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I….I finally did it after a along ass time scrapping scenes

The lyric comic is based on a comment in the music video which was this: “This version sounds like she’s mourning the potential.”

The idea began from that, where a different color on your skin represents the love and affection you have for the person. If you don’t see your color on them, then your love is unrequited.

There is some elements of my GTA 5 AU in this comic hence the guns and stuff. Also fun fact: Wildcat’s convo with Vanoss hints to my Minicat comic that I made before. Wildcat knows what Vanoss is going through and he didn’t want his friend to suffer the same heartbreak like he did.

Anyway hope you enjoy it!

He was taking a leaf from Mochi’s book by doing this, but the cat wasn’t around to do it for him. Fox-formed, he heaved himself up to the couch cushion, curled up behind his little brother’s head, and nestled as closely as he could manage. His tail he wrapped around Hiro’s neck like a warm scarf. Then, resting his chin in his little brother’s nest of hair, he reached out to touch the thread of sand with the tip of his paw. As he watched, the sand lightened to gold again. He shut his eyes with a sigh of relief, and settled down to wait out the night.

ugh i feel like lately i haven’t been able to draw anything decent, but i really, rEALLY wanted to draw this scene from pitviperofdoom’s guardian!kitsune!tadashi fic Lighting Candles ;v;

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//If you could choose Phoenix's Design in DD which one would you choose from the concept art if you were the game director? my favorite is the one where he wears a sweater west(only the beard annoys me) without the lock of hair

// ah thats tough to choose. they’ve all got their merits, but…

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You can get me in your TRAP any day you like~ Cue hawtness! (Digitalian DVD)