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“Not in this lifetime.”

This is fan art for a Star Wars: The Clone Wars (and just Star Wars in general) fic I really like called Wake the Storm. It’s, ah, probably right up there in my favorite fics of all time, actually, even if I couldn’t get into the sequel. I just reread it the other day and this image stood out to me, and I haven’t done any full-color digital pieces in a SUPER long time, so here’s this :) I hope I did it justice!

Strange Magic starters
  • “Because love is dangerous. It weakens … It rots. It destroys order. And without order, what is left? Chaos.”
  • “I am so… not getting my army.”
  • “So that’s how you react to a near death experience?”
  • “Please smile.”
  • “This is one of my better ones.”
  • “You cheated on me, remember?”
  • “You left me at the altar. Remember?”
  • “Wow. [Name] slammed [him] pretty good.”
  • “Well, so much for being [king].”
  • “You think I can’t be [king]?!”
  • “You’re saying I need a love potion?”
  • “It was a joke!”
  • “[We] have to… go…”
  • “Just kidding, [Boss]!”
  • “Okay. All I have to do is - visualize.”
  • “Hey. Listen, uh… [elf]? I know just how you feel.”
  • “Man, you’ve got it bad.”
  • “I just wish… I wish there was some way to make [her] love me again!”
  • “But I know… you can.”
  • “But why can’t you?”
  • “Cause I’m big! My armor, it’s too shiny. I’d be spotted for sure. If only I was… little, like you.”
  • “I do blend in.”
  • “Oh, it would have been perfect!”
  • “I’ll do it!”
  • “If you stop crying.”
  • “Oh, I’m feeling much better now.”
  • “But [he] still loves you.”
  • “But if not [name], then, there has to be someone else.”
  • “Maybe if you got out more?”
  • “Let it go, [Dad].”
  • “You’ll be stronger with a [king] at your side.”
  • “I’m stronger alone.”
  • “I don’t want you to be alone.”
  • “I promise, if I meet a [guy] out there who takes my hand, and looks me in the eyes, and I don’t wanna hit [him], I’ll consider it. But that [guy] doesn’t exist.”
  • “Look, I’m usually a [guy] who enjoys a good joke, even at my own expense. But right now, I’m not in a “ha-ha” frame of mind. I’m in an “ah!” frame of mind.”
  • “How do you think I got in here?”
  • “You were listening! So I’ll do it.”
  • “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free - did I mention I’m free?”
  • “Free? We’re still in the dungeons!”
  • “I’ll have your head on a stick!”
  • “Bring me the prisoner.”
  • “What is that?”
  • “I made it special for you.”
  • “It looks good on you. I hope you like it.”
  • “No! No. Why don’t you have a wee nap? I promise I won’t go far.”
  • “Wait! Please tell me your name?”
  • “Wish I could say the same for you!”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “I dunno. I was expecting… more?”
  • “Oh, no. What did [she] fall in love with?”
  • “Don’t listen to [him]!”
  • “Forget the potion! Get the antidote!”
  • “I wanted a wedding. Now I’m getting a funeral!”
  • “What if [he] doesn’t like me?”
  • “I’m going to destroy you!”
  • “No need to worry. I will protect [the kingdom].”
  • “I’m not afraid of them!”
BTS Reaction #21 - They’re going through old posts on their crushes Instagram and accidentally like a really old picture

anon asked: GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK when their insta-salking/facebook stalking their crush and they accidentally like a picture/post from months to a year ago please?? xD

Seokjin: he would un-like the pic immediately, jump up from his seat, and pace the back and forth with unhuman noises coming from his mouth as he stared at his phone, willing time to reverse “I freaking hate my life!!! Why did I do that!?”

Originally posted by yoongichii

Yoongi: He would freeze in place and stare at the red heart on your insagram pic. “If I unlike it now then they’ll know that it was an accident, but they’ll still know I went through their pics so there’s no point in unliking it. Do I comment on it with a joke to make it seem funny and nonchalant or do I just die now?”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: *screams and freaks out, but then laughs it off and ends up liking a bunch more of your old pics, commenting on a bunch too* “Ahh Y/N this is such a cute dog you have! I couldn’t help searching for more pics of him, but along the way I liked a bunch of other pics because you just photograph so well!”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Namjoon: *Starts questioning how he became so creepy leading to him being stupid and liking your pic which leads him to questioning life and existence over the next few hours* “What have I done to deserve this…”

Originally posted by my-shining-star

Jimin: *comments on your vacation pic* “Y/n-ah! I’ve been here before it’s beautiful right??” *hoping to God that you don’t think that’s creepy as he does his best to play it off like he meant to do that and wasn’t secretly scrolling through all of your pictures*

Originally posted by chimtae

Taehyung: *looks over to his hyungs in the room with him* “Hyungs…Hyungs what do I do? I…. I did something terrible” *frozen and unsure how to process this trauma*

Originally posted by xcrazyfangirlx

Jungkook: Honestly he’d really freak TF out, probably screaming and running into his hyungs rooms to gather them up in the living room to have a meeting about how to handle his current situation

Originally posted by hoshikio

A/N: I freaking died doing this thank you anon xDD lmao and each group will be posted separately over the next few days!! I hope you like them!

Prompt: “Okay guys but imagine a shklance A/B/O with sick Omega Lance. Lance wanting his mates to cuddle and nonstop scenting. It could be beautiful oh man I’ve never read one with the dynamics as a sickfic before.”

for @whumpdump enjoy! :) (god i hope i did good on this!!)

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@alexairwin requested a Disney!Luke imagine!!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up.

Sorry I’m really bad at making imagines short so this will have two(if not more parts). Anyways, love you guys enjoy.


You hang up the towels that are all thrown around the room, making sure the bed was all made up. All while watching the clock that never seemed to move during your shift.

You hated complaining about your job because when you told people you worked at Disneyland almost everyone thought it was cool. But being a maid at one of the most popular parks in America was quite opposite.

People left their rooms in horrible shape but if everyone cleaned up after themselves you’d be out of a job. You just wish not everyone’s room was so disgusting.

