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Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Mukami Azusa (Sub scenario w/Yuma)

Azusa: Huh…? Yuma, why are you lying down in a place like this…?

Yuma: That voice…is that you Azusa?

Yui: Yuma-kun your arm is covered in scratches. Are you okay?

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I know I look crazy...

Alright I may look like a total psychopath but i really would like you opinion

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Because you are me and my sisters idols I would really like your guys thoughts oh and sorry for basically online harassing you Squirrellygirlart    

Anastasia Au

(DISCLAIMER: They are not ladybug and chat noir)

Adrien has been in a orphanage for basically his whole life.

The King and Queen of England (Gabriel and Mama Agreste) are really sad because it’s been 15 years since their child went missing.

Adrien has the same first name though! And can speak english too

He had a lullaby he always remembered (Once upon a dream!!)

Con artist Plagg, his wife Tikki and their daughter Marinette are trying to find a fake Adrien Agreste to give to the family and get a reward

Plagg helped The queen and king escape when the kidnappers got into the palace when they took Adrien 15 years ago and took Adrien’s music box from the queen’s room (he was going to give it to her but they got split up.)

Plagg and Tikki go to jail for stealing money and they get caught so Mari is going to get the Ten Million Euro reward (DAMN) to 1) bail her parents out and 2) have more money.

She finds Adrien and convinces him he is the missing child.

Adrien has a cat named pooka and she comes along (to basically be Anastasia’s dog, if you have seen the movie.)

Her partner Rose Lavillant (yeah deal with it) helps ‘Train adrien’

He runs away with them.

When they get to London she realizes that Adrien is the REAL Adrien Agreste

Mari also realizes she is in love with Adrien.

Adrien finds out that Mari tricked him and thinks she thinks he is not the real adrien.

He gets mad at her and refuses to talk to her and only talks to Rose.

Mari convinces The parents to let Adrien see one of the royal family members.

Adrien meets Gabriel  late at night (like 11:30) in a guarder room in a separate house in London.

Mari argues with the king to see Adrien and gives him the music box.

“I’m done with seeing impostors trying to pull of as my son.”

“I’m no impostor sir! I am Adrien Agreste!”

“Enough with this!”

“Sir please! I am your son!”

“Do you think i’m some fool?!”

“At Least let me see Mrs. Agreste!”

“My wife is to fragile to meet another Imposter! When she found that the first boy who came wasn’t Adrien she was heartbroken!”

Gabriel goes to leave the room

Adrien starts singing his lullaby with the music box

A: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem.But if I know you, I know what you’ll do You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream”

Gabriel remembers that him and his wife sang that to Adrien every night before he was taken.

G: “But if I know you, I know what you’ll do. You’ll love me at once. The way you did once upon a dream”


A + G: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream I know you, that gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem But if I know you, I know what you’ll do You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream”

Gabriel hugs adrien

(Quietly) “You are my son”

Adrien meets His parents


The king and queen offer Rose a job and she accepts

They offer Mari the reward money… but she doesn’t take the money.

“You sent for me, your grace?” Mari asked

“Ten million euros, as promised, and my gratitude.” The King said.

“I accept your gratitude, you highness, But I- I don’t want the money.”

“What do you want then?” The queen asks

“Unfortunately, nothing you can give.”

“Young woman, where did you get the music box? Your father was the man who saved us? Then you restore our son to us, yet you want no reward.”

“Not anymore.”

“Why the change of mind?” The king asks

“It was more of a change of heart…I must go.”

Adrien’s parents are like ‘Damn she hella in love.’

She leaves the room and runs into Adrien on the stairs.

“Hello, Marinette.” Adrien spoke coldly


“Did you collect your reward?”

“My business is complete.’

“Uh, young lady, you will bow.. And address the prince as ‘Your Highness” the servant said

“No that’s not necessary” Adrien said

“Please” Mari responded “Your Highness i’m glad you found what you were looking for.”

“Yes. I’m glad you did too.”

“Well, then, good-bye, your Highness.”

“Good-bye” Adrien spoke quietly.

Mari goes to say bye to rose

“Well, if you’re ever in the scummy part of paris again, look me up.” Mari said “So long Rose.”

