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There are cis women who grow beards. There are cis women who don’t get periods. There are cis women who are infertile. There are cis women without breasts. There are cis women with deep voices. There are cis women with broad shoulders. There are cis women without uteruses.

How do you define “woman”? There will always be one of your precious “woman born women” that won’t fit your definition.

You throw cis women under the bus at any chance just to hurt and harm trans women. You say you fight for women, but you are all just mysoginists in disguise. You are disgusting hyporcrites and I hate you all.

Welcome Home Pt.2

Magnus had his arms wrapped firmly around his waist, his hands pulling him as close to his body as he could get him.

“God, I missed you.” Alec breathed between kisses. His hands reefed off Magnus’ jacket and he allowed his arms to fall to his sides so it slid from him in a soft pool at the their feet. He headed for the buttons on his shirt next.

“this is taking too long.” Magnus complained and with a snap and a short burst of blue sparks, both of their shirts disappeared.

“I like the way you think, Babe.” Alec said, and headed for his neck, seeking the pulse point that he knew would drive Magnus wild. Magnus tilted his head to give him better access to it and then made a purring sort of noise in his throat as he felt his boyfriend’s  mouth hit the spot he needed.  Alec gave a soft snort of laughter against Magnus’ skin.

‘Are you purring? Seriously? Already?” he asked him, but when he lifted his head and saw those two glowing amber eyes looking back at him he knew he was done for. He drew in a breath and crashed his mouth back to Magnus’ and then started fumbling with his belt buckle and the button on his pants.

Magnus was doing the same thing to him and he heard the heavy thud of his gear belt as it dropped to the floor. He undid the button of his jeans but before he went for the zipper he ran his palm over the hard bulge behind it. Alec gave deep growl and Magnus could feel its vibrations going through his own chest.

“I didn’t think Nephilim could make noises like that. You’ve been spending too much time with those werewolves again.” he said, his voice low and deep.

“Only Nephilim with hot warlock boyfriends can do it. I won’t do it again if you don’t want me too.” Alec was trailing kisses down his jaw line, making it almost impossible for him to think straight.

“don’t you dare stop it.” Magnus growled back, and Alec gave a small laugh before going back to his lips. He had managed to get Magnus’ button and zipper undone and was trying to pull the tight fitting material down over his slim hips.

“Why do you have to wear such tight pants, you’re making things difficult.” Alec complained. Magnus gave a click of his fingers once more and the clothing disappeared along with his boots.

“all better? I can stop wearing them if don’t like them.” Magnus hinted, hooking his fingers into the belt loops off Alec’s jeans and giving them a hard yank down so they fell about his ankles.

“You don’t have to go that far.” He said, running his hands over his muscled chest and abs. He pried off his own boots and then stepped out of his jeans before grabbing Magnus’ hand and leading him to the bed. The covers were bunched up and messy.

“Really, my love, when was the last time you made your bed?” Magnus asked as they stood near the end, hands and mouths busy with each other.

“Is it gonna stop you from laying with me in it?” Alec asked him.

“No way in hell.”

They fell heavily together onto its surface too preoccupied with each other to take it easy. Alec smiled when he heard a muffled cry.

“Sorry Babe, didn’t mean to hurt you, I just really want you.”  Alec nuzzled into Magnus’ neck.

“Ah, I hate to tell you this but that wasn’t me.” Magnus replied and Alec stilled, bringing his head up to frown down at him questionly. They both startled when they felt movement right next to them before hearing something fall to the floor with a thud.

“What the………” Alec started to say before Magnus used his magic to turn on the bedside lamp.

Simon Lewis was trying to scramble to his feet from the floor wearing only his underwear. His pale vampire skin glowing whitely in the dim light of the lamp but his face was actually a pale pink.  Magnus and Alec froze in shock.

“Well, Alexander, this is a surprise I thought at the worse that you might keep a teddy bear in here or something but a whole vampire?” Magnus asked.

“I…..I….I’m really sorry, guys….. oh God, don’t kill me, please? Well technically I’m already dead but please don’t. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt you but…….” He stammered.

“So, what? You thought hiding under the bed covers was a good idea? What in the name of the angel are you doing in here anyway?” Alec barked at him, as he moved off Magnus, grabbing at the blankets to cover them both.

“I got here earlier today to wait for Izzy but it got late and I got tired so I thought I’d catch a short nap before you got back. I had no idea you’d be coming in here.” Simon was hastily trying to put on his clothes but was tangling himself in the material.  Magnus gave a small snort of impatience and snapped his fingers to dress the startled vampire. Simon gave a jump but then headed for the door.

“I’ll go now then. Sorry guys didn’t mean to intrude. Hey Magnus, nice underwear by the way.” He grinned as he headed out the door. As the door closed behind him, Alec frowned back at Magnus.

“I had no idea vampires could blush like that.” Magnus said thoughtfully.

“Don’t change the subject, what did he mean about your underwear?” Magnus leaned over to him and kissed him, smiling back at him. He flipped over onto his stomach. Alec looked down at his butt and stifled a laugh. The words, ‘property of A. Lightwood” was printed across the material. Alec gave Magnus’  rounded butt cheek a  playful pinch.

