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I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦

Dungeons and Discord review (spoilers...duh)

Ah! Another Discord episode! I knew that it would be good! 

In the beginning, it opens up to Fluttershy’s Cottage, and we all know when a discord episode usually start, it’s at her house for Tuesday Tea! The way he sneaked up to her quietly and slightly startled her was so cute! Discord is usually a massive spectacle because he wants attention from others. But when it comes to Fluttershy, he just shows up on time for their get-together. 

When he sees her packing, he is immediately excited because he believes Fluttershy was planning to go somewhere with him! He insisted on going to the beach! just the two of them! He even quotes it! “Just the two of us!” 

No mane 6 or princess to come along with them! 

Another piece of evidence for S.S Fluttercord! 

But surprise surprise! Fluttershy has to go because “princess “ship ruiner” Celestia invited her and the mane 6 to Yakistan for a tour! Much to Discord disappointment that he will neither have the beach trip or their weekly Tea time. He shows this to fluttershy who recommends he hang out with Big Mac and Spike instead, to take her place. 

but of course he rather have fluttershy than anyone else! 

Discord stated that he is “awesome” and spike and Big mac are “blah” calling them “side-kicks” not worth his time. But flutter shy still tries to tell him that he would still have fun with them. Like he has fun with her. 

The next scene when he turns into “opposite” discord was very interesting and hilarious! When I first saw the sneak peek, I thought flutter shy was just playing along because he was being sarcastic into saying he would “love to hang out with spike and big mac” and flutter shy suddenly explodes into PG-Cursing, and shouting which makes him afraid and turn her back to normal. 

I thought Fluttershy was playing a joke, but she covered her mouth in surprise of her opposite self. 

Moving on, Fluttershy tries to reverse-phycology him, and gave him this almost “flirty look”! I am not even joking! look at that scene and tell me! 

He even says “Please don’t do that, you’re better than that” 

Me:* takes out long piece of paper that stretches to a mile* Okay, adding that to my fluttercord list.

Even when he says he will think about it, he sneaks into her bag and begged her to take him with her! *intensely scribble on my paper*

Even at the train station, he says goodbye with such a sad face which makes Fluttershy smile sweetly at him until he makes a volcano appear on the train tracks to force her to stay with him. He makes it disappear when she asks him to. Only once mind you! 

*scribbles more* 

Moving along from flutter cord, Discord is alone with Big Mac and Spike who debate about talking with him. Discord shows disdain because he really does not care about them and would rather not hang out with them.

but when he heard they were going to have a guy’s night, he imminently think of  jazz music, dancing and hitting the clubs. But other than that, he finds him self in a imaginary-fantasy role playing game and like every person who has never played before (i tried, I hated it) he is bored. Even when spike explains it to him, discord could care less. He even stacks some cards into a massive pyramid, does his mane, and even goes to bed! 

But spike makes him play anyway, giving him a pop-culture reference to legolas. Suddenly the game changes for the worse when Discord loses his dice roll and spike says he is being laughed at by the guards( and by spike and mac) which makes him annoyed and furious.

Annoyed and angry, he makes Big Mac go into a bubble, making Discord fall back into “semi-evil” but he transports them to a swing 20′s club to spend a real guy’s night and suddenly a pretty pony goes by….*face palm* Big mac seems to have a reaction to her while Discord just notices her. (either he saw her as attractive or was following Big mac’s eyes, one thing is certain. Discord does have a thing for ponies) 

but Spike tells him off, which makes him even more angry and transports them into the actual game! At first, they saw it was fun before they have to face the villains of their games. With Discord as the master story teller. 

this won’t end good. 

In the end, Big Mac and Spike are fearful for their lives and tells Discord to knock it off and how awful he was being which he retorts “than why did you invite me?” 

and he receives a smack in the face with reality because Spike tells him how desperate Discord was to keep Fluttershy with him, practically begging her to stay that she asked Spike and Big Mac to invite him. Since she knew Discord wouldn’t be the one to ask. Spike even said that they felt sorry for him because how alone he was on the train station. (Mind you, no one even said hello or goodbye to discord, other than flutter shy) 

Discord is surprised because he should be the one to feel sorry for them because he is so great and cool, but spike and mac don’t think so. Spike even goes far to say that Discord Is a Weirdo!

 (which is…kinda true)

He feels sad, and leaves. Making Spike and Big Mac feel sorry for him and realize how alone Discord actually is. Flutter shy is really the only friend that truly understands him. She is kind and caring to him and actually like him around her. Because why else will they have tuesday tea every week if she didn’t? Really, Fluttershy is Discord best friend and the mane 6 are his friends too, but he does not hold them highly as he does with flutter shy. When she recommends him to spike and Big Mac, she knew he would be alone and she did not want him to think of her as the only friend he can go to. When she is gone, she wanted him to hang out with someone else so he won’t be so lonely. 

So really….Discord is a big needy potato baby. 

When Spike invites him back, Discord struggles to apologize and say sorry. Which is interesting! because remember back in season 4 with Tirek! when he betrayed everyone but mostly to flutter shy and he says this! 

He said it so easily and sincerely. to her! but when its spike and big mac, he had trouble. It just shows how much he really cares about her. 

With Big Mac and Spike, they just barely became Friends, so he doesn’t really have a deep connection with them to say sorry so easily. 

In the end, they have fun in their magical world and when Fluttershy comes and see him. They both gave each other a nod, almost thanking each other. Which would only strengthen the friendship they have for each other *cough* and also for their ship! *cough cough* 

This episode was so funny, I laughed and I enjoyed his shenanigans and overall fluttercord ness. 

I give it a 9/10!!!! so much fluttercord goodness and Discord! 

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Same here anon san ,i relate to juvia a lot and i even cosplayed her,i wanted to avoid the spoilers but ah well i got asks and then i couldnt help myself T^T


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