They shared a quick embrace

“Ah, Marinette… you’re making a mistake.”

“Trust me… this is the one thing i’m doing right.”

She goes to pet Adrien’s cat

“So long, cat.”

Pooka lets out a whine.

“I can’t stay. I don’t belong here.”

The epic Ball/party/dance starts for Adrien being found.

They are looking through the drapes.

“She’s not there.” The queen spoke to her son.

“Oh, I know she’s not– she, who’s not there mother?”

“A remarkable young woman… whose father found a music box.”

“No, she’s probably too busy spending her reward money as fast as she can.”

The queen looked off quickly before speaking again “Look at them dance… you were born into this world of glittering jewels, and fine titles, but I wonder… if this is what you really want.”

“Of course!” Adrien answered. “Of course it is. I found what I was looking for! I found out who I am, I found you!”

“Yes you did find me– and you’ll always have me–” She pulled Adrien into a tight hug “but is it enough?…. My darling, she didn’t take the money.”

Adrien pulled back, shocked “She-She didn’t?”

“Knowing that you are alive, seeing the man you have become…brings me joy I never thought I could feel again.” She said before giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“Whatever you choose,” The king said walking through the curtains. “We will always be a family.” He walked over to Adrien and kissed his forehead.

“Mother, father, can’t you tell me the–” Adrien turned around to see both of his parents had gone through the curtains, to the dance floor.

He looked through and took a step out, before stepping back.

He hears a noise and pooka hissing

He runs outside to see men with long metal rods ready to beat the living shit out of him, and probably kill him. (They were the guys who abducted him when he was a baby.)

Mari jumps out to defend Adrien and gets beat the shit out of, but the guys left injured.

“Mari” Adrien said flipping the unconscious (Probably dead) girl on her back.

“No.” he cried into his knees facing away from the girl

Mari groans as she gets up, Adrien gasps

He throws his arms out and accidentally slaps her lightly as he goes of a big hug.

“Ow! Let go, let go.” she said before falling back in pain

“Sorry. Sorry”

She groaned as she propped herself on her knees.

“I thought you were going back to paris?” Adrien asked

“I was.” Mari said

“You didn’t take the–”

“I couldn’t.”


Mari leans closer to the blonde boy. “Because… I-”

Adrien started pulling Mari into a kiss

Pooka meows with the crown around his neck.

“Oh…” Mari said before taking the crown off the cat’s neck. She holds in in her hands as she looks at Adrien. They both stand up. “They’re waiting for you.”

He take it from the dark haired girl.


The king puts down the crown made for his son, picking up a note in a room full of guards and servants looking for his son.

Dear father and mother,

Wish me luck. We’ll be together in London again soon.

Love, your son, Adrien Agreste.  

The king passed it to his wife she read it over quickly

“Oh! They’ve eloped! Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending!”

The king smiled. “No. It’s a perfect beginning.”

The queen goes by his side as the gaze at the stars knowing that their son will be back.


Adrien (still in full prince attire) and Mari are ballroom dancing and then kissing (much to Pookas disgust) on a boat taking them back to paris, but just for a bit, they need to meet a lovely dark haired young woman’s parents.

Adrien picked her up (bridal style) and spun her in circles, Marinette couldn’t contain her giggles.

“Don’t worry London,” Adrien shouted out to the air “We will be back soon!”



Someone goes back in time to make sure adrien’s parents never meet and he goes back to get them together Au

(DISCLAIMER: They are ladybug and chat noir)

Somehow an akuma gets time travel power (Like a time machine, not like time breaker)

They hate Adrien and are all salty and they’re all like “Ha Adrien Agreste i’m going back in time to stop your parents from meeting!”

Adrien and Mari (both transformed) (plus alya and nino cause the get sucked in for some reason) go back in time to 1986 (Both of his parents are 24)

And because the go back in time Adrien and Mari get EXPOSED (Because 16 years ago they didn’t have their kwami) and the gang freaks out for a bit and then adrien’s like “Yo i’m really happy Mari’s ladybug but the akuma kinda wants me dead.”