“Oh, um.” Someone says behind you.

You squeal slightly, being caught off guard.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t hear anyone came in. It’s pretty awkward when someone comes in and you’re cleaning their room.

You twirl around, “I’m so sorry. I’ll get out of your way.”

You cough slightly, still getting over a cold.

The boy who you came face to face with was quite attractive which made you even more embarrassed.

He stared at you, as most people do when they find someone in their room. His blue eyes watching you intensely as you pick up your cleaning supplies.

“So you’re the one who’s been coming in here while I’m gone and making my bed. I thought his place really was magic and was cleaning itself up.” He speaks.

His obvious accent making you curious to find out where he is from. You laugh at his attempt to pull a joke.

He smiles proudly, he thinks you are beautiful . Much too pretty to be a maid. He also wonders how old you are because you barely look old enough to have a job.

“That’s me.” You smile, tucking a piece of hair that had fallen from your braids.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You reply, sniffling a bit, this cold is very persistent.

You can’t afford to stay home even a day. You still live with your parents and work because they would lose their house otherwise.

You liked sticking around to make sure everyone was okay anyways.

“Well I’m Luke. It’s nice to meet you.” You wipe your nose with the cuff of your sleeve. “Are you sick?”

You nod, “Yeah, just the tail end of a cold. I’m okay though.”

Luke watches your mouth as you talk. Your full pink lips mesmerizing him.

“Well then you should be at home resting.” He smiles, still looking at your lips.

“Yeah.” You giggle, glancing down. “Well I’ll see you around.”

You smile at him once more before heading to the next room.

Your day changed after meeting Luke. You had more of a bounce in my step. The day passes quickly and you hoped you would see him again.
The next morning you wake up, still feeling under the weather. This cold is just clinging on.

“You’re needed in 402.” Your boss says without looking up as soon as you walk in.

You sigh, usually if you are needed this early in the morning it’s not pretty.

You grab some basic cleaning things, lots of disinfectant. The closer you get to the room you realize it’s where you had your encounter with Luke.

You really hope he didn’t completely trash the room because because that would completely change you view on him.

You knock on the door and it almost immediately swings open.

Luke’s smiles is bright and he is fully dressed.

“Ah, y/n I was hoping they would send you!” He says.

His blue eyes are soft as he glances at you.

You smile back at him, switching back and forth on your feet awkwardly. “So, did you need me to do something for you?”

He comes to realization that you are just standing in the hallway holding cleaning supplies. He stands to the side motioning for you to come in.

You walk in and the room is clean, cleaner that even you left it yesterday.

“I remember how you were saying- well you said you weren’t feeling well so…” He can’t seem to find the right words so he just motions.

You see a table with tea and a kettle of hot water.

“I didn’t know what kind you liked so I got you chamomile, and earl gray and even some berry kind. I don’t know.” He smiles and you laugh.

“Luke, this is so sweet.” You smile, setting down your cleaning supplies.

What did you do to get this boy to do something like this. You had guests leave nice gifts for you but never anything like this. This was so thoughtful and he was being so sweet.

“I also told them my toilet was acting up so it would probably take you awhile.” Luke scratches the back of his neck.

He pulls out a chair for you, “Please sit down.” He says.

You felt horrible, you didn’t want to leave your coworkers to do all the work while you had tea with a cute boy. Maybe if it were just a couple minutes.

You sit in the chair and he nicely pushes his chair in.

You decide minty tea sounds nice. The water is so warm it soothes your throat.

Luke pours himself a cup as well.

“So where are you from?” You make conversation.

Accents have always intrigued you, you loved knowing where people were from. Probably because you’ve always wanted to get out of California, even America.

“Australia. I’m here with some mates on a holiday.” He says.

You nod, a vacation sounds nice but out of everywhere they could have gone why here?

“Are you having fun? Why aren’t you out enjoying the rides while you can?” You ask him.

It is still early morning but the rides opened over an hour ago. Instead of going out on a nice day he is sitting with you instead.

“I just was thinking about how you weren’t feeling well and I hate working when I’m sick.” He shrugs.

You two talked yesterday afternoon. You would have thought he’d forgotten all about it.

He makes conversation by asking about your favorite rides and if you come here with your family much.

You don’t go into detail but your parents don’t have much money to spend on stuff like Disneyland. Sure you get a good discount working here but even that’s too much.

He seems to want to talk about you, asking you about your favorite animal and color. He wanted to know what you did for fun and other fun places to do around California.

You were having such a good conversation by the time you came to your senses and looked at the clock an hour had passed. You stumble to your feet.

“Oh my. I have to go.” You scramble to gather all of your cleaning supplies you arrived with. “Thank you so much, Luke. You are very thoughtful.”

He stands to his feet to see you off.

“Wait.” He says as you are halfway out the door.

He puts his hand on your arm and you look down at it. His warm hand tingling on your skin.

You glance up at his face and the electric blue of his eyes is just sunning, it almost takes your breath away.

“I-i want to see you again.” He stutters, looking down at the ground as he confesses.

It is then you realize how good looking he his. His long hair is curly and is pushed back out of his eyes. He has magnificent eyebrows and his lips are so full and pink.

A smile crosses your features, you are still in such amazement you’ve caught the attention of this beautiful boy.

“I get off at 5. I’ll meet you here.” You say before slipping from him grip and out the door.

I suppose so

request from @ra-veela-claw x : Draco x reader where Draco takes care of her because she got stuck outside in the rain soaked to the bone…

sorry if its short, I can do part two if this not enough. I love draco requests guys so this made me super happy… keep sending me requests guys!!!!!

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

Since it was the autumn holidays at Hogwarts, and you didn’t have another home to go to at the moment, due to your auntie and uncle staying, you stayed in school. It was quiet- it was miserable; the corridors were freezing cold and outside school grounds where full of puddles. Most of your house had left, and the others all went out for the day in Hogsmeade, so you were stuck in your dorm by yourself. 

You leapt out of bed, your feet hit the icy wooden floor, and your whole body shivered. It was freezing. 

