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You confessing to Wonwoo but he doesnt accept it at first because he has his sights on someone else. But then it turns from angst to fluff and idek how it will go (i have faith in you guys!) A long scenario if it's not a bother? Thank u!

Ay this was a really nice request and I hope you like how I went about it! Longer requests are always welcome - I hope this is long enough for you ^^

Note: If you happen to have a cat allergy, let’s agree that you’re taking some good meds in the scenario… 

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 5,983 words

From the very first time you met him, Wonwoo had held a special place in your heart. There was something captivating, something inviting and something very familiar about him that really appealed to you, and not once did say or do anything that had your heart faltering - quite the opposite, really.

The first time you met, you had raised your eyebrows upon seeing a man randomly crouched in the middle of the street, which wasn’t exactly your everyday sight. When you walked closer, however, you could see that he was playing with a kitten, a small smile on his face as the small cat meowed and tried to reach for his hand.

“Is it yours?” you had found yourself asking him, and the man had turned to look at you in surprise, still smiling, and you had taken note of how you could’ve sworn you’d seen him before.

“No, I just found it from the street. But I’m contemplating…” his voice had trailed off as he had turned back to the kitten, giving it his hand to lean against, which it did while closing its eyes. The man’s smile softened. “I don’t want to leave it here. It won’t live long if I do.”

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What would happen if the 2ps found there s/o hanging out with there 1p (just as friends) with out there knowledge.

2P! Italy:
- the moment Feli greeted his s/o he fucking went all sonic the hedgehog
- and thus Mr. Feliciano Vargas got scarred for life™
- shoots his s/o with a fuck ton of questions
- “is there a need for you to hide it from me if you two are “just friends”?“
- "i knew you’d flip if i told you and i didn’t want you to gut the fucking pasta last time”

2P! Germany:
- “hey schatz ya didn’t tell me you hung out with Luddy :0”
- pretty stoked bc two of his favorite people are hanging out
- confused bc why Ludwig, he’s a robot
- unless his s/o is into robots
- he might get a cyborg arm if they are

2P! Japan:
- every time he sees his s/o laughing with Kiku, he dies a little and a certain someone might die a little
- kuro don’t kill the kiku
- makes up a shitty excuse to (drag) take his s/o someone where else
- “why are you with him?” “with who?” “kiku” “wait kiku’s a he?”

2P! Romano:
- at first he’s like “aw look Lovi is finally talking to people”
- the realizes that “people” is his s/o
- and then he’s like “wHat tHE FuCkeDY fUck FUcK????”
- no one’s touching his s/o’s ass unless you want him to wreck yours

2P! Prussia:
- s w e a t s
- “okay okay it’s cool they’re just hanging out, nothing big- but wait they might think Gilbert is way cooler than me and he is but wht if they leave i cant live with that aaaaAAAAaaaAaa—”
- his legs end up walking towards his s/o and gil
- suddenly grabs his s/o and walks away
- “hey gilly why did you do that yesterday?” “do what?” “yknow ya dragged me and-” “whatever do you mean?”

2P! Austria:
- walks up to his s/o and puts his arm around their shoulder
- kisses their cheek
- “miss me, darling ~?”
- a completely offended Roderich appears
- wait what even is a Roderich? ssshhh that doesn’t exist

2P! America:
- “hI fuck off, pork chop that’s mine”
- he waits for Alfred to leave rather than him and his s/o leaving
- and Alfred ain’t budging
- they’re literally just fucking standing there while glaring at each other smh
- s/o leaves

2P! England:
- “ah poppet! i see you’ve met Arthur no wonder you were acting so salty last time”
- oliver stop being so extra
- uwuwuwuwuwu
- drags them both into a nearby cafw
- totally did not type drugs instead of drags psh watchu talkin bout

2P! Canada:
- he doesn’t mind
- was about to go on about his day until Matthew pointed out to his s/o that he’s there
- his s/o waves
-“hi matt im with matt”
- would rather just leave

2P! France:
- he got blinded with sparkles when his eyes landed on Francis
- yknow what he’d actually put an effort to walk up to them
- and be blinded by Francis again
- but what would he do after that?

2P! Russia:
- “nothing’s wrong”
- “they’re just talking”
- “and laughing”
- “…and enjoying each other’s company”
- “nOtHiNgS wRoNg”

2P! China:
- “baaaaabe~! ditch the old guy and come with me”
- “oh it’s you Yao, hi”
- desperately tries to drag his s/o away
- tries to hide it but fails
- it’s pitiful really give him love

2P! South Korea:
- he won’t really give a single shit lmao
- “pffff it’s not like you’d replace me with him im like way better and hotter”
- would say hi and leave
- he ain’t possessive
- it could literally be any guy and he’d still not care

We Fell


Characters: Matthew X Reader

Plot: Reader has started acting on Criminal Minds as Spencer Reid’s love interest but didn’t know prior to her and Matthew’s meeting. How will Matthew react when he sees her again?

Rating: N

Dedication: To Beth, My amazing friend! I love you so much and I hope you love this <3

Part 1

Today was my first day of acting alongside Matthew. Matthew, the one I had spent all day with yesterday after bumping into him, Matthew. How would he react when he saw me again? It had only been what, a day? The palms of my hands were clammy and my knees trembled at the worry running through my head. I pulled up outside of the studios, just before the barrier that I had to drive in through. “Name?” The security guard asked, walking towards me with a clip board in his hand. “Beth, Beth Keys (Insert Y/N)” I replied and he skimmed the list of names. “Ah Yes! I hope you have a lovely day miss Keys” he replied and I smiled, “Thank you, and you!” 

I drove in and found a space right next to the entrance. The car park was pretty much empty, with another 3 or 4 cars parked elsewhere. I climbed out of my car and grabbed my bag, locking it behind me as I walked towards the door. The information I had received stated that I had to look for “Set 4: CM.” I walked along the corridor that seemed to last forever until I reached a door that read what I wanted. As I turned the door handle, it swung forward and someone walked into me. “Sorry baby girl, I should’ve been looking where I was going” I heard a voice say, and I instantly knew it was Shemar. “It’s fine Shemar! Hi, I’m Beth” I said, holding my hand out to shake his. “Hey love, are you one of the new actresses?” He asked and I nodded, “Well you best get going, we start filming in an hour and you need to get into your costume and have your makeup done!” I smiled and nodded, passing by him. 

The first person I needed to find was Virgil to confirm that I was here. I walked up to a man wearing a headset, “Hi, I’m looking for Mr Williams?” I said and he smiled, “I am him, you must be Beth!” He replied and I nodded, “Nice to meet you Beth. Please go to makeup and get ready” he said and I nodded again, walking to makeup. I sat for the makeup artist as she started applying the many layers of muck to my face. After 40 minutes, my makeup and hair was done and now I was ready to get dressed. I looked at my outfit. 

I felt confident. I looked good, and hopefully Matthew would think so. I turned around and saw Matthew walk past, all dressed in his Spencer Reid attire, making me shoot round and face the opposite direction. I could see in the mirror that he walked straight past and I let out a deep sigh. I had learned my scenes and I knew when I had to be on. “Scene 3, on!” I heard a man shout. This was it. I was faced with Matthew again. I wasn’t on until half way through. I stood behind the door watching Matthew, Shemar, Paget and AJ talking inside the Bullpen. “ACTION!” the man shouted again and everyone turned silent. I re-read my script and I was on just after Matthews line, discussing the UNSUB. 