“They were supposed to of been a welcome home present.” Magnus told him.

“They still are. I love you Magnus Bane.” He told him.

“I love you too, A. lightwood.” And with a laugh they wrapped themselves up in each other.            

Jack- FAHC
  • she has a reputation of being on the most honest criminals Los Santos has ever seen- she pays on time, delivers on time, and she always keeps her promises.
    • this doesn’t mean she’s easy to take advantage of, though; underestimating her is one of the quickest ways to die. She’s a shrewd businesswoman, and God forbid you ever break a promise to her
  • she swears that she’s never had a hangover, and none of the boys have ever seen her with one. It’s not like she doesn’t drink, either- Geoff remembers vividly the day that she downed five shots of vodka one after the other, and then proceeded to win $10,000 in a poker game. He was terrified and in awe.
  • she tends to be one of the best negotiators (along with Gavin, but more consistently). She gets people to like her, to trust her, and if they are trying to manipulate the deal to their advantage, they don’t even realize that she has them exactly where she wants them
  • If her boys are in danger, watch out. Then, she only negotiates in blood and bullets and hellfire.
  • The crew would be hopeless without any of the members, or course; they’re all crucial, and they’re family. But without Jack they’d crumble. No one else pilots like her, obviously, but she’s their rock, the steady hand, and let’s be real she’s the mom.
    • Once, she was taken. The crew that took her only got her. She was gone for three days, and the FAHC tore the city apart to get her back
  • she’s a good, steady shot, yes. They’re all good. Her place in the crew on heists is transportation, though. She’s the best pilot Los Santos has got. But she also excels in hand-to-hand combat- she’s been taking any and all martial arts classes since she was 8 years old, although she doesn’t use it too often.
    • also bc she’s a huge nerd and loves cool combat, she’s taken swordfighting classes. The crew doesn’t know because she’s waiting for the perfect moment to save the day and surprise him with her skills.
      • ((that day comes a week after her 39th birthday and it is glorious.))
  • none of the boys are sure how many languages she actually speaks. They know of English, French, Italian, and Russian for sure, and once they overheard her talking to herself in what Gavin swears is Polish
  • she hates the country of Sweden. None of them are exactly sure why. They’re all too afraid to ask
  • she goes nuts during Thanksgiving. She makes them all help in baking enough to feed a small army, she breaks out the fine china (and every year, someone always breaks at least one piece), and sits them all down at the dinner table, forcing them to smile and play nice and to get off your DS Ray I swear to-
    • they, being contrary assholes, complain. but not very much, because they absolutely all love it and Jack knows it
  • they all like to film things, of course- heist plannings and pranks and drunk shit. But it’s jack who does it the most, she makes these shitty ‘home videos’ and it’s Ray sleeping on the couch and Gavin blowing out the birthday cake and them all yelling and laughing while playing video games and she has about a thousand of these videos and they all tease her for it and mock them but none of them ever complain when they get dragged out and they watch some every holiday and birthday (and one or two disappears for a while every time someone’s had a bad week). Geoff absolutely bawls like a baby every time he watches one
  • she loves shitty Christmas sweaters, she wears them constantly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Michael gets her a new one every Christmas. She owns 14.
  • she not only remembers all of the birthdays of the crew, but the days that each one joined. She always gets them presents, too, and it’s always perfect. This means that on her birthday you get six guys doing everything in their (considerable) power to get the greatest gift for her possible. It turns into this unspoken competition for who can get her the greatest gift. So far her favorite has been an entire fucking plane that Geoff bought for six million dollars (also the mug that Ray got her that has the Crew Emblem and says World’s #1 Mom which he got ironically but also not and she accepted ironically but also not)
  • She is such a junk food junkie. Anything sweet or salty or served with cheese, she is there which means that she also has to work out all the time and eat a shit ton of vegetables so that she can stay in shape. Luckily her diet is still better than Ray’s
    • ((a homeless cat’s diet is still better than Ray’s))
  • she gives money to charities anonymously more than the other crew members. Her biggest donations always go to women’s shelters, because (and it takes the crew years to learn this) her mom was abused for years, and the two of them spent months in various women’s shelters because they had nowhere else to go
  • she still plays Flappy Bird. No one knows why.
Almost got caught (Part 4)

Should i even accept the fact that i am having the best week of my life or the most painful week of my life? You guys are probably wondering why. I am about to explode. I am at the edge right now. My patience is almost hitting 100% but i am trying to hold on to that 0.05% . I might even do something i regret that is why i am trying so hard right now.

Okay, you want to know why? Here is the thing. This someone is making my life hard. You guessed it. Park to the fuckin Jimin.

After that day. That day we cuddled he kissed my forehead.. just the thought of it make my head spin. The way his lips feels on my forehead and the way i want to smash my lips on his and and- sorry for that. Umm.. back to the topic. Ever since that day, we have become closer. You guys probably thinks that its normal. I wished it was but NOPE! I would say that every corner i go, every where and everytime, he would be there. He tried to follow me to the toilet! The toilet guys!! Of course i had to push him out. What is wrong with him. I admitted that i love having his attention on me but this is a bit too much for my fragile heart.

