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The Complete Encyclopedia of Wizarding Charms, Hexes, Jinxes and Spells

A compendium of some five-hundred-plus spells.

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Abigo ah-BIH-goh - Throws back an object. Unskilled practitioners can state the name of the object (Eng.). A Banishing Charm.

Ablattero ah-BLAH-terr-oh - Causes the victim to babble.

Abludificus ab-loo-DIFF-ih-kus - Dispels, protects against ‘cheating’ magic. Often cast on exam quills.

Acalanthus ahk-ah-LAN-thus - Temporarily transfigures an object into a giant canary.

Accio AK-ee-oh - Summons an object. The name of the object can be stated, though it is often unnecessary. A Summoning Charm.

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socially-awkward-hermit-deactiv  asked:

Hello! Quick question about first names and the Fae: say you're not from an english - speaking country, and the name your parents give you is pronounced differently in your mother tongue than it is in English - eg. Russian 'Ah-lek-sahn-drah' versus English 'Al-ex-ahn-dra' (those are my best approximations of pronunciation). Would that affect anything?

Like most of the finer points of true names, it depends on what they mean to you. If both pronunciations mean something to you, then either would be dangerous. If only one means anything, the other couldn’t be used against you (although better to keep it hidden, just because it would not be difficult to leap from one pronunciation to the preferred one).