I heard Matthew’s line draw to a halt and I walked in, holding the books I was given and with my head down playing the part. I pushed the door and walked to the group and gulped. AJ was now away from everyone and the first person I needed to talk to was Paget or in this case, Emily. “Ah Hello, you must be Charlotte. I’m Emily!” She said and held her hand out. I looked up and shook her hand. Matthew and Shemar were talking so he still didn’t know I was there, “I’ll take you to meet the rest of the team.” We walked to Matthew and Shemar and I gulped. My nerves were taking over again. “Spence, Derek, This is Charlotte. She is the newest member of the team” She said and Matthew looked at me, his face automatically dropping like he had seen a ghost. He went along with the script and lit up again, introducing himself. The scene seemed to go on forever, until the director shouted, “CUT!”

I ran. I didn’t know where to, but I ran. I ran away from Matthew. I ran from everyone. I knew he would be disappointed. I knew he wouldn’t want to see me. How could I be so stupid?


Beth was here. Why was she here? She must have been one of the new actresses, perhaps my love interest? After the director yelled to finish the scene, she ran. Why would she run? I wanted her to be here. I had truly missed her, even though we had only spent yesterday with each other. We had only met yesterday! Was I falling for her? But how? I needed to find her.


“Beth! Beth!” I could hear Matthew shouting and I turned around to be faced straight in front of him. I sighed, “Yes?” “Why did you run?” He asked and I put my head down, shrinking into my shoulders. “I was so excited when I got the call last night that I would be here. I would get to see you again. I thought you would’ve been happy to have seen me, but when you saw me I knew I was wrong” I said and shook my head, “How could I be so stupid? Why would you have wanted to have seen me? All I am is a fan! I’m a nobo-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before I was met with Matthew’s lips against mine. It felt right. His lips fit perfectly against mine, almost like a puzzle piece against its pair. His hands were placed on my hips, him pulling me closer. Our lips molded together, moving in time, until we pulled away for a breathe. “What was that for?” I asked, breathless. He looked at me and smiled, “You talk to much.”

“Of course I wanted to see you, I was just shocked that it was so soon. I like you, a lot. Go on a date with me, please?” He asked and I bit my lip, “Sure thing, Mr Gubler” I replied and he smiled, “I like it when you call me that but please, call me Matthew”

Was I falling for him? Was he falling for me? This was going to be a long ride…


Wonho x Reader


A/N: I’ve updated! Yay! I have other things I want to write specifically a apocalyptic x probably Yoongi. I’m excited to try~ But anyways thanks to everyone reading, I’m having fun n.n

Originally posted by bunnywonho

You pulled blanket up and over your face because although your eyes were closed you could feel the sunlight stinging your eyelids. You groaned. Your head was pounding and you felt like you needed about a week’s worth of sleep.

You suddenly felt the blankets pulled from off of you. You managed to open an eye and then turn away from Wonho who stood there with your blanket in hand.

“What the fuck do you want Wonho? And more importantly why are you here?”

“You were the one who called me to pick up your drunk ass last night. So I have taken it upon myself as your best friend to help you once you had gotten up in the morning.”

You groaned again. “The problem with that statement ‘Best Friend’ is that I didn’t get up on my own!”

You felt the weight of him sitting on the edge of the bed. He then turned you so that you were looking at him.

“I brought you painkillers and water. Take it”

You reluctantly took it. Only because you wanted this killer headache to go away already and your best friend..

Later on the two of you were eating much to your dismay. You were feeling nauseous and did not feel like eating but Wonho insisted that it would help you get better. As you were absentmindedly poking at your food you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.

I.M: I have fucking killer headache but my main concern was if you real and if this number was real.

You smiled and held back a small laugh.

You: Yes I’m real and so is this number. I also have a killer headache and my friend is here attempting to nursing me.

Wonho looked over at you.

“So who is this guy that you met yesterday? You said you were actually going to try and trust guys and date. He must be a keeper if you’re really willing to try.” You nodded.

“I met him yesterday and we sort of just hit it off. That’s when I decided why the hell not. You’re dating. I don’t want to constantly third wheel. When else would there be another opportunity that’s not now? I need to start dating at some point..”

You felt your phone vibrate. Looking down to read the message you missed Wonho’s hurt expression at that fact that you thought this was finally an opportunity.

I.M: Ah, so I see you busy then. I thought maybe you wanted to go out.

You: No no no, I would love to go out. Just let me get ready. Here’s my address. *you put in your address*

I.M: Alright, I’ll see you in an hour.

You smiled and jumped up to go shower and get ready. Wonho watching you the whole time.

Wonho POV:

I couldn’t help but feel the envy in my heart watching her hop around getting ready for a date that wasn’t with me. I know I told myself that I would let her go, but it’s just so hard when your already this far in. I sat on the couch and continued to listen to her get ready. I suppose I am happy for her though. At least she’s trying. She eventually came out and twirled in front of me.

“How do I look?” She had this big grin and the pain in my heart got stronger. I put on a fake smile.


Your POV:

I.M eventually showed up and Wonho had left just before that. You were now sitting in the passenger seat of I.M’s car.

“So I suppose you don’t feel like eating.”

You made a face at the thought of eating.

“No way.”

He looked thoughtful. You couldn’t help but notice the way he bit his lower lip while in thought. You looked out the window at all the passing trees and people walking on the sidewalks. You really hoped that everything worked out this time around.

I.M eventually pulled up at this game center looking place.

“I figured some mini golf and arcade games would prevent us from vomiting all over the place compared to an amusement park.”

You laughed. “You’re right. I hope you’re prepared to lose at mini golf though”

Yeah no, you sucked at mini golf. It was always either too hard or too soft there was no fucking in between. Except when it came to I.M because always managed to get in by at least the third time. He smirked at you while you were there busily attempting to make it into the hole for about the fifth time.

“I was prepared to lose you know”

You scoffed. Then leaned on your golf club. “Listen, this shit takes years of practice to perfect.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah! Anyways when are you going to help me?”

He tilted his head to the side, “What do you mean?”

“In all those cheesy romance movies the guy always wraps his arms around the girl to help her golf properly!”

I.M then came up behind you and put his hands over yours to position the club properly. Leaning close to your head, so close that you could feel his breath on your neck.

Whispering in your ear he said, “You told me to prepare to lose and I don’t like losing. So why would I help you?”

He laughed.

You jutted your butt out in order to push him away from you. In which resulted in him laughing harder.

“You jerk.”

You stuck your tongue out at him. Eventually the two of made your way back to the car. Then decided that you were both able to eat. At the restaurant the two of you ordered and then continued to talk. You were so surprised at how easy it was for you to talk to him. He leaned in close and had grabbed your hand at some point during the dinner. You were to occupy with the good time you were having to notice though. I just felt really natural. Even though you hadn’t actually dated in years.

In the middle of eating this random girl came up and dumped water on I.M, she yelled something at him and then up came what you assumed to be her friend to her and dragged her away. You hurriedly moved to I.M and gave him napkins to help dry him.

“What the fuck is her problem? Do you know her?”

He nodded. Drying his face. “Unfortunately, she’s my ex girlfriend.”

You formed an O with your mouth.

“Bitchy girlfriend I see.. Did things not end well between the two of you?”

He laughed. “Clearly they did not.”

“Do you want to leave now then?”

He nodded and he went to pay then the two of you eventually arrived at your house.

“I’m sure Wonho has some shirts here if you want to borrow one.”

He shook his head.

“It’s alright. I’m nearly dry anyways”

He smiled at you. You felt your breath slightly hitch. He had a really nice smile. It even included a little trace of a dimple.

Before you even realized what you were doing the two of you were pressed up against each other, kissing intensely. Although before things could get any further you pulled away placing your forehead against his.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend? I had a really fun time and would want it to continue”

You nodded. “I had a great time too”

Wonho POV:

As I was just sitting on my couch, I eventually felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I looked at the incoming call to see that it was Y/N. I answered with slight hope that things didn’t work out and she was calling to have me come over to comfort her.