Adrien’s parents meet at a coffee shop when Gabriel was just a broke design student. (Mama Agreste’s name will be Mia for the sake of the woman having a name)

But the akuma messes it up and thinks that their work is done.

BUTTTT the squad breaks into a concert that Gabe and Mia are going to.


Adrien notices that he’s slowly disappearing.

Mari, Alya and Nino go out into the crowd to try to push the two together

Adrien hijacking the finale performance.

He pulls a Brian in ‘Meet the Quagmires’  


Mia and Gabe walk towards each other thanks to Nino, Mari and Alya’s coaching.

They first meet and Gabriel is like “I know this sounds weird but… can I kiss you?”

“Yes you may”

They leave the concert to go on a real date.

Adrien isn’t disappearing!!

Mari and Adrien kiss in the V-J Day in Times Square style and a photographer gets it.

Because the akuma fails they go back to their time.

Ladybug captures the akuma, blah blah blah

The next day they go to school the next day and they do modern history.

“And here class (on the projector) is a picture from 1986 that got famous for being an inspiration for Gabriel Agreste’s first very popular clothes line. As you see the three pictures are taken as the boy leans in for the kiss. As you can see this was also very popular because it was an interracial couple kissing very similar to the V-J day kiss.” AND ITS ADRIEN AND MARI KISSING BACK IN THE 80’S AND THEY ARE TRYING NOT TO FREAK OUT.

“Nino, Alya, Marinette, and Adrien do you have a comment about this photo?”

Alya dying laughing “No-no we, were good.”

The whole class is like ‘Wtf guys what’s so funny?’

The squad just giggles the rest of the lesson and almost gets kicked out like 70 times.

When class is over Adrien picks up Mari and just runs the fuck out

And is adorable. And everyones like WTF? What happened since yesterday like Mari couldn’t even talk to him and now the are like a couple???

And someone’s like “Hey that couple from the picture kinda look like Mari and Adrien”

Everyone: “…… Nah!”



Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch3
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. Jungkook proposes working together, and you agree to team up with the frog prince from Seoul, for a good cause.

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | [x]

You’re musing about how there aren’t enough people in town to make Seokjin’s barbecue restaurant as crowded as it is, until you realize that there are more than just people from town. Aside from the off-season tourists, there are several tables filled with city-folk, sniffing about how quaint and old everything in town is.

Seokjin runs around getting your booth set up, leaving his two employees to cater to the paying customers. Lastly, he brings plates of bulgogi and dak kalbi, and a huge tray of unmarinated meat slices, half of which is samgyeopsal. He’s about to take the vacant seat next to you when Jungkook scrambles off the spot next to Saren and plops down beside you, forcing Seokjin to take his former seat. Saren looks even tinier as she seems to draw herself in, sitting between Seokjin and Hongbin. Over the top of her head, Hongbin inclines his head politely at Seokjin, who returns the gesture.

“Noona, you like samgyeopsal, right?” Hongbin asks.

“Should I grill the samgyeopsal, Saren?” Seokjin asks at the same time.

“Well, anything’s fine…” she looks at you for help.

“Chicken please,” Jungkook requests.

“For me too,” Hyuk says. “But who cares about that, huh?” Their respective older brothers don’t even seem to hear them, as they cover the grilling plate with pork slices.

When you’re sure the other three across the table are preoccupied with their own awkwardness, you rounded at Jungkook. “What did you do that for? I’m getting secondhand stress just looking at them.”

“Not me,” Hyuk pipes up. “I think it’s exciting.”

“Same,” Jungkook agrees.

“I hope you both choke on your stupid chicken,” you mutter. “Everyone knows bulgogi is the best anyway.”

When the first batch of meat is done, Seokjin and Hongbin both make neat, pretty lettuce wraps and hold them out for Saren at the same time. As if that isn’t enough, Jungkook and Hyuk present you with their haphazard wraps.

“Come on, eat it,” Jungkook urges.

“Don’t be shy.” Hyuk winks.

You scoff at the absurdity of it all. What kind of ridiculous drama situation… You take the ugly wraps offered to you and stuff them in your mouth. Both Seokjin and Hongbin looked horrified by your unlady-like display, yet both Jungkook and Hyuk snort in hilarity. You make a wrap as you chew and swallow violently, then offer it to Saren.