The fire place had ran out of wood in your dorm, and lucky you, the only place for the fire wood- that was dry- was in Hagrid’s. So as fast as you could, you found the closest matching items near you and dressed yourself, along with y/h scarf wrapped around your neck and y/h bobble hat snug on your head. Leaving your common room, you set off to Hagrid’s. 

‘Hey Hagrid, how are you?’ you quivered as you entered the Gamekeepers humble hut. 

‘Oh, Hey love, I’m fine. Whats up wi’ you? Why are you ‘ere?’ He handed you one of his hot chocolates, in a gigantic mug.

‘ Yeh, I’m fine thank you Hagrid,’ you took a sip of the steaming hot beverage he gave to you  ‘but by any chance do you have any spare fire wood lying around, my dorm ran out you see and its bloody freezing in there!’ 

‘Ah-ugh, one sec there, ill have a check.’ and off he popped into the other room, hitting his head across the wooden beams. 

‘- AH, found some ‘ere!’ a muffled yet loud shout came from the other room. 

You stood up, taking the wood from his hands, and thanked him for the trouble you had caused. Before you went to sit back down, you heard patters on the ceiling. 

‘Oh, Merlin!’ you jumped up to see that the grounds were almost instantaneously soaked by the few seconds of rain that fell. ‘Hagrid, I’m awfully sorry, but I really must go, I can’t get this wood wet or it won’t work, thankyou Hagrid I had a lovely tim-’ and you were already running back up the hill. 

Your clothes were stuck firmly to your body, showing your bright coloured bra that you totally forgot about, but it didn’t bother you since you kept the wood dry. You walked the rest, looking like a drenched mess, when you come across a blond boy running towards you. 

is that Draco Malfoy? It can’t be. Why would he be running to me?

And to your surprise, it was Draco. He came rushing towards where you were stood, but slowed his pace when the two of you made eye contact. 

‘Er- I saw you, from the tower,’ he pointed up so you could see, ‘and you were running so, er- I came to check if you are okay? Are you okay?’ The blond boy stuttered, covering his head with, what seemed to look like, a book. 

‘oh-erm, yes, i’m fine Draco, I was just getting some wood off Hagrid,’ you shivered as the rain got colder and heavier ‘the dorm had no wood for fire.’

‘ah er, y/n’ he looked down at your chest to notice your neon underwear bulging through your white shirt, ‘here, you can use this.’ his cheeks became a shade of pink, and he wore his signature smirk, before handing you his long black coat. 

‘oh, Merlin sakes! I’m so sorry.’ you stammered, flustering at his remark, and obligingly took his coat, instantly covering your soaking shirt. 

You looked down to hide your redness, but it was too late, he saw. 

‘You know, y/n, I never thought that you would have bright coloured underwear, since you love dark colours..?’ he broke the silence, nervously laughing at the sight he had seen. 

‘well, it was the only spare I had lying arou- wait how did you know I love dark colours?’ you looked back up at Draco.

His hair flopped and became messy from the rain, it almost made him look attractive. Secretly, you blame the rain, making you think delusional thoughts about him; you have never even spoken to him! But then again, his eyes- blue eyes - made contact with yours and your stomach fluttered. Are you seriously developing a crush on Draco fucking Malfoy?

‘Ah, ur,’ he hesitated, looking for an excuse, ‘you told me one time, I remember.’

‘Draco, I have never spoken to you. I think I would remember speaking to such a pretty Malfoy,” you blurted out, not realising what you actually just said. 

‘Am I pretty, y/l/n?’ he grinned at your comment, and you felt helplessly under his control. How did he make you do that?

‘ugh,’ this time you hesitated, ‘I suppose so.’ 

You are such an idiot.

‘hm, well your not to bad yourself, love.’ he stopped walking and shuck his head at his response. 

You sniggered louder than you thought, and crunched your belly.


No, if you weren’t an idiot before, now you were.

You slipped on the wet grass, falling right on your arse. Draco chuckled, but little did Draco know, you gripped on to his hand, causing the pale boy to fall with you. 

‘Ah, so I see your already falling for me, huh?’ Draco smiled, causing you to mirror his image. 

‘ugh’ you brushed back his blond locks behind his ear, ‘I suppose so.’

arghhhh, I was really loving this request so I started to right immediately, I hope this is okay for you lovely! 

BTS’ reaction to their gf’s lips tasting sweet because she had eaten something sweet beforehand.

HI hope you like it anonie, It might be odd or have small mistakes cuz I’m doing this at 1am but regardless! I really do hope you enjoy it. ~~~

Jin/Kim Seokjin- 

“Let’s go get you to eat more sweets so I can taste it more often.” He’d make you eat more, done. Loves the taste wants more of it. :)

Suga/Min Yoongi-

Yoongi would give you a look, a pretty sexy look just kinda saying: I’ll be tasting something sweeter later I’ll be kissing you a lot more now, and I know you’re not complaining.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok-

After kissing you he would smile. “Ah what did you eat? Your lips taste sweet~” Licks his lips then kisses you again. 

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon- 

“Very sweet,” He’d be a little suprised but very happy. “Don’t tell what you ate, let me keep kissing you so I can guess.”

Jimin/Park Jimin-

Rude af man Jimin would sort of smirk, “You’re my good girl, right?” cue holds your face. “Then let me kiss you again and again.” 

V/Kim Taehyung- 

 Tae would be such a cutie, smiles and giggles. “Pleaseee kiss me again!” probably poking his cheeks for extra cuteness and convincing. 

Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook-

“What are you eating that makes me want to kiss you more hmm~?” Would tease you, golden maknae would tease you because you’re a couple and you tease. 



Here’s the song



Sherlock stepped up behind you. You made no move, no indication that you heard his arrival or felt his presence.

“Is there a reason you haven’t been to Baker street this week?”

“I’ve been busy.”

“Too busy to reply to a text?”

“I did reply.”

“Ah, yes, how could I forget your elegant response of a single letter. I did not realize that we had been having a discussion about potassium.”

“What do you want, Sherlock?”

Sherlock stepped around the bench hoping you would look up. But your gaze remained on the pond before you. “I was hoping to gain some sort of insight as to your new attitude.”