“What’s up”

“I’M HIS GIRLFRIEND! And and and I didn’t have sex with him on the first date!”

I felt my heart drop. What was I expecting, stupid hope.

“That’s great Y/N. I’m happy for you.”

As I sat there listening to her go on and on about her amazing date I felt my heart drop every time. All I could think about was how much of an idiot I was for not just telling you sooner.

I know that I can never have you
It’s more beautiful when I just look at you
I’ll protect you, please bloom more beautifully
Even if I get hurt, I’m okay
Cuz you’re my
one & only beautiful

Was all I could think as I hung up, letting a tear fall, thinking that it’ll be okay. 

A/N: IDK about you but I see Wonho as the sensitive type and think that it super cute. I just want cuddle him! Anyways I felt like this wasn’t my best chapter sorry.. Also I guess this has kind of turned into a Wonho x Reader x I.M LOLOL I didn’t expect to go that way..

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Obi and Shirayuki visit her hometown, and Obi learns that his Miss has had a little more experience than he thought (AKA - Gimme your Pavo story!)

As long as he lives, Obi will never be comfortable in Tanbarun.

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Watch it Burn Down

A Varchie fic

Chapter One: Here

Chapter Two:

Straight to answer phone: “Hey, you’ve got Veronica, leave me a message…”

“Fuck!” I say out loud, I feel like launching the phone into the wall but I can’t, if anything, he’d message me and tell me he’s still alive. But he hasn’t. Not yet.

I scroll through my phone, all the way to C and pick Cheryl’s number. It rings, Jug would tell me that this is a good omen but I don’t see how it is when she’s not answering.

No answer. “Hey, Bitches! Leave me a message, or you know, don’t, I don’t have time to listen to them anyways…”

“Cheryl,” I say into the dead end phone. “If you’ve got Jug held hostage, let him know I’m at home waiting for him please.” I pause. “Ah, it’s Archie. Andrew.” shit. “Andrews. Archie Andrews. Bye.”

Fuck, I’m a dork.

I sit down on the bed and look at the time. It’s just after 1 P.M. Nah I’m not worried about an adult man who’s not come home last night.

I’m fucking sick over it.

I keep looking at my watch like something might change. I’m gonna beat that idiot until the cows come home once he does. He could be anywhere here. He could be anywhere anywhere. He would have told me if he was going to Toledo, right? Jughead wouldn’t have gone to Toledo though, he would have dragged my ass with him. I wouldn’t have wanted to but I would have gone anyways, there’s a lot of crap that kid talks me into. Where the hell was he?

I’d texted him so many times, I don’t even remember what the first text was but I’m shit scared right now and dad’s out of town. I could go next door and try and talk Alice into helping me find him but I’d rather not have her ask me questions about my failure of a scholarship.

Just thinking about it makes my knee ache. Useless fucking knee.

I snap back to reality when I think about ringing Veronica again. I know why she’s not answering, it’s because I’m the one calling. But maybe she’s seen Juggie, maybe he was at Misty Blacks last night? Who knows, I won’t unless I try calling her again. Cheryl probably worked the late shift, that’s why she’s not answering. I know too much about Cheryl and not enough about Ronnie, it’s annoying but sometimes asking Cheryl is the only way I find out anything about Ronnie. Jug tells me it’s a bit obsessive, but he’s the one who always tells me I have an obsessive nature.


I call Ronnie’s number. I’m surprised it’s ringing, so she hasn’t changed her number after all. But it cuts to answer phone. Shit. “Hey, Ronnie, it’s me,” I say, “Archie. Give me a call, it’s pretty urgent.”

I hang up.

I don’t even remember the last time I had to tell Ronnie it was me on the phone. I don’t really remember the last time I rang her for anything specific. One of the things I loved was that her and I were kind of just… I don’t even know, we just fit. I remember when I first saw her walking into Pop’s. I was stunned. Jug described it as enamoured. I love it when he tells me little bits and pieces like this because it gives me a whole new outlook on things, I was enamoured. I still am.

We always just fit; I could give Ronnie just a look and she knew exactly what I was thinking, I could start a sentence and she’d already finished it in her mind. We just were. We had just been for three years, I think the worst part for everyone else is that they all think she put her life on hold to move with me interstate so I could pursue my scholarship. The one that failed. Just like my relationship.

Dad always has this sort of knowing look on his face. Him and mom were High School Sweethearts and look how that played out. Sure, Ronnie and I met at High School but we loved each other; she loved me so much she followed me. And then she came all the way home. And so did I.

We used to talk about so much shit, it wasn’t funny. And that’s exactly what it was, most of it was shit. Most of it was shit at three in the morning or three in the afternoon while we were still in bed. She’d wake up and ask me so many questions and I would come up with weird theories and we’d laugh. We laughed a lot.

We used to laugh a lot.

But now she doesn’t even answer my phone calls and the panic is building up in me because not only can I not get the one person I love to answer my calls, I have no idea where my best friend is and I haven’t seen him in almost two days.

My phone rings.

I fall off the bed onto my knees when I realise that somehow my phone made it’s way to the ground. I scramble to pick it up, swiping it open, I don’t even look at the name. I hope it’s Jug. “Jug?” I say, gasping for breath.

“What’s so urgent?”

I can tell she’s pissed, but she’s also a little worried because her words are quick out of her mouth. I can hear her so clearly even though she’s a little muffled over the phone. Her words are bitter but I take a sigh of relief just hearing her. “Have you seen Jug?” I ask.

She pauses, I think she might be a little taken aback. “No?”



I squeeze my eyes shut and try and think of what Jug said before he left yesterday morning. “Have you seen him at all in the last twenty hour hours?”


“Fuck!” I groan. “Ah, ok, thanks for calling me back…”

There’s more silence over the phone but I kind of like just knowing she’s on the other end. It’s like she’s here with me. I miss it. “Is everything ok, Archie?”

Archie. Not Arch, not Archiekins. Just plain Archie. “Yeah, everything’s cool,” I lie.

“Where’s Jughead then?”

I wonder if I should lie. Because I know that if Jug finds out I’ve called half of Riverdale, he’s gonna be pissed. But I can’t lie, not again. “I don’t know,” I tell her honestly. “That’s why I’m calling you, I haven’t seen him since he went to work yesterday morning to the station. I heard him on the Air but today’s his day off so I don’t know where he is…”

She sighs out loud and it makes the phone crackle. “Why are you worried?”

“Because he lives here and he hasn’t been home.”

“He’s a big boy.”

“I’m worried because he’s not ok, Veronica, god!”

She waits for me to cool down but I don’t think I’m cooling down, I just feel a little more sick. “Archie…”

“Ronnie,” I say sternly. “Jughead’s not coping. With Betts gone.”

“It’s been a year since she’s left, he could have gone to College with her, he could have still been with her if he had just sucked up his pride -”

“Well he didn’t and we’re all he has.”

“He lives with your dad, Archie. He’s never even left Riverdale, does that seem normal to you?”

“Jughead’s not normal, Veronica, you know that -”

“I feel like you’re getting a little twitchy so let’s leave it.”

I snigger and roll my eyes to myself, this is going nowhere. “Leave it,” I mumble. “Easy for you to say, you always do.”

I sound like Jug just spoke from inside my body and I scramble to get rid of him from my mind. I spend too much time with him, I swear.

“Not easy for me to say, actually. Considering the circumstances.”

I slap my hand to my face. “I’m sorry.”

She ignores me. “Come and get me, we’ll go looking for him…”


“Have you tried Pops?”

I ran there this morning, good excuse for exercise but also not good for my knee. “I went there, he wasn’t there then though…”

“His dad’s trailer?”

I shake my head, yeah, great way to make me feel better. “I didn’t even think about that.”

“Because you don’t think.”

Another stab at me, a low blow. “Ok, I’ll come and get you.”

