ah keep in mind these are only the characters from one story lol

Anan extended voice actor interview – Sakurai Takahiro, Nakamura Yuichi and Kamiya Hiroshi

How do you feel now that the recording has finished? 

Sakurai: To be honest, I didn’t really feel “It’s over. I’m so sad” that much… lol.

Kamiya: Not really, lol.

Nakamura: Hehehe. 

Sakurai: Of course, receiving the script and then the recordings themselves were really enjoyable, and it’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to spend time doing that any more, but it’s a little different than feeling sad. It’s similar to the feeling you get after a festival has ended, maybe? 

Nakamura: Ah, you’re probably right there, it’s the feeling of having returned to reality. We were burning so brightly. When the recording had only just started, as we were saying the lines we said “This  anime is kind of funny, regardless of whether or not it will be accepted by the general public,” but in the end it got an even bigger reaction than we’d expected. 

Kamiya: I thought that perhaps people who didn’t know about it might think, “Is this a serious anime?”… lol. For people who have yet to see it, please keep in mind that it’s a gag anime, lol.

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Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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Okay, so everyone’s done their take on this at least once, and you know what, it’s fun to do, so I’m gonna throw out my own version of this.  Here is my take on the classic 3x3 DnD Alignment Grid!

First, let’s get some key terms defined.

Lawful - To me, lawful just means that the character follows a clear and codified set of objective standards.  A list of things they ideally will or won’t do, and a standard for behavior.  This code can be broken, but it will feel wrong to that character, and they will be upset when they are put into a situation where they must violate one of their standards.  Lawful may give too strong a sense of “Law” being the driving force.  I think “Principled” would be the better choice.

Chaotic - To me, Chaotic is not ‘lol so randumb’.  It’s the antithesis of Lawful.  Where a lawful character has an ideal standard they strive to conform to, a chaotic character has no such high standard for themselves.  They only have their goals and philosophy.  In fact, a chaotic character sees standards, rules, and other strictures as impediments.  Chaotics won’t break rules for the sake of breaking them, necessarily.  They just don’t care for such things and aren’t going to even consider them while making their choices.  They act more on primal sensation than logic, making “Instinctive” a good alternate term.

Good - I find this and its counterparts, Neutral and Evil, to be misnomers.  Good isn’t always ‘goody 2-shoes’ or ‘FOR THE GREATER GOOD’.  Let’s be honest, a kingdom ruled by a caste of Lawful Good Paladins isn’t going to be a very happy place for long. Additionally, a Good Paladin may not think twice about cutting down a tree, but a Good Druid might very strongly object to that, and consider it Evil… or at least worthy of a good lecture.  So I think Good would better be called Selfless.  A Selfless character will always make decisions with the consequences to other people or things in mind.  What those other things are will vary by the character, but they all want to avoid collateral consequences that would hurt others.

Evil - Now, you might be expecting me to ask what the opposite of Selfless is and then apply it to evil, but I don’t think that fits.  When I look at classic examples of Evil characters, they share basically one thing in common: they aren’t necessarily the antagonists and villains of the story, but they all strive for domination and control.  Of others, of their environment, of their kingdom, of other people: They want to be in control.  So I feel Dominant is the better descriptor.  Their driving motive is to gain power and control for its own sake.

Neutral - Ah yes.  Nestled between Selfless (Good) and Dominant (Evil) is this little slice of ambiguity that often has a horrible reputation for being mind-numbingly bland or pure off-the-wall bonkers.  Both of these misrepresent what I find to be one of the more compelling alignment sets.  Neutral is, again, a poor choice of word, in my opinion; especially juxtaposed against Selfless and Dominant.  What are Neutral characters after?  If they’re not looking out for other people (Good/Selfless) or trying to take control (Evil/Dominant), what are they doing?  Well.. they’re looking after themselves, and/or after a very select and small group of people.  They are Selfish.  Not necessarily in the negative sense, just that their frame of reference is their own well-being.  They don’t necessarily care about collateral, and they really don’t want to impose on other people either.  They will act for their own satisfaction, whether that be financial, emotional, spiritual, whatever.

So, with those terms out of the way, let’s ACTUALLY do the 9 alignments and give you a taste of how I see them.

