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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!


Amesbury Convent, England. Guinevere & Lancelot meet one last time.
We looked at one another a long time. Then he went on one knee, took my hand, and pressed it to his lips. I caressed his black head, wondering desperately why I should feel so pained by the silver threads I found there. He led me to a bench and we sat silent, looking at one another in a kind of quiet desperation, because we had said goodbye forever, long ago.
— Queen of Camelot, Nancy McKenzie

I marathoned ATLA the other weekend and realised I’ve never actually drew one of my favs Iroh, which is a travesty!!!

Teaching aliens Pai Sho~ Iroh and Coran would get hella along