She looks around my truck as though this was her first time in it. We were sixteen when I had sex with her in the back tray. I made it as romantic as possible, Betty leant me fairy lights and I strung them up. Veronica glimmered in the moonlight that night.

She tucks her hands under her thighs and keeps herself from touching anything. I wonder if she thinks she might pick up some sort of disease while she’s sitting in here, because the way she’s glaring at everything makes me feel like she hates it in here.

“Why is he struggling all of a sudden?” she asks me.

“He’s not struggling all of a sudden,” I say through my teeth. “He’s been struggling for a while…”


I look over to her but she keeps looking straight ahead, out the window. “Because I told him Betty has a new boyfriend.”

“Right,” she replies.

“Don’t you talk to him about Betty when you see him?”

I hadn’t really spoken about Jug and Ronnie’s new friendship before, but right now, I felt like I wanted to know all about it. I wonder if she tells Jughead everything about me, all about the life that we had made interstate. If she did, he didn’t let on.

“We don’t really talk about it.”

“Then why do you guys hang out so much?”

She smiles weakly and pulls down the sunshade before pushing her glasses further up her nose. They were her favourite pair, at our old place, she had a drawer filled to the top with just sunglasses, usually, she wouldn’t even wear the same pair two days in a row. “Because he missed you and I missed Betty. But now he has you back, but I don’t have Betty.”

“He should have just gone with her, you’re right.”

Ronnie sniggers and shifts a little in her chair. “It doesn’t matter how much you want to be with someone or how much it hurts. When you’re in love, you got to do the right thing. And he thinks that’s the right thing, letting her go and live her life.”

“You seem to know a lot about it.”

“It’s because I know what the right thing is, even if it hurts me.”

She’s so straight faced and her lips don’t even twitch even a little when she speaks. She’s deadpan. But she’s making my heart beat faster and it’s painful being so close to her even though I can’t touch her. I can smell her, I can feel her in my space but that’s it. Usually, I would be smiling at her, brushing hair out of her eyes, leaning over and kissing her. But not now. Not today.

“It hurts me too,” I mumble.

“It hurt me even more.”

“I know,” is all I can say.

We keep driving and I can see her shoulders dropping a little. It means she’s relaxing, I know, I used to see this happen every day when she’d come home from her old job at the coffee shop. She’d bring home so many free coffees that I’d drink like four in a row and I would joke and say I didn’t know what to do with all the extra energy and she’d joke back and tell me exactly what to do with all the extra energy.

I swallow even though my mouth is dry.

We pull up into the trailer park, I can see Juggie’s car by his dad’s trailer and I take a deep sigh of relief. “I thought he might’ve been with Cheryl,” I tell Ronnie. “But I’m glad he’s not, she’s all sorts of bad for him.”

“Maybe he could have been all sorts of good for her though? The best kind of good.”

“She doesn’t do good, well,” I laugh.

She light-laughs back. “Not even the good people can consistently be good. That would be too easy, complications are a necessary evil in life.”

I wish she would say that what I did was just a complication in life, but I think it’s way more than that.

I fucked life up.

I turn off the ignition and wait for Ronnie to get out of the truck before sighing in relief and closing my eyes. I don’t think I even breathed properly during that entire ride here and I just need one, good breath.

That’s until she starts banging on my window. “You coming in?” she asks me, throwing her thumb over her shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” I say opening the door.

I walk ahead of her towards Jug’s dad’s door and I reach up to knock but before I do, my hand is pulled back and she’s holding it. I look back at her and turn around to face her, my fingers cling on a little tighter to hers but she let’s go. “I just want to say that this is really nice.”

“What?” I ask, a little lost for words. “Driving to the trailer park?”

“No,” she says, rolling her eyes. “What you’re doing for Jug.”

I just shrug and knock on the door. “I know if this was me, he’d come looking for me too.”

The door isn’t answered but I’ve been here a million times and I find the stashed keys. I open the door and sure enough, I can tell he’s here somewhere. Ronnie steps through and eyes Jug’s car keys on the table. “Why does he come here when it’s like no one lives here?”

“His dad’s around,” I explain. “But maybe he’s in Toledo visiting JB?”

“Maybe,” she answers.

“JUG!” I call out. “Tell me you’re in here so I can beat your ass!”

Like he’s rising from the ashes, he springs up off the sofa, his hat falling off and his blanket laying on the ground. “Shit!” he shouts. “You freaked me out, dude!”

I inhale deeply and throw a cushion at his head, he manages to dodge it but he doesn’t dodge the second one but I rush over to the sofa and grab his head, shaking it a bit. “Where the fuck have you been?!” I almost shout. “I was freaking out!”

“I’ve been here,” he replies, pushing my hands away.

“Why?” Ronnie chimes in, “Archie’s been worried sick – he thought you might’ve been dead!”

“I have been a little dead,” he says, straightening his beanie. “I might as well have been.”

“Don’t talk like that Jug,” I say, whining a little. “It’s fucking morbid.”

He laughs a little and stands up, stretching out. “I thought you might like having the room to yourself, watch a little TV, hit the porn collection.”

I laugh too and shake my head, pulling his shoulders under my arms. “Come on bro, let’s go home.”

“I wanna ciggie first,” he says. “Need to have a little relax.”

We follow Juggie outside as he sits on the porch steps. I take a seat on one side of him and Ronnie, the other. She doesn’t hesitate in asking the first question. “Why didn’t you go home, Jughead? A little brooding of you, don’t you think?”

Jug smiles to himself as he lights his cigarette. “Just had a moment. Sometimes I don’t like being alone, sometimes I do. Sometimes I’m a burden on the Great Andrews Clan so I give them a break,” he says giving me a wink.

I shake my head and slap his thigh. “You’re never a burden on me. Only when you don’t tell me where the hell you are!”

“Your wife was worried sick!” Ronnie says laughing, she looks over at me and gives me a small smile. “We both were in the end.”

Jughead inhales loudly and nods. “I know, I should have told you… I just…” he doesn’t finish his sentence.

I hated seeing Jug like this. I know that with all his alone time last night, he would have been thinking too much about Betts. Sometimes it could be late at night and he’ll start telling me all the things they used to do when they were together. Sometimes it makes me feel like I didn’t know Betty at all but I guess he just knew her on another level. “Don’t worry bro,” I try. “We’re here for you.”

“I think the alone time does me good.”

“I don’t think it does, Jug,” I tell him honestly. “When you think too much, you know you get a little funny…”

He nods. He knows I’m right. “I don’t like to be alone, but I don’t like doing this to you.”

“You’re not doing anything to us, Jughead,” Ronnie says matter-of-factly. “What are friends for if not at least for company?”

Jughead takes a drag of his cigarette and offers it to Ronnie, she declines but I can tell she’s interested. Ronnie’s the kind of girl who indulges after a couple of glasses of wine or when she’s stressed. I watched her smoke a packet, that was only five months ago. I couldn’t even speak out against it. I was the one who drove her to it, I would have let her indulge in every bad habit of hers if it meant she’d come back…

“Is it so easy to just move on?” he asks. He gives me a sardonic look. “Probably the wrong crowd to ask huh?” Ronnie and I just look at each other. “She moved on, it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted her to taste the world, get lost in all this knowledge the earth is supposed to hold. I wanted her to do it, become more than me. And now she’s doing it and I feel like I’m going nowhere….”

Yeah, bro. I know what you mean.

The good and bad thing about Jug is that he’s amazing at pretending like he’s all good. We picked him up, he had a few more cigarettes and then he bounced right back. Ronnie said that she didn’t have anything to do today she wanted in on the pizza too. Juggie didn’t complain and I felt my heart rise up a bit higher in my chest because finally, she’s not sickened by the sight of me.

