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People always joke about Funhaus being the polar opposite of Achievement Hunter but they really are like

AH: 2 out of 6 have brown eyes while the rest have blue/green.
FH: 2 out of 6 have blue/green eyes while the rest have brown

AH: everyone except fot Ryan has an iPhone
FH: Everyone uses Android

AH: Console

AH: 5/6 are married
FH: 3/6 are married

AH: Videos are usually around 30 minutes or longer
FH: Videos are usually 15-20 minutes

AH: Off Topic podcast is wild unpredictable
FH: Dude Soup is calm and collected

AH: facecams for Let’s Watch and horror only
FH: always use facecam

Welcome to AH City (WIP)

Based off of Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. (Currently only assorted episodes 1-100)

Buildings Include:

  • Downtown Achievement City (Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Ryan’s houses, Kerry’s basement/Team Nice Dynamite hall WIP)
  • King’s Court (Top Right)
  • Spring Harvest Farm (ep. 93, West of King’s Court)
  • Goeff’s Farming & Mercantile Supply (Ep. 93, South of the Farm)
  • Hospital (ep. 87, North of Downtown)
  • Royal Bank of Geoff (ep. 95, West of Goeff’s)
  • Altar of Pimps (ep. 19 & 100, Top Left)
  • Thunderdome (ep 43, Bottom Left)
  • Birch Bunker (ep. 64, South of the Altar of Pimps)
  • Wool Collecting House (ep. 31-32, West of Downtown)
  • Shopping List House (ep. 52-53, West of Geoff’s House, South of Wool House)
  • Petting Zoo (ep. 76, East of Downtown)
  • No/Dark Petting Zoo (ep. 41-42, 64, North of Petting Zoo, South of Goeff’s)
  • Bay of Pimps/Jamboree Campground (ep. 28 & 80, Bottom Right)

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Hellllo~ can I get some yummy fluff with Kenma pleasse

Some Kenma love, here you go! It’s pretty long, sorry!

The morning sun lit its gradience through Kenma’s blinds and onto his closed eyelids. The irritation of the bright light burned past his lids, forcing him to awaken. Kenma’s eyelids opened slowly, cursing the sun. Subconsciously, Kenma brought his arm from his side and brought it over your body.

It was still new but Kenma had grown comfortable to the norm. You two living together only started two weeks ago, but it’s felt like years. Even Kuroo’s grown accustomed to your home as he barges in unannounced sometimes. At first Kenma was worried you were uncomfortable with his best friend welcoming himself into your new home, but to his relief you laughed at his silly remark.

Of course I don’t mind Kuroo over. He’s family.

Kenma scooted his body a bit down, hoping not to wake you. The sun was the enemy right now and he wasn’t in the mood to do a long battle of whose spot who was in. As Kenma shifted his body, he watched you to see if you would awaken from your slumber. A smile crept onto his face to see you just push your face closer to his chest.

He never admitted this to anyone, but every morning, as he watches you sleep with the sunlight basking onto your skin, Kenma thinks of all the memories you two share. The first time you met. When he confessed his feelings for you. How the topic of moving in became a reality.

The two of you met through Yamamoto, surprisingly. You were his cousin and decided to come watch a game that was close to your home. Kenma was surprised to see a quiet person related to someone as loud as Yamamoto. He didn’t quite get it, but when he first saw you talking to Yamamoto, his face was a little flushed. And Kuroo noticed. When Kenma saw the signature smirk of Kuroo’s, he knew it was trouble. And Kenma was right. At the time, Kenma would curse Kuroo for being born, but now, Kenma was thankful Kuroo decided on eating out with everyone on the team after the game. It was only kind to invite you, Kuroo told you while smirking at Kenma. At the time you thought nothing of it. During dinner, it wasn’t like Kuroo set it up to where you two would sit next to each other. Kenma was on the other side of the table from you, sitting a person away. And even as he ate, he couldn’t help but watch you. Kenma couldn’t figure you out, but he didn’t know why he had to also. Every now and then Kenma would catch you looking at him, but then immediately the both of you would avert your eyes with pink cheeks. Eventually, Yamamoto caught on, seeing how your cheeks would be flushed. Yamamoto looked to Kuroo for assurance, and it was all over then.

“Hey Kenma, what’s that new game coming out that you’re looking forward to again?” Yamamoto asked with raised eyebrows and a smile that was a little too big.