He became so touchy. Again, i am not complaining but does he even know what he does to my body?! Whenever he touched me, my body would react in some kind of way i cannot describe. He would suddenly back hugged me, hold my hands, play with my hair when we are sitting on the sofa watching movies and many stuff that i cannot count. It went on for like 1 week. I am amazed at myself that i am able to stay sane. Right now we are inside our van. We are on our way to bighit to practice for our concert.

I was looking outside trying to enjoy the scenery while listening to music. It looked like its going to rain judging from the dark clouds. You might wonder where is he. Well, he is beside me right now. Park jimin is beside me. Jin and Namjoon hyung is at the back while the others are at the other van. I was about to dozed off when someone take my right hand. My eyes flew opened. I looked to my right to see jimin playing with my fingers. My heart thumped so hard against my ribcage. I gulped my saliva trying to calm myself down.

His small hands is so warm and the way he hold my hands is so cute. He did not make eye contact with me at all. He kept looking at my hands. Playing with my fingers and sometimes rubbing the back of my hand. My heart swell at the gesture. Before i knew it, i had a small smile on my face. I kept looking at him all the way while enjoying the feeling of having his hand around my hand. Suddenly, he stop . I raised my eyebrow in confusion.

His hand was still holding my hand but he kept looking at it without doing anything. I was confused by now. Suddenly, i saw a small smile on his face. Suddenly, i felt like crying. I don’t know why. My heart suddenly feels something as soon as he smiled like that but i managed to hold my tears back. I closed my eyes tightly to prevent my tears from spilling. When i opened my eyes, jimin was looking at me, his face showing concern for me. I smiled at him as some sort of assurance? He gave me this look that i cannot understand. It feels like we are the only one here. We kept staring at each other until jimin pull my hand that he is holding. He brought my hand near his lips. I was not expecting it but slowly he dipped his head down to meet my hand. Slowly and gently, he kissed the back of my hand. He had his eyes closed. I was overwhelmed by everything. What is he trying to do. Why jimin? Why are you making it hard for me?

After that, he scooted nearer to me, without letting my hand go at all. There was no words exchanged between us at all. He placed his head on my shoulder, leaving no space between us at all. After that, he interwined our hands together, resting it at his lap. The back of my hand is facing up while his is facing down. My heart is beating so fast right now. Everything is too good to be true. Having jimin near me is what i always dreamed of but i knew, i shouldn’t expect anything. Nothing at all. If i did just that, no one will get hurt. Its for the best. Jimin never stop rubbing the back of my thumb until we reach our destination. I will sometimes give jimin a light squeeze at times. I can feel his cheekbone rise up from my shoulder.

I should do something.. i am enjoying this too much. I might do something i regret if i didn’t do anything. I shouldn’t follow along. Maybe, if i act like how i did few years ago, jimin might stop? I am sorry jimin hyung.. this had to be done. I don’t want you to find out about my feelings. I am afraid. I hope this will work..

After that, i try my best to avoid jimin hyung. If sometimes i would see him approaching me from the corner of my eyes, i would walk away quickly. I would always try to bath first even though usually, i would always let the others bath first. Just so that i can lock myself in the room sooner without bumping into jimin. I would always drag jin hyung to seat beside me. No matter where, inside the car, when watching movie at the dorm or whenever we have to sit, i would drag jin hyung. Jin would always give me a look as if to ask me why. Sometimes i can feel someone watching me so intensely. I knew it was jimin but i chose to ignore it of course..

At times he would try to touch me, i would walk away immediately, giving excuses like i wanted to go the toilet or stuff. We would talk like normal but i would avoid any contact with him. Everything was going well but my heart is not going well at all. It hurts like hell. I would sometimes went out from my room to go to the kitchen to see jimin and taehyung playing games together. They would bicker and laugh with each other. I would immediately smile when i heard his laughter. Its the most beautiful sound i have ever heard in my life.

Taehyung would ask me to join at times. I looked over at jimin briefly to see him looking at me with hope. I politely decline his offer making stupid excuse again.

I walked away before taehyung can say anything else. I went back inside my room and locked them immediately to prevent any intruders from entering.

(From here on, i am going to change pov)

Taehyung POV

Taehyung feels the drop in jimin’s mood immediately. He heaved a sigh of discontent. He looked over at his bestfriend who is looking down at the game console. How stupid can that jungkook be?!

He immediately wrap his arm around jimin’s shoulder trying to comfort him.

“Hey chim?”

Jimin kept looking down not answering at all. Taehyung can’t bare to see his friend so sad. Especially if its jimin. He immediately pull jimin into a tight hug. A few seconds later, he heard a soft sob from his friend. He feels like crying. It hurts to see jimin cry. He wished he can do something. That jungkook is such an idiot!


“Yeah jimin?”

“I-i think jungkook h-hates me..”

Hearing that breaks my heart. I grab his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. He was still looking down but his tears keep dropping. Luckily everyone is busy right now or else it will be chaos especially if its about jimin crying.

“Hey, look at me”

It took awhile before he looked at me. Can your heart break twice? Because it did for me. His crying face is the most painful thing i have ever feel. He’s breathing is so unstable right now.

“No no jimin. You know he would never ever hate you. He would never. Trust me okay?”

