ah pretty boy

Sometimes I’m really confused by Otabek like

I can’t decide if he’s constipated or the other way around but what’s with this face ???

And then you have 

Ah yes pretty boy ok it was just once

But then

WHY ARE YOU SUDDENLY 40 ?? I know you hate SNS and that’s an instagram picture but did it really took you 20 years to finally get an instagram account ??

Conclusion : Yoi is pretty inconsistent with Otabek and it leads me to be really confused as to how to imagine him.


± I’m not an angel /
I’m not a Gabriel /
I’m not a saint, a sage, or someone who’ll turn the page for ya ±

do not remove the caption



casual  clothing.  graphic geek  shirts  and  usual  jeans.  home - wear  prominently includes  a pair of  sweatpants  (  or just  boxers  )  hanging loosely off his  hips.  sometimes  joggers when going  out.  MAINLY  however,  sport  shoes  with  thin  soles  and  jagged  bottoms.  the  perfect  trainers  and  fingerless gloves   worn  when  it  comes  to parkour,  because  who  knows  when he has  to  break  into  that?  on a  day - to - day basis,  his  clothes  are baggy  and  long.  that  includes  hoodies,  long - sleeved  shirts,  boots  and  jeans.  only  to  hide  the  spider - man  suit  he  wears  beneath,  and  to  conceal   the  web - shooters  still  attached  to  his  forearms.  sometimes  they’re  carried  in  a  bag,  and  with  that,  he’d  wear  normal t - shirts  with  band  names  and  the  like.   he’s  always  wearing the  modern  things,  and  ALWAYS  puts  casual / comfort  before  looks.

colour  schemes  HAVE to  include a hint of  red or  blue  (  he has to  keep up with  the  aesthetics  ),  including  black,  white  and  surprisingly gold  at  times.  gold coming back from  the  iron spider’s  palette.

though,  he  does wear  outfits to look  good of course,  something to  match the occasion.  for  example,  work and  any  fancy place  would include  a  buttoned - up shirt,  badly ironed.  few of the  buttons undone,  collars wrinkled &  up,  and a  tie hanging  loosely from his  neck.   with the  only pair  of polished,  well worn shoes to  go with it,  of course, adorned by smart black  trousers.       if  it’s a  casual get - up,  such as being dragged into  a  club or  whatnot,  he’d most  likely  don  black trousers,  white  foot - wear  and  either  a tight  plain white,  or  black  t - shirt.  

My 2016 Top 9 Anime Guys

Not all of these are new I just found these dudes need to be in my reverse harem. Also real life look alikes! This is in no order I like them all.

1: Thor and his three different looks (Planet of The Beast King/ Jyu Oh Sei) This is a really great anime so check it out. I find 3rd and Zagi hot as well, Thor is just the best. Plus he starts to look at 3rd near the end of this anime.

I’d like to see Lucky Blue Smith play Thor

2: Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita/ Kamisama Kiss) most of guys in this are hot as hell but Tomoe with long hair takes it! He looks great with his short cut as well.

I’d love to see Jordan Barrett play him, he has those fox eyes!

3: Shin ah (Akatsuki no Yona) He is so sweet and cute and bad ass.

Jordan Coulter has his face, no joke.

4: Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) I love that he is sweet but deadly and fights for the good of others without having to be asked. Plus long red hair is really hot!

I can think of no one expect Bartek Borowiec!  

5: Sonic ( One Punch Man) this crazy dude is hot as fuck! This anime is great and many of the guys are drawn good looking.

Jaco Van Den Hoven

6: Angelo (91 Days) This is a beautifully made anime.

Sen Mitsuji would be perfect for Angelo

7: Hao (Shaman King) Hao is awesome. 

Willy Cartier would be great.

8: Tsume (Wolf’s Rain) one of my favorite animes. Rewatched it this year and really thought Tsume was hot as hell. I find all the guys hot thu

Diego Barrueco

This is it for now I’ll post another one of these soon.


-One Direction
-5 Seconds of Summer
-The Pretty Reckless
-Panic! At The Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-Sailor Moon
-Cara Delevingne
-Taylor Swift

I’ll check out everyone who reblogs and follow most people probably

Bad boys who love rock n roll, fast cars, and getting wasted, but are low key sweet hearts who are really good with children and small animals will be the death of me.