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Equality Matters! This is for my LGBTQ community! I hope you all enjoy it! xoxo

Cover scene from American Horror Story: Asylum

bruised ribs with a side of flirting;

I’m re-uploading all of my fics that I lost when my blog was deleted, so here’s one I wrote for a lovely anon. Fluff galore <3

 ~ prompt: “they get in separate bar fights one night and bond in the hospital waiting room” ~ pairing: stevetony ~ warnings: none ~ ao3 link ~

“So what brings you here, handsome?”

Steve looked up from where he was carefully observing a crack in the linoleum floor - it was a yellowish off white colour that had surely been white at some point - to find some guy grinning down at him. Wickedly sharp brown eyes held his gaze, and he was handsome, unbelievably so, with a carefully groomed goatee and his dark hair mussed in just the right way that it looked painfully adorable. There was a smear of blood across his cheek, from what looked to be a shallow cut right across his cheekbone, but it didn’t take away from his somewhat stunning good looks. Then there was that smile; caught somewhere between a smirk and something a little more raw and honest. The kind of honest that came with approaching a stranger at two am in a hospital waiting room.

Steve suddenly found that his throat was extremely dry.

“Sprained wrist and bruised ribs, I suspect,” Steve told him, nodding down at where he was cradling his wrist against his chest.

The guy’s smile grew, and he flopped into the empty chair next to Steve. He winced a little as he settled into the seat, one hand briefly fluttering to his side before he composed himself. “Self diagnosing yourself, huh?”

“I’ve had the same injuries enough times that I think I ought to be able to,” Steve said wryly. He was about to shrug, but then remember that such a movement would probably jostle his injuries in a way that would be less than pleasant. Instead, he gave the guy a tired smile. “I tend to end up here a lot.”

“Yeah well, I can’t say the same thing about myself. I wouldn’t be here at all if someone didn’t insist that I come, even though we both know I’m perfectly fine.” As he spoke, he jerked his head in the direction of a man across the room, who was leafing through a magazine and very pointedly not looking at them.

“You get your stupid ass into trouble while you’re on my watch, I drag your stupid ass to the hospital,” the guy said plainly, flipping a page crisply.

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