“Sherlock, I really don’t want to have this conversation right now.”

“I do.”

You bit your lip before turning to Sherlock. “You want to talk about what’s going on? Why don’t you deduce what’s happening?”

“I’ve tried. But I think I’m missing a few key pieces of information.”


Sherlock sat next to you, staring out over the pond. “I can tell you’re upset. With the nature of your hostile attitude, I can only assume I am the cause of your anger.”

“So far, so good,” you said sarcastically.

“You haven’t been to Baker street since last Thursday. The events of that evening were relatively simple. You came over after work. We went to dinner. We went back to Baker street. You left around ten. I have heard little from you since.”

“You’ve got the big picture down, Sherlock. Now it’s time to look at the details.”

“Please, elaborate.”

You reached down and grabbed Sherlock’s hand, slipping your fingers in between his. His hand was stiff and heavy in yours, his fingers straight. You stared down at your hands before glaring up at him.



“You’re cold, Sherlock.”

“The natural temperature of a human is–”

“Emotionally!” You pulled your hand from his. “Sherlock, I’m all for moving slowly. Really, I am. But… I like you so much, Sherlock, and sometimes I want to hold your hand or give you a small kiss but you deny my attentions.”

Sherlock thought back. He did remember that you’d tried to slip your hand into his before, tried to kiss his cheek. He’d let you—after all, that was a typical human behavior. And he didn’t mind it… of all the people he knew, he was willing to experience those things with you.

Sherlock had to admit your hands were soft and small in his, delicate. Your lips were soft as well. And when you were that close to him, he could clearly smell your perfume, a delightful scent.

“I apologize, Y/N. I did not realize…”

“It’s fine, Sherlock.”

The two of you sat there for a few minutes with only the sound of the ducks filling the silence.

“I have to go, Sherlock,” you finally said, standing.

But you didn’t get very far.

Sherlock reached out and grabbed your hand, freezing you on the spot.

“Sherlock, what are you doing?”

Sherlock stood, stepping towards you, but never letting go of your hand. “This is what you want, correct?”

“Sherlock, I don’t want to force you to–”

“You’re not.”

You turned, looking up at him. “What do you mean?”

“I… want to make you happy.”

“But that doesn’t mean making yourself uncomfortable.”

Sherlock looked down at your clasped hands. “This… is not uncomfortable.”

You looked up at him, a smile on your face. “You promise?”

“I would never lie to you, Y/N.”

The two of you left the park, headed for Baker street. There, the two of you spent the evening on the couch, you curled into Sherlock’s side. Over the next few weeks, hand holding became a normal thing for the two of you (and Sherlock even surprised you a few times by pressing light kisses to your cheeks or forehead).

Sherlock realized that when he was with you, you anchored him. Yes, he was the smartest man in London. Yes, he hated having to spend time with ‘normal’ humans (with the exception of you and John and Mrs. Hudson). 

But… he needed you in his life.

oceans apart.

pairing: taeyong x reader
genre: fluff, long distance relationship
word count: 1.410
about: your love travelled across oceans and flew amidst the clouds – a million miles away; but never once touching – for you were yet to meet.

“when two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart.”

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requested by anonymous: parallels + elektra natchios&frank castle

weaponized humans betrayed by the men who held the most power over them. destructive forces bent on seeking recompense. no one they’ve killed has been innocent. deal in blood and weapons and shadows. twin thorns in daredevil’s side. 

Meant to Be

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Peter Parker x reader cuddles after he comes back from a rough fight? thx xx❤️


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

A fit of rapping came from your bedroom window as a certain masked sat behind it. Dropping your pencil, you run over to the window, opening it with haste. 

“Wha-what? Spiderman?” You stammer. Your eyes flee from his masked face to his abdomen where his suit stuck to him, torn in two as a gash in his skin separated the fabric. “Oh, god!”

Spiderman clutched his wound, dropping himself inside your bedroom. You mentally thanked your mom for taking the night shift at the hospital tonight. 

“I don’t know what the protocol is for revealing your secret identity so,” He tugged at his mask, sliding it off his head revealing a familiar set of brown curls. “Hi? Surprise?”

Peter Parker.

Your best friend and long time crush.

Was Spiderman.

Your jaw could have hit the floor as you stared at Peter with large eyes. Peter lifts his hand and shuts your mouth.

“Careful, you’ll catch flies.” He mocks.

Emotions swirled through you as you continued to stare at him. Were he not hurt, you would have smacked him right then and there. Instead, you indignantly got up from your place on your bed and stalked to the bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit before dropping it on the bed next to Peter.

“We will talk about this,” You say, pointing to his suit, “Later. Now take your shirt off.”

Peter’s eyes go wide at your statement, realizing how it sounds. A fierce blush spreads across your face as you bite your lip. Peter does as he’s told and unzips his suit so his wound is revealed. 

Taking out the antiseptic, you look up at him. “This is going to hurt a bit…” You warn.

“I can take it.” He replies, licking his lips before looking at his wound.

After cleaning his wound, you wrap his torso. “The good news is you don’t need stitches. Barely. The bad news is, you’re going to be pretty sore for a while. I’m surprised you even made it here, honestly.”

Looking back up at his face, you notice some minor cuts and a busted lip and grab the antiseptic again. Cleaning up the last of his wounds, you glace up to see how close the two of you are. Heart rate picking up, you finish dabbing at his lip before your eyes rest there. Lifting the cloth off of his lip, you boldly press a kiss to the uninjured part of his mouth. Peter tenses at this action at first and you were about to pull away when he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. 

Pulling away for air, he rests his forehead against yours. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” You tell him.

“Me too.”

Pulling you closer, the two of you lay back, resting in the comfort of each other. You lay on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. And in that instance, there was no bad guys for him to go catch, no evil in the world. Just Peter and (Y/N). Together. The way they were meant to be.


hobbithorse19  asked:

For the prompt list: Gaston x Reader and either #4 or #18 (you can choose, I'm sorry, I can't choose between them!!)

okidokie, since Widow ever so graciously already completed #18, I’ll do #4 and hope you enjoy! alSO CALL OUT ON THIS FANTASTIC PERSON OK @hobbithorse19 is active as heck on here??? And I appreciate you so much?? Thank you????!!!! Keep the requests coming!!! (Also I checked out your blog, I love your hair!)

