ah toronto

i feel like each of the vets just walked in one day to see the new kiddos and saw mitchy and pointed at him and were like ‘yes. that one. that’s my son. come here baby bird im ur dad now’ and mitch is just like 'do I tell him 3 other guys have already said this today ???? does it matter ??? is it selfish to want more dads ????’

ID #70996

Name: Zera
Age: 18
Country: Dubai, UAE

Hello! My name’s Zera. I’m from Dubai and i’ll be moving to Toronto in the fall for university! I’m not really sure about how this pen pal thing works but i love meeting new people. As far as music goes i listen to practically anything (r&b and hip hop being my top faves) except country. I’m also mad into concerts. Love TVD, OTH, The O.C, AHS & Riverdale and even the good stuff like Friends, That 70’s show, Entourage, Fresh Prince and more. I love travel and i swear a bit too much (not really sure how I’ve kept this PG for so long) and i’m quite excited to make some friends from outside dubai! xo

Preferences: Around my age, gender/race isn’t an issue. If you’re someone who’s into some mad gossip or just likes to rant about that bitch that keeps trying to circle back into your mans life, then i’m pretty sure we’ll get along just fine xo


i put flowers in her hair & saw art come together 🌸 🎨

Me watching tv/movie set in New York:

*notices tiny detail* 

This is Toronto

Errr maybe New York ? 

*ignores plot, focuses on set* 

No, this is definitely Toronto.


YES AH HA ! It is Toronto, see I told you! *talking to no one* 

*continues to ignore plot*

DUDE I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THAT IS *still talking to no one* this isn’t New York, stop lying.