ah i still want to hug him bad

i hate you

→scenario: You and Jungkook have always been rivals, but there seems to have been some unknown sexual tension there as well.

→genre: smut/fluff

→word count: 2,740

→a/n: i wrote this after i read that jungkook’s ideal type must be at least 168 cm, and i was upset because I’m no where near that height LOL. but this was the first bts smut I’ve written, so please enjoy!

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SDR2 Boys and an S/O with a Cute sneeze

Another fluffy imagine! Hope you enjoy.

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- He already knew you were cute.

- You had a cute and soft voice, an adorable aesthetic, even the way you moved was soft and cute.

- So it didn’t surprise him that you had a cute sneeze.

- Allergy season was the best for him.

- You walked into class with a box of tissues.

- “S/O…? Do you have a cold?”

- “No, I just have major allergy- ee- ah-cho!”

- When you looked up from your arm, Hajime’s blushing.

- “What’s wrong Haji-cho!”

- He wants to hug you so bad!!

- “Hinat-cho!”

- He’s standing up from his desk and hugging you.

- “Uh, Hinata-kun I- cho!”

- His face is full red.

- You can feel the heat coming off of his body.

- You were sweating. “Could you let go of me Hinata-kun?”

- He stopped hugging you, but his hands still rested on your shoulders.

- “You are really cute.”

- You’re really confused.

- “I’m spreading germs everywhere why are you hugging me??”

Nagito Komaeda

- He hadn’t expected you to do something that cute so quickly like that.

- You were just in the library, having a good time when,

- “Ah chm!”

- Nagito looked at you for a second, then went back to reading.

- “Ah chm, ah chm!”

- He didn’t know what to do.

- He buried his face in the pages of his book to hide his blushing.

- “*sniff* Nagito do you have a ti- chm!!”

- The book was now on the table along with his face, still in the pages.

- “Are you okay Nagito?”

- “I-I’m just fine S/O. Why would you ask that?”

- He knew that you didn’t have to answer that.

- “Nagito I’m serious, I need a tissue. Ah chm!”

- With his face still in the book, he pulled a tissue out of a jacket pocket and handed it to you.

- After blowing your nose someone shushed you and that was that.

Kazuichi Souda

- You were just watching him work on some tiny robots in both of your likenesses.

- When he showed you what the shell of your robot looked like, you praised him heavily on it.

- “D’aww! It’s so cute! You really know how to get the details right.”

- “Aw S/O, you really don’t need to,”

- Kazuichi moved his arm, brushing some kind of dust in your face.

- “Ack! *Cough Cough*”

- “Oh! No, I’m sorry S/O. That was my fault.”

- You wiped your hands on your face trying to wipe the powder off.

- “It’s fine. All you did was- Ah cho!”

- He squealed.

- “Ahh! Your so cute! That was so cute! So much cuter than the robot!”

- You blushed and hid your face with the collar of your shirt.

- “Whaaat? No I’m- Ah cho!”

- He used his hands to prop his chin up and just basked in your cuteness.

- “Mmm, stop.” You puffed up your cheeks with air. “You’re the cute one. Not me…”

- He hugged you and smiled.

- “You have to admit, we’re both cute.”

- You let the air out.

- “Fine we’re both cu- Ah cho!”

- “D’aww!”

- “Ehhh, stooooop.”

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

- You always managed to stay serious whenever Fuyuhiko was getting ready to discuss “business opportunities.”

- It was only once when you broke.

- This in turn made him break as well, but in a different way.

- Fuyuhiko was writing on some important papers while you were reading some kind of book.

- You did feel a bit sick that morning, so sneezes didn’t surprise you in the slightest.

- “Ah cho!!”

- The Yakuza put his pen down.

- “The hell was that?”

- You scratched the side of your nose.

- “It was me. I think I might be getting a cold. Ah cho!”

- You sniffed and watched Fuyuhiko’s cheeks turn pink.

- “Something wrong?”

- “N-no I’m fine. You should take something for that-

- “Ah cho!”