Word Count: 1084

Tagged:  @animeacetheheart @gawston @withouthannah @ciaprincess @molethemollie @hobbithorse19 @supernaturalimagines666 @hellonheels-x0-blog @blackxthexbeast @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @amazingangelaaa @frozenhuntress67 @totallyjoshlertrash @theoncergames @bucky-with-the-metal-arm @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @lunarinne @veronicawells @definitely-nota-fangirl @mochiiswan @epicfallenismine @the-fic-files

“Honey, I’m home!” Gaston’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open, his latest kill butchered and ready to be cooked in an old bearskin sack over his shoulder. “How has the most breathtakingly beautiful woman in town been in my absence?” 

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anonymous asked:

Chat room request if you want: Yoosung stopped playing LOLOL and now won't stop playing sims, he made the RFA members

Seven, Jaehae and Zen were all online.

-Yoosung has entered the chat room-

Yoosung: Hey hey ^^ 

Yoosung: Guess what guys

Yoosung: I quite playing LOLOL!

Seven: *shocked emoji* 

Seven: Could it be? 

Seven: Has Yoosung seen the light?? The sunlight.

Jaehae: I’m not sure if I believe it.

Zen: Lololol yeah, Yoosung quiting LOLOL? Hard to believe.

Yoosung: *cry emoji* 

Yoosung: You guys are so mean! 

Yoosung: You want me to stop playing and don’t believe when I do!

Jaehae: Sorry it’s just, sudden.

Zen: Yeah.

Seven: Now you can finally get a girlfriend! :D 

Yoosung: I’ve started playing Sims! 

Zen: Wait what?

Jaehae: Sims?

Seven: aaand, so much for that! lololol

Zen: lol knew it.

Jaehae: Too good to be true I suppose. 

Yoosung: it’s game where you can make a person, and they can buy a house and it’s set in a neighborhood of your choice and you can do whatever you want! Like buy a house

Jaehae: Wow.

Zen: Lmao seriously? Like a get a life simulator? 

Seven: Hey I know that game! It’s pretty good :D 

Yoosung: See??

Jaehae: I fail to see the appeal. 

Yoosung: and I’ve made all the RFA members in it! :D

Yoosung: we all live in a big house

Yoosung: Like a big family!

Yoosung: *smile emoji*

Zen: …. 

Jaehae: ;;;

Seven: OOOO COOL! 

Seven: Do I get to be roomates with you?? :D

Yoosung: Uh, no, your sim is far away from me.

Seven: Aaaaw but I want to be with my Yoosung 

Seven: *cry emoji*

Yoosung: wtf

Zen: Even in a video game… that is a good call.

Zen: I don’t see the point of that game but I bet mine is handsome.

Yoosung: Yeah, I made his personality completely vain to be like the real thing.

Zen: Hey come on! I’m not a narcissist! 

Zen: I just can’t help I was blessed with these looks~

Yoosung: *sigh emoji*

Seven: Yep! Totally not a narcissist :D 

Yoosung: Your Sim is looking in the mirror right now, he has been since I purchased one for the house.

Zen: Sounds about right. 

-Jumin Han has entered the chatroom-

Zen: Oh, hey.

Jaehae: Hello, Mr Han. 

Seven: Hey Jumin! :D 

Seven: Yoosung, did you get the most ultra expensive house in the game just for Jumin here because I think that would suit him.

Jumin: ?

Jaehae: Yoosung’s playing a different game now, called “Sims”.

Seven: Oh my god Yoosung did you get the pets addition??


Seven: OMG! 

Yoosung: Yeah I have ^^”

Jumin: Ah, I see.

Jumin: I hope you made her as beautiful as she is in real life.

Jumin: *posts a photo of Elizabeth*

Zen: dkfjkjajflakjfd



Zen: I can’t even escape the cat even in a game.

Yoosung: Lol, Zen’s Sim is sneezing too.

Seven: lololol

Seven: Elly! I hope my Sim gets to bond with her! :D 

Seven: We can fall in love! 

Yoosung: Actually Jumin’s Sim has been holding her the entire time and refuses to put her down.

Yoosung: Your Sim is busy bother Jaehae’s atm.

Jaehae: ?

Jaehae: Am I the only one, that finds this weird?

Seven: Ooooo what am I doing?

Yoosung: flirting

Zen: *shock emoji* 

Jumin: -_- emoji 

Yoosung: and failing at that.

Seven: *shock emoji*

Seven: Jaehae, why don’t you like meeee T_T

Jaehae: … 

Jaehae: *sigh emoji* 

Jaehae: I’m going to ignore all that. 

Seven: Hey Yoosung, did you make Mc?

Yoosung: Yes! 

Yoosung: *happy emoji*

Seven: Oooo are you going to try and have your Sim romance her?

Yoosung: N-No! 

Yoosung: That would feel weird! 

Yoosung: >///< 

Zen: I’m sure she will fall for my Sim without a doubt.

Yoosung: *sigh emoji*

Yoosung: Your sim is sulking because the mirror is near Elizabeth, because Jumin is standing there.

Zen: Well, move him! 

Yoosung: I can’t! He put Elizabeth down now and Mc is busy playing with her.

Yoosung: I don’t want to interrupt that! T_T

Jumin: *Smile emoji*

Jumin: I quite like this game. 

Seven: Even though you can get whatever you want anyway so there’s no point for you to play it :D

Jumin: Yes. 

Yoosung: Anyway, Mc is roommates with Jaehae, Jumin is roommates with Zen.

Zen: WHAT!

Zen: The first one makes sense but WHY AM I ROOMMATES WITH THE TRUST FUND JERK?

Jumin: I do not like it either, change it.

Yoosung: It’s not like you guys are actually roommates it’s just a game.


Yoosung: Okay okay.