She doesn’t really talk to me, but sometimes she’ll at least look at me or laugh at some of the things I’ve said. She keeps her gaze mostly on Jug and it feels like she’s waiting for him to do something or say something. Something that’s worth watching or listening to.

Jug and Ronnie dig into the pizza we bought. They both go crazy but I just pick at Jug’s half eaten crusts and down a whole bottle of pepsi. I don’t usually drink that much sugar and now I feel like I’m on a sugar high.

We keep things pretty even at the table. We don’t talk about much and Ronnie keeps flicking me glances every time she thinks Jug’s getting a little down. We go back to my room. It feels like we’re sixteen all over again with my best mate and my girlfriend in my room.

But she’s not my girlfriend, is she? Not really. Not for a while now. But she falls on the bed, kicking of her Nikes onto the ground and laying back on my pillow like it’s completely normal. Jug does the same. It doesn’t feel normal to me at all.

He flicks on his TV, he chucks on a headset and I see him glance over to the window. One day he’ll learn that it doesn’t matter how many times a day he looks over to Betty’s window, she won’t appear. One day he will learn, but I’m not going to be the one to teach him. Not today.

Ronnie picks up a photo album that’s been sitting on my bedside table for over a year, one that Betts gave me before she left. “I love this album,” she says. “it’s super cute and has Betty’s name all over it. She’s going to be one of those old women who do scrapbooking, I can see it.”

None of us press on about Betty but Ronnie looks through the album, flicking page to page. “Look at you, Juggie, you were brooding even when you were a little baby!” she says, pointing at a pic of us when we were five.

I walk over and flick to the next page before she does and I point at a photo, Betts, Jug and I, all arm in arm and eight years old. “This was when Juggie used to duct tape his shoes together and look at Betts, she’s got pigtails!”

“Yeah, but look at how red your hair was, even more so when you were a kid. It’s cute.”

She used to say that after we got married, we’d have kids. She used to pick out names she liked as well, Chanel was one of them which she thought was tacky but also a little funny and beautiful for a girl so I liked whatever she liked. Her mom used to get mad about it because we’re only nineteen and we shouldn’t be thinking about things like that but I didn’t care. I felt like I was happy enough to talk about forever.

“Cute?” Jug laughs. “More like embarrassing.”

“You don’t like redheads?” Ronnie teases.

“More of a blonde guy, myself,” he says with a wink. We’re all silent again.

She keeps flicking through photos, one of Jug and I when we were twelve at the skate park, one of us at thirteen with Betty in between us for the Junior School disco. Fifteen year old Betts and I, she’s up in my arms with her arms wrapped around my neck, Ronnie and me with my dad in hospital, us two sitting on Jug’s car, us two sitting on the roof of my car. So many photos.

There’s one of us two, standing outside the Riverdale sign the day we left town to move interstate, she’s looking up at me and she’s wrapped up in my old Letterman. She loves me. I love her. It’s in this photo, I have proof. She shuts the album quickly. “I better go,” she says. She rolls off the bed and rubs Juggie’s head.

“You going already?” he asks.

“I’ve been here for ages, it’s Friday which means it’s maintenance night…”

“She’ll need a few solid hours,” I joke.

“What’s maintenance night?” Jug asks.

I go to answer but Ronnie reaches for the door. “See you guys later.”

“How are you getting home?” I ask her.

“Taxi?” she says, looking at me, shrugging. “How else?”

“I’ll take you!” I say a little too quickly. “Don’t waste your money.”

“It’s ok, I’m a big girl.”

“Ronnie,” I beg, I didn’t have it in me to fight. “Come on, I’ll take you.”

“Ever the gentleman, Archiekins.”

Just listening to that felt like progress.

She invites me in to her mom’s apartment. It hasn’t changed since the last time I was here. Which wasn’t long ago, really. We spent last Christmas here and that was when I bought her the necklace she’s wearing now. It cost me so much money, I think I’m still paying mom back the loan she gave me to pay for it but I know my girl likes the finer things and it was the price I had to pay. She likes the finer things but Jesus, she can be down to earth when she wants to be. Where it counts. Dad says maybe I take things for granted sometimes. It was something I learnt from my dad when I was only sixteen. I almost lost him and it was then where I realised how much he sacrificed not only for me, but for Jug as well. He homed him when he had nowhere to go, dad looked after me when he didn’t have much to give. I overlook things like that all the time, I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens. Jug says it’s just a part of me. It’s the bad part of me. Just like I took Ronnie for granted.

I feel a little sick when I think about all the guilt that’s in me. I remember the look on her face when she found out the truth. I can’t even put it into words, the look on her face. Or the amount of tears that she cried, I don’t know what stung the most?

The tears?

Or the look of hatred on her face?

I shake the thoughts out of my mind as she comes back into her loungeroom with a glass of orange juice in her hand. “I know you don’t like sweet drinks this late at night but I figured it’s better than a shake from Pop’s so…”

I take the juice from her and take a sip, I smile at her because I’m grateful she’s even let me in. “Thanks, Ronnie.”

“It’s ok.”

We both just sit there and I can sort of feel her thigh touching mine. My leg cramps up a little bit because I don’t let it fall on to her any more than it is. Trying to hold my leg up and sit up straight on the sofa is a difficult task when I’m so used to throwing myself by her and resting my legs in her lap. But we sit here anyways and sip on the juice she gave me.

“Your mom hasn’t changed the house much,” I laugh.

“Not since the last time you came? A few months ago.”

I don’t tell her it’s been seven months. “Yeah, I guess so.”

She sighs and leans her head back on the sofa. “I love being here,” she tells me. “it’s so relaxing being here at mom’s. I guess I finally enjoy being treated like a little girl, I used to hate it.”

I laugh and nod, drumming my fingers against my glass. “Yeah, you did. Remember when you always used to rebel against your mom? You were so hot headed.”

She laughs too. “I used to hate her being so controlling but now I understand her a bit better, I think,” she says, finally looking at me. She looks down at my glass before looking me in the eye. “I think maybe she just didn’t want me to get hurt.”

I feel a lump in my throat and this time, I look down at my glass of juice. “I don’t blame her,” I mutter against the glass.

“Hey,” she starts quietly. “I just want to tell you that what you do for Jughead, it’s really nice.”

“I would do anything for him. I really would. Jug’s been my best mate since we were kids, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”

She puts her glass down on the coffee table and puts her arm around my shoulder. “It just reminded me so much of all the good in you. Reminded me of why I loved you.”

She’s so close, I can feel her breath on my lips, already I can taste her on my tongue and I can feel her chest pressed against my arm. I want to rewind time, go back all those months and that day, I want to relive that day. I want to have never gone out. I don’t want to screw up, I want to go back so it can just be me and Ronnie laying in our old unit, just us two. I want to go back to the time where I loved her so much, it made me happy. Not ruin me.

I want to be able to taste her whenever I want, to touch her whenever I want. I want to be able to laugh with her, joke with her. Talk all serious future plans with her. I want to be with her again. But I can’t and the guilt eats me alive. Jughead always said I was too honest for my own good but the one time I wasn’t, it ruined everything.

She’s so close to me and I’m looking at her. I’m really, really looking at her. Her eyes are so hurt, her lip is stuck between her teeth and she’s sort of shivering, I don’t think it’s from the cold. I think it’s from me.

I can see her edging closer, she licks her lips and she’s so close, I hear her do it. But I lick mine too.

Her lips press against mine, and I haven’t felt so fucking good.

Her hands are creeping up my neck, her hands are still so smooth and I feel her nails scraping on my skin, her tongue edges in slowly, overlapping with mine and she sighs into my mouth. My hands move slowly up her skirt, her thighs are cold but my hands are warm and I feel goosebumps under my finger tips. I groan into her, feeling more and more of her before it all ends and she quickly moves off me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Sorry!” I say quickly, trying to flatten my hair. “Sorry, Ronnie, I’m sorry!”

