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hhhhh a little sick today but im staying determined and stayed up until 2 am so i made a speedpaint woohoooo. oh ye its april fools here so april fools boiz. i hope ya’ll get to fool a lot a people later. i d i d m weheheheheh

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  • A man sneezes while five other men are talking over him. You know exactly which one sneezed. 
  • Your brain is now unsure if someone has actually said this or if you can hear their voice in your head.
  • There is a cult for an editor. We are all members of said cult. We all bring our hands together above our heads. We worship this editor. PE/\KE. SPE/\K. P E /\ K E S P E /\ K
  • There is an infinite number of Adams. 
  • You click on a video that is 10 minutes long. You black out and come to hours later, watching a different, but similar video.
  • You are called a shizno and you feel insulted. You do not know what this word means, but you are insulted.
  • All your money is disappearing. You don’t know where it’s going, nor do you remember spending it, but merchandise keeps showing up on your doorstep. You have so much merchandise. Your room is covered with so many posters that they cover the windows. No way in. No way out. You only wear merchandise now. 
  • One man is constantly constantly shirtless and this is not questioned.
  • You wanted to watch a silly show about soldiers in a canyon. You didn’t know what you were signing up for. It wasn’t this. Anything but this. 
  • There are two pairs of Joel and Adams and no one ever knows which one a person is referring to.
  • There are screencaps of tweets on tumblr before the staff has even tweeted it.
  • Another hypothetical situation has been discussed. They must have hundreds of millions of dollars at this point.
  • A man is impregnated with an alien child, but this is fine. This is perfectly normal. This child grows up and plays on the basketball team. This is perfectly normal.
  • You feel the strange compulsion to add “as dicks” to everything you say.
  • There have been terrible, terrible things done For The Kids.
  • For some reason the dynamite is kind.
  • Certain state names make you cry.
  • One man is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person alive. You do not question this.
  • A different man is at once a murderous dark god, a loving husband, and a gigantic nerd. This, too, is never questioned.
  • There are four of the exact same person. Not cloned, however. The clones are a different story we must never speak of.
  • Everything is also a gun.
  • You must pick a team in the great battle of red versus blue. Friendships have been ruined over picking the wrong team. There is no remaining neutral. 
  • No one thinks twice about giving a child access to weapon gun hybrids, nor do they reconsider letting them fight the monsters of the world. Clearly, a man has made many, many mistakes.
  • You do not know who this drunk man declaring that he is the cheese master is, but you accept his mastery of cheese.
  • We wonder why we’re here. We see it as one of life’s greatest mysteries.

k so i made this for @officialah‘s fanart contest on the discord and MAY have like Just finished by the deadline so i rushed it a lot so its not nearly as good as id like it to be, but take it anyway because there was absolutely no way i wasnt gonna do art of this lets play i mean come on its a maximum ride au wet dream



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You think Lexa is a top? Have I found another of my people??

Ah the old top and bottom debate….it never gets old does it? I hate to disappoint you anon, but I think Lexa is neither. The Clexa fandom are OBSESSED with who has what role in their sexual relationship, based solely on the very few moments we were privy to as viewers….and they’ve run fucking riot with it. 

Of course Lexa lets Clarke take charge during the start of the love scene in 3x07. She was never expecting Clarke to reciprocate her feelings, let alone kiss her and have sex with her. But in the next scene is it not Lexa who climbs aboard the Clarke express with a one-way ticket to Pleasuretown?! That’s because Lexa has been bestowed with the wonderful gift of ‘VERSATILITY’ (it’s a talent that most lesbians have been blessed with.)

You can’t tell me that someone who makes a growly sex face at the prospect of going to war isn’t going to throw Clarke down onto something and finger-bang her into next week when she’s horny. Or that she’s not delighted when Clarke drags her into a room to give Heda some…err….Heda?!

I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve never been with a partner who’s truly a top or a bottom, and I’ve been a professional gay for a long time. Not saying there’s anything wrong with it if that’s your thing, but sexual relationships tend to be way more nuanced than that. 

So I leave you with the immortal words of Clarke Griffin on the subject of top or bottom…..

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you have to wonder how the fake ah crew manages to get anything done?? like heist planning alone must be a goddamn nightmare when you consider how 9/10 times during an AH video geoff can’t get through explaining the rules of a game without getting interrupted or lured into an argument for twenty minutes

like maybe geoff sets up the premise for a heist and everybody’s general reaction is there’s no fucking way that’s going to work are you kidding me, and geoff huffs and is like, “look, what do i always say?”

“uh, ‘i swear i’m not drunk right now’,” jack says thoughtfully.


“don’t even look or breathe or exist in my general direction until i’ve had my coffee,” gavin pipes up.


“for the love of god, ryan, stop breaking into my house at two in the morning and scaring the shit out of me,” ryan contributes.


“for the love of god, michael, stop helping ryan break into my house at two in the morning so he can scare the shit out of me,” michael chimes in.

NO– everybody shut the fuck up! you’re all fucking fired, i swear to christ.”

“ohhhh,” jeremy says, snapping his fingers and nodding. “right, yeah, that’s what it is.”