“Ahh–unnie! Ahhhh…” you prompt.

She gives you a small, amused smile and leans forward to eat the wrap from your hands. Seokjin and Hongbin sigh in unison and offer the wraps to their younger brothers, who are both busy scarfing down the remaining samgyeopsal.

“Eat it yourself,” Hyuk tells his older brother.

Jungkook shakes his head. “My hard-working hyung… you should eat a lot.”

While the next batch of meat is on the grill, Jungkook pulls out his tablet and presents his fundraising plan. His idea is to revive the spectacles from the flower festival of the old. To raise funds, the festival will be organized around a fair with rides, food stalls, game booths, and live entertainment. He even put together a list of possible sponsors.

“Our Jungkookie really has a good head for these things,” Seokjin gushes.

“Please, hyung, don’t be embarrassing,” Jungkook says, but his bunny smile betrays his glee.

“It’s true, Kookie, this is a good plan, you must’ve worked hard on it.” Saren says.

“The most annoying part is he made it just last night.” You huff, slapping his shoulder when he raises his eyebrows smugly.

“We should hire him,” Hongbin comments.

“Nope.” Hyuk wrinkles his nose. “Mom and Dad might decide he makes a better heir than me.”

A few adjustments are made to the plan, mostly by your older companions. Hongbin asks for a copy of the plan so he can have his people look into it and Saren says she’ll start drafting the sponsorship letters. The meeting wraps up with all of you thanking Seokjin for the food.

“Y/N, noona–we’ll drive you home. Well, hyung will.” Hyuk says, motioning towards the exit and heading out.

“Thanks, oppa!” you exclaim. Jungkook echoes your words, shooting hearts at Hyuk’s back, and you hit his shoulder again.

“You’ll come with us?” Hongbin beams at Saren and practically glows when she nods in assent. “Ah… I’m really glad. Let’s go, noona.” He leads her out the restaurant, his steps bouncy and giddy.

You’re about to follow them, when you hear Seokjin’s soft voice. “Y/N…” You turn back to find him holding out two stacks of food containers. “If you don’t mind, please take this with you.”

“What’s all this, Seokjin-oppa?” Your eyes widen. “Did you pack the entire restaurant?”

“Ah, well… I was making food for our house last night, so I thought I’d make some more. I mean, you’re Jungkook’s friend, and Saren’s also in your house…” he gives you a sheepish smile. “So that’s why…”

“I don’t know, I think mom just made side dishes,” you fib, not wanting to make Saren uncomfortable. Seokjin clearly intends the food for her, but you don’t think she’ll readily accept it.

But Jungkook takes one stack and pushes it in your arms, and carries the other. “It’s food, Y/N. Don’t waste it. And don’t even pretend that you didn’t like Jin-hyung’s cooking. I’ll help you bring this to Hongbin-hyung’s car.”

“This is for Hongbin and Hyuk.” Seokjin hands another stack to his younger brother.

“Aww, my hyung is too thoughtful,” Jungkook teases.

You can’t help but nod in agreement. “Thank you for the food, Seokjin-oppa. We’ll make sure to enjoy it.”

“Thank you.” Seokjin waves goodbye as you leave with Jungkook.

He looks like a prince, acts like a prince, he’s as nice as Hongbin-oppa, and he even cooks like this. You furrow your forehead in thought. So why would unnie leave someone like him behind?

A Group Effort

Anon: I would love to see my boy Lance with a headcold!! Make him suffer :’)

Anon: i’d like to see Lance with a headcold! and i dont care more than that. just as long as i can see my boy with a snuffly nose.

A/N: This is my first cold-based fic! I’m much more used to fever- and stomach-based things, so here we go with expanding horizons! Pray for me and spelling out sneezes. This had a lot of Lance and Keith still hating each other, it almost hurt my heart to write after all the Klance stuff.

It’s silent in space. It is a vacuum, there’s no medium for sound to travel through. Even while in their lions, practicing maneuvering through fodder the castleship threw at them, the paladins remained silent and focused.
It didn’t last long.
“Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m going back to the castle.”
The other four paladins sounded off in Keith’s ear.
“Wait, why?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s happening?”
“What is it, Keith?”
“I am done listening to Lance sneeze into the intercom.”