His tears didn’t stop at all. He kept sobbing non-stop.

“B-but he act as if i-i am not here at all”

“That is because jungkook is being stupid okay? All you have to know is that he doesn’t hate you and he will never ever hate you.”

“R-really taehyung-ah?”

I gave him a firm nod. I pulled him into a tight hug and i would rub his back to comfort him. That fuxker.. he made jimin cry. If only he is not being an idiot right now.

Seeing my bestfriend like this hurt me alot. We have been through many ups and downs and jimin is always there for me ever since day 1, i was always the one needing the comfort and jimin rarely ever cry infront of me but now its my turn to help.

After around 30 minutes, jimin finally settle down in my arms. He fell asleep from crying too much i guess. Suddenly i heard the bedroom door open. I hoped its not jungkook. Turns out it was hoseok hyung. He approached us slowly and saw jimin sleeping in my arms. His face is still damp from crying. I gave hoseok hyung a small smile before I carried jimin to our room and gently placed him down on the bed. Hoseok was leaning against the doorframe waiting for me. After tucking him in, i gently wiped jimin’s tears with my fingers.

I looked over at hoseok hyung who is looking at me with a sad smile. I went out of the room and i took one last look at jimin before slowly closing the door to our room.

Hobi hyung and me went to the kitchen without saying a word. I sat down on the dining table while hoseok hyung took out his cup to drink water.

“Are you doing okay with your mixtape?”

I heard hoseok hummed as a respond.

“How is jimin?”

Well i knew he was going to ask. I let out a tired sigh before answering.

“Not okay.. it hurts me so much to see him like that. That idiot!”

Hoseok took a seat beside me.

“I noticed how jungkook had been avoiding jimin this past few days. Its like the old time again..”

I nod in agreement. I noticed too. I remembered how jimin cried when he thought jungkook hated him. It is like deja-vu again.

“I know hyung. Its stupid. That idiot thinks that he is doing something good but its not!”

I can see hoseok hyung nod his head in agreement at the corner of my eyes. Suddenly, his head shot up so fast that it shocked me. He look at me in the eyes. His eyes sparkling with some sort of mischief. I got a bad feeling..

“Taehyung.. are you thinking what i’m thinking?”


“Let’s make jungkook jealous and then he will explode!”

“Umm. I th-”


I was shocked at his sudden explosive sound effects. I let out a small laugh. Hoseok hyung is so cute. I reached out to his cheeks and pinched them lightly.

“Aigoo~ our hobi so cute” i can’t help it okay?

“Y-yah! I am older okay.” Aigoo he is flustered right now. Cute.

“Yeah yeah hyung. So what is your plan?”

Hoseok hyung went back to thinking and there was a few seconds of silence between us. During that time, i was studying his face, admiring him. He looked so beautiful. How he looked while thinking so hard. I smiled without realising. Hoseok hyung shines when he smiles. He is another person i cannot bare to see crying. He is my sunshine. If he cry, everything will turn dark.

“How about we tell the others first? Since they know about them. The more the merrier.”

I nod in agreement. I guess he is right.

“Well. You are right. How should we do this? Should i make a group chat?”

“Oohhh thats great tae! So smart. Do it do it!”

I smiled at how much light he is radiating with his beautiful smile.

“I know hyung. I am your favourite after all right?” I winked at him before taking out my phone from my pocket to create the group chat.

Unbeknownst to him, hoseok is blushing so hard right now.

Side note: some sad moments but some cute moments. And another couple?! Maybe ;) how was this chapter? Thank you for all your support💕💕 till the next chapter.

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your art is beautiful and i love your anatomy and art style and your color schemes are so cool buddy great job keep it up

ohh man you’re really kind. idk if this is just really well timed or if you read my tags but either way, thank you so much for sending this

