ah i missed drawing them

gay nerds i need to draw more of.png

@acnologias-ass remember that time I told you I was gonna draw a big bro gajeel comic?? I didnt like how it came out, but I loved this panel so have this hahahahaha

Gajeel always has to look out for his siblings even if he has to drag them places!!


thank you so much to everyone!!! i didn’t ignore all the messages i got, i wanted to answer them properly (esp when i’m not at work or when i’m in the right frame of mind). thank you so much for understanding and all the kind and encouraging words ;; i didn’t want pity since i just wanted to explain (it made me feel a lot better after doing so), but i didn’t expect to get so many messages! thank you again ;; i feel a lot better after getting these messages, talking to friends about my problem, and accepting it as part of life and moving on…. it seems like a small thing, but losing one of the things i can do/have that makes me happy is just…like jumping into a blackhole. ahhahaha

i hope you guys have a great weekend! love you all! <333

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Hello guys! It’s been so long since I last visit tumblr

I miss it here (-﹏-。)

I had a tough time trying to joggle school and art but I can’t do it, my grades were still slipping so I had to stop visiting here so I won’t be tempted to draw at all, I even hid my tablet and let my roomates hide my pencils〔´∇`〕but did my grades increase? I really don’t know, all I know is that I gotten rusty, sad and very sickly (art didn’t have anything to do with my sickness tho lol) school work made me stay up late until 5 am and wake up at 7 am, my health was dropping as fast as my grades haha and I also had food poisoning so life was hard. School actually just ended this tuesday, I was going to start drawing gifts, mob and commishies but I wanted to sleep so I did, NOW I’M FULL OF LIFE YEY!

but my hiatus won’t end yet, I’ll finish it next week, since this saturday I’ll visit Singapore for a school trip. It’s my first time getting out of the country so I’m so excited and terrified, haha to think my parents won’t be around omy. I’ll take lots of pics and draw Mob and the gang in them! I miss drawing them oh so much!!

Ah and if you guys know any places in Singapore with cheap clothes to buy and cheap yummy foods to eat please tell me please  ( ゚▽゚)/ I’m very cheap so it would really help me and I don’t wanna starve or just eat crackers haha. Plus any tips you guys can tell me please tell me I’m so clueless with this traveling thing ( *’ω’* ) thank you!! 

I’ll draw lots again soon! I sure hope you guys still like seeing my art haha