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IronHawk (Part Ten)

Welcome back to the story!
This is where all the awful angst comes in and I’m just going to apologize in advance for the next several chapters. I’m sorry guys :( Tony has the worst coping skills in the world.

PLEASE reblog this fic for me! Show some love and get it out there so more people can read it!! I would SO appreciate it!

If you are new to our story, check out Chapters 1-9 HERE.

Thanks for reading :)

Tony was… deliriously happy these days.
Was happy even a big enough word for how he felt? Was delirious even the right adjective?
He- brilliant super genius that he was- had no better words for this.
This bond.
These moments.

When Clint had reached out and took his hand as they bought groceries at the mom and pop store at the edge of the national forest.
When a little girl had asked her mommy if those two men were in love and Clint bent Tony backwards and kissed him without even hesitating.
At night, when Tony sat in front of the fire on the floor of the cabin, and glanced up to see his mate staring, chest heaving, wings trembling, eyes shading red as the Alpha took over and he moved forward to claim Tony again.
And again and again and again.

Their bonding heat had only lasted six or seven hours, but then Clint had spent an extra week showing Tony exactly how much he loved him. Not so much with words, no, because neither man was very good at that.

But with actions.

Feeding Tony in bites when they ate. Washing the omega every time they showered. Making Tony come again and again before Clint even thought about his own pleasure. Wrapping them in arms and wings and sleeping together until the sun rose again and they got to do it all over.

When they had returned to the tower, Tony had dragged Clint past everyone, ignoring all the hellos and well wishing, up to his suite to “properly christen the place” as a newly bonded couple and when they had come back down two hours later, the team had whooped and laughed and hugged, and exchanged money because they had been taking bets on how long the two would be upstairs.

And now, two weeks later, things were still wonderful.
Sure they were busy and spent more nights apart than together, but that was to be expected with Clint having his own missions outside of the Avengers, and Tony still having to run Stark Industries.
Clint sought him out every second when he was home, and they had tried and nearly succeeded to have sex everywhere in the common area, cleaning it frantically afterwards, laughing at how the team would react if they knew.

Tony was pretty sure the team knew.
But as long as the room smelled like bleach afterwards nobody said a thing.

Tony was… deliriously happy.

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Asuma: Ah, so you did the bell exercise again? Well Im surprised they got it.
Kakashi: So was I. But I’m glad they did. What was your trial?
Asuma sweats: oh uh… you know just some… *mumbling*
Kakashi: Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What was that?
Asuma sweating even more: Oh you know, I had them do some dun*mumbling*
Kakashi: You really have to speak up. I wear a mask for heavens sake and I can still speak more clearly than that.
Asuma: We played dungeons and dragons!
Kakashi: Oh…
Kakashi: how did it go?
Asuma: Ino tried to flirt with every monster, Shikamaru wouldn’t stop perception checking for traps or illusions that weren’t there and Choji’s character got a nat 20 in devouring my final boss on his first roll.
Kakashi: and you sent them to the Chunin exams???


It’s midnight on January 10th 2017- in other words. It’s now officially my birthday!
So have a oneshot people! This is a prompt for @thoughts-of-a-fandom-blogger hope you like it!

AU Prompt: Your RA almost caught your illegal cat but I convinced them that it was just me meowing.
Pairing: Adrienette
Words: 1701


For perhaps the first time in his life, Adrien was truly grateful for his modelling days.

Granted he was a little rusty, his father had let him take a break during his first year of university, so that he could get to grips with his studies- but years of training his face into an unthreatening smile certainly came in handy sometimes.

This was one of those times.

Adrien honestly hadn’t meant to get a cat. His father didn’t even know about it. It had followed him back to his house one night, yowling for food, and Adrien honestly thought the poor thing was lost. Feeling bad for it, Adrien had given him some spare chicken he’d cooked that night and shooed him away after a few ear scratches.

After a few days, the cat was back. Then a couple of nights after that. On and on it went until the cat pretty much lived with him. It had no collar and Adrien looked for an owner for months. But, being the softie he is, once nobody came forward Adrien decided to keep him. As his new friend Nino (a first-year student studying music) had predicted, he’d grown attached to the cat- whom Adrien had called Mew.