Kenma looked to Yamamoto and swallowed his food casually. “Outlast 2.” Kenma couldn’t help but notice the turn of your head and beaming eyes were directed towards him. “Hm?”

“Y-You like Outlast?” you asked nervously, but everyone could hear the excitement in your voice. At the nod of Kenma’s head, it was like a beam of opal lights shined through your eyes. And thus began your reveal to Kenma. “Me too! I’ve been waiting for the newest one also! What do you play on!?”

“Ah, PC,” Kenma said sheepishly. Usually Kenma would retort to such an outburst of a personality. But it was… Cute. Kenma immediately felt his cheeks warm up even more to his realization. It didn’t help to hear Kuroo’s mischievous laugh.

“______-san, do you wanna switch seats? So you and Kenma could talk?” Kuroo asked with a cunning smile. You looked to Kuroo a bit hopeful but also confused. You were fine with talking like this. Although it was across the table… Kenma looked to Kuroo with squinting accusing eyes. Kuroo ignored it and only smiled more pleasantly.

Without your answer, Kuroo moved anyway. The two of you switched seats, and even though it was awkward at first, it was a great night with Nekoma’s boys volleyball team. Especially since Kenma decided to talk after awhile.

“Have you played the game yet?” Kenma asked quietly after the both of you shifted in your seats. It was the start of everything.

After that, everything fell into place. At first Yamamoto and Kuroo would tag along on your hang outs, but after awhile, you two found your way. And besides, it was boring for them to spend hours in a video game store and talk about plans at video game conventions. But it surprised Kenma to be open about going to those sort of events. He didn’t even understand why he agreed to go with you to those events when he didn’t adore crowds. But every time Kenma accompanied you with the conventions, and saw the way your forehead wrinkled when you tried to decide which game and poster you wanted, he couldn’t help but feel warm. It was only warm on his cheeks. It was in his chest, he felt it in his finger tips when your hands were only a few inches away, and it was at the bottom of his feet when you were just a few feet away when you were first meeting together. Soon, Kenma invited you over and vice versa when there were no conventions to go to but you two just wanted to hang out.

“Do you want to come over today?” Kenma asked when you two spoke over the phone. It made you a little nervous, especially to hear no nerves in his voice. Kenma sounded so sure, like your company was the best thing to happen to him. Because it was true for you.

But in reality, Kenma was sweating bullets. He even asked Kuroo to come over to make sure he wasn’t too sick for you to come over, because he didn’t want to cancel on you.

“Are you planning on confessing to her?” Kuroo asked bluntly. And with the way Kenma flinched with wide eyed open cat eyes, Kuroo had his infamous smirk upon his face. “I don’t know why you’re nervous. She likes you too.”

“You don’t know that for sure,” Kenma replied, almost immediately. Kuroo wasn’t expecting to see his best friend have a pout and looking a little down.

“Kenma,” Kuroo waited for Kenma to look him in the eyes. “It’ll be alright. This isn’t the first time you two have hung out. And yeah, I get it. Being alone in your room playing video games is still intimate, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it more than to have you confess to her in a big crowd. _____-san’s a good girl. Don’t forget that.” Kuroo smiled to see Kenma’s shoulder relax. He wasn’t smiling, but his shoulders weren’t tense like he had just spiked someone in the face. Kuroo looked to the clock, finding his cue to leave. “Well, she should be here soon. Break a leg, buddy.”

Immediately, Kenma’s nerves became evident again. Especially when he heard his phone buzzing. As he looked to his phone, Kenma had to take a deep breath to relax.

I’m a block away, Kenma-kun!

With a sigh, Kenma thought nervously. It’s now or never.

You could feel the tension of your nerves rubbing off on Kenma. You didn’t mean to, it was just… Being alone just playing video games in his rooms was so… intimate. You enjoyed it, you just felt the pressure. Some times you thought you were thinking too much, or you were thinking just enough. But there was no denial that your nerves were evident. Kenma could see it as he pressed down onto the buttons of his console.

“Ah, she looks like Yuna,” you noted as a new character came into the screen. Kenma looked to the new character and nodded his head. “Have you played the Final Fantasy games?” Again with a nod. “ Ah, there’s no surprise to that. Kenma-kun does like games.”

“Have you played them?” Kenma asked as the cut scene continued to play. It was introducing the new character, which Kenma already knew about. He’s played this game countless times. When you said you had never played to story with another player, he offered the game.