- Fuyuhiko’s cheeks were getting redder.

- “…cold.”

- You stood up to go to the bathroom.

- “Good- Ah cho! *sniff* idea.”

- When he was absolutely sure you left the room, he buried his face in his hands.

- Why is his girl/boyfriend so damn cute?!

Teruteru Hanamura

- You were just visiting the Hanamura diner to meet up with your boyfriend.

- When you walked into the kitchen, Teruteru was already there putting the finishing touches on a dish.

- When you announced your arrival he smiled and handed you the plate of food he was just working on.

- You sat down at a table and took a bite.

- “Mm, it’s really good. The tangyness was a nice surprise, but you went a little heavy on the pepper.”

- Teruteru took mental notes as you kept talking.

- “But in a general sense it’s a nice…a, a nice… Ah cho!”

- You covered your face with your arm. Recovering quickly you lowered your arm and kept talking.

- “Its a nice simple meal with a home cooking kind of feel… Uh, Teru?”

- Hanamura was covering his mouth with one of his hands, and keeping balance on the table with the other.

- “Is something wrong?”

- You caught him so off guard his accent started leaking out of his mouth like water.

- “N-nothin at all sugar- Uh! Ahem! You just surprised me is all.”

- You giggled and went back to eating.

- Finally, you know a way to get Teruteru as blushy as he does to you.

Nekomaru Nidai

- You had realized you were sick that morning.

- You didn’t let that get in the way of Nida’s training streak and forced him out to the gym.

- Besides, your illness wasn’t that bad.

- When Nidai got back, he brought a bag of cold stuff with him.

- Tissues, cough drops, the normal stuff.

- He didn’t know exactly what to do with it all so he handed it to you.

- You took a box of tissues out of the bag.

- “Thank you Nida- ah cho!”

- He looked at you for a few seconds, kind of confused wether or not that was you.

- “Ah cho! What?”

- “It’s uh, nothing. You’re just cute.”

- You blushed. If it was any other day, you would have jumped on him saying how cute his is when he’s flustered. But seeing that you were sick you settled on a smile.

- “Thanks Nidai.”

Gundam Tanaka

- Gundam had intoduced you to one of his newest rescued animals.

- Little did he know that you were allergic.

- “Please note that I wanted to name him ‘Supreme Crimson Cadet Mun-C’ but since he is going to a house of humans, I settled with them for Pip.

- You dawed at the furry creature and went to pet it until you realized.

- “Oh wait, Gundam I’m allergic to the- ah cho!”

- He was so confused.

- He looked around for a second to see if there was a kitten near by.

- When you went to cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow, Gundam realized that was you.

- “Oh,”

- You looked at him. “What?”

- Gundam stood up.

- “Of course such mighty sound would come from my wonderous Dark Queen/King! The world will know fear when they hear your sneeze of anguish! Ahahahahahahaa!”

- You and Pip were just staring at him.

- “That’s cool but being around the Crimson Cadet over here is too much for my sinuses.”

Ultimate Imposter

- You and Imposter were just hanging out in your room. With your cute face and SHSL worthy persuasion, Imposter had taken off his mask when he entered.

- Both of you were doing research of someone with their social media when it happened.

- “Oh! Refresh the page, he just posted somethi- ah cho!”

- It was the highest pitched thing he has ever heard come out of a humans mouth.

- “Can you do that again?”

- You gave him a questioning look.

- “What?”

- “Make that sound again. I’ve never heard anything like it.”

- “I don’t think I can just replicate a sneeze.”

- Is that what that was?

- Actually now that he realized it asking someone to sneeze is a pretty weird request.

- He wanted to hear it again though.