Mew was incredibly fluffy, and a kind of smoky black which made him look like a storm cloud with huge green eyes. Though he was perhaps the sweetest cat known to mankind, he had a puffy face and a mouth which made it seem like he was permanently sulking.

Mew was the best kept secret of Adrien’s floor. Being wealthy, he was in the quieter housing- wherein he had his own en-suite, and shared a kitchen with only four other people. He was lucky, he thought, that nobody on their floor suffered from allergies. Mew walked around as he pleased, visited other floors of the student digs, and became well known for cuddling those who were stressed out with their studies. Everybody loved him, and made a collective effort to hide him from any lurking Student Ambassadors who came to inspect.

But Adrien knew it would only be a matter of time before Mew was caught and taken away.

Today, it seemed, that day had finally arrived.

He pulled his face into a neutral smile as the Student Ambassador stood halfway into his room, tapping his foot impatiently. His dark hair was pulled up into a stern ponytail which oddly enough reminded him of Nathalie, his father’s assistant. He hadn’t smiled at Adrien once since he’d opened the door.

“I was in the downstairs apartment last night and I heard meowing- and it didn’t sound like it came from an electronic device.”

There it was. The accusation which was about to rip Mew from Adrien’s arms. As it was, the cat was hiding in Adrien’s bathroom. Adrien had grabbed the unsuspecting fluffball from his bed, where he’d been snoozing, and whispered to him the severity of the situation. It was tantamount to how chill Mew was that he just rolled with it, and fell asleep on top of the closed toilet lid.

“Meowing?” Adrien barely controlled the guilt-ridden squeak in his voice. The Ambassador raised his eyebrow.

“You don’t have a pet here do you?” He asked. His tone suggested he’d already made up his mind about the fact.

Adrien still found it in him to shake his head. Fighting every instinct within him, he kept his eyes straight, refusing to look at the closed bathroom door.

“Then you don’t mind me looking around do-”

Adrien’s heart stopped, the Ambassador’s eyes widened. They both froze.

A girl Adrien had seen hanging out with Nino a few times, but had never been properly introduced to himself, was marching down his hallway meowing and singing at the top of her lungs.

“Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can smile at the old days, when…”

The girl stopped as soon as she got to Adrien’s door, her bluebell eyes widening in shock and horror to see the Ambassador and Adrien gawking at her.

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[TL] Koakuma-Kei Danshi

Sinning on the first day of the new year. What am I going to do with myself? Anyway, I’m starting to love Masatomo’s voice as much as Hirarin’s. His do-m voice is so good, and his moans… (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Like always, feel free to correct me if I translated something incorrectly.

WARNING: This is a r18 drama CD!!

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oh-dear-old-diary  asked:

I am so happy. Why? Because today my father came with the printed "Allegiances". Ah I can't wait to start reading this masterpiece again. I love this so much, really. You are such a lovely person. I'm glad I have found your work!

Oh my gosh, how many pages is that even? I’ve thought about printing out chapters in progress because it’s sometimes easier to edit with a pen on paper, but it would break my printing budget if I did it too often.

anonymous asked:

Ah I love your Mother's Day post!!! By chance I was rereading the manga and in chapter 95 I think Aiyomas mom also showed up!! I love bnha for the fact that so many moms are alive and well!!

thank you!(^ω^) hehe I kept seeing the three main moms mostly for yesterday and I thought it’d be a shame not to have all of them brought up for the day

sadly I missed two or more orz tho considering i just remembered yesterday and had to pull em up by memory i like to think i did pretty good

I knew I forgot kouts’s but I forgot about Nana dang >_< good catch :D I missed one of the best moms in the series tho really there are so many

indeed its great we even have this many alive and well moms but now that I see this, I missed the only two who’ve passed on(;^ω^)

T-Shirt Weather [J-Hope]

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1345
Description: In which Hoseok and you love the same bad puns and it somehow leads you somewhere.

Author’s Note: My love for Hobie has been growing so much somebody help me. REALLY SHORT just because I had to write something for him!

