ah the 1960s

AHS Season 6 Theory:

My theory is that it’s gonna be titled “Roswell”. Since season 6 is an even-numbered season, like Asylum and Freakshow, it’ll prob take place in the past like Asylum and Freakshow. Also, Asylum was in the 60s, Freakshow in the 50s, and now Roswell in the 40s. Like it’s going backwards and explaining things that will happen, similar to Pepper in Freakshow. Asylum left us with a vague knowledge of the aliens, and I think that season 6 should elaborate on how aliens got to Earth, specifically America. So I’m pegging it now; American Horror Story: Roswell. Reply with your thoughts and interpretations. <3333


Today’s #tbt post comes from 1961: “With the completion of the new east wing addition to the library, now Missouri has the tenth largest library building among all universities and colleges in the country and ranks in the top twenty-four for size of book collection. A book budget which is tenth in the country has raised the collection from 30,000 volumes in 1900 to 900,000 volumes in 1960.”

Ah, those were the days.