or hot ?”

“Warm, please.” You mubled loud enough for Dean to hear. He messed with the shower a bit, touching the water, making sure of the temperature. Thats when it caught your eye. He had a name on his wrist. It looked like it was a tattoo. He cleared his throat. You realized you had been staring. You blushed and looked down. He just chuckled softly and left the bathroom, locking and closing his door on his way out. You couldn’t help but smile just a bit. You removed your towel and stepped inside the shower. The almost hot water hit your back in a soothing way. You calmed down and started to think of the day you just had. Slowly, you scrubbed your hair with shampoo. And then as you were rinsing, you saw something. It was a name on your wrist. You were so confused. You looked at it, and held your breath. You couldn’t understand why it was on your wrist. Maybe, you had a past with the boys. Maybe you went crazy and their trying to live a normal life. So many thoughts clouded your mind. It was so exhausting trying to remember who you were and how the hell you got where you are now. Finishing getting cleaned up, you stepped out and dried yourself. Once more, you couldn’t help but stare and admire the black letters on your wrist. Your finger traced each letter and all you could was stare at the four letters stuck to your skin. Dean was all that they read.

[translation] Long Slow Distance of that Summer Episode 6

audio from wakoaime

Nitori: Rin-senpai… he’s still not back.

Sousuke: Yeah…

Nitori: But I’m sure he’s fine! He’s probably just taking shelter from the rain somewhere!

Sousuke: Come to think of it, there was a storm just like this one back then.

Nitori: Eh? What do you mean “back then”?

Sousuke: It happened when we were still in elementary school. We came camping by the lake with the other kids from Sano Swimming Club.

Nitori: Sano Swimming Club… you mean the club Rin-senpai used to go to?

Sousuke: Yeah. During the camp’s free time, Rin and I went to the amusement park nearby, but it started raining.  Since neither of us brought an umbrella, we took shelter under a tree within the park, and a child who was passing by with his family lent us an umbrella. The roller coaster and the ferris wheel that we were really looking forward to were not operating. We were really disappointed…

Nitori: Ah, so that’s what happened… but that amusement park, it’s now…

Sousuke: Yeah, it closed down.

Nitori: Yes, that’s what I heard.

Sousuke: That Rin, could it be that he’s taking shelter there again…

Narration: Long Slow Distance of That Summer Episode 6

Rin: This looks like the pool office.

Rei: Seems like a gust of wind from the broken windows caused the locker to fall down. Ugh!

Nagisa: So many notebooks~

Haruka: Memories of Visit Notebook…

Makoto: These must be notebooks for visitors to leave their message as mementos.

Rin: There are so many of them…

Rei: There are probably years of records in them.

Nagisa: Wait! Now that I think about it, this is…

Haruka: What’s wrong, Nagisa?

Nagisa: Haru-chan, Mako-chan, when we came to this amusement park years ago, we wrote in one of these notebooks!

Makoto: What? Really?

Rin: Oh? So you guys have been to this amusement park before too?

Makoto: Rin, you’ve been here as well?

Rin: Yeah, way before I was transferred to Iwatobi.  When I was with Sano Swimming Club, we went camping near the lake, and I came to the park with Sousuke.

Nagisa: Look! This is the one!  I was second year elementary, so this is the notebook of the same year! *flip flip* I found it! Come look! Here is the message Haru-chan wrote!

Makoto: What did he write?

Nagisa: eh… “I wish I could swim for longer here.”

Rei: hehe, it’s exactly what Haruka-senpai would write!

Haruka: I don’t remember writing that…

Nagisa: Oh, but Haru-chan’s name is written right here, and Mako-chan’s message is next to it!

Makoto: What about me?

Nagisa: “It was fun.  I would like to come again.”

Makoto: Haha… so I wrote something like that?

Haruka: What did you write, Nagisa?

Nagisa: It’s…“The giant catfish is scary~”

Rei: What on earth is that?

Nagisa: ugh…. ah I remember!  Goro-chan made me listen to his story about a giant catfish that lives in the lake, it was really scary~ and then it started raining suddenly, and there was thunder and lightning, exactly like the storm we have now…

Rin: A storm… ah, now that you mentioned it, the weather was just like today’s when Sousuke and I were here back then.  We took shelter in the park, and it was when a boy who walked passed us with his family lent us his umbrella.

Rei: huh? Hold on a second please! That’s… could it be…!

Rin: Eh?  What’s the matter, Rei?

Rei: I too remember travelling to an amusement park with my family when I was still a child… so this is where it was!

Rin: Are you serious!?

Rei: Yes, and when I saw two boys who were soaked from the rain, I gave them my umbrella!