PRINCIPLED SELFLESS - (Lawful Good) This is the home of the Noble Knight, the Holy Paladin, the benevolent King, the beleaguered Town Mayor, the Hunter watching over the sleepy village during the night, the Girl who puts herself between the victim and the bully’s fist, the young patriotic Soldier on the front lines.  These men and women hold themselves to a standard of action and behavior, and are always thinking about the well-being of others, even to the point of putting themselves in harms way to secure it.  Whatever their source of values, it puts a high priority on defending others and they are uncomfortable with, if not downright hostile to, the idea of acting outside of their principles, as they feel that doing so may actually hurt others around them, or make them no better than the ones they’re trying to stop.

PRAGMATIC SELFLESS -  (Neutral Good) This is the Town Medic, doing all they can within the limits of their knowledge, but knowing that some injuries just aren’t worth treating when supplies are limited.  It hurts, but it’s necessary, and they are comfortable with shouldering that burden.  It’s the Upstanding Citizen, who knows they can’t face the threat themselves, but will scramble to make sure the authorities know what’s happening.  This class of character will do everything they can reasonably be expected to do to protect those around them, even bend some rules or take a blow to their principles if it means getting results.  But they’re not going to overextend themselves when all that’s going to do is hurt them.

INSTINCTIVE SELFLESS - (Chaotic Good) This is woodland Ranger who poaches to feed the orphanage; the grizzled Bounty Hunter who kills his targets in cold blood to stop them from repeating their crimes; the Royal Assassin who kills the enemy general before his invasion plans come to fruition.  These characters just want to help.  Screw the rules, screw anything that stands between them and helping, they’re going to make sure other people are secure by any means necessary, and they will fight to correct anything they see as threatening other people, even if that threat comes from seemingly noble sources.

PRINCIPLED SELFISH - (Lawful Neutral) This is the Merchant plying his trade in the capitol; the Blacksmith who refuses to do business with cutthroats because it would spoil his reputation; the Mercenary who keeps a blacklist of persons or organizations he won’t work for.  Characters in this bracket are in it for themselves, but they have standards.  There’s a list of things they most definitely will not do, and are very reliable and trustworthy because of it.  While this might put them in a bind, where their well-being may suffer due to their principles, they will staunchly adhere to them, or grimace bitterly if forced to cross those lines.   Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

PRAGMATIC SELFISH - (True Neutral)  This classification is often misrepresented as being boring.  However, characters in this bracket are purely self-driven and that means this is a very unstable alignment.  Keeping a character purely Pragmatic Selfish is hard.  They have to frame everything in terms of how it will benefit or hurt them.  They’ll do whatever they reasonably can to promote their own well-being, and willingly swallow some bitter pills to do it, but they’re not going to stick their neck out too far.  This means they’re easily pulled along into other alignments based events around them, but this also gives characters starting in this classification the largest room for growth and the coolest potential stories.  Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

INSTINCTIVE SELFISH - (Chaotic Neutral) These people will do anything in service to their own well being.  They don’t want control, and they don’t care about collateral, all they want is their own security and happiness.  The Sellsword who will fight for whoever is the highest bidder, the citizen who refuses to share his food with his starving neighbors out of fear of starving himself, the streetrat who steals to survive, the Deserter who flees the battlefield when he realizes the battle is lost.  These people have a finely honed sense of self-preservation, making them great allies if you can convince them that working with you is in their best interest.  But if you haven’t fully convinced them, they will just as easily abandon you.   Like all Selfish types, it’s not that they won’t protect others or try to gain control, but they won’t do it to their own detriment.

PRINCIPLED DOMINANT -  (Lawful Evil) These are your Moguls, who play by the rules as they consolidate control of a market.  The Paladin who’s stopped caring about others and is only in it for the authority it brings.  The mediocre King who manages to keep his people content, but really is only in it for the privileges of the Monarchy.  Characters in this category relish the sense of power they have and thirst for more.  But they’ve got principles, and there are lines they won’t cross.  Sure, they can be controlling assholes, but they stay in line and play by the book.  At least, by whatever book they’ve elected to use as their rules.

PRAGMATIC DOMINANT - (Neutral Evil)  You could also call these guys ‘Lazy Dominant’.  They want power, and they want to keep accumulating it for themselves more and more, but they’re not going to get over-excited about it.  It’s the corrupt Sheriff who just enjoys skimming the coffers every so often, the Commander who waits for a superior to make a mistake before trying to take his seat.  They’ll slowly, patiently accumulate power and influence for its own sake, using some dubious methods, but nothing so radical as to be called ‘grasping’.  They’re more… opportunists than anything else.