“Yeah, I play Final Fantasy X and X-2 the most,”

“Because of Yuna and Tidus?”

Kenma was confused when you looked at him bewildered. “No, I just play it the most because it’s my favorite.”

“Oh, people usually like it because of Yuna and Tidus’s love story,”

“That’s true,” you replied disappointed and it confused Kenma. “I just don’t think it was enough to show that they really liked each other. Yuna didn’t start liking Tidus until he kissed her. And he only kissed her because he felt bad for her. Tidus never showed any affection towards her until after that.”

“You don’t believe someone Tidus loved Yuna?” Kenma asked blandly. He didn’t care. They were fictional characters, and the story was good enough. He just wanted to know what you thought. Kenma caught himself thinking about that lately.

“I do… I just… I guess for me, I don’t want to be kissed to be a confession. Yes, actions are nice. But words from the heart are just as comforting,” Kenma could see the shine in your eyes as you smiled. And it made his heart race. Do you know how he feels? “People could lie about how they feel by just saying it. But… I don’t know. I think if you truly like someone, when they confess, you just know when they say the words ‘I like you’. They act a bit differently. You know?”

When you looked to Kenma, he was hugging his knees with his chin against his knees. His cheeks were a flushed red and his eyes kept to the tv screen. “I’ve never confessed to anyone. I never had anyone to confess to.”

“Eh, really? Kenma-kun’s doesn’t like anyone?” you asked with a smile, but your heart felt a twinge.

“I didn’t,” Kenma confessed. He tightened his hands around each other. “But I have you now. I like you now.”

That wasn’t supposed to come out. Kenma’s eyes widened at his thoughts that became aloud. And without thinking, Kenma just fell over to his side, still hugging his legs. He didn’t want to see what you looked like, if you were so terrified to be around him.

But what surprised Kenma was he heard skin smacked against skin, but it wasn’t yours slapping his. It was your hands against your face.

“Y-You like me back?” you muttered nervously. And for thirty minutes, the two fo you stayed red as tomatoes, refusing to have to endure the most embarrassing but most happy moment between you two had shared so far.

Ever since then, you two had started dating. Being from two different cities was a bit difficult, but it worked out. The text messages never stopped, playing games online together was another way of spending time together, and the casual meet ups for dates were planned. It was all happy. It was normal for Kenma to have a natural frown, he doesn’t usually smile. But there were times when he would see you happy with him and there would be a smile. And it melted your heart. That’s how you first kissed him. He smiled when you dropped your ice cream on a walk in the park. You complained he had wasted his money on you, but he didn’t care. Kenma was happy to be with you, just being able to see you in person was enough to make him happy. To see you be so thoughtful of his worth, made Kenma smile. And it resulted in you placing your lips against his.

“You confessed first, now it’s my turn to do something for you,” you said sheepishly. Kenma had no words as he looked down to you, only a smile.

There were only a few times the two of you fought. But what couple didn’t? And for some reason, you just knew you two would be okay. You weren’t one to be jealous. But whenever Kenma had gone up to a woman for directions, had to talk to a girl for Kuroo, or had to break Yamamoto from making googly eyes at a girl, you felt your heart became heavy. And it led to your first fight, which was ridiculous. But Kenma gave you what your heart needed.

“We’ve been going out for a year now. You really think I could love someone else other than you? Dealing with other women like that is just casual, I don’t even know them regularly. _____, all I ever known with love is you. So please don’t think anything else of my definition of love,”

And with that your heart was at ease.

Never again did you doubt your boyfriend. Everything was good in the world. The both of you would play video games, still talk until the next morning on the phone, and have occasional dates. Everything was good.

But Kenma always knew, it could be better.

“You’re going to what?” Kuroo blinked his eyes twice, only for them to be bigger with each blink.

Kenma continued to eat his ramen, as if he didn’t hear Kuroo. “Is it that surprising?”

“Ah, well,” Kuroo leaned back into his chair with his smile, still in shock. “I just didn’t think you would-”

“Ask to move into a place with ____-san?” Kenma met Kuroo’s eyes, stronger and keener than usual. It sent a chill down Kuroo’s spine.

“Yeah,” it was only a whisper

“Yeah,” Kuroo shrugged and returned to his ramen. “I love her. I don’t think she can handle the distance any longer. And we’re almost graduated. It makes sense to move out and get my own place too. She’ll just live with me. Somewhere close to both our schools,”

“And close to mine!”

