ah idk other people

yesterday was national sibling day

hi can we have a positivity sleepover? ☀️where u send me one/more of these? (if u want to ofc) 

  • things you’re looking forward to! 
  • one of your fave memories 
  • describe a place that makes you happy 
  • your comfort/pick me up song recs? 
  • cute quirks!? / personality traits of ur fave people?
  • funny jokes! stupid science puns! any puns! !!!! P U N S
  • any cool new things you’ve found out!! interesting history facts? obscure trivia?? whatever’s got u going: (!!!!!) 
  • tbh just pls come ramble abt anything that made you feel happy/inspired/excited etc recently 💃🏻

Free! x Noragami 

I really liked this sequence of the Noragami op and I really like Free! so I got inspired:D

shslespermob  asked:

I also headcanon Saitama as being like...a closeted clingy person. Like he feels really clingy toward Genos, but would never admit to it. Like he gets really anxious when Genos spends too much time away from him and he sometimes gets jealous seeing Genos talk to other people, because he's never really been good at friendship so he has this mindset almost of "that's my friend you can't have them."