gureshin crowferi highschool au because i am tired

  • guren is on the track&field team, javelin toss, and by sophmore year he breaks his school’s record, junior year he takes his team to nationals.  guren’s form is perfect. he can also fill in for shot-put, which is not his strongest suite, but if he is put in he can lead them to getting the farthest distances. when he graduates the school inducts him into the hall of fame.
  • shinya, on the opposite, is the soccer player that everybody likes but not quite trusts. he’s played soccer since he was little, three years old, all the hiragi kids have to do some type of sport, espicially shinya, since he’s adopted. he’s pushed to be the best forward and he is, but goalie is his best position. some part of him is designed to prevent victories.  
  • guren&shinya are the couple that nobody is really surprised by. hell, some people just assumed they were already dating. 
  • guren&shinya, due to family reasons, can never go to each other’s houses for study-dates. they’ll stay after school or go to the public library or if they’re desperate they’ll have study-dates in one of their cars. shinya is greatest at languages/english, while guren is the mathematician of their little duo. 
  • both of them get in trouble one time for texting each other in class. it’s shinya sending pointless photos and links (re: memes), guren rolling his eyes and sending him bored emojis, which leads to guren getting rick-rolled in the middle of a science lesson (this is how most of their texts go). needless to say, none of their parents are happy. neither of them get their phone for a month.
  • shinya is the one who steals all of guren’s shirts/coats/hoodies and wearing them any where he can. it gets to the point were guren has nothing resembling a coat. shinya returns all of them for guren to wash them, with little love notes that are sickeningly sweet.
  • crowley is the quarter-back on his school’s foot ball team, the star quarter back none-the-less. he’s the school sweetheart while also being the school asshole. his two closest ‘friends’ are the cheerleaders bell and chest. nobody expects him to be on the chess team.
  • ferid doesn’t play any sports, and while it’s rumored he use to do dance&gymnastics, he does walk with a limp that points to an injury in the past. two days a week (three counting weekends) he doesn’t have the last two classes; he’s dismissed early for physical therapy. 
  • ferid&crowley are a very open relationship, pda is the thing that makes it. ferid wears all of his bulky-boyfriend’s sweatshirt, the ones with his jersey number and last name stitched on the back, or his extra jerseys. crowley’s ponytail is from ferid, a birthday/anniversary present. 
  • it’s a wonder how they never get in trouble. ferid sits pratically on crowley’s lap during lunch, they basically make-out during lunch. it isn’t even lunch it’s pda 101.
  • crowley’s texts consist mosly of “ ;) ”. ferid types in all lowercase.
  • pet names. sweetheart, gingerbread man, tiny dancer, etc. disgusting these pet names.
  • ferid&crowley are that obnouxious high-school couple that go to 24hr stores at 3am just to get out and 'exprience the teenage feel’. it’s annoying. why are they making out at a walmart mcdonald’s. it’s 3:17am. why.
About Us

Summary: Dan makes a huge decision about him and Phil’s relationship.

Word Count: 1659

Warnings: None

“Thanks for watching, guys. See you next Tuesday!” Dan says, ending his weekly liveshow on Younow. He doesn’t leave his room to eat his late dinner like he usually would, though. He stays in his desk chair, thinking.

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160130: BTS 김남준 Fancafe update

12:59 KST


Writing down after a long time when my heart and mind are at ease.

Living genuinely is kinda hard. The word ‘genuine’ is good so it’s genuine.
In my own perspective, genuineness can be a good thing, can be uncomfortable for someone and can cause damage. Last time, I don’t know about that. Now I’m not quite sure too but, to me genuineness is good and is important than anything else. I feel that in an individual’s life, your own genuineness is the most important.
That’s why I like my own genuineness.

The things I say in interviews and the music that I thought of genuinely brought a lot of misunderstandings from other people and unintentionally hurt some people.
There’s also a lot of times where it seems unfair. It weren’t my intentions, my lyrics weren’t out of hatred or to hurt someone but, it was just purely for me. I thought why did it became offensive? Why did it cause damage? Etc. I was ofcourse a little irresponsible about this. I didn’t know that my carelessness would make a negative impact. And I hated the people who hate on me.

Anyway, it’s impossible to make everyone like you, that’s a selfish thought. But actually, people feel that they live to love and receive love from people. When they feel that they don’t receive love, that’s when they feel like giving up on living. It’s not when they don’t receive respect as a human being. 
“It’s always a shame… why can’t people understand..” I always mutter that to myself like a habit.

Someone used to tell me this “People have their own rights to hate your or not. Why are you trying to control that? You have no rights to take away their rights to hate you. It’s their own opinion and you can’t do anything about it. But you can choose to not get hurt or affected by it. That’s your opinion and your own rights.”

I receive so much love and receive as much misunderstandings and hate.. I always fly into rage, suffer inside by myself, and make up excuses. I don’t like getting hurt so I end up putting up all sorts of defense to protect myself.
But it’s still the same.
When I get hurt, I got upset. It’s a shame. I’ve gotten stronger but I still can’t be brave. When I’m fighting with this frightening subject, acknowledgement, acceptance, vengeance, selfishness, and anger, I just.. I thought ah.. I shouldn’t be someone I hate.. I really hate that.

But the genuineness that I always had became a first priority to me. As I’m becoming an adult,I can now see the others’ inconvenience and damage and whatever that lies in the future is the same a purity/genuineness.
And as someone who knows very well with the feeling of receiving much love as much hate, I don’t want to blindly hate on someone.
That’s just not cool. Thanks to you, I became an adult. In the end, anger became a blessing and blessings may turn into anger too. What the adults said is true. It’s a blessing in disguise.

Just.. I hope people with warm, kind hearts don’t hate on other people for no reason. Being a person full of hatred isn’t that great. You don’t know how your words can affect someone. Words will become genuineness, then will become values and then eventually becomes fate.
I felt it from the words I say, and the words I heard. And you have to bear with the effect for a very long time. I want this world to be warm and comfortable to live in when I’m doing music. I think I should be an even warmer and genuine person first.
I still have a long way to go but I’m still learning slowly.

Being an adult is difficult. I wonder how these adults in their 30s and 40s fought their way through hardships alone.
I want to look at a lot of things warmly and give and receive love for myself and for the world.
So, I still love music like how I always do.  Even if I’m not warm, even if I’m not an adult yet, endure and listen to it.
I will give you a cool voice to listen to, so that’s why these days I’m always working. I love music the best.

