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You know, sometimes it’s nice to connect with people who are alike you. Who understand you.

Is that why you keep Kennex around?

No, I lost a bet.

almost human photoshop challenge  - 1/3 favourite dynamics. 

People always joke about Funhaus being the polar opposite of Achievement Hunter but they really are like

AH: 2 out of 6 have brown eyes while the rest have blue/green.
FH: 2 out of 6 have blue/green eyes while the rest have brown

AH: everyone except fot Ryan has an iPhone
FH: Everyone uses Android

AH: Console

AH: 5/6 are married
FH: 3/6 are married

AH: Videos are usually around 30 minutes or longer
FH: Videos are usually 15-20 minutes

AH: Off Topic podcast is wild unpredictable
FH: Dude Soup is calm and collected

AH: facecams for Let’s Watch and horror only
FH: always use facecam

Welcome to AH City (WIP)

Based off of Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. (Currently only assorted episodes 1-100)

Buildings Include:

  • Downtown Achievement City (Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Ryan’s houses, Kerry’s basement/Team Nice Dynamite hall WIP)
  • King’s Court (Top Right)
  • Spring Harvest Farm (ep. 93, West of King’s Court)
  • Goeff’s Farming & Mercantile Supply (Ep. 93, South of the Farm)
  • Hospital (ep. 87, North of Downtown)
  • Royal Bank of Geoff (ep. 95, West of Goeff’s)
  • Altar of Pimps (ep. 19 & 100, Top Left)
  • Thunderdome (ep 43, Bottom Left)
  • Birch Bunker (ep. 64, South of the Altar of Pimps)
  • Wool Collecting House (ep. 31-32, West of Downtown)
  • Shopping List House (ep. 52-53, West of Geoff’s House, South of Wool House)
  • Petting Zoo (ep. 76, East of Downtown)
  • No/Dark Petting Zoo (ep. 41-42, 64, North of Petting Zoo, South of Goeff’s)
  • Bay of Pimps/Jamboree Campground (ep. 28 & 80, Bottom Right)