Seven: What about me Yoosung?? :D 

Yoosung: Yeah we are roomates.

Seven: *celebrating emoji* 

Yoosung: So now Jumin and Elizabeth are roommates.

Zen: WTF

Jumin: I am pleased with that arrangement.

Seven: Did you make V??

Yoosung: NO.

Yoosung: No.

Yoosung: Zen and Seven are roommates now. 

Seven: Whaaat? I thought we were roommates Yoosung! D: We could have so much fun together!

Seven: Slumber parties! T_T 

Seven: Well I could still braid Zen’s hair.

Zen: NO.

Zen: I don’t like this! 

Yoosung: I am roommates with Rika! ^^

Zen: ….

Jumin: …

Seven: …

Zen: Dude…

Yoosung: What? 

Jumin: I’ve got to go.

Jaehae: Yeah, I need to leave for a meeting.

Zen: Yeah.. I got to go too.

-Jaehae left-

-Jumin left-

-Zen left-

Yoosung: ???

Yoosung: What did I say??

It’s You and Me

A/N: This is a mix of an anon request and one from @millionsleeplessnights (sorry this took me forever) set during the episode Amplification. The reader and Reid have recently broken up but still love each other. When he contracts the Anthrax, she feels guilty. Spencer leaves her a message, as well as his mom. @coveofmemories


“No!” you screamed, banging on the door with Morgan by your side. “Spence, open up!”

His brown eyes softened as he locked the door, refusing to allow either of you in. “I’m sorry.” When you looked toward the far end of the room, you saw it. A broken bottle on top of a pile of white. Anthrax. 

As you looked him in the eyes, you flashed back to that morning. It was just supposed to be like any other day. Work as usual - with a little dash of tension thrown in because you’d broken up with Spencer the month before and weren’t truly over it. You both still loved each other, but something about being in a relationship and working together wasn’t working for either of you, and you still hadn’t gotten used to just being co-workers and friends again. And now this.

“This is what happens when you split up,” you said to Morgan, burying your head in his chest as you tried to stifle the onslaught of tears. “I should be in there with him. He’s alone. He’s always been alone. And now…”

Morgan put his hand on your back, doing his best to comfort you knowing that there was no way to help you. “If you were in there with him, we’d just have to worry about both of you. Plus, I should’ve been there too.”

“You don’t get it,” you said, pulling away and wiping a tear from your eye. “It’s different when…”

“When you love someone,” he finished. He put his hand on your shoulder. “You still love him?” You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “Why did you two end it anyway?”

It didn’t make sense to anyone you knew. Hell, it didn’t really make sense to you. It just was. “Something about working together and being in a relationship wasn’t working,” you said. “We figured rather than get to a point where we blew up at each other, we’d just stay friends.” You drifted off, thinking about your last night together and how difficult staying friends truly was. Even though he was less than 200 feet from you, you missed him.

“So, you decided to throw away what you had on the chance that it might blow up?” he asked confused. He’d thought something else went down. A big fight. Someone cheated. Something to explain why two people so perfect for each other had broken up. 


He’d started out so determined. His mind would get him through this, right? But now he wasn’t so sure. Looking down, he saw that his hands were clammy. His face was shiny with sweat. He was starting to cough. More than that, he was starting to feel the pain. So much so that he was starting to crave the dilaudid again. That twinge had been left in the past - or so he thought. But he wouldn’t take anything - no matter how much pain he was in. He’d die in agony before he put that in his system again. 

And if he was going to die, he had a few calls he had to make. 

“Hey Reid,” Garcia said, minus her usual trademark perk. He made a joke about her not having anything else for him. No witty quip that might cut the tension, but she was too worried.

“I know I can’t call my mom without alerting everyone at her hospital, so I need you to record a message for her, in case anything happens to me,” he said, his voice struggling to get the words out. The last thing he wanted was to die without his mother hearing his voice one last time. 

Garcia couldn’t bear the thought. “Oh hon, you’re gonna find out what happened in that brilliant brain of yours and we’re gonna figure out how to treat this strain.” 

“I hope you’re right, but if not, I really wanna make sure that she hears my voice.” Despite all they’d been through, he needed her to know how much he loved her.

“Gimme one sec,” Garcia said, typing quietly and keeping the tears at bay. She hated that she had to listen to this, and Reid probably did too. But it was the only way. “Ready.”

Spencer took a deep breath, trying not to sound scared. All he wanted was to sound proud, because that’s what he was. “Hi, Mom. This is Spencer. I just, ah, I just really want you to know that, ah, I love you and,” he cracked, “I need you to know that I spend every day of my life…proud…to be your son.” 

He paused, giving Garcia the time to disconnect the recording and start another one. There was someone else who needed to hear his voice - to know how he felt - if he was going to leave this mortal coil in the next few hours. “Garcia, I need you to record one more thing for me…for Y/N.”

“Yea, sure,” she said, secretly patching in Y/N without him knowing. Even if he wasn’t thinking straight, she deserved to hear these words in person, whatever they were.


You were going to answer Derek. When he put it that way it made no sense, and you were pretty sure you’d both made a horrible mistake. But the moment you opened your mouth, Garcia called you, but said nothing. All you heard was the crackling, coughing voice of your ex-boyfriend, best friend and love of your life. “Y/N,” he started, his voice catching in his throat as he spoke. “I want you to know, that if I die…I died in love with you. I know we broke up for a reason, though I can’t really remember what it was. I just know that…every moment with you…was the happiest I’d ever been. If I know what love is, I know because of you.”

The phone dropped out of your hand and onto the deadened grass beneath your feet. The tears that fell from your eyes could’ve watered the ground where you stood. “What’s wrong?” Morgan asked, picking up his phone to call Reid and give him some new information.

You shook your head. Right now, you needed to focus on Spencer. Getting him out of this so you could hug him and never let go again. “I know you’re not thinking straight,” Morgan said, “But the Reid I know wouldn’t stop looking.”

“Gimme that,” you said, taking the phone from his hand and yelling into it. “Hey, you, don’t you dare give up. Keep thinking and get out of there and come back to me.” You threw the phone back in Morgan’s direction as Spencer found his resolve again, searching around the room and through files for anything that might help you catch this guy and find the cure for this strain. 