Let’s keep our chins up. I will be a better me. Ofcourse.

translations cr: letmesuga

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i dunno if anyone thanked you for crossing out that one section on the spectrum meme, but im gonna. thank you. i have always really hated it.

ah no problem! ( q v q ) i always disliked that section myself and honestly “mental health” just seemed like a way more interesting/relevant category than “sanity” anyway u - u

BTS REACTION to gf asking them to massage her sore boobies

Requested by boobie-peasant @hello-btsfangirl. Hope your boobs won’t be painful after these imaginary massages, dear peasant!

Taehyung: It was that time of the month again. You felt like swollen ball fish and your boobs were sore. “Taeeee” you veiled childishly when your boyfriend brought you the water you had asked for. Tae looked at you and kept his distance. “Do I need to throw chocolate at you?” he asked. “No, but could you massage my boobs? They’re really sore” you asked him cutely. Tae’s face went into an error. He was half smiling, half screaming without sound. He opened his mouth to say something, but a dumbfounded “ehhah?” came out. “Please?” you begged him since you really wanted to be close to him. Tae swallowed and sat behind you. Then he just put his palms onto your boobs. “Ummmmmmmm… like this?” he asked still now believing the situation. “Just think that they’re two water balloons” you guided him, forgetting who you are talking to…

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*insert boobs here*

Suga: “What is it with you grabbing your boobs all the time? It’s distracting me” Yoongi complained when he was writing some lyrics to a notebook. “You have no idea what happens to a female body when–“ Yoongi stopped your rant by putting a finger onto your lips. “Okay, move over, let me help” he said calmly. “What are you even gonna do. It’s not like you know—- ohhhhh boy” you sighed when Yoongi gently grabbed your boobs and gave them a perfect squeeze. “Stop complaining. You’re just sore, right?” he muttered to himself as he kept on massaging. “Yoongi, I-“ “Shhh, I’m doing this only if you’re quiet.”

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Rapmonster: “No! Not like that! OUCH JOONIE!” you slapped his hands off of your boobs. “But I did it like you like it in bed?” Namjoon asked with confusion in his voice. “Idiot! That is a different thing. Be more gentle. Like this” you showed him by moving his hands lightly. “Oh…” Namjoon said as he got into the hang of it. “This really helps?” “You bet” you sighed. Namjoon was quiet for a while before he spoke his mind: “But this is not as much fun…” You leaned back against him. “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that, because you’re gonna love massaging them for the next five minutes.”

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Jungkook: “You feel uncomfortable in pain too, right?” you asked Kookie who nodded. “So if you massaged my boobs now I would be like a puppy for the rest of the evening - if you do it well that is” you tried to encourage him. “But why do I have -“ “So you gonna do it or are you gonna go buy be 2 liters of ice cream and watch me get fatter on this couch?” you asked him with a serious voice. “O-okay” Kookie answered and started massaging your boobs. Ah the joy of dating someone with little experience about times like this can sometimes be very beneficial…

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Jin: He saw you squeezing your boobs lightly with a frustrated expression and immediately came over. “Don’t do it so harshly, jagi. Let me do it so you can relax” Jin said and you two sat down on his bed. “Wow, are you secretly massaging boobs when I’m not around?” you had to ask him, because his long fingers did a very good job. Jin just laughed: “Should I? Maybe this is my talent? Should I show it next time on weekly idol?” “Only if the victim is Jungkook. His chest is growing bigger and bigger after those hours spend in gym” you replied.

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Jimin: He giggled with an insecure voice. “Ma-massage your boobs? Me? How? Why? Ah, jagi, really?” “Yeah, I’m just so tired and sore and I hate the world, but I love you so I kinda just wanna be close, but at the same time I feel like I really need the massage” you complained fast so that Jimin could comprehend only the half of it. It didn’t stop him from being a super cutie though. He hugged you, ruffled your hair and then took a step back to stare at your chest. “Hello boobs, what are we doing today?” he said cutely and grabbed them as if experimenting how they move in his hands.

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J-hope: “Oh stop that” he said half teasing, half serious when you massaged your boobs slowly when you two were resting on bed. “But they are so sore” you told him and pouted. “They are?” Hobi asked and squeezed one of them to see your reaction. “Ouch!” you slapped his hand. “Ohh… they’re really sore…” Hobi awed. “Should I massage them?” he asked with sparkling eyes. “Oppaaaa, don’t think of any dirty thoughts now” you complained. “But can I?” he was persistent. “Sigh, just be gentle” you told him. “As always” Hobi laughed as he pulled you quite roughly closer.

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hand warm up before getting to it

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🖊🏝 🗡 :))))

Hello :D thank you for asking sweetie <3

🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?

Without a doubt Yoongi!!! Everyone in the rap line is incredibly good at writing songs, yet for me Yoongi is the one who can really move me to tears with his incredible lyrics (So far away is probably in my top 10 kpop songs ok) :’) even tho Begin by Jeon imakes me super emo too (but Nams gave him an hand if I remember right? Le kid still has a long way to go, even tho he’s pretty good too) 

🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?

Ah, I really really hate to admit this but… Probably Jeon? The kis seems the best one at surviving dangerous, wild situations -__- so yeah him… aaahh, I can picture him so well climbing a tree to get us bananas and coconuts lmao

🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?

