ah im so lame


part 1/3 taekook instagram!au in which taehyung is singer jeon jungkooks #1 fan and comments on all of his instagram posts. jungkook may or may not be a little bit flustered when he sees how cute his admirer is

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“why did i say that oh my god he’s gonna think im so lame”
“what’d you say?”
“what? oh um, ah, n-nothing”
“sure jungkook”

@magnus-the-falafel now seems like the time for some LGBT+ demigod headcanons

piper is pan the most beautiful pan ((besides arky but thats beside the point))

reyna is ace and biro

annabeth doesnt really label

hazel my bi child (3 on the kinsey scale)

frank is queer

leo is trans and demisexual demiromantic

percy is bi too (about a 2 on the kinsey scale)

jason is nonbinary

nico’s gay

i headcanon all apollo children as bi so there’s will

Thalia is a very pretty lesbian 

does anybody think something you probably should not be thinking about someone and then you think that person can hear what you are thinking so you start freaking out and like appolgizing in your mind to them thinking they can read your mind and try to think of something else but just cant or is that just me 

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Time and Date: 5:03 pm Jan 18, 2015

Average hours of sleep: like 6 or 7

Last thing i googled: The sims 4 cheat codes (I’m a loser i know)

Nicknames: Mayrita

Birthday: January 27

Gender: female

Height: 5'5 (i think)

Favorite color: Teal

A place that makes me happy: any concert really 

How many blankets i sleep with: 2

Favorite movie: The way way back or any John Hughes film

What I’m wearing; an old t-shirt and some maroon sweats that have a long horn on them

Last book i read: We Were Liars

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