My heart won’t stay still so I bang my hand to my chest, looking at her with wide eyes because fuck, I don’t want to piss her off, not again. This was the closest I had been to her in months and I can’t let it end like this because we got a little lost in the moment.

She smacks her lips together and she frowns at me, eyes begging for something. “Arch…”

“Ronnie,” I say again, shoving my keys in my pocket that were sitting on the couch. “I’m sorry, but maybe this is the universes way of saying something…”

“Yeah,” she sniggers. “It’s the universes way of telling me I have no self control and I’m still not ready.”

“For what?” I ask, rubbing the back of my neck.

“For letting you back in my life.”

Do love it? Hate it? want more? Guys?

“It.. was yesterday? I almost forgot..”

“Ah well, not like anyone would celebrate with me here.”

Dad must be worried sick though.. Did he even bother coming home yesterday?

‘Just what the fuck is bad enough to get him this depress-’


Of all things, it had to be this, huh? Well..’

Well, guess it can’t be helped..

'You stop worrying our head and relax, we’ll get ya back home before you have a chance to miss it again, clear?’





'I think I like you crying better, host.’

Touch Me (Part.2)


Artist : GRAY

Why rain should pour down in such a nice day? My first album preparations already finish. Mastering, mixing, music video filming even album jacket photo shoot all done without any delay. Tonight is my first holiday after long hard work so I decide to have a little fun with friends. Some of them tell me a nice club to hang out. So I decide to join them after a finish discussing promotion schedule with Jay tonight. Almost mid night and road become quite because of rain that doesn’t stop pouring since afternoon. The parking lot is a little bit far from the club entrance. I open my car’s window to check the rain. It’s still pouring hard and I don’t even bring an umbrella. I’ll be drench if walking from here. I should call one of my friends to pick me up from parking lot. Maybe the club has umbrella to borrow. I tried to reach my clutch in the passenger seat to take my phone from there.

“Shit” The clutch slip out from my hand and now all my belonging scattered on the car’s floor. I try to reach it but my shoulder brushes against the car’s lamp switch, turn it on. There’s an empty alley in front of my parked car. I didn’t realize it before but it’s clearly seen now since my car’s lamp lighting to the alley direction. Something strange there. I look closely until I’m sure there’s a person there. Lay down unconscious. With panic mode I called ambulance for help and getting out of car. Don’t even care if it’ll drench me or no. I approach that person and found out that it’s a girl. She has wound on her temples.

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nathengyn  asked:

a) i've been meaning to say that i love your fics and reading your headcanons. and b) for mayumiko prompts -- one of them trying to court the other? like, mikorin playing bl games to gain experience in hitting on/being hit on by a guy. or mayu trying to indicate his interest in the laziest way possible (or conversely going super gung-ho about it?).

Thank you~!

Aaaah I love this request *u* So, uh, this… grew wings and flew away from me. Hope you like it anyway?

I hope none of you have actually played Gakuen Heaven because I haven’t. Also because of the said game, this is rated T or something… There’s a *linked part in the text you could click if you wanna know what Mikoto is uh seeing.

Knowledge is Power. Mikoto knows that. Studying for a test brings you good grades. Looking at a game’s walkthrough gives you good results. Playing different kind of games would boost your knowledge of life and human emotions.

The path to knowledge was right there at his fingertips.

So, of course, the moment he figured out that the “Mikoto-san, I like you” Mayu uttered was actually serious, he went ahead to do research.

What does liking a guy entail? What love flags are there? How different are the relationships between a boy and a girl compared to two boys? Which events commonly happen?

Pushing past embarrassment, he opened his incognito browser and typed in “popular BL games”.

From there, it was a painful process of trying to find a game that would be thorough enough to help, but not thorough enough to be… scarring. He was open to relationships with other boys, was definitely open to having a relationship with Mayu, but this was new territory and he didn’t want to see things he couldn’t handle yet.

DMMD seemed to be the popular one, but one commenter mentioned “having sex with a snake”, which was honestly something he didn’t even want to ask about. Enzai was popular as well, but the set-up seemed dark and it made Mikoto shut the tab immediately.

In the end, he chose Gakuen Heaven. If there was anything he was good at, it was school-based dating sims games. He would conquer all the routes and be an expert in boy’s love!

(He couldn’t do anything about the game being for 18+ only. He’s never played an 18+ galge, but he had not much choice in the matter. There weren’t a lot of BL games he had access to, and a “safe” BL game was even rarer. Besides, he was 17. Surely, he could handle this.)

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I love all the FAHC headcanons and fics where Ray leaving is a really sad thing. I really do, I’m a sucker for angst.

But here me out for a second.

Imagine that Ray’s send off is much like his last Minecraft video. The crew drives around the city to all their favorite Ray places and just chat about stupid shit.
They ask him what he’ll miss the most and everyone makes stupid jokes and it’s a happy time.

They have a “picnic” in like an alley or something and everyone graffitis the walls with Ray quotes.

Geoff starts it off with “Ray’s Goodbye Picnic” and it escalates from there, just like in the episode.

And when Ray finally leaves everyone is happy and wishing him the best and nothing hurts.

(Flipping Ray’s room in the penthouse is optional)

Back In Time Pt.3

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2

Group(s) & Members(s): Got7′s Mark

Genre: angst

Warnings: none

A/N: this is short little part to set up future parts. Please excuse any spelling/grammar errors, I’ve been sick but I really wanted to get this part out. 

Knock Knock

“No one visited me this much before I left…” you grumble to yourself, getting up from your makeshift cocoon on the couch. Smoothing your hair over, you unlock the locks and slowly creep the door open, wary of the cold breeze that was sure to skirt in. 

Poking your head out, you freeze..but it wasn’t because of the cold. 

“You didn’t show up” 

Mark is looking at you with sad eyes, his cheeks and nose turning a bright shade of red from braving the cold. You open the door wider, allowing him entrance, swallowing hard and taking a deep breath.

“Yeah. I didn’t show up. So why are you here?” You ask, shutting the door and folding your arms.

When you made the decision driving home to swallow your feelings and not show up at the dinner you knew that Mark would probably show up. Going off of yesterday, you had an overwhelming feeling that you hadn’t seen the last of this boldness. 

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anonymous asked:

did u watched or read last night sukira radio, where jimin was actually rejecting jungkook? what about write something refer to it likes jungkook being salty and bitter afterwards??? after shamelessly hovering over jungkook head to toe, and PUBLICLY rejecting him doesn't make jungkook feels good at all.

“kookie?” seokjin asks carefully. it’s ass-o-clock in the morning and jin’s up to get a drink of water (3 liters a day but he missed half a liter yesterday) only to find jungkook sitting moodily in the living room, laptop opened on his lap. “you okay?” 

“i’m. fine,” jungkook says grumpily which is pubescent teenager talk for “please come ask me what’s wrong” so seokjin sighs, takes a big gulp of water, and goes to sit beside him. 

“alright, what happened?” 

jungkook’s lips push into a sudden pout and he blows a puff of air that lifts his bangs up with the force of it. “jimin’s stupid.” 

seokjin frowns. “what did jimin do?” 

ah no, i don’t like him, i just think he’s cute,” jungkook mocks. “what the fu –dge.” 

“what’s so bad about that? he thinks you’re cute,” seokjin says, unsure of what jungkook’s getting at. but he knows he’s said the wrong thing when jungkook’s eyebrow twitches angrily. 

“what the fu – dge does that even mean, hyung?” jungkook says angrily. “i’m cute but he doesn’t like me? why doesn’t he like me? i’m the golden maknae how can he not like me?” 

seokjin is about five years past all this teenager drama and he sighs. “what do you want from him jungkook?” 

