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A/n: I swear this is angst.

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“Where’s Minho?”

Hands curled around the glass, you took your eyes away from the broken fragments of ice swimming in your drink and looked at Jiwon. He raised a hand to call the bartender and told him his order.

You pushed your body from the crooked posture you had and tilted your head as you looked at his form. “That’s must be expensive,” you muttered at him before taking a sip of your drink. He seemed sceptical about what you were talking about so you gestured to his suit.

“Ah, this?” Jiwon patted the invisible dirt on his shoulder and shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. It was a gift.”

“Of course,” you nodded.

Done with mixing Jiwon’s drink, the bartender placed the glass in front of him. Jiwon mumbled a soft thanks before tasting it. He scrunched his face as he felt it burn his throat. Placing the glass back on the counter, he wiped his lips. He propped his elbow on the counter and leaned the right side of his body on it. “So, where’s Minho?” He asked, smiling at you.

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  • SM: EXO's image is dark and dramatic, mysterious and maybe a little bit dangerous
  • Chanyeol: Hi I wrote us a song :D
  • SM: Wow... this is... wow... it's very...fluffy...
  • Chanyeol: So you hate it? :( :( :(
  • SM: What... ah! No! -pat pat- We'll definitely use this... kiddo...
  • Chanyeol: Great because I wrote another one!
  • Chanyeol: :(
  • SM: I mean... good job... son...
  • Lay: I wrote a song too
  • SM: This is a graphic song about having unprotected sex I don't know if we should
  • Lay: I like hugs
  • SM:
  • Lay: Do you like hugs?
  • SM: What are you

Imagine Wonwoo showing up @ a fansign super happy !!! because he can talk to carats and be next to his members
but then

mingyu: ah I miss wonwoo~ *pats wonu’s plushie*
svt: yeah *fake tears*
wonwoo: guys I’m here!
scoups: I can even hear his voice…
wonwoo: guys I’m right her-
Dk: it’s like he is next to me!
wonwoo: YAH!

ok storytime

so today at work these two old ladies came up to me and each is holding a box of christmas crackers (they come in boxes of eight) and they start talking extensively about how one wanted twelve and one wanted four so they were each going to get eight and then split them and im internally like ok, not sure why you’re telling me this i just need to know who is paying for what but ok cool

and so after a bit of them talking i check both of them out and they start unpackaging some of the crackers and transferring them over and i’m like well at least there’s no one behind you but like why not like keep them in the packaging and then split them up at home? or not ok but so anyway after a bit one of them like mentions that her name is Pat and the other lady is like ’??? your name’s Pat??’ and the lady is like yea! and the other one is like ’!!!!! my name’s Pat!!!‘ 

and they’re both so excited and it turns out they don’t even know each other, they just found each other in the store and wanted christmas crackers and happened to have the same name and just oh my god it was so cute they were so excited