Kenma scrunched his face, his signature disgusted face when he ever had a conversation with Kuroo. “Why would we need to-”

“I’m just as much a necessity to your life just as _____ is!” Kuroo exclaimed with a hold to his chest and a dramatic lean back with the back of his hand to his forehead. But he quickly straightened himself and returned to his food with a smile. “So when do you move in together?”

“I need to ask her first,” this was the most Kenma had surprised Kuroo in a day.

“You didn’t ask her first? And you’ve thought this far?” With a nod and pink cheeks, Kuroo looked to his friend with a hum. When Kenma looked to Kuroo, his eyes squinted with accusing eyes. “How come you think you need to tell me your plans with _____ first?”

At first, Kenma was quiet. He wasn’t even bothering with his food anymore, Kenma just let the sounds around them become more evident than ever. The sounds of other people’s conversations, the sounds of the cooks handling the pots and pans, the sound of the door chime ringing when the door opened.

“I don’t want to move too fast or do the wrong thing,” Kenma said with a sigh. Kuroo watched his shoulder relax, and when his eyes peeked up to Kuroo, Kuroo finally understood.

“She’s your first girlfriend,” Kenma looked down at his food, letting his best friend understand things slowly. “You don’t want to lose her. So everything you want to do, you’re checking with me to see if its a wrong decision.”

For a few more minutes, Kenma let the conversation’s silence sit with them comfortably. “I love _____.”

“I know,”

“I don’t wan’t to lose her,”

“Kenma,” Kenma looked to the other side of the table, meeting his smirking best friend’s eyes. “You won’t. You’re doing right. Just let yourself fall in love with no fears. Because _____ is falling in love with you with no regrets and no cares.”

And Kuroo was right. You were falling for Kenma with no care, no thought to it other than the matter.

Kenma smiled as he brought his hand to your hair. Strands surrounded his fingers as he pushed his hand deeper into your hairs nest. Kenma tucked your head under his chin, feeling all the things he wasn’t familiar with just yet. How your body felt in his arms, sheets that smelled like your shampoo and clothes, an energy that wasn’t like home, but it let him breathe easier. Was this what it felt like to live with the one you were in love with?

Suddenly, Kenma heard grumbling escape your lips. He looked down to you, your hair shifting and moving in places it couldn’t be. Kenma thought to himself that your bed head wasn’t as bed as Kuroo’s so this would be okay.

“Ghood murnin, Kehnma,” you yawned with a pleasant smile. Without a response, you snuggled your nose against his shirt. Kenma couldn’t hold back a smile as he heard you inhale his smell. “My favorite,”

“Good morning, _____,” Kenma replied, kissing the top of your head.

It was a long journey to get to where you two had gotten. But it was your favorite because it brought you the best mornings.



So I really loved Cornerstone and I really loved HatFilms and the Hand of Truth so forgive me; I went a bit mad with it. I wanted to try keep all their colour schemes relatively similar to their minecraft skins even if they dont look anything like them ahhahaha i tried. 

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shiro silas pc support!

ah, thank you so much! i’m afraid that the supports may be too long, or at least some of the lines, so just message me if you need me to fix it! i hope you like it

c support

SHIRO: Hey, Pops! Are you busy?

SILAS: I’m never too busy for you, Shiro. What’s on your mind?

SHIRO: I’ve been thinking… we didn’t spend a lot of time together while I was growing up.

SHIRO: But now that we’re here, we should start making up for lost time with some father-son bonding time!

SILAS: I’ll take any opportunity to get to know my son better!

SHIRO: Great! What do you want to do?

SILAS Hmm… uh…

SILAS: Father-son things, father-son things

SILAS: …Perhaps you have a suggestion? Sorry Shiro, I’m drawing a blank.

SHIRO: Hmm… I’m not sure either…

SHIRO: Argh! Come on, brain! I just want to spend some time with my dads!

SHIRO: It’s bad enough I never see Dad around, what with the war and all…

SHIRO: But by extension, you don’t see him around either, huh?

SHIRO: Does he seriously not spend any time with his own family?! How are we supposed to know if he cares about us at all?

SILAS: The war is on everyone’s mind, not just your father’s.

SHIRO: Yeah but still. You’re a special person, and I want you to know that, even if Dad doesn’t.

SILAS: Shiro, don’t say that about your father.

SILAS: I know you never see it, but we do love each other equally. I admit that I don’t see him as often as I’d like. 