As Garcia, Morgan and Spencer talked about your possible unsub, you went into a trance - all of your moments with Spencer playing on loop in your head. You were doing your best to memorize everything you’d ever done together in case he didn’t make it. “We got him,” Morgan said. 

“You go,” you said. “I’ll stay here.” With an unsub found and a possible cure in sight, he was going to get taken out and hosed down. 

He looked like a drowned rat. But he was your drowned rat. “Y/N, go, you can’t do anything for me right now,” he said as the medics began to hose him down. 

“I’m not leaving you.” He tried to get you to leave, probably because he thought he was going to die and he didn’t want you to see it, but you weren’t about to do that. 

After being hosed down and decontaminated, he was loaded into the ambulance. You insisted on going with him and the doctor that was working the case. “I fleel fine…I feel fline,” he said, gritting his teeth to fight the aphasia to no avail.

“Hurry!” you called to the driver. He was running out of time.


A jolt at your palm awoke you to those beautiful brown eyes staring back at you. “Spence,” you breathed. “You’re okay…”

“Yea,” he nodded. “There any jello around?” 

Playfully, you punched him in the arm, reaching behind you to grab the jello you knew he’d want. “You’re alive after that and all you can say if ‘do we have jello.’ I’m hurt.”

“No you’re not,” he laughed, smiling at you as he dipped his spoon into the jello. But he stopped. “Y/N, I…”

Leaning up, you cut him off and kissed him, bringing your hand to the side of his face. “I love you, too,” you said. “I don’t care why we broke up. I don’t care if it made sense or if it didn’t. I don’t care if we have an amazing one year relationship and then blow up at each other or if we spend the next 50 years together. I just want you. Okay?”

He put down his jello cup, placing his hand around the back of your neck and pulling you in for another kiss. “You shouldn’t be kissing me. I’m disgusting right now.”

“I don’t care,” you laughed into him. “It doesn’t matter. It’s you and me.”

drunk texts ;  josh dun imagine


unknown number: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

@msbeliever: I think you’ve got the wrong number.


@msbeliever: I guess you’ve had a rough night?

unknown number: My head hurts

unknown number: too many beers

unknown number: my name is jishiwishi

@msbeliever: take some aspirin and go to bed

@msbeliever: I can’t believe I’m babying a stranger.

unknown number: i’m not a stranger i’m jishiwishi :(

@msbeliever: goodnight extremely wasted jishiwishi

@msbeliever logged off

unknown number: NO

unknown number: PLEASE COME BACK

unknown number: I NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE </3


unknown number: Hey, uh, sorry for last night. I got really drunk with my friend, it didn’t turn out too great as you can tell.

@msbeliever: All good, I hope you sort things out with this so called ‘Debby.’

unknown number: Yeah, nothing is really going to progress in that relationship. Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen.

@msbeliever: Nah, I think I wanna haunt you with your mistakes xD

unknown number: How rude, and to think my drunk texts would have brought us closer together D:

@msbeliever: Ah yes, I’ve fallen head over heels for the drunk Jishiwishi.

unknown number: The drunk what?

unknown  number: Oooh.. I made mistakes.

@msbeliever: Yes, indeed.

@msbeliever: I’m still going to call you Jishiwishi.

@msbeliever: In fact, I’m saving your number right now as Jishiwishi.

Jishiwishi: Oh God, did you actually? Jesus Christ.

@msbeliever: One must pay for their sins, dearest Jishiwishi.

Jishiwshi: Wait is this official?

@msbeliever: What?

Jishiwishi: Does this mean we are friends? ;)

@msbeliever: Yes Jishiwishi, this makes us best friends. ;)

So Team RWBY, how do you plan on celebrating Valentine's day? (Asked by shadowalex2000)
  • Ruby, shrugs with an awkward smile: Ah, Blake told me not to worry, she said she'd take care of everything. But I did go out and get her a new book. I hope she'll like it.
  • Yang, looks over to Ruby and laughs a bit: Huh, Weiss told me the same thing.
  • Ruby: Oh, you got her something anyways though right?
  • Yang, the color draining from her face: But....she told me not to worry...
  • Ruby, shouting: YAAANG!!!!
  • ~~
  • Blake, having tea out with Weiss, looking at the 'humble' (as described by Weiss) amount of gifts: So....did you get /everything/ you wanted to give her?
  • Weiss, sipping her coffee and nods: Mhhm, how about you?
  • Blake, looking down at the bag by her side: Yup~! I told Ruby not to worry about getting me anything, I'm sure she did though.
  • Weiss, laughs: I told Yang the same thing, and she better have gotten me something.
  • Blake, pulls back with a bit of a 'uh-oh' expression: You...do remember it's Yang we're talking about right? Yang Xiao Long?
  • ~~~
  • Yang, slamming money down on a store counter, her hair frazzled and her expression worried: Ughghhg, why is she so confusing.
[Translation] TV Person 09/03/2017 Kamiki Ryunosuke Interview Cut about Yamada Ryosuke

This interview was from one of Kamiki’s magazine appearance for his Sangatsu no Lion movie promotion. I only translated the parts where he spoke about Yamada though. I’ve always loved their friendship and I’m really happy that Kamiki talked about Yamada quiet a lot in here (almost half an entire magazine page), you know, when he’s supposed to be promoting for Sangatsu no Lion. This interview cut also gives us another different view about their friendship! Kamiki also mentioned Nakamura Hayato, Fukushi Sota, Takei Emi, Chinen Yuri, and Yabu Kota in this cut! Enjoy this interview!

P.S: As usual, please do not publish or re-post without permission.

“Ah, that’s right, Yamada-kun is also working hard.”

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the walking dead starters ( season 7 episode 1.)

( also known as the meme that will destroy your soul. or as the meme where 98% is negan quotes.!!! SPOILER ALERT !!! IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED FIRST EP OF SEASON 7 YET !!!

