ah sasha


Look at these dorks //literally literally everyone is looking pls stop

AU where the 104th Squad goes to college with me (yet somehow the Shingeki no Kyojin anime still exists).

unlike-any-other  asked:

What will the characters do if someone made a fast kiss on them directly in the lips without minding death after doing that?

Don’t y’all care about consent? Kids these days!

Mikasa: Shocked, this can’t be happening
Reiner: Just put out his tongue, suddenly it’s over, embaressed and slightly dissapointed
Bertholdt: Stiff as a board, lifeless mess
Annie: Turns red, hides face, runs away
Eren: Confused bean
Jean: Pretends to be mad, but his knees shake
Marco: ‘ah, thank you’
Connie: Rubs lips ‘THE FUCK DUDE?’
Historia: ‘You have three seconds to run somewhere I don’t find you’
Armin: Wonders what that was for
Ymir: Too bad, the one kissing Ymir is pregnant now.
Levi: Can’t compute
Hanji: Confused but it was fun, so hey
Erwin: Judges them hard
Nanaba: The frown of the century
Mike: chuckles, minds his own business

Anyone else got Garry’s Mod? Cause there are a lot of Telltale game character models out at the mo, I just hope Vaughn’s made soon then we got the main four of Borderlands and I’d LOVE to play them with you peeps. Especially play the horror map cause I’m talking to griftingpandora about doing a map with the four characters while in character and some of the things is pretty hilarious.

Wheezing at how we think Sasha would be. XD Everyone has their basic weapons but for some reasom Sasha has an RPG and loves to shoot Rhys with it and find every opportunity to shoot him.

‘What’s that blood on the wall say?’
‘Kill… the… Hyper… ion.’

‘What’s that note say?’
‘Kill the Hyperion.’
*High-pitched screaming from Vaughn as Rhys is practically nuked*