Rin: Ah, it kinda had… an illustration of some TV show hero on it!

Rei: From Chouzetsu Gattai Doppelganger!!

Rin: Yes!! That’s the one!

Nagisa: That’s amazing, Rei-chan!! That means you have met Rin-chan and Sou-chan back when you were way young, right?

Haruka: So what happened to the umbrella you borrowed?  Did you return it?

Rin: Well…we wanted to give it back, but we couldn’t in the end. And since our coach came to pick us up by car, we gave the umbrella to the staff of the park and left.  We ask them to return it to the boy if he came back for it.

Nagisa: Rin-chan, did you guys write a message in the notebook?

Rin: Dunno… I don’t remember.


Haruka: Here it is.

Rin: No way!

Haruka: Right here, the page after the one with our messages.

Makoto: So that means it was on the same day!?

Nagisa: Hmm… “It’s a shame we couldn’t go on the roller coaster. We’ll definitely ride it next time! Matsuoka Rin.”

Haruka: There’s also Yamazaki’s message.

Rei: “To the boy wearing glasses who lent us his umbrella: thank you. Yamazaki Sousuke.”

Nagisa: Did you write anything, Rei-chan?

Rei: I don’t remember. But if I did write something, it would’ve been before the rain started…


Makoto: Oh! Found it! it’s a page before the one we wrote in! Here!

Nagisa: “I’m glad I was able to come to the amusement park with my family. Ryugazaki Rei.”

Rei: That’s indeed my name…!

Rin: Even so, I can’t believe we all forgot we wrote our messages in this notebook…

Nagisa: Heehee, I’m the only one who remembered! Aren’t I amazing?

Makoto: But really, it’s an amazing coincidence! To think that before we even knew each other, we all happened to be in the same place, at the same time!

Rei: And to find out about it like this 10 years after is equally amazing!

Nagisa: But I bet no one’s gonna believe us.

Haruka: They’d probably think we made it up.

Makoto: Heh, probably. So maybe it’s better if we keep it a secret among ourselves.

Rin: Hehe, you’re right. Well, but maybe I’ll tell Sousuke.

Rei: I wonder if Yamazaki-san would believe us.

Nagisa: I have an idea! Let’s take a video of this!


Nagisa: First a closeup of the notebook, starting from Haru-chan’s message… all right, Rin-chan, please do the honors of narrating the story!  Please make it sound romantic!

Rin: HAH!? You’ve got to be kidding me!! Ugh..Um… fine then… *cough* A miracle during a stormy night, the moment our bond transcends time, one can say that it is our destiny.  Yes, we have always been connected, but no one knew, save for the wind that was blowing…

Haruka: Hey, I thought we were done talking about embarrassing stories?

Rin: Shut up!  I’m only doing this because Nagisa asked me to!

Nagisa: There, there, it was really good! It’s so romantic, as expected from Rin-chan!

Rei: It was a beautiful poem!

Rin: I’ll never do it again!!

Makoto: Hahaha…

Nagisa: Okay then next… we need to turn the page and… Mako-chan! Turn to the page with Rin-chan and Sou-chan’s messages!

Makoto: Okay… like this? *flip*

Nagisa: Yup! And then next we’ll have an reenactment!  Starting from when Rei-chan put on his speedos in elementary school!

Rei: Starting from THERE!?

Makoto: What about the story about the Big Catfish?

Nagisa: Hmm…. we’ll skip that!

Rin: Hehe… well, I guess a night like this isn’t too bad after all…

Haruka: You’re right.

Nitori: *step step step* Oh! Gou-san and Amagata-sensei!  Are Nanase-san and the others back yet?

Ama-chan: Actually, not yet…

Nitori: I see…  Rin-senpai is also still out there looking for them…

Gou: Huh? Onii-chan too!?

Nitori: I think… he’s most likely just seeking shelter from the rain somewhere…. and Yamazaki-senpai also went looking for him.  He said that there’s an amusement park nearby and it’s likely that he took refuge there.

Ama-chan: Amusement park… you mean the one that’s closed down…?  Oh no!

Gou: What’s wrong?

Ama-chan: Oh! No, it’s nothing…!  But, ugh, I’m quite worried about them…. so I’ll go look for them by car!

Nitori: I will go with you!

Gou: Me too!

Ama-chan: NOOO!!!

Nitori: huh!?

Ama-chan: You guys can’t come along. ABSOLUTELY. NOT.

Gou: Se…sen…


*car roar*

Ama-chan: I have to hurry…. or this is going to be bad…! Please!! Let me make it in time…!!