“i just – i feel like i’ve been kid-zoned,” jungkook scowls. “which i am not, thank you very much. i’m almost nineteen.” 

seokjin muffles a laugh as best he can but jungkook’s eyebrow still twitches. “so what, you want jimin to see you as a real man, kookie-ah?” 

jungkook flushes. “no.” 

seokjin stands up and yawns. “well then, he’ll just have to see you as a baby forever,” he says. “glad we got this solved. go to bed, kookie.”

jungkook’s pout doesn’t look like it’s going to leave his face anytime soon and seokjin has to manhandle him up and push him towards his bedroom. jungkook stops their journey in front of jimin, taehyung, and hoseok’s room and seokjin raises an eyebrow in silent question. 

“namjoon-hyung’s snoring,” jungkook says defensively, opening the door. “good night hyung.” 

seokjin rolls his eyes and continues on to his and yoongi’s room. pubescent kids these days. 

((”kookie?” jimin mutters sleepily as jungkook nudges him over. he scoots over and jungkook lifts the covers to slip in next to him. 

“you have to like me, hyung,” jungkook says and jimin scrunches his face up in confusion. “i’m not a kid.” 

even half asleep, jimin manages a smirk. “i know, kookie.” he buries his nose in jungkook’s neck, pressing a light kiss to his adam’s apple. 

jungkook huffs. “so you better like me.” 

jimin muffles a laugh in his neck. “yeah, yeah, of course.”))

Sentimentalism: limerence

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Warnings: Blindfolds and dominance. Somewhat BDSM I’d say.

Part 1: finifugal, Part 3: catalyst, Part 4: sober

limerence: (n) the state of being infatuated with another person.

I hurried down the stairs as my hands brushed through my hair, hoping to get them at least presentable. I was still in my gown from yesterday and my undergarments are clearly unable to wear again. I decided to head home. It’s not very idealistic if my colleagues and if worse, my boss, saw me in a gown coming out of the hotel with messy hair. I took a quick shower, put on my black trousers and white shirt and had my hair up high to a pony tail, just like how a journalist would address.

I quickly returned to the hotel. Police siren was everywhere to the point it got annoying, Of course, journalists and reporters were all there. It was a juicy headline to be honest. A murder at the biggest event of the season - with a little sprinkle of well-done editing and brainstorming, a newspaper could make so much more than regular news. And that went for broadcasting and online newspapers as well. But then again, my mind was always distracted by what happened last night and of course the strange man named Min Yoongi. All I had was the phone number written of my breats to find the Min Yoongi that stole my heart in this chaos of Seoul. As much as I wanted to call him, now is not the time.

“According to the evidences found the murderer is a male, average height. The victim was the owner of a big coperate. He was found killed by cyanide in his drink. For now we do not have anymore evidences or proofs so we will not answer anymore questions. Thank you.” - the policers informed briefly to the journalists.

This guy’s smart, didn’t use any weapons that could leave trails or fingerprints. Probably somebody who was very skillful and experienced in what he’s doing. I stayed to gather some more informations and headed home.

By this time the sky has became a gradient mixture of naple yellow and phlato blue mixed with platinum white. The wind carried clouds across that great canvas above the atmosphere. All seemed so peaceful and quiet, and there was I, searching for troubles myself as if life was too boring. I dialed the number he left on me. Every toot felt longer than usual, or it might just be my heart forgetting how to beat normally.

“Hello?” - a husky, drunken voice lingered on the other side.

“Min Yoongi?” - my lips trembled as I tried to control my feelings.


“Uhm… we met yesterday… at the ball…”

“Ah Johnny Q… I knew you’d call.”

I smiled a little when I realised he remembered what I drank. Suddenly something struck my head. Why am I calling him? What urged me to dialed his number? Did I miss him? Or maybe just because of curiosity? Those questions wrapped my head up, isolating me from the trying to be casual with the guy I had a one night stand without even knowing his face.

“Do you want to come over? Since…”

“Sure, text me your address and I’ll be there.”

The long chain of toot brought me back to earth. Not until after three seconds I started to gain conscious about reality. Min Yoongi, the guy that I knew very little about, was anticipating a text of my address and God knew what would happen afterwards. I sat down, saving my legs from non stop shaking and slowly typing my address down.


I quickly cleaned my small apartment, at least trying to make it look presentable. My mind kept rewinding the conversation earlier. It asked me why he knew I would call, why did my heart skip a beat when he remembered me, why wasn’t he hesitated when I invited him to come over? To be honest, I couldn’t find the answers.

Ding dong.

I inhaled deeply as my hand twisted the door knob. In front of me was a man with average height. The same pastel blonde hair and pale white skin. His eyes were sorrow but at the same time fierce and captivating. Thin dry lips curved downwards, so delicious, so kissable.



Greetings were as quick as a snap. I made way for him to enter. His eyes wandered on every corner of my apartment. Sometimes he would glance at me and most of the time, I would blush.

“If my predictions were correct, you didn’t invited me here for a cup of tea, right?”

I startled. He hit the jackpot and he knew it. My legs began to cross against each other and my right fingers were pinching my left arms. I bit my lips and slowly looked into his wild eyes. He smirks proudly at the vulnerable expressions on my face.

I guided him to the bedroom and closed the door behind my back. And of course, he brought me a present - a blindfold - a little something significant between us. I could feel my core soaking little by little, creating an irritation that I could not get rid of by myself. Yoongi tied the blindfold around my head and suddenly he became the light in this darkness.

“Let me see what lies under those fabric.”

That tempting voice of his closed all the doors of options for me. There was only one path left, obeying. I unbuttoned my shirt and unclasped my bra, all by senses. My shorts were the next to fall down, leaving my thongs the last piece of coverage on my body.


His sharp voice was near me. I felt his finger trailing on my the cheek of my ass until it reached my thongs. He slided his finger into the space between my thongs and my ass and stretched out the fabric, making the front side tighten on my pussy. His whole palm grabbed one of the cheeks, gave it a hard squeeze and smacked it. I bit my lips and swallowed the sore down through my throat without letting out a single whine. He might be mad. He might punish me.

Yoongi led me on the bed. After my back lied straight on the silky bed sheet, I felt his hands as they were pulling my thongs out. My body was officially exposed. My eyes were desperate to see his face, how he would react when he looked at the fragile and defenseless me. But I have to be a good girl, or else he won’t let me cum when I want to. And a good girl doesn’t whine, she follows instructions.

“Don’t cum until I say so.”

My core started to tickle as something was inserted in. A flat thich pad was sliding up and down, creating sensual temptation which gradually built up my orgasm. It had to be his tongue. I could sense his taste buds against my fold and his dry lips sucking the pink flesh inside my. It’s becoming unbearable. No matter how much i tried to hold it in it kept rushing me to come out. I released, emotions became a sundae of absolute pleasure and fright.

“What did I told you?”

He yelled as his hand slapped my ass repeatedly. As much painful as it was, my cum dripped everytime he hit harder, so were tears coming through my blindfold down my cheeks. I bit my lower lips tight until I could taste the smell of blood. His fingers wiped my tears as he said gently.

“Don’t cry… I’m sorry I won’t be so harsh again.”

“It’s alright” - I rubbed my cheeks on his hand. - “Can you let me cum on your dick, please?”

“Anything for you.”

Everything fell into silence again. It didn’t last long until my mouth screamed for him as his dick entered me. He was tight around me and warm inside me. His lower body grinded into mine, just like tidal waves clashed into each other. Wasted no time he grabbed my breasts, squeeze and slightly twisted my rock hard nipples while continuously hit my weakspot. Finally, he granted me my wish and even though my eyes didn’t capture any moments, my body will never forget this feeling.