- Y-You’re also really cute too…

Boys React to Finding Out Their S/O is Ace

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy ace **finger guns**
Okay for those who don’t know what ace/asexual is: it’s a spectrum of sexual orientation where someone is rarely or never interested in having sex. There’s more but this is the best way for me to explain it I think. If you want to know more then google it I guess 🙃

This was requested by @chihiro-and-byakuya

Kaito Momota
-You’re asexual???
-And that means…?
-After you explain it to him he’s just like “OH!!!!!”
-He’s surprised but he wouldn’t leAVE YOU ABOUT THIS OH GOD NO HE WOULD NEVER!!!
-S/O you don’t have to worry about him leaving you just because you don’t want sex!!
-He hugs you if you start crying and you guys cuddle and watch a movie.
-Super understanding 👌👌

-“I will search for what that means”
-Yeah this boi doesn’t care if you’re ace!
-He’s also ace!

Ouma Kokichi
-Wait you don’t want sex???
-He’s a bit confused
-How??? Do??? You??? Not??? Want??? Sex????? (H E A D C A N O N S)
-Just the way you are (wHEN I SEE YOUR FACE–//slapped)
-He can still hug you and kiss you though right s/o???????
-As a response you hug him
-He’s so happy!!! He prefers hugs anyways (not that this boy has ever had sex)

Korekiyo Shinguuji
-“Ah, so you are as I am… preferring to observe the beauty of humanity passively.”
-Not quite how you would have put it but hEY HE KNOWS WHAT IT IS AND HES ALSO ACE (YEET ACE BROS!! //slapped again)
-You guys end up making bad ace puns together
-The first time he made an ace pun to you (you had asked him how he did on an exam that he had)
-(he said he aced it)
-You nearly spit out what you were drinking.
-Korekiyo made a pUN WHAT WORLD IS THIS

Shuichi Saihara
-“Oh. Okay”
-He’s fine with it
-Doesn’t judge
-Doesn’t really matter to him, he still loves you
-He’s super supportive too
-If you guys bumped into someone who had broken up with you because you’re ace then the claws will come out
-Saihara is a detective he knows how to make a murder look like an accident
-No jk he will just hug you and comfort you and assure you that ‘No you aren’t broken you’re perfect s/o shush it’s okay it’s all going to be fine’

Gonta Gokuhara
-Gonta’s s/o is asexual??
-What does that mean?
-Gonta isn’t trying to upset his s/o!!
-He’s just not quite sure what they mean and he doesn’t want to hurt his s/o’s feelings!
-He’s so pure and supportive
-My son (wE PLAYED PIANO- //slapped)

Ryoma Hoshi
-He doesn’t really care if you’re asexual
-You guys are happy together right?
-So why would it make a difference if you guys never had sex?
-He’s super supportive!!
-He’s great!!

Amami Rantarou
-You’re still you?
-Amami is chill™
-“So, do you want to go see a movie or something?”
-L E T H I M H E L P

displacerghost  asked:

Hey Set, you doing okay? Maybe you're just taking a break but you've been pretty quiet lately and I'm worried about you. I know you're going through a lot right now. Feel free to ignore this if you don't wanna talk. Just wanted to reach out and let you know I'm here for you if you need anything, my friend *hugs*

Ah, thank you, Ghost <3 

(yeah, a whole bunch of bad things are going on right now; my cat is sick, still, although I’ve got medication to give her now, and my grandfather’s cancer is back. My mother took him to an appointment to discuss treatment options today.)

There’s not a lot I can do about those things, though; mostly I haven’t been on much because I’ve been working on getting ready for the dance performance. Which is this friday and saturday.

(aaaaAAAAAAAHHH the performance nerves have BEGUN)

All of my costumes are in, which is good! And I just have a little bit of sewing alteration left to do on one of them, now. 

My solo choreography is done, and I’ve finished putting together my costume for it, also–I’ll try to take a picture for you all, and maybe a video of the dance, too!

(also-also, I’m hoping I’ll have time to relax and reblog some things today, after I’ve finished with the sewing and the cat’s medication)

((I feel bad being worried about dance, when all of the terrible things are going on, but I don’t know what else to do…))

Anyway, thank you for asking about me, Ghost, and I’m sorry I made you worry <3 <3 *hugs back*

Shameless 7x12

So I thought this was a pretty solid finale the more I thought about it the move I enjoyed it as it had nods to earlier seasons which I really liked. Elements of Frank on the ground passed out again and none of the kids paying any attention. The end scene with Carl and Frank reminded me of the end of season 4 staring out at the Chicago skyline. Things like that. 

