ah needs videos with better quality

Ahhh so many feels! I cried so much during the video, just for that 1 minute where I got to see everyone again ^_^  I cleaned an image of HDWM! Tsuna to celebrate and two others :D Hope we get a better quality video :)

So yeah, I was so happy to see Tsuna ! Gosh, he is just so wonderful *kyaaa* I love his eyes in HDWM. I started to cry and I had to take a small break to regain my composure…it didn’t last long because I kept sobbing at the second viewing for Gokudera. I just love those two! (ah, i can’t believe we get to see him smoking!  Honestly, it was a major part of who he was and his fighting style damn it, the anime needs a remake with him smoking cuz i still remember that scene in the manga where he jammed so many cigarettes in his mouth :)) It was a bit disappointing in the anime because IIRC there was no explanation on how Gokudera ignited them….)

You tried Gokudera :) We are proud of you! (Well, if it’s not Juudaime, he won’t put on his biggest smile~ ahh I really hoped for that scene to be animated. I really wanted to see that enthusiasm he displays whenever he is with Tsuna. It was nice to see Hayato at the part-time job that was mentioned before in his profile.

Last but not least, this adorable scene :)

The girls are so cute here and somehow they look younger?  Chrome and Yuni are my favorites and I just loved seeing my adorable princesses (^▽^). Yuni-chan is so smol~

I just hope they will consider re-making the anime with all the good stuff from the manga. I want to see Enma animated and the whole Shimon arc, and just…the whole story!