ah i try

i’m so sick of working these insane hours, i’m so exhausted all the time i don’t feel on top of anything. i’ll put something down and seconds later i’ll have lost it, i keep going to do things i’ve already done, i can’t remember things i know and i just?? i want to cry 24/7, 

everyone on set is saying these hours are the most brutal hours they’ve ever had to do, which makes me feel a bit better about being on the verge of a breakdown at all times, but just…. i want my life back omg. next week i have four 12 hour days in a row which are all 1.5 hours away from our hotel, and then the week after that we’re doing night shoots which start with 5.30pm-5.30am and thinking about it makes me want to pull my hair out. 

 i miss tumblr so much, plz don’t forget about me omg i already feel so irrelevant 👀 

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Link and Fish Bro-25

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#25: Celebrating

Sometimes you gotta celebrate how amazing and perfect your friends are :’)


I’ve seen excellent depictions of the Undertale cast in Disney animation or anime styles, but please consider: an Undertale movie done in LAIKA stop-motion. 

the fake ah crew makes a bet to see who can get the farthest into the police station before getting arrested because they’re idiots with nothing better to do, apparently, and:

gavin gets tackled the second he starts walking across the parking lot

geoff gets pulled away as soon as he walks into the station (he shaves off his mustache at michael’s urging and tries again and it takes over five minutes for anybody to recognize him, like what the fuck)

and then ryan pulls off his mask and goes in. everyone expects him to be taken down immediately, but he gets in with no trouble. walks around. waves cheerfully at all the officers. gets snacks from the vending machine. acts like he owns the place.

everybody stares. ryan casually mentions that he has lengthy, polite conversations with the chief of police every few months, and everyone stares harder.

he shrugs. “i keep telling you guys to use masks. nobody knows who i am as soon as i take it off. what, you think i wear this thing to get hot dates?”

(but really, though, who would expect the dorky, bespectacled, polite man in dad jeans to be the same guy who wiped out half the shopping district last month while laughing maniacally? “you look like you build model train sets in your spare time,” ray says, horrified. “i don’t know how this is worse than the mask, but it totally is. somebody make him put the mask back on.”)

Happy Birthday, Hoseok!!!!!!!!!!!