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anonymous asked:

Ayyye what are some of your favorite and least favorite things about West Side Story??

Hey! I’ll do faves first: 

  • the music. I love Sondheim so fucking much, and this show is a marvel. The quintet is a marvel of mixing songs, “Somewhere” is amazing, and “Tonight” is such a fucking classic and I’ll never stop crying when I hear it. 
  • The revival in 2009. With Karen Olivo, the one that was cast with racial accuracy, the one Lin translated lyrics for. It’s perfect. Amazing. I’m obsessed. 
  • The choreo!! Some of the most intense original choreo in musical theatre history, and it’s interesting to learn about its origins. 
  • The relationship between Maria and Anita is so beautiful and I love it


  • it’s a problematic portrayal of Puerto Rican culture! Good for getting Hispanic actors their Equity card/into the business, but when the only show that you can get a role in easily involves you carrying a gun and being called racial slurs, there’s a problem. 
  • The movie. Cast racially accurately you fucking cowards. 
  • The prologue is like….too much. Too much snapping. Too many blond boys doing spin jumps. 
  • “Maria” is a stupid song and I will never understand how Sondheim went “ah…..yes. This will stay in.”