The first time you meet Jung Hoseok, he’s in line waiting for pizza, chatting with his friends, when he suddenly looks at you, and bursts into a high-pitched cackle whilst pointing at your chest. His friends look over apologetically, and you shrug off the odd behaviour.

You think, later that night when changing into your pajamas, his laughter may have had something to do with the bold print on your shirt, which read: CROAKA-COLA’S MY FAVORITE DRINK and had an ugly cartoon frog at the side. But you don’t dwell on it, and he’s soon pushed into the back of your mind, nearly forgotten, but not quite yet.

It turns out forgetting him will be a harder task than you’d thought it would be.

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EXO Reaction Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

oh my god i love your blog * fangirl a bit * can I get a reaction to EXO loosing their short girlfriend in a big crowd and then finding her again ? :D

Let’s be honest here guys, this would be me with EXO. This is also me in the hall looking for my short friends. Short people trying to find short people in a crowd of tall people does. not. work. Just like, in case you couldn’t guess. #i don’t have a ton of heels to solve this problem #pssh 

Xiumin: *when he realizes he lost you*

Xiumin: great job, genius. You lost your girlfriend in a crowd of tall people. And you have no idea how find her again. *still starts looking for you while dialing your number* 

*when he finds you* 

Hello Y/N look who found you! *once he realizes the girl he is hugging is in fact you, feels really proud of himself and relieved he hadn’t hugged a stranger*

You: Oh look, my boyfriend, aka the guy who lost me. *you say to sass him before you turn around and hug him yourself, feeling relieved that he managed to find you*

Luhan: *when he realizes he lost you*

Luhan: I must look for Y/N with my all seeing googles. Then I will find her and she will see I am her manly man. Yes, good plan, Luhan. And she will love you for finding her and forget that you’re the one who lost her.

*when he finds you aka the second he sees you and then proceeds to tackle you over in a hug, victorious in his quest*

Kris: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kris: oh shit. How the hell am I supposed to see her when she’s short? Aya! All I see are heads and she’s shorter than average people’s heads. Damn it, you’re supposed to be tall and use the height to find your girlfriend. Aish…I’ll just hope she can see me in my giant-ness.

*when he finds you*

You: Yifan! Did you even try to look for me?

Kris: How the hell am I supposed to look for you? You’re short!

You: I know I’m short, idiot. But you’re tall! Can’t you use it?

Kris: Stop yelling at me, at least we found each other!

Suho: *when he realizes he lost you*

Suho: Right. Now I can find her and save the day without using my money just to show her that I can do things without money! Yes!

*When he finds you*

Suho: And there she is!

You: *crying because you couldn’t find him or see where you were and it was just stressful and as time wore on, you broke down* Where did you go?

Suho: perhaps buying her something will make her feel better *he thinks to himself while you collect yourself again in his arms*

Lay: *when he realizes he lost you*

Lay: *screaming into the towel freaking out before he goes to find you*

*When he finds you*

*comes up to you where you are sitting on a park bench, watching the people walk by hoping one is lay*

Lay: Hey there Jagi, are you ok?

External image

You: Yeah, I’m fine. Can we hold hands now so this doesn’t happen again?

Lay: Of course baby. *fluffy unicorn*

Baekhyun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Baekhyun: Oops…Time to go find her. Maybe I should stand on a bench.

*when he finds you*

Baekhyun: So you’re not mad that I lost you because I found you right?

You: *glare*

Baekhyun: Hey I know! Let’s get ice cream! hehehe

Chen: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chen: Right, so did anyone happen to see where she went? No? Great.

*when he finds you*

Chen: hey baby! I found you!

You: God Chen! I was so worried and I couldn’t find you anywhere! *you say hugging him happily*

Chen: I mean, a kiss would show how happy you are a lot better, yeah?

Chanyeol: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chanyeol: *reaction king mode on full blast* Oh god! What have I done? She’s so small she could get hurt!!

*when he finds you*

Chanyeol: And now that I’ve found you, you can’t get rid of me! Haha, never gonna lose you again!

DO: *when he realizes he lost you*

DO: *going about the place like normal until moment he realies* how the hell am I supposed to find her? I’m not tall either! !*$&%&^@^

*when he finds you*

DO: ah yes Kyungsoo you did it! you did it! you did it! 