Yoongi opened the blindfold for me and we both lied on the bed. Exhaustion overwhelmed us. We could hardly speak our breathe.

Ring ring

“Hello?… I’m on it.”

Yoongi put down his phone and hurriedly got up and put on his clothes. Suddenly he noticed me, sitting on the bed completely naked looking back at him with the most confusing eyes. He laid a kiss on my forehead and continued to dress himself.

“I’m sorry I have to go. I’ll call you later….”

“It’s Y/N”

“Y/N huh?… Interesting…”

The bedroom door closed and Yoongi was out of sight. Emptiness began to mess with my mind, trying to befriend with me even though I refused multiple times. I wished he would stay a little longer… My eyes trailed on the side of the bed where he lied until they stopped at the paper package that had no name on it. I hold it up and looked through it. There weren’t anything significant visually. Then I sniffed the package - the familiar smell of cyanide hit me.

To be continue…

My first BDSM kinda smut. I tried guys… I tried…. where is my bucket of holy water?

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Comatose: Chapter 3

Final Chapter! Thanks to everyone who liked/reblogged/gave feedback!  You guys rock!  This chapter is rated T.  It’s not very heavy at all, but I’m telling you just as a warning ^^‘  Anyways, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

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"I really like you but im too nervous to confess my love so I leave inspirational or romantic qoutes on your desk or car." AU

“Okay, now you’re being creepy…”, Eren muttered into his coffee, watching his friend at the other side of the table roll his eyes and level him with an annoyed glare before he turned away to look out of the window again.
The small coffee shop they were currently sitting in was just across from an office building Jean had taken a particular interest in during the last few weeks. Well, it wasn’t the building per se, more like a person working there.

“Nobody asked you, Jäger.” Jean’s response was somewhat delayed and not as venomous as it could have been.
He was nervous. Eren could tell by the way he was clutching the paper cup of his cappuccino, not having taken a single sip since they sat down about twenty minutes ago. The way his eyes kept flitting to and away from the entrance of the office building also spoke for itself.
“Uh yeah, you did? Just yesterday: ‘Hey Eren, there’s this guy I like, is leaving notes at his car creepy or something?’ And I said no because I didn’t think you’d be stalking the poor dude after – ”

“I’m not stalking him!” Ah, there was the venom that had been missing from his words before. The following, quick glance around the room dulled the effect, though. So twitchy. Eren would laugh if that didn’t mean getting a fist to the face. After some moments of quiet contemplation Jean continued:
“Just checking whether he likes the notes or not.” He paused, scratching at the cuff around his cup and shifting slightly in his seat.
“I’ll stop if he doesn’t.”

“Yeah, I know”, Eren said, voice low and calming. So this wasn’t the time for their trademark teasing and banter, Jean was way too nervous and defensive for that. Okay.
Eren could be traditionally supportive if needed. Even though he didn’t quite understand what about this made his friend as worked up as he was. As far as he knew, Jean had never even spoken more than a few words to that guy but obviously had it bad. Real bad. Leaving cute notes at his car almost every day kind of bad.
It was actually adorable, how awkward Jean was about all this. He’d never been good at flirting, Eren had witnessed that more than a few times, but now he’d reached a whole new level.

“And what if he does?”
“Hah?” Jean looked up at him, finally taking a sip of his most likely luke warm beverage. At least his hands weren’t trembling, as far as Eren could tell.
“What if he likes the notes? You gonna talk to him?”
Jean choked, hands scrambling for a napkin he could cough cappuccino into, then wipe his chin clean with. Eren managed not to laugh. He was so proud of himself.
“What? God, no. No. I’m … not fucking this up”, Jean rasped, still coughing between words, then clearing his throat. “If he likes the notes, I’ll stick with the notes.”

“But … you’re gonna talk to him someday, right? Make some kind of move? Tell him you wrote them or something?” Oh how Eren wished he could tease Jean about that adorable shade of pink he flushed at that. But he was supportive. So supportive. Even though Jean’s pining after that guy was almost too good to let it just slide like this.
“Uh … I’m…” Jean trailed off, suddenly perking up then practically folding in on himself when he caught sight of something out on the street. “Oh god that’s him…”

Eren quickly turned to look out of the window. There was a man walking towards the car right outside the window Jean had stuck his note on.
He was wearing a dark suit with a deep red tie, his hair carefully styled so it flopped into his face all casual. His dark eyes looked awake and alert even after a day of work, his skin had a pleasant tan hue and … were those freckles? Jean did always have good taste, even if he seldom did anything about it.

“Hmm, he’s cute…” The look Jean shot him at that was a clear back off, mine but Eren just shrugged and turned to look out of the window again.
The man had reached his car now, unlocked it and almost got in before he noticed the slip of paper tugged behind his wiper. With careful fingers he retrieved and unfolded it, began to read…

There was a little, indignant shriek from Jean as he buried his flushed face in his hands, making himself even smaller as he hissed:
“This is horrible I can’t…” He took a deep breath before looking up at Eren through his fingers. “What’s he doing?” Supportive. Eren was supposed to be supportive. So he turned to watch the man, narrating for Jean.

“He’s reading. Now he’s looking around. Reading again. Oh, he’s smiling now. Aww, what a cute smile…” That was true, the man’s smile was incredibly warm and lit up his whole face, eyes getting all squinty as he studied the note for a third time.
“What did you even write on there that makes him smile like this?”
“You think he likes it?”, came Jean’s muffled voice from behind his hands and Eren rolled his eyes while his friend couldn’t see him.

“Just look for yourself, you idiot.” Jean did, very carefully, and for a moment there was a look of relief and adoration in his eyes so intense that Eren had to look away.
But then Jean made that high whine and hid behind his hands again.
In a few weeks Eren would tease him about this whole thing. But right now he had to see to a few things. Jean couldn’t be trusted with this any longer, he’d never to anything about cute sunnyboy if Eren let him continue with this.

The man was looking around now again, still smiling so brightly and Eren waved a few times to get his attention. It worked. The man furrowed his brows as he caught sight of him in the coffee shop, tilting his head a little to the side. Adorable. Pointing at the note Eren nodded and waited for the man to raise the slip of paper a little to show he understood. Then Eren nodded again, this time pointing at Jean who was still cowering in his seat, hands hiding his face.
The man’s eyes seemed to light up in understanding as he raised the note again and pointed at Jean as well, eyebrows drawing up as that smile tugged at his lips again.
Nodding once more Eren waved the man over until he began walking to the entrance of the coffee shop.

“Jean?” His only answer was a high little whine, his friend not moving. Okay. “I’ll be on my way now. I guess you two have a lot to talk about.” Head practically whipping up Jean stared at him, eyes huge and cheeks still flushed.
“What are you…” His eyes danced over to the door where the man was just entering, looking over to their table and smiling.
“I fucking hate you, Jäger…”, he whispered, color draining from his face as he couldn’t stop staring at the man coming their way.
“I know!”, Eren grinned and stood to leave. He couldn’t keep himself from whispering “Take care of him, he’s a nervous wreck” as he passed the man on his way out and got a soft smile and a nod in turn.

Four days later he saw Jean again and couldn’t stop laughing even as his friend proceeded to kick the shit out of him.
Four years later Eren couldn’t resist acting out that whole embarrassing scene from the coffee shop at Jean and Marco’s wedding reception. High pitched noises included.

Welcome Home pt. 1 || Jack Gilinsky


A/N: Hey everyone! This is a new fan fiction I’m starting. Hopefully it’ll last quite a while. I’ll try and update as much as I can. It’s a little different than what I’ve been doing, so I hope you still like it. Keep in mind that the characters in this aren’t real, and Jack isn’t involved in MAGCon or anything like that in this. Just a regular guy, in his late twenties. :) Enjoy xx

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