INSTINCTIVE DOMINANT - (Chaotic Evil)  These guys just like flaunting the fact they’re in control.  They will get up in your face with that, and they will definitely have the power to back them up.  They like seeing other people bow or kowtow to their whims, and will take ample opportunities to demonstrate their power.  In short, these guys are assholes, and they love being assholes.  The problem is that if they’ve been doing it for any decent length of time, it usually means they have the power to justify their power plays.  And they’re always on the lookout for ways to get more power, by any means they can devise.

So, there we go, my own personal take on the old RPG meme.  Is this useful, probably not.  Was it fun to write?  Hell yeah!  And being of Principled Selfish nature, that’s all that matters to me :P

Nessian librarian/professor Part3

Ship: Nessian
Type: Librarian/Professor AU
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,091

Honestly, I still can’t believe that I’m turning this one ask into a series lol It’s been really fun exploring these characters, and I hope you enjoy! 

S/O to my peeps who’ve encouraged this story to grow @tintinnabulary@thatreaderfangirl @dr-woodsprite @luna-colorata @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @ancientrosetta @pharaohleviphantomhive @mara84aelinrowan @rowanismybae @acourtofpainandfeelz @foreverlovingthenightskies 

(PS I changed the the head librarian’s name to Miss Amren bc I’d like to have some Amren vs. Nesta fun next chapter….) 

Part1  Part2 

They’ve been successful dating for exactly one week.

There’s certainly been more heated kissing.

But nothing more.

She could tell he wanted to be with her on a more physical level, but she just…wasn’t ready.

He seemed to understand that, but should she still talk to him about it?

They haven’t exactly had that conversation yet.

But maybe he’s the type of guy who’s looking for easy and no strings attached relationship, so there would be no reason to tell him.

Maybe that’s what she wants too.

The last time things got serious with another male, it didn’t go well.

Those experiences with Thomas changed her.

She used to be soft and kind.

Always quiet and kept to herself, but kind nonetheless.

But now – but now she was nothing but layers upon layers of ice.

Forming walls around the deepest parts of her soul.

She’s created so many walls around her heart sometimes it’s a shock to find it still beating.

Being aggressive is how she learned to cope. Tricking herself into thinking that if she put on a steel exterior that no one could ever hurt her again.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she spotted him walking her way.

She straightened her top hoping her secrets weren’t plastered across her face.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

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One of the things I absolutely adore about yoi is the layering of the story… There’s symbolism and metaphor and foreshadowing and character/relationship depth that allows the audience to keep the show in mind after they’ve already completed the season. There’s really no shortage of things to analyze and, as the film theorist I am, I find that really attractive about the show. Alright, I’m done gushing, let’s actually get to the topic. 

There are 2 shots in yoi that are nearly identical, except for one crucial piece, but we’ll get to that in time. The first shot occurs in episode 3 (onsen on ice). 

Yuuri is about to go out onto the rink to perform specifically for Victor for the first time. We know from the warped vision (which they use 2 times again; once again with Yuuri and then with JJ) that Yuuri is close to a panic attack. 

Victor disrupts his thoughts, however, and Yuuri startles when he realizes Victor is standing so close. 

(that little yelp thing he does is so cute)

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Servamp Drama CDs Cast Talk Translations

hatmirror here! I received these two asks for translations of the drama CD cast talks. I didn’t stop at the three requested - I threw in three more rare ones as a Christmas gift for you! :)

The cast talks of the Summer and Winter CDs are track #4 on both, links in the translations. kairei-chan provided a download link for the character CD Animate bonus here! I won’t be providing the audio for the other bonuses.

This is a non-professional translation, so any corrections you’d like made, send them in as you please.

Well then everyone, let’s all wash our glasses in the onsen!

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anonymous asked:

It's kinda funny how the RWBY fandom treats Jaune. They should be able to relate to him more than anyone else. Hounding someone for relationships only they think will work to the point that it's suddenly sad...