Tao: *when he realizes he lost you*

Tao: How could I let this happen? Chen, I’m terrible!

Chen: We can go look for her…It’s ok.

*when he finds you*

Tao: Ah yessss! I did it! Best boyfriend ever! Haha!

Kai: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kai: Aish…Where did she say she was going again? I was thinking about chicken and if there would be anything for my dogs in that pet store…Aish…Where oh where to look for that girl.

*when he finds you*

Kai: I’m so glad I found you! Now let’s go home where I can’t lose you!

You: Kai, I told you where I was going

Kai: *awkward laughter*

Sehun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Sehun: Op she’s lost again. Just perfect. Now I have to deal with this. *sigh*

*when he finds you*

Sehun: *mocking you because he is a brat* Ah! Oh stop your freaking out! I found you! Just calm down, jeesh.

mylittlehime  asked:

Ah! My goodness! I recently re-found Insight and I really have to let you know that looking back it was my favorite fic from Reaper76 week and for whatever reason I could not find it again until now-glad I did! I love it-it has all the things a good body swap and Repaer76 story should have and I loved it!

Oh gosh that is high praise, thank you so much!!

@whatislifeandhowdoidoit: You were sweet and look how cute you were, ah! I’m glad we seen each other again on Saturday after we bumped into each other!

@scarybxnes: Hey, dude. For some reason, Tumblr Mobile won’t let me link your name so you’ll just have to come across it the regular way, sorry. 😟

Anyway, we barely said 10 words to each other when we were there and I did want to ask you if you wanted to hang out on Sunday with the group I was with but by then, half of them was leaving and in the mix, you already left too! Not your fault, obviously, and I just assumed that you were busy and you had your own group so I didn’t follow up on it but if it’s any consolation, you were a pretty cute Castiel! 😆

@sagelucas: Seb, we barely talked but it was so nice to see you again! You were a cute Davepetasprite, you were so detailed!

@bullhorns-and-fairywings: Your company was appreciated there, and you were so generous too! I enjoyed our little talks, hopefully we can follow up on it more!

Now, as a bonus, have some selfies of me looking cute with some other cuties!

Hot single redheads going our own way! This was a great Grell who was in the Black Butler Q&A panel! It’s too bad Madam Red was already out of costume, I would’ve loved to get her in this too!😗

My son, who I’ve noticed is normally quite taller than me! 👀

@sriracha-cha-cha: Tumblr Mobile fails me once again ‘cause I can’t tagged you but hey, my favorite fusions! Actually, I love every fusion but these two are on my list of future cosplays! 💖

What a sweet Rose Quartz! I loved the peppermint colored flower crown too! 💗

Let it be known that Pearl loves every single version of Rose Quartz, that includes the ones with scruffy beards! 🐻


-Ah thought ya said that only another alicorn could set her free!?

–I did! *WHAM*


So I go to see if I’m approaching 10 grand cuz I knew we were close and it turns out we blew past that milestone days ago! Thank you guys so much for choosing to follow the Royals - it really means the world to me that you guys are interested in this blog. I’m glad you are having fun with it, because I sure love drawing it! ^^ Thanks again! :D

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wow, thanks so much for all the effort you put into that romances survey! so interesting!!! :) fyi I think the answers to the two q's "did you want to romance someone not available to your gender"/"-someone not available at all" might be mixed up. i'm a bit tired so may have just interpreted it incorrectly (sorry if so!) but figured it was worth a mention. thanks again :) :)

Ah, glad you found the results interesting! 

And no, they’re accurate. I was surprised too.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Voice Drama – Palpitating Miracle Change (part 1)

Decided to translate the MikaGaku drama CDs because I didn’t see anyone doing it. I tried to upload the audio, but tumblr keeps telling me the file is too big. However, there is a download link provided here by the mighty pika09​.

Y’all remember that fictional girl from the dating sim Eruna was playing at the beginning of the anime? Welp, she plays a big part here. Also, warning for lots of second-hand embarrassment because Yuuto and Sadamatsu are such huge nerds, lmao.

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