ah srsly look at his face


Mark’s face when Jackson said his looks like a fridge. LMAO

What you post on Instagram - Preference #329


Dan - 

“Why do you always post the worse pictures of me?” He groaned, covering his face. You had just snapped a picture of him mid-yawn, and you could honestly say, it was your favorite picture of him. “Oh, don’t be a baby. You look great,” you smirked, looking down at your phone. You’re always posting the most random pictures of Dan. The majority of them are candid shots, him watching TV or eating. An occasional selfie here and there with a small, cute caption. 


Phil - 

“You make me look like a model.” He laughed, looking at the picture you had just posted. He was facing to the side and was laughing, a hand was running through his hair, brushing out the strands. “You do that all on your own,” you teased, “I wish I was as photogenic as you.” Your Instagram feed consisted of the more ‘artsy’ side of Instagram. Phil was always a recurrent and occasionally, unwilling participant in your Instagraming. Usually, he would have a calm, serene look on his face and a small smile. 


// idk why but I feel like they’ve mentioned that Phil isn’t photogenic…ah well. With that face anyone is photogenic. srsly. do you guys want a ‘what he posts on Instagram?’//

140131 GO2PM - Arena Tour - Day 3 [fan updates] - Part 2
  • Minjun cried during his solo performance ㅠㅠ cr woocat0204

  • [Fan’s thoughts about chan’s solo] Chan’s singing ability really improved by 10 folds! You danced barefoot on stage, accompanied by your voice to move the emotions of the entire arena. He sang with such emotions that he almost choked near the end. Our maknae really grown up. cr: 怒娜怒娜怒娜yeah
  • 3rd MC now, Chan asked Jun. K to calm down (not to disturb Woo) when Woo was introducing his solo song kk

  • When wooyoung was introducing his solo, panda hyung kept on staring at his face and eyes! he kept on staring and staring, getting nearer and nearer, like he is going to kiss him soon!!! >.< then Chan shouted: JUN. K!!!! CALM DOWN! cr: fishytails

  • CNN sang out the parts of NO LOVE that they like the most! Fans screamed crazily lol

  • When other members was introducing their solo songs, KayWoo was again at one corner, whispering to each other.

  • KMJ even touched Woo’s face, and helped him wipe off the perspiration from his face. cr: fishytails

  • Taec kept interrupting Chan when he was introducing his song. Junho then came up and helped Chan explain. After he finished he added one line and said: I understand chansung really well! Chan then smiled and replied: Ah~ Junho-ah~ Thank u! Please look aft me in the future. cr kana

  • Khun told fans to not catch a cold, and to remain healthy. Thou Khun is not that fluent in japanese but he spoke vry srsly. His expressions were vry cute. Aft he finished, he bowed in all directions. cr: 清新_HideSeek

  • Taec made a date with everyone to go for a drinking session xD cr: 兎蜀黍

  • In the video, JWY put on a black cloak. Because feeling shy, he kept running here and there saying “I dont want let you see it” & covered it! twisting here and there. cr: Fishytails

  • JWY sang in high pitch !~ he doesnt even pant while singing and dancing. cr: Fishytails

  • During 10/10 Wooyoungie sat downon the stage and started doing hearts at fans >.< cr: fishytails

  • JWY’s showed off his english asking “What’s Time is it~” and then avoided crowd and headed to round stage’s side audience. cr: Fishytails

  • JWY made an expression that said “I dont want play with those guys”! Cr: Fishytails

  • Today’s JWY ending talk is really long. Seem like he prepared it a lot unlike previous ending talk. When talking, KMJ kept staring at JWY, looks like he scared JWY will say something wrong~ he nodded every time JWY thought of vocab. cr: Fishytails

  • At the last MC, Taec said it’s CNY today in Kor, usually they would stay w/ family. Then he said fans are his family today. As today is special, so he’ll compose the suggested song IT’S NOT ONLY YOU for us (who attended the concert today) lol

  • Yokohama (Day 1) ended~~|

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