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Okay but after Jack finishes the little piano puzzle in Detention, he talks about the the 'smiley faced freaks'. His head is twitching and he sounds kind of aggressive while saying it. Can't help but think that it's really Anti in there, being angry with Jack and indirectly calling him a smiley faced freak because of how happy and positive he always is.


I can not agree more! It is truly the best squad and who else could lead it if not Izuku himself? 


That episode when Jay unlocked his True Potential!! 👌🐍⚡️

dan & phil


nct dream reaction to (y/n) their idol crush calling them cute

mark: he was watching you in in interview when you were asked what idol is closest to your ideal type

“Mark from nct is cute, i’d say he’s pretty close to my ideal type”

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donghyuck: you were co hosting a show and interviewing nct dream when the other host asked you:

“who do you think is the cutest in nct dream, (y/n)?”
“haechan definitely”

donghyuck @ you:

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jeno: you were co hosting my smt with doyoung and nct dream were the guests,doyoung started teasing jeno and exposing him for always talking about you 

“ah so cute, is it true?” 

he can’t stop smiling but tries to deny it

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jaemin: you met after an awards show and he stuttered while talking to you

“hello, I’m jaemin, nice to- uh, nice to meet you, (y/n). I’m a big fan”
“i’m a fan as well it’s nice to finally talk to you”
“yo- you’re a fan of us?” 
“so cute, don’t be nervous, yes i’m a fan”

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renjun: he was watching an interview on his phone, all he needed to hear was his name and cute in the same sentence to throw down his phone and *gif*

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chenle:  he was watching you talk about other idols when you mentioned that you thought he was really cute and

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When You Should Abandon Ship But Can’t Cuz....


1) Joon Gi’s beautiful face

2) You live for the So x Soo scenes

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3) You REALLY want to see Wang So kick Wang Wook’s ass

4) Joon Gi’s beautiful face

5) Other princes like Nam Joo Hyuk & Ji Soo’s beautiful faces (& Baekhyun)

6) You’re too emotionally invested

7) Joon Gi’s beautiful face!

I’m so fucking screwed! 

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*Credit to all original gif owners*

Unofficial translation by an Anon on 4chan
  • However, it took me some time to find the thread and for some reason when I visited the site again, it showed an error. If you’re lazy like me, I’ll just type it out here. The credit goes to them!!
  • *Kageyama Household, Mob is calling Takane Household while Ritsu is standing at the side, sweating nervously*:
  • Mob: Hello... It’s... It’s been a while, ma’am, it’s Shigeo.
  • Mob: Is Tsubomi-chan here? Y-yes... Please.
  • Mob: ... Ah! Hello, Tsubomi-chan?! Ah... Sorry to call you so suddenly. I only knew the phone number of your house.
  • Mob: Well, you know... Er... About you moving house... Ah... So it’s true? I see... Yeah... Well...There was something I wanted to tell you about... Eh? Ah, no, on the phone is kinda... Yeah...
  • Mob: If you’d like, tomorrow after school... No! It’d be best if we don’t meet inside the school!
  • Mob: How about we meet at the old park close to our homes?
  • Mob: That’s right!! We used to play there a lot.. Hmm? I sound weird?! Ha?
  • Mob: My voice?! It’s not trembling at all! That’s just your imagination...
  • Mob: No, yeah I’m fine... Hmm...
  • *Next day, Salt Middle School, Class 2-1*:
  • Mezato: Eh?! So you made a promise? Not bad!
  • Mezato: It’s not just one person at the back of the school building but in the park where you made memories instead..
  • Mob: Yeah...
  • Inukawa: That’s pretty unexpected!
  • Inukawa: If you managed to go out with her, please introduce me to her female friends!!
  • Mob: Hmm...
  • (Note: Dialogue encased within brackets are thoughts!)
  • Mob: [I wonder why... I’m going to tell Tsubomi-chan something very important..]
  • Mob: [But somehow, I’m feeling surprisingly calm.]
  • *Later on that day, Body Improvement Club room*:
  • Musashi: So, it’s today, isn’t it! Do your best, Kageyama!
  • Sagawa: Fight on, Kageyama-kun!!
  • Tome: So you didn’t change your hair?
  • Tome: Well, I guess it’s okay, to be honest I too would rather you stayed the way you are Mob-kun.
  • *Later, after Club duty, he encounters Ritsu*:
  • Ritsu: Nii-san... Today I’ve got a Student Council meeting so I can’t accompany you,
  • Ritsu: But I pray for your success.
  • *On his way to a flower shop*:
  • Mob: [Come to think of it...]
  • Mob: [I wonder why I’ve thought about asking everyone for advice about how to confess to the one I love.]
  • Mob: [Maybe it’s because...]
  • Mob: [I’m no longer bottling up my feelings like I used to before...]
  • *At the flower shop*:
  • Mob: I’ll take a bouquet, please.
  • Florist manager: Yes. Do you want a shopping bag?
  • Florist manager: I wonder if that’s good...
  • Mob: [With 1000 yen you get something that small.]
  • Mob: [Well, it’s not about the size, after all...]
  • *On his way to the Park*:
  • Minegishi: Kageyama Shigeo
  • Mob: !!
  • Mob: Ah...
  • Mob: Err, that’s...
  • Minegishi: Let’s change bouquets.
  • Mob: Ehhh!!?
  • Mob: Is that alright?! Why though...
  • Minegishi: Take it already.
  • Mob: [Everyone...]
  • Mob: [Thank you.]
  • (I repeat: I did not translate this!! I just retyped it out. And yes, Mob’s last line was Thanks.)

I think that human self-consciousness is a misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware - nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We should not exist by natural law. We are things that labour under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honourable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing and walk hand in hand into extinction. One last midnight - brothers and sisters stepping out of a raw deal.” 


Topp Dogg (Yano, Jenissi, Xero, Atom) reaction: Their gf having sensitive thighs

Yano would smile a bit when he found out you had sensitive thighs. After that he would take every opportunity to touch your thighs, watching you blush.
“Do you like that, jagi?” 

Jenissi wouldn’t believe you or think you were exaggerating at first but when he saw you squirm when he gently touched your skin he would smile.
“Ah, so it’s true? That’s so cute!” 

The day he found out you had sensitive thighs he would keep making faces at you, making you blush a little. He would keep your words in mind, happy to have a new way to tease you.
“Your thighs, huh? Interesting..” 

Atom would raise his eyebrow when you told him. He wouldn’t believe you until he had tested it out himself and when he saw you squirm away he’d smile.
“Ah, you’re adorable!”