Ah yes, The RWBY fandom. The hive entity. We all have the same thoughts and feelings about the exact same character. Yes. Hive minds do not argue amongst themselves over said character because we are in agreement. Individuality is a myth. Differing opinions on a 100% likeable character don’t exist. Hail the shattered moon (/sarcasm)



The problem is that people watch this show and the show frames Jaune in such a way that he can do no wrong. The problem is that Jaune makes some very poor decisions and has a hard time realizing why stuff isn’t working in his favor and NO ONE TELLS HIM, because its all too busy working together to being downplayed as a goddamn joke.

Oh Jaune, you sly ham! Keep pursuing that girl that literally has zero interest in going out with you to the dance or to lunch! We’re all gonna be in the back with our popcorn… laughing at you… continuing to watch you fail… even though we’re your friends…

That’s super fucked up. They don’t ACTUALLY do that, but the characters that know about how much Jaune likes Weiss and how much Weiss DOES NOT like Jaune are being literally useless and its not cool.

Ruby was being concerned about Blake’s well being. Weiss shouldn’t have to explain to Jaune why she is disinterested in him. Blake was losing sleep over the White Fang and Torchwick. Yang? Scruffs his hair and tells him “one day” for WHATEVER FUCKING REASON, EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS HOW WEISS IS FIRST HAND. TELLS HER “and THAT is why they call you ice queen” AFTER HE GETS TURNED DOWN (AGAIN) AT THEIR DOOR.

Pyrrha LET Jaune do it and even ENCOURAGED him because she’s a pushover AND passive aggressive and didn’t want to directly hurt his feelings and all that cuz she likes him. (I love Pyrrha, really I do, but… honestly.) Ren and Nora watch all this nonsense go down without doing anything about EITHER of their teammates. Nora only tells Pyrrha “practice what you preach” even though she and Ren are completely in the know about how she feels about him and are doing jack shit.

Yeah, some friends. And not to put the blame on all of them for his shit behavior, but THEY KNOW HE’S BEING SHITTY AND THEY'RE LETTING HIM. Real friends aren’t enablers and that’s not fucking cool. And if they’re “minding their own business” then they’re doing an awful job. (like with Velvet getting bullied by Cardin, but that’s a different story)

He keeps doing dumb shit but no one will explain why its dumb, and everyone’s like ‘lol oh u silly Jaune!’ just like what Miles said about his mom’s students who watch the show. YOUNG KIDS WATCH THIS SHOW AND THEY’RE BEING SHOWN THAT JAUNE IS PERFECT IN EXTREMELY HORRIBLE CONTEXTS.

Its very infuriating, and its ESPECIALLY infuriating because people LIKE YOU keep downplaying our criticism and thinking that its all about shipping. Grow the fuck up and maybe flex your brain cells a bit harder. Jaune Arc IS a likable character, but peoples issues and even hatred towards his character are on fault of how the creators of the show have framed him.

Jaune is literally a kindhearted, noble, and loyal character with low self-esteem concerning his fighting and his place as a huntsman-to-be. But he’s also a bit slow on the uptake, and possibly even sheltered? And no one or thing in the show is doing anything to actually help him learn from his mistakes, and he’s being praised it most of the time in the narrative.

Jaune being reduced to a joke ALL THE TIME bugs the shit out of me, especially when he expressed in Volume 1 that he was aware how much of a joke he was and he was sick of being one. But the narrative making Jaune out to be the perfect, relatable good guy ALL THE TIME is bugging me too. Being told by people to accept Jaune completely is bugging me, and bugging SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE, and it needs to stop.

Glynda tells Jaune to take a defensive stance when fighting, Jaune forgets, and almost gets killed by an Ursa Major… but Pyrrha did her thing and saved his life and DIDN’T TELL HIM. Jaune only apologizes to Pyrrha for the macho ideals and for being a jerk to her concerning her offering him help. He has apologized for little else (like how rude he was to her during the beacon initiation as a whole)

Weiss tells Jaune she’s not going to the dance with him but he still tries asking her out ANYWAY because he thinks she has the wrong idea about him? And even then, he only backs off because he thinks she’s gone with Neptune. And once he finds out that Weiss is alone for the dance, he tries to start something with Neptune (BACK TO THE MACHO IDEALS THING) The only reason Jaune doesn’t cause more of a scene at the dance is because Pyrrha walks by and he chooses to talk to her instead. And Jaune doesn’t acknowledge (or realize) that he’s been acting unfairly to Weiss AND Neptune. He doesn’t apologize to Weiss OR Neptune. That’s the problem.