Ah, this one is hard anonnie!!! But well… the first to die… hmmm, probably Jin and JImin? I feel like they’d trust people too much, and so would get killed by their own partners with some dirty tricks (like killing em in their sleep) :/ While for the one to survive… I’d say Namjoon? He has a super good brain so I can see him defeat people with nice tactics (even tho he’s so clumsy he could actually accidentally kill himself lol) or Tae, I mean, he’d play the dumbass part at the begin but then SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS he’s actually pretty smart, like a fox, and has very good acting abilities, so I can see him trick everyone into thinking he’s weak and easy to kill when it’s everything a trap :)))) if they underestimate him, then he has more possibilities to kill them!

BTS askbox meme

30 day AU challenge - day 6, 1920s

how the great gatsby should have gone down am i right


Kim Dongwan’s 1010 Club
Guest: Eric, Hyesung (in the studio) & Junjin (on the phone)
2002.10.20 last day on 1010 Club

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : How is it now, are you doing well in the corner of your room?
JJ : Oh…you know what I’m doing now, right? I’m into games.
SHS : Ah that’s right
KDW : Ah~ now, are you playing a game now?
JJ : What?
KDW : Ah nowadays that, Park Choong Jae is, Junjin is, into roleplaying games
SHS : That’s right
JJ : Yes
KDW : “Final” something…
JJ : Ah I’m busy right now you know?
KDW : Ai ai wait!
SHS : Is the game important? This radio show should be more important
ER : Junjin
JJ : Ah are we recording now?
ER : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
ER : We are told that a fax has reached you. Please read one (of the stories sent through fax) (tn: Eric is bluffing)
JJ : What?
ER : I was told you have received a fax
SHS : Didn’t you receive a story from the fax in the dorm right now?
JJ : Ah, our, right now…oh…
SHS : Please read it
JJ : From Seoul, Yeongdeungpo city, Yeouidong area
ALL : Yes heh
JJ : Oh… Miss Kim Mi Ja
JJ : Has sent as fax to the dorm
KDW : Ah what has she sent?
JJ : What?
KDW : What has she sent?
SHS : Please read her story.
JJ : Oh…roleplaying…about that game, she has an enquiry
ALL : Yes~
JJ : Games has a lot of genres. But I don’t really know either (tn: he gave up creating a story)
KDW : What is that. Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : Are you at home now?
JJ : What?
KDW : Are you at home?
JJ : Ai yes I’m busy now
ALL : Hahahaha
JJ : I need to defeat the second game now
SHS : I get it Junjin
JJ : Yes
SHS : I’ll only ask you this one question
JJ : Ah of course I like Hyesung hyung (tn: he guessed correctly that hyesung will ask him to pick his favourite among the three in the studio)
KDW : Ah one more time, I will give you another chance (to answer) if that’s the case
SHS : Yes…oh uh
KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
KDW : Do you like Eric or do you like me or do you hate Hye Sung?
JJ : I hate you all, I hate I really hate…
SHS : Hahaha
KDW : Ah if that’s the case, Junjin
JJ : But today is Dongwan hyung’s last day (as dj) so I like Dongwan hyung the most
KDW : Ah then Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : If you go to an uninhabited land, who…will you take with you?
JJ : Oh……….Andy
ALL : Hahahahaha
ER : Ah I don’t care about other people, I just need to win over Hyesung you know?
SHS : I understand
ER : If I fell into the water with Hyesung who is the one you will save first?
JJ : I can’t swim so I don’t think I can save anyone
KDW : Hahahaha. Junjin
JJ : Yes
KDW : You can continue with your game
SHS : Yes
JJ : Ah don’t call me
KDW : Yes I won’t call you anymore
JJ : I have one word to say on 1010
KDW : Yes
JJ : Oh… Now Kim Dongwan will leave 1010 Club right?
KDW : No, it’s okay. I don’t think you need to say anything
JJ : Oh… very, up till now he did a very good job
KDW : Yes~
JJ : Yes… I hope he becomes a cool actor
SHS : Hahahaha
KDW : Junjin
JJ : Yes yes
KDW : Please have a good rest. I’ll see you later at home okay~?
JJ : Yes I got it
KDW : Yes thank you
JJ : Yes please take care~
KDW : Ah… it was… Junjin on the phone
SHS : So fun, it was so fun
ER : Since we’ve talked to Junjin on the phone, Eric has became sad
SHS : No, just now he was confident his name will be called
KDW : Oh~
SHS : But since (Junjin) said Andy (instead)
KDW : Please don’t sulk Eric
SHS : His expression~
KDW : A young kid that has been hurt, you look like a deer
SHS : Yes
KDW : I pity him. Now, haha
ER : I have to starve him for a few days
KDW/SHS : ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
ER : (To Junjin) Bastard
KDW/SHS : Haha

BTS Scenario: When you two fight

Ah, i really hate fighting, i usually just keep my mouth shut and let the respective person talk and scream at me, because i know that what a person says when they are angry is actually what they really think about you. So i don’t want to hurt anyone.

Also, this is more of a talky thingy, not an actual scenario or reaction.