  • “ what? was the joke that bad?”
  • “ i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ what? i didn’t quite catch that. you’re gonna have to speak up.”
  • “ not today. not tomorrow… but i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ well, we can just turn these people inside out, won’t we? i mean, the one’s that are left.”
  • “ let’s go for a ride.”
  • “ wow, what a piece of shit!”
  • “ ‘i’m gonna kill you’ - are you kiddin’ me?”
  • “ did you see what just happened, what i just did?”
  • “ your best chance is to stand up, grab that ax, and drive it through the back of my head.”
  • “ keep actin’ tough.”
  • “ go ahead. grab the damn ax.”
  • “ drop it.”
  • “ don’t make me get up again.”
  • “ well, look at that. dawn is breakin’. it’s a brand-new day.”
  • “ i want you to think about what could’ve happened. think about what happened. and think about what can still happen.”
  • “ that remind you of anybody you know?”
  • “ you are mine.”
  • “ let’s be friends.”
  • “ no. doesn’t work like that, ___. not anymore.”
  • “ think about what happened.”
  • “ i simply cannot decide.”
  • “ i got an idea. eenie… meenie… miney….”
  • “ you can breathe. you can blink. you can cry. hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that.”
  • “ oh! look at that! taking it like a CHAMP!”
  • “ suck. my. nuts.”
  • “ did you hear that?”
  • “ oh, my goodness! look at this!”
  • “ sweetheart, lay your eyes on this.”
  • “ oh damn… were you– were you together?”
  • “ that sucks.”
  • “ you should know, there was a reason for all this.”
  • “ he just took one, or six or seven for the team!”
  • “ so take a damn look.”
  • “ take a damn look!”
  • “ that? oh, my! that. that is a no-no.”
  • “ that whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here.”
  • “ do you want me to do it?”
  • “ no, you don’t kill them… not until you try a little.”
  • “ that’s not how it works.”
  • “ now, i already told you, first one’s free, then – what’d i say?”
  • “ i said i would shut that shit down! no exceptions.”
  • “ now, i don’t know what kind of lying assholes you’ve been dealing with, but i’m a man of my word.”
  • “ first impressions are important.”
  • “ i need you to know me.”
  • “ buddy, you still there?”
  • “ i just don’t know. it seems like you’re trying to speak, but you just took a hell of a hit!”
  • “ -and it is gross as shit!”
  • “ oh… oh, hell, i can see this is hard on you.”
  • “ i am sorry. i truly am. but i did say it; no exceptions!”
  • “ you bunch of pussies. i’m just gettin’ started.”
  • “ she is a vampire bat.”
  • “ people died, ___. it’s what happened. doesn’t mean the rest of ’em have to.”
  • “ i thought you were the guy, ___. maybe you’re not.”
  • “ we’ll give it one more go. now i really want you to try this time.”
  • “ last chance.”
  • “ clock is ticking, ___! think about what could still happen.”
  • “ we’re here, prick.”
  • “ this must be hard for you, right?”
  • “ i mean, you have been king shit for so long.”
  • “ that is some screwed up shit!”
  • “ you were in charge. hell, you were probably addicted to it.”
  • “ you can still lead a nice, productive life, producing for me.”
  • “ i think you’re gonna need it. i just got a feelin’. so take it.”
  • “ speak when you’re spoken to!”
  • “ the way that you looked at me, i wanted to change that.”
  • “ i wanted you to understand. but you’re still looking at me the same damn way.”
  • “ do i give you another chance?”
  • “ and here it is, the grand-prize game.”
  • “ what you do next will decide whether you crap day becomes everyone’s last crap day, or just another crap day.”
  • “ you a south-paw?”
  • “ am i a what?”
  • “ that hurt? should. it’s supposed to.”
  • “ get down on the ground. spread them wings!”
  • “ you got a pen?”
  • “ sorry, kid.”
  • “ please, please. please don’t.”
  • “ please don’t.”
  • “ me? i ain’t doin’ shit.”
  • “ now, i know- i know, you’re gonna have to process that for a second. still though, i’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die.”
  • “ i’m gonna keep you breathing for a few years, just so you can stew on it.”
  • “ you- you don’t have to do this.”
  • “ now, i know this is a screwed-up thing to ask.”
  • “ it can- it can- it can be me. it can be me. y-you can do it to me.”
  • “ i c- i can go with- with you.”
  • “ no. this is the only way.”
  • “ not making a decision is a BIG decision.”
  • “ you really want to see all these people die? you will. you will see every. ugly. thing.”
  • “ oh, my god. are you gonna make me count?”
  • “ okay, you win. i am counting. three!”
  • “ please! please! it can be me! please!”
  • “ please, don’t do- ah… ahhh!”
  • “ just do it.”
  • “ you answer to me. you provide for me. you belong to me. right?”
  • “ that is the look i wanted to see.”
  • “ we did it. all of us, together. even the dead guys on the ground. hell, they get the spirit award, for sure!”
  • “ today was a productive damn day!”
  • “ now, i hope, for all your sake, that you get it now… that you understand how things work.”
  • “ things have changed.”
  • “ whatever you had going for you, that is over now.”
  • “ he’s got guts. not a little bitch like someone i know.”
  • “ i like him. he’s mine now.”
  • “ but you still wanna try something, i will cut pieces off of… hell’s his name?”
  • “ wow, that actually sounds right.”
  • “ i will cut pieces off of ___ and put them on your doorstep - or better yet,  i will bring ___ to you and have you do it for me.”
  • “ welcome to a brand-new beginning, you sorry shits!”
  • “ you need to sit down.”
  • “ you need to go get ready. to fight them.”
  • “ we would die, all of us.”
  • “ go home. take everybody with you. i can get there by myself.”
  • “ you can barely stand up.”
  • “ you were out– out here for me.”
  • “ i can make it now, i need you to go back, i can’t have you out here.”
  • “ we’re not letting you go, okay?”
  • “ it’s not gonna happen.”
  • “ i’m not giving you a choice.”
  • “ i need to do this, please.”
  • “ i got it.”
  • “ pl- pl- please let us.”
  • “ he- he’s out family t- he’s our family, too.”