And its not that Neptune isn’t a jerk either, because he is, but Weiss and Neptune aren’t in a committed relationship, so his ability to flirt with whomever he pleases is fair game. His ability to say “no” to whomever he pleases is ALSO fair game. But Jaune doesn’t understand nor respect that, and its not seen as a problem by the characters (or the CREATORS for that matter)

Weiss didn’t seem as heartbroken as Jaune made her out to be. She just seemed to be keeping busy and was frustrated with the wilting flower because she wasn’t dancing with anyone from my point of view. She’s also one of the organizers of the dance ANYWAY, so its part of her job. She was extremely composed and possibly even understanding of Neptune being honest with her about why he turned her down (he told her “it was embarrassing”) which is everything that Jaune WAS NOT about Weiss turning HIM down.

But whatever- people like you need to stay the fuck out of a dialogue where we’re trying to intelligently discuss why we have an issue with Jaune in manner that REALLY pinpoints the issue with him. You’re of zero help and you add nothing to the conversation. If anything, people like you are the reason why Jaune is becoming hard for some people to enjoy as a character. Bye.

Through the Wire

Why not make a highschool!CC AU of them meeting through online messaging and e-mails. And let’s say they’re using secret identities. And for good measure a 1D song lyric as a title. ~3000 words. 

Chris couldn’t wait till the bell rang and he could get back home.

Usually, there wasn’t anything particularly amazing waiting for him back there, but it was certainly better than his shit-hole of a school.

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[Summary] K of Radio 4th Episode 4

Radio Personalities: Tsuda Kenjiro (Mikoto’s VA), Horie Yui (Anna’s VA), Nakamura Yuuichi (Kamamoto’s VA)

Episode Highlights:
✧ We’ve got the two Red Kings and every seiyuu’s favorite character, Kamamoto, this episode! In other words, Team Homra!
✧ Horie is around, so we get a clean episode this time. (Well, mostly clean.)
✧ Horie and Tsudaken are afraid of Nakamura?!
✧ They revealed a ranking of who the fan favorites are in Homra, and who people would like to be a subordinate of.
✧ The two Kings should be dominating these rankings since they’re the kings…right?
✧ The minor guys in Homra are unexpectedly popular. XD Do you guys even know who they are?
✧ If K had a third season, they speculate that there’ll be a new Red King, and it’s probably someone you wouldn’t expect. XD

Summary under the cut!

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10

There is poisoning in historical drama standards. And then there is Lee Jun Ki standards. Did you see those veins in his neck? Where they even veins? Muscles? I am not sure what the hell that was but DAMN.

Someone please explain to me why Queen Yoo hates her middle son so much? I think the show should have explained better to us why she feels so much hatred towards him at this point because it can’t be just the scar. Right? I keep feeling I am missing a part of the story between these two characters.

I have to give her credit for her devious ways, though. Making a minister propose So as an alternative for Crown Prince, in case the current one is deposed, was a brilliant move. Putting the palace and those loyal to the crown against So or actually considering him for succession, even forcing the hand of the King and making him send So away again. Bravo, Queen Yoo. My hat is off to you.

And lookie here, who was helping her? Prince Wang Won. I remember the actor saying his character was really twisted and knew his way around the court, so I have been waiting for the story to show me that aspect of him. I am appalled and pleased at the same time. I have seen him taking Prince Yo’s side but I thought he was going to be swayed into working with him rather than already be on his side.

Also joining Queen Yoo’s ranks is Princess Yeon-hwa, whose ambition and desperation for security inside the palace was as palpable as what she was feeling while watching So drinking that tea. It’s clear to me the show has chosen to take creative license in her part of the story (historically she married Wang So) and I’m pretty sure whatever chances she got before are six feet under now.

Joke is on them because Wang So always does as Wang So pleases. And So very well damn pleases to drink the poison instead of the Crown Prince and save, not only his brother, but Hae Soo in the process. Or did he? I’m unsure of it. And isn’t all food supposed to be tested before anyone could even take it to the Crown Prince? How did the tea pass the examination?