SHIRO: Then why are you defending him if you know he never has the time for you?

SILAS: Let me finish. I don’t see him as often as I’d like, but I know that he loves me all the same.

SILAS: When you have time, come see me. I have some proof backing me up

SHIRO: Proof, huh? I’ll hold you to that, Pops. 

SILAS: You’ll be surprised!

 b support

SHIRO: Here I am, Pops! See, I always have time for you!

SILAS: Oh, Shiro! I guess you’re ready to see my proof, huh?

SHIRO: Yep! Though I’m not sure what Dad could have possibly-

SHIRO: Gods! That’s a huge box you’ve got there, Pops!

SILAS: Y-Yeah. I’ve been lugging this thing around since the last time we talked so i that i would be prepared for this.

SILAS: Carrying it to training is fine, but afterwards when your body is sore, it feels like it weighs a ton…

SILAS: Anyways, that’s not important. Just open this up and see what’s inside.

SHIRO: Alright, if you say so.

SHIRO: Huh… that’s a lot of books…

SHIRO: ‘History of Nohrian Traditions’… ‘Traveler’s Guide to Southern Hoshido….’

SHIRO: Oh! A paper fell out. Can I read it?

SHIRO: ‘Things Ryoma Must Try’… vegetarian chowder… tangy coleslaw… candied pumpkin…

SHIRO: ‘To Do After War’… Nohrian harvest festival… cherry blossom viewing…

SHIRO: …Children’s Day with Shiro and Sophie? Followed by a bunch of exclamation points?

SILAS: That’s at the top of our list. Once the war is behind us, we’re going to be together as a true family.

SHIRO: How’d you ever get someone like Dad to agree to go to somewhere fun like a festival?

SHIRO: Or eat something sweet and sugary like candied pumpkin?

SILAS: Actually, the candied pumpkin thing was his idea in the first place.

SHIRO: I don’t believe it! 

SILAS: It’s true! Quite a few of these ideas are courtesy of your father.

SILAS: We promised to teach each other about our respective cultures, as much as we possibly could.

SILAS: So we got these books and spent hours reading them together, adding information or pointing out what we wanted to do.

SILAS: Perhaps we can’t read together as often anymore…

SILAS: But when we do, I feel so relaxed, and the war leaves my thoughts for a few blissful hours.

SILAS: …Okay, I’ve gone on enough about my relationship with Ryoma. You’re probably cringing over how sappy we can be.

SHIRO: No, that’s okay! I don’t mind. I actually like it.

SHIRO: It’s nice to know that you and Dad still care about each other.

SILAS: Thanks, Shiro. We love you and Sophie so, so very much.

SHIRO: W-Well, I know THAT! But still, it’s nice to hear it from you, Pops. I love you too.


A support

SILAS: Hello, Shiro!

SHIRO: Hey Pops! Check out this book I’m reading. “Festivals From Around the Worl

SHIRO: I figured that we could talk about what traditions we wanted to learn about too.

SILAS: Oh, that’s fantastic! Is there anything you’re interested in?

SHIRO: Of course! I was reading about the different foods they make in Hoshidan and Nohrian festivals.

SILAS: It’s good to see you so open to different cultures.

SHIRO: Yeah, but now that I think about it…

SHIR Us talking about Nohrian and Hoshidan culture, it’s basically the same thing you and Dad do already!

SHIRO: Gods, I need to stand out! Pops, how would you like to get treated to a fancy dinner?

SHIRO: I’ve found a recipe for Nestrian surf and turf that sounds really good!

SILAS: I could never turn down any style of surf and turf.

SHIRO: That’s a yes! Alright! Shiro one, Dad none!

SILAS: H-Hey now, no need to make this a competition…

SHIRO: No worries! My duty as your son is to make you happy and proud, after all.

SILAS: Hehehe…

SHIRO: Huh? What’s so funny?

SILAS Haha, oh, it’s nothing. Just having one of those déjà vu moments.

SILAS: I remember Ryoma saying something along the lines of that.

SHIRO: You’re kidding!

SILAS: I have a memory for moments like these. He said that it was a husband’s duty to make me as happy as possible.

SHIRO: Ugh! I really thought I was a step ahead of him, there…

SILAS: There’s nothing to be upset about. If anything, this shows that you’re growing into a fine young man.

SILAS: I’m glad that you care so much about me. I’ll always be proud of you.