Frank-don’t really care about him as a character but tonight he was at a loss for words which really struck me. His funeral speech made me cry-I never seen him talk about his kids that way so emotionally, you honestly saw right there how much he loved Monica and all of his children. 

Fiona-her speech in the backyard-chills. Reminded me of her Season 1 speech to Monica. I loved it a lot.

I think my favorite thing about the whole episode was the book found in Monica’s duffel and how Fiona throughout the whole episode, despite anything she said about Monica, she kept reading the book. It speaks volumes. Sometimes you can hate a family member, former friend, former lover, relative so much but still want to connect with them somehow-I can relate to that and seeing Fiona do that really hit home. 

-There was only music over the speeches at the funeral, I wish we could’ve heard some stories. 

-Fiona getting emotional at the funeral and then Lip putting his arm around her was great. 

-I like that despite Trevor was angry at Ian he still went to her funeral. He’s a good person. I like him I really do-maybe Ian and him can be friends if they decide to bring him back. 

-Yes Sierra and Lip. I really think they’re good together, hoping she comes back for S8. 

-CARL. The family hugging him made me so happy. I’m so proud of him ah he’s come so far and it was so nice to see him in uniform. 

-Carl and Ian running together was so nice to see. Ian is truly proud of Carl and maybe Carl thought about how Ian wanted this so bad and maybe he would be resentful toward him-but this scene just proved they both love each other a lot which we already knew but Ian is happy for Carl. 

-Ian’s reaction to Kev working at Fairytale was great. 

-No closure for Kev/V/Svet but uhhhh okay. 

-the family all upstairs fighting Frank was-well sort of reminded me of some moments I’ve had with my family. That hit close to home for sure. 

-Debbie slapping Frank was SO great. 

-The end scene of everyone dancing was so great. 

-Overall I think this was a good season. Really really good and such a step up from the shit show that was season 6. I loved that Mickey came back, I loved the ending he and Ian had. They’re not right for each other right now but they’ll find their way back to each other. Mickey needs to grow a little more for Ian and I think he’ll do that. 

I hope for Season 8 Sheila, Jimmy-Steve, Mickey, and hey maybe Mandy come back. Would be nice to see them all again. Especially Mickey because him and Ian are soulmates. 

-Liam still needs more lines. 

-Really loved seeing them at the end-Fiona with the building, Debbie welding, Ian still an EMT, Lip at AA. It’s just-gah I’m so proud of them. They’ve all come so far. 

--- Me Or Her? [feat. J-Hope, angst]

Part 1(?)—

when he’s dating you, but likes another girl. He leaves you for the girl at the the end, but didn’t know the girl was playing another game. 

“Hey, jagiya, are you still mad?” Hoseok asked, pouting while hugging you by the back tightly. You sigh softly, knowing that you couldn’t be mad at him for so long. “No, I’m not,” you replied bluntly, giving a slight smile. “You know she doesn’t mean anything right? Ye-Eun’s only a best-friend of mine.”

“Yes, okay, I know. I’m sorry I overreacted,” you muttered, facing him, cupping his cheeks. “I love you so much, Hoseok, if you leave me I don’t know what to do,” you confessed, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks. “I love you too, my darling,” he replied– but it sounded forced, or fake, you didn’t know. “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.”

You nodded, kissing his lips passionately– and just like that, you let them pass just like that. 


