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blue night radio ♡ 170110
translation: fantaemsie

jonghyun: i think this is the first time i’m introducing this team (ie: for his song recommendation corner) on blue night. it’s a rookie group. i’ve brought in a song by this team: blackpink. it’s called “playing with fire”. it talks about how love is like playing with fire, which is …, well, metaphorically expressed in the lyrics. the mention of the dangerous love in the chorus, hot and passionate. it nicely expresses youth through the lyrics too. (ie: how it feels to be young and in love.) personally, i like the kind of screaming in the second verse’s rap. i had watched it among other celebrities’ performances during the year end ceremonies, and it was so much fun. that’s why i brought it in today. (after playing the song) i really like this part a lot - in the second verse: “the color of my heart is black. ah!

[note: the full second verse lyrics, which he said he liked: “pour our your oil in my burning heart. kiss him, will i diss him? i don’t know, but i miss him. this past addiction. this love is crack / cracked. the color of my heart is black, ah!”]

ask-the-fnaf-cast  asked:

SPRING!!! whats your favorite season? :D

“Ah! It is so hard to pick favorite things! Hmm… Well, spring is really pretty because of all the flowers and it is kind of warm too! It has a bunch of brand new stuff! My birthday and Vesna’s birthday are both in spring too!“ He bounced in place a little, getting happy just thinking about it. “Oh! But summer is REALLY warm and it has such good playing outside weather!“ He bites his fingers for a second. “But autumn has all those really pretty leaf colors and it is a lot of fun to get a leaf pile and jump into it!“ He scratches at his mouth. “And winter has snow sometimes and that is really pretty! I also get to wear my fluffy suit and get lots of cuddles!“ He whimpers. “There are obviously birthdays in all of them… How could I possibly pick just one?“ He pauses for a moment. “Can I pick four?“

fundead-asylum  asked:

Karamatsu, you dazzling boy! Happy Valentine's Day! I got some homemade chocolates for you! They're white chocolate but I added blue food coloring and put them in star molds! They kind of turned out wonky but they should still taste good, I think. Good luck and have fun with your show!

“Ah, my little Sage …” Karamatsu’s been overwhelmed with love already, but he’s able to at least put his cool act on for you. “However they turn out, I’m sure they’re going to be just as sweet as you, no? With the affection of devoted fans like you, luck is always on my side.”