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I don’t know if I can express how much I love Andy and Mica’s relationship. She just shot him with 3 separate paintball guns and then again with the fast one because it got jammed and he not once bitched about it, in fact he had her start over because he wanted it to look good. Like yeah they talked about it hours ago, but still, that’s serious friendship and trust. And he got more worried about her getting paint on her outfit than how much pain he was in.

These are my major Second Lead Syndrome lovers! Oh I wish I could have them all because of the no good female lead! Nah, I’m just kidding, but I really do love these second leads.

Best Friend Getting Married

Pushing the last hair grip into her hair, you stood back and sighed until she revealed her glowing face to you. You then smiled. Grinned at her, at the thought of her getting married to the one that she’s been dreaming of marrying when she laid eyes on him at high school. High school sweethearts you could say.
They were definitely one of the most cutest couples you’ve ever seen, and you couldn’t be more happier for your best friend. Ah, she’s changed into the most beautiful woman, with a strong, kind heart, and a sweet soul. Ever since we were kids, she’s always thought about having the “the one” for the rest of her life and it looks like she finally is.

You wiped a tear that had fallen that didn’t give you a warning because you know you were going to be leaving the room in buckets of tears.

That’s when you realised she had a tear escaping but you didn’t let her cry, with her makeup that would be ruined. You searched on the dressing table for tissues that you had brought with you and as you found them you carefully took and handed it to her so she could dab her eyes before they got too wet.

Your best friend sighed, “Oh boy the ceremony hasn’t even begun and here I am getting all teary eyed.” She said with a shaky voice. You giggled at her before sitting next to her and placing an arm around her shoulder, pulling her in for a side hug.

You had thought for a while for what you were about to say to her before she gets married.

“You do know you have been a true sister to me all my life, right? Everything that you would do would always be right in the end. Thank you for taking care of my ups and downs even though you didn’t have to help me. You would always know what to say when I come over to yours whenever I was upset, especially when I get into an argument with Harry.”

You took one of her hands and looked into her blue eyes.

“Just want to say, thank you. Thank you for being a true friend, a sister, my family. I, really don’t know what I would do without you. And I’m so glad you’ve become a part of my life. And seeing you at this special moment in life, I just…” You trailed off, before tears rolled down your smooth face. You didn’t care if the makeup was running too, you just needed to let it all out.

“Oh babe, stop please don’t make me cry as well” Your best friend said in response to your tears.

“I’m gonna save the rest of the speech till later at the reception. Just remember that I love you and that I can’t wait for you to start a chapter, a family, and join families with ours too.” You smiled contentedly at that thought. Your best friend grinned back at you,

“Oh tell me about it, when we have children I just can’t wait to take them all round your house so the kids will play, and both our husbands would be talking, God knows what, and we’ll bake cakes and cook and…” She dreamed of this moment and so did you. You couldn’t wait.

You were about to say something in return before you were interrupted by the creaks of the huge door which only revealed a tiny boy behind it. It was your son dressed so smartly. You tried to make a hairstyle for him but his curls wanted to be free, so you let his hair frame his cute face.

His eyes were wide and he was almost afraid to come in, like he interrupted something serious. You smiled at him and waved him over.

“Hey sweetie, is everything okay?” You asked him while he walked over with flowers in his hands. You picked him up and let him rest on your hip, before handing these gorgeous flowers to your best friend as a small gift.

He nodded, “Yes mummy, I’ve brought my auntie a present.” She gasped and delicately took the flowers away from his fingers and thanked him before kissing him on the cheek.

You’re the only man so far who’s brought me a present on my wedding day” she laughs and continues, “Thank you so much, Y/S/N, I’ll keep these forever!”

Y/S/N giggled at her before looking at me. You smiled at him for showing that lovely gesture to her. Time had passed in the dressing room, before it was time for Y/B/N to leave this church as a wife.

“It’s time…”

You smoothed down your pastel pink dress that was beautifully done. You also adjusted your son’s bow tie, before he walked down the aisle as the pageboy. The organs filled the church with everyone rising up from their seats to see the beautiful bride walk down. You carefully had your eye on Y/S/N with the valuable rings he was carrying towards the alter where you saw her partner that was going to be with her for the rest of his life. You saw him trying not to cry in front of everyone, it was so obvious by the tears brimming ready to fall any second.

As you walked near the front, you caught your eye on your husband. There he was. Dressed in his black and white coat suit however he left a few top buttons open for a little peak of his tattoos. It was enough for your Y/D/N to trace it with her fingers as a distraction instead of crying and wailing in church. She would also ask her dad why on earth he would have this many tattoos. But she liked it because she’s always fascinated by the drawings.

Harry was holding your daughter by resting her on his hip, and as soon as you reached the front, you glanced at them and saw their grins on their faces as they saw you and your son walking down. He winked at you, causing your cheeks to turn red and hoping the crowd doesn’t notice.

You and Y/S/N joined him at your family’s pew. “You look so beautiful love.” You felt like Harry spoke for the first time to you today, as you were getting Y/B/N ready this morning. He knew what he was doing because your cheeks turned red even more. As soon as you were about to say something, you saw Y/D/N becoming restless in Harry’s arms. She would squirm, she would try and get Harry’s attention by pushing herself out of his arms.

“Uh oh, I think she’s wanting to try and sleep” as you saw Y/D/N opening her small mouth to let out a cry. The church was pure silent with just the Priest talking however Y/D/N’s voice became distinct. You tried shushing her gently and patting her back before her tone gradually went down because of what Harry was doing. He gave her funny faces that lit up her face. It was always enough to make her smile. Then later, she began to climb out of Harry’s arms and crawled her way to the alter. Harry’s eyes widened before getting up and quickly lifting her from the floor and coming back to his seat.

"You’ve been very restless today princess…” He said to her in his gentle tone. You smiled at them both. It was just like the moment when you gave birth to Y/D/N and asked Harry if he wanted to hold her. His words to her were, “You are going to spoil me princess with your cries and constant whining. I’m going to treat you like a princess because you are a princess and you’re mine.”

You were reminiscing that moment and probably will for the rest of your life. You even grinned so bad at Harry.

"What, love?” He smiled back at you.

"Nothing, I love you.” You whispered. Even those words surprised you till to this day and even Harry as he revealed his dimples, showing them off in his smile.

"And I love you” he held your hand and rested it on his thigh. You felt him lift your hand to his lips before placing a gently kiss, to your ring finger. Y/D/N was reaching out for you, noticing that you were there even though it’s been several minutes. You tickled Y/D/N lightly before placing an arm around your handsome little boy next to you. You loved your family and you couldn’t wait for Y/B/N to start one.

Yeah that was crap for a first one but hey there’s many more to come.

tracer definitely makes really poor taste jokes where she’s like…“ah, what a beautiful saturday morning!!” and winstons like “tracer it’s thursday” and she starts to “"panic”“

she bursts into the room mid-june with a santa hat and trailing a string of lights asking winston if he’s ready to decorate for the holidays