ah precious family


i cant beLIEVE unbeliavble i swear how rude of me but really i love you chrom best confession ever 10/10

oh and here’s a bonus because dorky kids: 

pfft but morgan mommy’s already a dork didnt u know 


The Mighty and Powerful House of Helheim.

Fathers, Mana and Pyry keep the sides, and all their wonderful children in the middle of them. All 9 of them. Halla (27) is the eldest, next is Surma (26), then the non-identical twins Kalma and Nietos (25), then Tuoni (24), Kato (23), the identical twins Kuura and Huurre (22) and last but not least, Routa (21).

Fun fact, all the characters’ names either mean various forms of snow or death in Finnish. 

Surma is rraffeh’s character.