The entire tea scene was excruciating to watch. Between Wang So purposely drinking the poison, the Crown Prince and Soo unknowingly pouring it, Yeon-hwa holding back and Queen Yoo’s poker face, I was holding my breath. I could not believe what was happening. I was expecting someone to say something but not a peep from the present crowd. How could they even if they wanted to? They would be admitting to aiding in the murder attempt of the Crown Prince.

I knew Wang Wook was standing in a crossroads last week, and that also some doubts and worries about where he stands regarding the crown were burning deep inside him. Today’s conversation with Wang Yo was the last drop in my opinion and despite the conversation he had with his mother and sister, after this episode things won’t be the same for his character.

Whatever Wook’s fate is, I think it was sealed with that arrow. I keep on worrying and feeling sad for him, because I’m sure he will set out to do the right thing and end up becoming the antagonist of the story. Even when, in a way, he already is but from now on in a much bigger way.

Hae Soo’s logic drove me crazy tonight. Why is she comparing Wook to So while thinking about accepting his marriage proposal? It seems to me, basing myself on he own words, that the only reason she will accept Wook is because he won’t change his views regarding the crown. What about her so-called love for him? Isn’t that a factor? And what if she didn’t know that So is the one who will become King? Does that mean she would have other considerations in her mind and heart? What gives?

Honestly, I don’t think she has any romantic feelings for So yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think she truly cares for him but she’s not in the same place he is right now. After today, there will be a second shift to the story (the first one being Lady Hae’s death) and it will finally start to make Soo reconsider all her relationships inside the palace. Of course, she won’t be the only one affected: Wook too will be making some decisions, not to mention the Crown Prince’s days seem to be numbered.

Honestly, Lady Oh is the only one giving sincere advice and thinking straight. She sees through the feelings of the other characters which makes her a great character but at the same time a threat. I’m afraid she won’t last much longer in the story… THIS IS GONNA BE SO SAD.

Mopey Wang Eun is sad sight, although his interactions with Soon-duk still makes me want to smack him. Rude much? I get he is heartbroken but he could be a little more nice to the person he will be spending the rest of his life with. I guess he still doesn’t care enough to actually consider being nice, so here is hoping he will see the light soon. I like she lets him know it’s not okay to speak to her like that with just looking at him. What I like even more? He gets her looks. LOL! They are so married.

I always look forward to Baek-ah’s storyline with Lady Woo-hee. Their bicker is really funny and I love he gave her a nickname already. When she got busted from lying about her name? Priceless.

Also, can we appreciate how invested Baek-ah is in his bromance with So? And also his brother relationship with Soo! Wingman extraordinaire? I say yes.

On this episode I started to worry about Wang Jung. The entire conversation with Soo about his family dynamics, his brother So and how he missed the past gave me melancholic and impending doom vibes. Was it because of what is going to happen to Soo after the poisoning incident? Or is it something else? GAH! I just feel he is too innocent to be inside that family of snakes and perhaps will become collateral damage in Queen Yoo’s seek for power. Which might me the only thing that can actually crush her.

What do you think it’s going to happen next?

continuation from this

yumoto version

this post is mainly comprised of quotes about the members of the earth (yumoto in this one) defense club and may include spoilers so read at your own caution !! ok lets begin w our beloved yumoto

pls note that these reviews were written in a enatsu / ioryuu shipper perspective (lol @ me for being enatsu trash) and please do not distribute my translations anywhere + i got these quotes from here ( keep in mind that everything is in korean lmao ) and if there are any mistakes / inaccuracies please feel free to fix me on them as these are my first translations !!
okay anyway getTING back to track

hakone yumoto  

“the evangelist of love, in other words an angel who descended from the heavens. understanding something as abstract as love from DNA, in fact the soul, in other words a god-like figure creating and shaping this thing called love. purity at its greatest height, the human whom wombat leads and yearns for.”

according to the blogger wombat praises yumoto as if he is some sort of god lmao …„ he also called yumoto a cupid one time !! other characters of the series state that yumoto is a “human with the ability to directly point out the core of stories. a truly bizarre yet intriguing child.”  i think this is suppose to imply that yumoto is a sharp minded person..„?? i may be wrong feel free to fix me on anything !! 