- Admin Raspberry Jam


I don’t see Seokjin as the type to get angry a lot, so a fight is not common in your relationship. He is usually calm and i think he would rather talk than shout. The only thing he would fight about with his SO would be something that involved his career, like you accusing him of not spending enough time with you. Seriously, i can’t think of a reason to fight with him. Why would you??

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With Yoongi, there would be a lot to fight about. Him spending too much in the studio, choosing music over a date. I think he’s also the silent type, so he would just shrug his shoulders and say an “Okay”, which will probably make his SO angrier. His silence doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he doesn’t understand the reason to shout at each other and although you thought that he didn’t listen to you, you would see small improvements coming from him.

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Again, another sunshine that i have nothing to write about. Okay, maybe he is a bit too much sometimes, especially for an introvert or a more calm person. Like he would annoy his stressed SO with too much aegyo or fooling around, making his SO snap at him. He would be hurt, immediately making you apologize and he would just say “It’s okay”, leaving you alone until you’re done with your work ( making you feel a bit guilty but it’s okay cuz you two would cuddle afterward)

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Rap Monster:

Being an idol, compositor and a leader is something that builds a lot of pressure, which sometimes makes Namjoon come home frustrated and he pours all his nerves on you. It’s not fair for you and he knows it, but he can’t help it. If you ask him why is he so late or to spend some time with you and not working, he would get annoyed and shout at you that he’s busy and everything. You would shout back that you’re his partner and that you shouldn’t be treated this way. He would make sure to apologize and make it up to you the next day, when he calms down.

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Jimin is the type of person to not voice out his anger. I think he’s a bit insecure and he would be jealous, but rather than being angry, he would be hurt. He needs constant displays of affection. It can be suffocating sometimes, making you ask for some space, hurting him as well. He wouldn’t scream, but just be really worried and sad that you don’t love him enough, which is stupid because everyone loves him and his SO should tell him that he doesn’t have a reason to be worried.

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Tae, Tae.. Despite being another sunshine, i think he cares about family related things. He wouldn’t fight with you much, because he truly loves you, but i feel like he is the type to take the relationship very seriously from the beginning, putting a lot of pressure on you. Like he would want you to meet his family right away and of course that’s a big step which many wouldn’t be comfortable with, so it may cause a bit of trouble in your relationship.

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A message to the maknae: FIGHT ME. Okay, i think Jungkook is the easiest person to fight with. He’s a bit stubborn and has his pride (not in a bad way) and i think it would show when you fight about something. He wouldn’t give up easily, sure that he was right, making it worse. You two would have to spend some alone time to calm down and afterward, you would discuss things and he would apologize for being stubborn. He would fight about everything, like you scolding him for being messy to idk, games and stuff.

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FF XV React: Dancing with a partner at a party/gala

Suggested by: infernalblossom

I’ve had royal event/party like suggestions in the past, and so this is greatly influenced by those. By those I mean it’s as if you the reader are dancing with them-kinda (reference as dance partner). I hope you enjoy anyway! ^_^

Noctis: *Is a little stiff whilst dancing, that doesn’t go unnoticed* Ah, sorry..I just-really hate all these people staring at who I’m dancing with….Ugh, I can already hear the tabloids. Tch, fine let’s give ‘em something to talk about. *suddenly dips his partner*

Gladiolus: *Accidently bumps into another dancing pair* Oh! Sorry! *sighs and starts talking to his own dance partner* Ah, told you I wasn’t good at dancing but you insisted. It’s you'r own fault. *smiles playfully and his partner punches his shoulder lightly* I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

Prompto: *quietly whispering to himself* One, two, three, one, two, three- *partner laughls lightly* H-Hey! I’m trying not to step on your feet! I mean, Ignis taught me a little but-Ugh! I’m no good at fancy stuff…*Gets a smile from his partner and them telling him that it doesnt matter* Th-Thanks. Hey wait! I was able to dance with you and talk all this time!!? Hell yeah!!

Ignis: My, you really did polish up tonight. *gets a light punch to his arm* Ow! *chuckles* I mean it, you’re like another person. Who taught you how to dance? *partner declares it was him* Oh right…I should just be quiet shouldnt I? Besides, cant allow gossip to start. *winks*

Cor: I swear to Etro if those cadets start taking pictures and spreading them around I-*dance partner tells him to relax and just enjoy the night* *he sighs* You’re right, I didnt come here to think. *regardless he does spot a few cadets talking amongst themselves and pointing at his general direction. But his partner sends daggers their way instead, shutting them up. *He chuckles* I’ve rubbed off on you pup.

Regis: *Notices a couple of guests already gossiping* *sighs* Really? Even at their age they dont stop gossiping? Hmph, oh well - *notices his partners eyebrows slightly furrowed* dont trouble yourself over them. They have nothing else better to do it seems. They cant prove a thing unless we let them. *chuckles*

Cidney: Ah~ I feel like a princess! *partner tells her she looks like one* Dont you sweet talk me! It wont work! But, I guess feeling like Cinderella isnt so bad. At least once in a while.


Countdown to Miyuki’s birthday 2k15


also for Miyuki Month (Week 2): favorite Miyuki moment outside of baseball: Miyuki in his school uniform at 2B classrom