Too bad you were so blind in-love to notice he was lying. You gave a glance at his phone while he was showering, and it was Ye-Eun. At first, you weren’t really jealous nor mad nor sad, because you remembered his words, “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.” but her message—-

Ye Eun 

7:13 PM

— hey, Hoseok <33 sorry, I’ll go late for our movie date! Y’Know, my cousin’s here. Just wait for me, and don’t tell your girlfriend ;)

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anonymous asked:

can you please write a fic about namjin family!au with jimin and jungkook as their children? thank you

title: step brothers [aff || livejournal]

author: admin chae and admin juv

pairing: namjoon / seokjin ; jimin / jungkook

length: oneshot / 2.1k words counted

genre: romance, fluff

rating: G

summary: jungkook doesn’t like his step brother

“Namjoon-ah, I’m sorry.” Seokjin’s burst out into tears as he buried his face onto Namjoon’s chest, hand gripping the pregnancy test pack which only showed one red line. Namjoon noticed the noticeable one red line and he didn’t say anything but hugged his husband. “I’m so sorry.”   “It’s okay.” Namjoon said softly as he rubbed Seokjin’s back to calm him down. They entered their third year of their marriage but yet Seokjin still failed to give a birth to their first child. But Namjoon didn’t see it as a failure, he only had a mindset that the time wasn’t right yet while Seokjin constantly thinks that he failed Namjoon as he wasn’t able to give what Namjoon deserves. But Namjoon only shushes him with a kiss and reassures him again. One day they could have a child, he believed that. “I have an idea.”   Namjoon wiped the brunette’s tears away with a smile, telling him that he wasn’t angry or sad. “I have an idea.” He said. “Let’s adopt a child.”   “Adopt?” Seokjin showed him a puzzled face. He still couldn’t register fully what Namjoon meant.   “Yeah, adopt.” He stated. “You said you always want a son, right? Then let’s adopt a son.”   “But Namjoon-ah…”   “It’s okay.” He pulled the elder into a hug. “We still could have a son.”    -   The married couple watched as some kids ran and played around in the colorful playground inside the orphanage. Seokjin felt bad for them, seeing those kids still smiling even though their parents have abandoned them. If he could take care of all kids, he would gladly do it.   “Do you have someone in mind?”   Seokjin smiled slightly at his husband and pointed to three little boys who were playing with each other happily. “One of them, but what do you think we should adopt Namjoon? Do you have someone in mind too?”    “Can you tell us about them? Like their name and age?” Namjoon asked the caretaker.   “The pale one is named Min Yoongi, he’s five years old.” The caretaker from the orphanage pointed to a pale boy who was busy playing with a toy guitar and he flashed a cute gummy smile when the caretaker pointed a finger towards him. “The boy who is playing with a horse plushy is named Jung Hoseok. He is four years old.” The four-year-old flashed a very happy smile towards the couple and Seokjin was mentally squealing inside. “The boy who dances together with Hoseok is named Park Jimin. He is three years old.”   “I like Jimin.” Seokjin said with a very bright smile formed on his face. He was always like kids. Something about Jimin captivates him. “He has a cute eye-smiles.” He added. “What do you think, Namjoon-ah?”   “I like him too.” He wrapped his arm around his husband with a glad smile. He felt happy too when his husband was happy. “Let’s take him, then.”   Jimin cried when the caretaker said he’s getting adopted because he knew it means he had to say goodbye to his very best hyungs, Yoongi hyung and Hoseok hyung. They’re Jimin’s closest friends.   Seokjin bit his lower lip with a sad face because Jimin was crying. He didn’t like it when kids cried. He sighed and crouched down, leveling his height down to Jimin’s height. “You still can meet your friends, Jiminnie.” He said. “If you miss them, they can come to our home anytime.”   “We will come to your house, Jiminnie!” Hoseok beamed even though he felt a little sad too, but he knew if someone got parents, it meant happiness. “Now you have an appa and umma!”   “Really?” the youngest mumbled with a very cute voice and a pout resting on his lips. “They can come too, umma?”   “Yes, they can, Jiminnie.” This time Namjoon spoke and picked Jimin up gently. “Now, we will go to your new home, Jiminnie.”   “Good bye, Jiminnie.” Hoseok choked on his tears as his little fingers gripped his plushy lightly. “We will come to your house! Promise!” Yoongi added as he flashed his little pinky finger to Jimin sadly. “Bye Jiminnie.”   “Bye Yoongi hyung and Hoseok hyung.”   Now Park Jimin is officially Kim Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin’s first son.   -   One year had passed and little Jimin adapted in the Kim family so well. But the first month was hard for Seokjin and Namjoon because Jimin couldn’t adapt in their family well. He kept crying and saying that he missed Hoseok hyung and Yoongi hyung but as time passed, Jimin adapted and became the heart of their little family.   Seokjin chuckled lightly as he noticed his four-year-old son struggling to climb onto the couch as his little fingers gripped the horse plushie given by his Hoseok hyung as a present tightly. He placed his book away and picked his son up, placing him on his thigh.   “Umma.” Seokjin replied with a hum as he pulled Jimin closer to him so his little back was resting on his tummy. “Where is appa?”   Seokjin smiled softly and pulled his son closer to him, burying his face to his son’s soft brown hair. “Appa is working in his room, Jiminnie.” He ruffled his son’s hair lightly. “You miss appa?”   Jimin nodded lightly as a response while playing with his horse plushie. “Can I go to appa’s room, umma?”   “Appa is working, Ji—“ Seokjin gasped as he felt a sudden weird wave gushing throughout his body, and it made him sick to the core. Jimin turned around and found his umma’s face was pale and being a smart kid, he got up and ran to his appa’s room while his umma ran to the bathroom.   -   Namjoon sighed in relief when the doctor said his husband was fine. He’s just so afraid that something bad might happened to the person that he loved dearly. Jimin didn’t really understand what the doctor said at first. But seeing the smile upon his appa’s face, he knew that his umma is alright now.   “Appa, I want to talk to umma.”   Jimin’s appa picked him up gently and brought him to his umma who was lying down on the bed with a pale face. He felt really thankful to have a son like Jimin. Because of his son’s quick reaction, he’s fine now.   “Umma, are you okay?” Jimin looked at his mom worriedly but Seokjin just smiled weakly at his son. His fingers reached out to caress Jimin’s hair lightly just to making sure that he’s alright.   “Umma is okay, Jiminnie.” He answered. “You will have a little brother or sister soon, Jiminnie.”   “S-So, it means you’re pregnant?” Namjoon eyed him with a confused and surprised face. The doctor just told him that his husband is okay because Seokjin told the doctor not to tell Namjoon about this good news.   “Yeah. We have been waiting for this, right?”   Without words, Namjoon leaned closer and hugged his husband gently in happiness. “Finally. We have been waiting for this.” He said softly. “Jiminnie will have a little brother too. Thank you for everything, Seokjin-ah.”   -   “Jungkook-ah, don’t do that!” eight-year-old Jimin whined when his six-year-old little brother lightly slapped his hand when he tried to feed him a cookie. Jimin sighed as he retrieved his hand, staring at the now glaring Jungkook. It’s been a while since Jungkook entered the family, but Jimin still couldn’t get Jungkook to like him. The first two years of Jungkook’s life went by peacefully with the maknae basking himself in all the love his hyung gives him. But as he grows older, Jungkook realizes how Jimin was snatching his parents attention away from him. Jungkook loved his parents, and he overheard his parents’ conversation one night when he was having a bad dream.    Apparently he wanted to sleep with his umma, but he overheard the conversation between his umma and appa. They were talking about bringing Jimin to visit the orphanage. When was his hyung in an orphanage? Being considered smart at his age, Jungkook caught on quickly and found out Jimin was adopted. This made Jungkook even more mad- he deserved all the love and attention from his parents even more then. Jungkook pushed Jimin away, doesn’t call him hyung and kicks him when he has the chance. But Jimin never fails to smile at him and never fails to ruffle his hair with that stupid grin on his face. Jungkook wishes that he could rub that grin away with a punch, but his umma and appa was always there. He had to wait for them to be gone before he could do anything to Jimin.    -   Turns out when they were left alone with each other, there was a Storm raging outside and Jungkook found himself shivering alone in the middle of his parents king sized bed. He had his bunny plushie clutched tightly to his chest and years were streaming freely down his face. His umma and appa were on a business meeting and Jungkook was sure they aren’t coming back home any time sooner.    “Umma.. Appa…” Jungkook sniffled as he let out a loud wail when another thunder was heard roaring. The door to the room creaked open slightly, making Jungkook jump up high in the air and causing a shriek to erupt from his throat.    “Kookie?” Jimin’s soft voice resonated throughout the room and Jungkook couldn’t help but feel relieved. Someone was here with him. When Jimin got onto the bed, Jungkook was screaming and kicking at Jimin, shouting at him to leave him alone. But when another thunder sounded, he yelped and buried himself in Jimin’s arms. The older boy was taken aback, he hadn’t held Jungkook since a very long time and his brother just felt so squishy in his hold. Jimin cooed at Jungkook, hands wrapping themselves around Jungkook’s small frame. The poor boy was shivering so hard Jimin thought he might break. He gently rocked Jungkook back and fro, trying to lure the younger one to sleep. But it simply couldn’t work with Jungkook jumping every ten seconds due to the thunder clashing and wind howling outside. Jungkook’s hold on Jimin’s shirt tightened and Jimin was at lost of what to do.    But somehow, Jimin remembered what his umma always does when he’s scared; his umma sings. So Jimin settles on singing a song for Jungkook. The moment Jimin started singing, Jungkook could feel his fear slipping away bit by bit. Since when does his hyung have such a sweet voice? He didn’t know why, but he’s voice was almost as sweet as their umma’s. Jimin’s voice was sweet and firm, laced with a little tremor here and there. But Jungkook found his voice oddly calming and seemed to relaxed readily into Jimin’s embrace. Maybe just for today, he can throw all his hate for Jimin out of the window.    Before falling asleep, Jungkook felt Jimin placing a soft peck on his forehead accompanied by a soft whisper.    “Good night Kookie."    -   By the time Seokjin and Namjoon returns home, the storm was already gone, with thunder still rolling in the distance. Seokjin’s heart swelled upon the sight of Jungkook all curled up against Jimin in the middle of their bed. Both of them were sleeping so soundly and Jungkook had a death grip on Jimin’s shirt. Seokjin felt arms circle around his waist and turned around to face Namjoon.    "Don’t they look sweet?” Namjoon commented and Seokjin agreed. He knew Jungkook was having problems accepting Jimin as his brother. But the sight in front of him makes him think that Jungkook might just start accepting him. Seokjin gave Namjoon a soft peck on the lips before gliding over to the bed, slipping in under the covers gently so as to not tousle the sleeping kids. Seokjin wrapped his arms around the both of them lightly, falling into a deep slumber the moment he feels Namjoon’s hands curl over his.    -   When Jimin wakes up the next morning, he’s all alone in the bed. He could smell waffles coming from the kitchen and immediately ran to the bathroom to wash up. Upon entering the kitchen, he greeted everyone a good morning. His appa replied with a short ruffle on this hair and his umma replied with a short and sweet good morning too. Jungkook was playing with his bunny toy, but when he hears Jimin greeting him a good morning, he looks up momentarily before muttering a quick, “Good morning Jiminnie hyung.”    Jimin’s eyes widened at the mention of his name accompanied with a hyung. Normally Jungkook doesn’t even acknowledge his greetings. Jimin beamed and ran over, hugging Jungkook tightly with all his might. He was just so happy. Jungkook was finally accepting him.    Jungkook still hates being babied by Jimin and  needing to call him hyung.    But he hates him a little lesser now.    Seokjin and Namjoon thinks they could get used to mornings like this.

Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Ladybug: Ah! Use your Ancient Disaster abilities.
Cat Noir: Ah, yes, that’s a great idea. But from this height?
Ladybug: Well of course! Do you want to keep floating up in here together?
Cat Noir: (CATTY GRIN)
Ladybug: (UGH)

Translation tweak (ancient disaster) from http://evzhreon.tumblr.com/post/128597055707/full-ladybug-ep-2-translation