and apparently after yumoto became the heir of the battle lovers he started patrolling his village every night to assure that it’s free of danger isn’t that cute holy shit and while he’s cleaning the bathhouse he often reiterates his battle lover phrase and pose !!! and wombat who watches him do this often cries because he’s so touched omg…„, the words love (ai) and like (suki) are apparently the two words that hes not afraid to use and are the first words that pop into mind awaww 

yumoto : “oh right, atsushi senpai, i’ve been wanting to ask you about our catch phrases during the transformation,”
atsushi : “catch phrases?”
yumoto : “yeah!”
yumoto pointed into a camera which was nowhere to be seen whilst yelling in my transformation pose, “the piercing prince, battle lover epinard!” when yumoto says it, there’s less embarassment to be sensed from. as expected, this phrase really doesn’t match with my personality.
atsushi : “ah, right. but instead of saying them ourselves, we’re forced into doing it.”
yumoto : “forced?”
atsushi : “eh? isn’t yumoto saying it because he’s forced to?”
yumoto : “that’s wrong!”
atsushi : “…so? what about the phrases?”
yumoto : “piercing sounds cool! do you perhaps want to exchange our catch phrases later?” - pg 74 a conversation between atsushi and yumoto

YUMOTO IS SUCH A PURE CHILD AW (…) wombat who was listening to thsi conversation the entire time had to convince yumoto to stop though aha 

also !! also !! important !!! according to atsushi he feels as if yumoto avoids talking about his parents which really intrigues me… yumoto’s family is never mentioned in the anime apart from his older brother…„, someone write headcanons omg

and lmao according to io, yumoto is the kind of person that even if he paid for the cheque, io would still avoid staying together with

io : “it’s this part about him… this is the part about yumoto i avoid the most. saying something like it holds no importance… thinking so simple-mindedly… i can’t understand at all… it absolutely disturbs me… however since i don’t dislike him… because i’ve long since accepted his pureness… but, because im the type of person that feels the dire need to give their best response in a conversation… conversing with yumoto, is honestly tiresome… even if he’s the one paying, i still want to avoid him as much as possible. like having to talk with him alone…”
-pg 112 io’s monologue

from the amount of …s you can tell that io is being serious about his deep concern and disturbance aHA apparently yumoto didn’t know where io lived so ryuu tells him his address ryuu probably goes there everyday

ryuu : “just imaging io and yumoto’s conversation, it somehow sounds very entertaining. yumoto and io’s conversations would definitely fail as they are on completely different levels. i can just imagine io’s distorted expression.. ah~ if only i could show this to yufuin senpai and kinugawa senpai~” 
- pg 103 ryuu’s monologue

although ryuu knew how this would go, he still sent yumoto to io’s house to see his reaction lmao ryuu why  yywhy ;; 

click to see the other chracters’ quotes yooo 

edit : i decided to do en/atsushi and io/ryuu in pairs bc it will be better that way 

review of the novel | hakone yumoto | yufuin en / kinugawa atsushi | zaou ryuu / naruko io

I'm back at it again, bitches

Welp I’ve been listening to Everlast for the last hour so I’ve decided that it’s time I do something with my pathetic life. Remember that last post? The one I made at 7am? Well it’s time for round two my guys my pals my budd-

What the fucc??? Wha- how??? WhY

I promise you all that I have the same questions. Okay, we’re just gonna call this place the multiverse hall bc I don’t have a better name for it. Plus it coincides with the theory I’ve got. 

Let’s get down to fucking business here. Now we’ve all played ep. Five by now, we know the shit that went down. We used that weird glowy-ass flint and steel to zap our asses to the 4th plain of torment, also known as sky city. Most bros and chicks think we just teleported to another part of our word- far, far from civilization. Others think we went to a completely different dimension. That’s where I come in. With: guess what: a compromise! Buckle in, folks. I’m about to learn u one hell of a thing. 

Now…what if…we went back in time? To a time long, long, long before ours where civilization didn’t even know of the ground beneath their feet. I’m sorry, I know you’ll have to change your pants after that statement, but I’m gonna make up for it. Just stick around.

Doesn’t it make sense? Remember what Gandalf the Salt- I-I mean, Ivor said? The eversource was ANCIENT. As well as the old builders. EMPHASIS ON OLD, PLEASE. “Existed before the order of the stone” EH? DOES THAT RING ANY BELLS? There’s no way that we could have just gone to another dimension, because we wouldn’t have even known about all of that shit if it was in a whole other dimension. So, the eversource was ancient, a story passed down from generation to generation starting with the old builders. Who are the old builders, then? SKY CITY. SKY CITY WAS THE OLD BUILDERS. Keep in mind, while they were up there, there was no talk of temples or portals. 

