ah it was much better in photoshop

the-high-warlock-of-gwiterrr  asked:

I am absolutely in love with your "Too Irish to live, too boss to die" Jacksepticeye edit! Actually, I would love to print it and hang it on the wall. That's why I am asking: would you mind if I did that? And if you don't, could I maybe ask for it in better quality? Best regards and keep up your amazing work!

ah thank you so much!! it was just a spur of the moment edit, but i’m glad you like it! you totally have my permission to print! unfortunately, that’s the only quality one i have since i deleted the photoshop file. sorry about that. 💚

anonymous asked:

hi! Ive been doing backgrounds recently, and im having trouble picking out the right brushes and colors. So i was wondering what you do when it comes to those. (I just found your art and i love it!)

Hey there! Yayy for drawing backgrounds!!

I actually use 2 default photoshop brushes: The hard round brush on pen pressure (you can change its shape to suits your way of drawing. This one is, for most artists, our way to go brush. It’s basic and can achieve anything without asking too much of our laptops ~~) and The Round Bristle on pen pressure. I just play around on different opacity (100%, 70%, 30%)   Don’t trouble yourself with brushes really, just go for it with the hard round brush, this one is awesome.

As for colors ah! I’m still trying to get better at colors, but I can tell you a good warm up exercise to do, to improve your understanding of colors: Take a scenery (be it a life drawing thing or a picture) and without color picking, try to make a thumbnail of the scene with a hard round brush at 100% opacity. Try to find the right color just with your own eyes. It’ll help you get more confident about colors and your brushstrokes and will help you understand colors better. Take notes and observe life around you. Here is an example~~ Be messy, be quick, who cares, just try to nail those colors.) Have fun !!