If we had gotten there in their modern time, the people would have been speaking of their ancients, and the eversource May as well had been long gone. She was a chicken, after all. But no. It’s not the case. Sky city is still beginning when the order gets there. The FOUNDER OF THE CITY? Alive and well. There is no talk of a previous founder. She built sky city from a simple skyblock. Isa was their beginning.

I know, too much build up. I’ll get to the point. My theory is that sky city and its citizens were the first ever humans to spawn in the overworld, (the same overworld we see in all of MCSM) and were destined to reach the ground and build civilization and increase the population and such ON THEIR OWN. However, with the arrival of the Blaze Rods and the Order, the timeline is shifted. By helping save sky city and bringing their citizens to the ground, you fucked up. You fucked it up real bad. Now the whole timeline is reset, and whatever sentient God Notch Time Sheep bullshitter rules over the MC universe basically said “lol your timeline is destroyed. Now pick a new one.” And that’s why we’re in the multiverse hall.

“But Ivy!” I hear you say in a voice similar to Seth McFarlane’s Stewie Griffin. “Doesn’t that mean that we were just destined to bring ourselves to the ground so that they could build the temple so that we could bring them to the ground and so fourth?" 

Well, clearly not my nonexistent friend, or we would already be back home beating the shit out of Ivor for getting us arrested. 

Ah, remember this slide? All I can think is still "Give us the child" 

But it does bring me to a new topic. I’m thinking that these other portals lead to other "Universes”, really just our timeline where things went differently. Or that it’s little wormholes, allowing us to transport to almost any point in time we want. I was thinking that we might have some moral conflict, like “hey! This portal leads to right before the wither storm summoning! We should go back and stop it!” Vs “We’ve already fucked up our timeline, do you WANT to make it worse?" 

Okay, I might be dead wrong here, but at least it makes more sense then the matrix thing. 


See this guy? His smug-ass face that we’ve grow to love?

I think he’s gonna die, and he’s gonna go down fucking /hard/. I know, mutuals, I can hear you groaning in the back of the room. I know I’ve said this 100 times but it needs to be said again. For the newcomers. 

Let’s think about it, shall we? First of all, the writers have WANTED us to get attatched to this fucking slimeball. Never a good sign. Especially not now. And…they /really/ want us attached to him. How happy he was in ep. Five, him jumping around like that? They’re trying to make him as lovable as possible.

Second of all, we’ve already had "Death scares” with Petra and Lukas. I’m pretty sure the rule is that a character can’t die after you give them a “death scare”. Ivor hasn’t had that yet. Either he’s up next for the chopping block or the writers are gonna make everyone think my predictions were true for 1-7 minutes.

Third of all, HE’S BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME! We’ve seen him go from gray and lonely and angry to having such new, bright colors shine through from him. There’s been so much character development with him. And back with the first reason- they want us attached to him. You know why? Telltale wants it’s fans to hurt (BADLY AT THAT) when they kill a character. With how much we’re starting to hang on to Ivor…if he goes down, we’re going with him. That’s exactly what Telltale wants.

Well look at me I’ve got a 4th fukin reason. I’m just set on this, aren’t I? He’s our only possible guide for everything that’s happening and probably our only hope of getting home. Oh, wouldn’t it just be a shame, a spirit breaker if he was to kick the bucket? 

Either all of that, or he’s gonna live and we’re going to spoil the /fuck/ out of him when we get home. I’ll leave his destiny for you to decide, however. B)

LAST THING HERE WE GO!!! So, so many people have been wandering where the hell this lion-maned screwball ran off to after episode 4. Same here. But I’ve got an idea…

Soren is SUCH an important character. There’s no way they’re gonna abandon him. What do I think they’re gonna do?

They’re gonna make him a villain. I swear, I can feel it. Mcsm May be gathering a theme of making familiar faces our villains, an with how soren has been acting and the secrets he was hiding, he must be breaking down and ready to snap wherever he is. He’s gotta be a prominent character in the next episodes at least, but I’m expecting villain.


Well, alright, that’s all I got for now. Just some ideas that have been eating away at me. What do you guys think?